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Oklahoma Supreme Court Wrongly Interprets Law – The People Stand Down as Ten Commandments Monument is Removed

APTOPIX-Ten-Commandments-Oklahoma-1690x1254 Because of an Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling, the 2,400 pound monument depicting the Ten Commandments was removed under cover on Monday night from Oklahoma's State Capitol. The ruling in Prescott v. Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission indicated the monument, built with private funds, "operates for the use, benefit or support of a sect or system of […]

Three Cheers for Terroristine

3egypt081613 We need a terrorist state. Where the politicians are terrorists, the police are terrorists and even the men sitting at the desk when you come in to drop off a form are terrorists. There are states that support terrorists, and give safe harbor to them, but that's not good enough. We don't want another Pakistan […]

‘It’s About Money': Documents Reveal How Grieving Military Families Were Manipulated for Bottom Lines

family-e1444141561668 Newly released internal documents show that Prudential Insurance encouraged employees to manipulate grieving military families into leaving lump-sum insurance payouts with the company. "It's About Money," reads a subtitle from the documents, released last week as part of a class-action lawsuit. The policy documents detail strategies to boost company profits by persuading families to leave payout funds […]

Domestic Terrorist for Secretary of Education?

CHICAGO, IL - MARCH 08: Bill Ayers poses for a photo on March 8, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Michael Roman/WireImage) There is no doubt that the federal Department of Education is unconstitutional. It is not among any of the enumerated powers of the Constitution and not office has been determined by the Constitution for Secretary of Education. Yet, we find the Arne Duncan is on his way out as Secretary of Education, but guess which […]

I Wish Nobody Was Bombing Syria

syriaisisstrike_small The US regime change policy for Syria has been a catastrophe. More than 200,000 killed and an entire country reduced to rubble at least partly because President Obama decided that "Assad has lost his legitimacy." How is it that the president of a country 6,000 miles away has the authority to decide whether another leader […]

Both Political Parties Ignore the U.S. Adoption Industry Racket

adoption-450x300 Both political parties have weighed in on the controversy of reports claiming that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts for profit. When the story broke, people were outraged after watching the undercover videos, and many Republicans called for Planned Parenthood to be defunded. Hillary Clinton admitted that the videos were "disturbing," but went on to […]