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It’s Good to Be Illegal

grad-heading Illegal immigrant children have it made in America. They get free housing, food, medical care, and even education. And for the illegals at a certain California public university, they get their very own private graduation. Yes, for 25 lucky winners of life's lottery, San Francisco State University (SFSU) "hosted a special graduation ceremony." The celebration […]

The Complete Criminalization Of Our System

Digital-Money-820x420 [If you really study the patterns] you can actually see when they turn on and off the algorithm program used to manipulate the gold and silver markets.  – Jeff Nielson, Shadow of Truth Rule of Law has been completely abandoned by the government and business elite.  What remains is a citizenry in this country that […]

Jade Helm 15 & The 3 Step Process for Martial Law

cedbbacbdea290ab864a91e64d2e4842 "If we do not turn back Jade Helm 15, your kids have no future"Dave Hodges – The Liberty Brothers Radio Show 5.19.15 Clearly, no other event has garnered more attention, been responsible for more page views, or has been propagandized more by mainstream media than the upcoming military training exercises know as Jade Helm 15. As […]

Democrat Congressman Believes He Should Be Paid More

alcee-hastings Last year Virginia Democrat (and all around bad guy) Jim Moran (D-VA) made some pretty remarkable (and wrong-headed) comments about members of Congress not being paid well enough. There are too many members living and sleeping in their offices and it's wrong. They can't afford to live here and it's wrong," Moran told his appropriations committee […]

Tiny Nukes for North Korea

Korea Nuke On my podcast this past Sunday, I discussed our genius Secretary of State John Kerry and his effort to not only get a deal done with Iran but that he hopes a successful Iranian deal will coax North Korea to negotiate yet another nuclear nonproliferation agreement - since the last one went so well. I […]