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Politics from the Pulpit Myths Debunked

pulpit-and-politics1 Modern myths are often termed "urban legends." We've heard the term applied when someone references "alligators in the sewers" of New York City, Bigfoot or Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest, or the "Mothman" of New England, along with a host of other seemingly unbelievable incidents. Sometimes, myths or legends involve a particular activity that can […]

Liberals Say “Hunger” Is a Difficult Concept to Measure and Is the Same as “Food Insecurity”

Food_Insecurity As liberals complain that people are going hungry and the first lady transforms the school lunch fare to "healthy" offerings that nobody seems to like, the federal government is spending plenty on "domestic food assistance to provide food for the hungry and other vulnerable populations in this country." According to the Congressional Research Service, there […]

Conservative Media Correctly Defends ESPN’s Curt Schilling’s Tweet Comparing Muslims to Nazis

1 ESPN is getting widely slammed for suspending baseball analyst Curt Schilling, over his controversial (to those on the left) tweet, which accurately compared Muslim extremists to Nazis, calling Schilling's suspension "outrageous" and a "disgrace."   Media Matters Iowa radio host Steve Deace criticized Schilling's suspension on Twitter, writing, "So @ESPN Cris Carter not suspended for advocating obstruction of justice, but Curt Schilling telling […]

Arizona Muslim Charged With Supporting ISIS

Screen-Shot-2015-06-23-at-12.23.20-PM At what mosque did this devout Muslim pray? Is the mosque being investigated? The FBI should be surveilling his mosque. The two jihadists who tried to assassinate all of us at a free speech conference in Garland, Texas, were from Phoenix, Arizona. Is their mosque being surveilled? What are American Muslim leaders doing to stop […]

Our Immigration System Is Not Broken

BROKEN-IMMIGRATION-SYSTEM Why is it that, when African-Americans, whose families have been in this country for hundreds of years, commit crimes, they go to jail; and when illegal immigrants commit crimes, they get released?  In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide target illegal aliens, as do approximately two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants. […]