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U.K. Rape Jihadis: 'This Is OK in Our Culture'

muslimrapegangprotest-203x157 On Friday, I published at Breitbart the horrifying reminiscences of a British woman who suffered repeated gang rapes, beatings, and abuse from a Muslim rape gang, while police dismissed her complaints with total indifference. Now, this courageous woman has revealed to me more details of what she and other girls have suffered at the hands […]

Grassroots Movement in Alaska Kills Agenda 21

DSC_0512 I recently reported on the Solutions Institute, which has developed a networking system for those who want to build a coalition of like-minded, grassroots activists to advance their cause. While this can work for the wrong reasons in some cases, if good people, who advance good ideas use the tool, much can be accomplished. For […]

New Revelation Shows Obama Wants Israel To Face Another Holocaust

Obama-US-Turkey-Nucle_Horo-e1368726239951 We live in a time where we have two Antichrists emerge in our time, with one ruling the most powerful western nation, the U.S., and the other ruling the most powerful Muslim nation, Turkey. These two antichrists changed the world claiming that their legacies are to advance world peace when in reality these two caused peace to depart from the earth. […]