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Challenger to Face Off with John Boehner

J.D.-Winteregg Speaker of the House John Boehner will face a fired up J.D. Winteregg once again in the upcoming primary election. "It's the same thing. John Boehner's rhetoric doesn't match John Boehner's reality. He promises all of this stuff during the election time. He sounds like a good conservative. He promised to fight Obama tooth and nail against […]

Americans with Retirement Accounts Beware: If Our Government Does What China Just Did, You’ll Be Wiped Out

Roth-ira-rules-2010 We've previously warned that elements within the U.S. government have been feverishly working to take control of all retirement assets in America. The reasoning, of course, is that the government can manage your personal finances better than you can. They've already begun plans to have workers invest their earnings directly into government-managed funds, but at […]

The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag

battle-flag-2a The Confederate Battle Flag has been under the gun of groups that tend to lead people in the wrong way to its inception. These groups, which place forth the ideas that the flag represents hate and slavery cannot produce a single document to support these ridiculous claims. In fact, all the documents that have been […]

Christians, It's Time for Civil Disobedience

marriage "Remember what I told you: 'A servant is not greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also." – John 15:20 The push back has begun. Christian business owners, lawyers, parents, judges, county clerks, organizations, universities, hospitals, adoption agencies, and other […]

For Normal Relations with Cuba, End US Interventionism

Castro-Obama Last week, we saw an encouraging sign that the 50 year cold war between the US and Cuba was finally coming to an end. President Obama announced on Wednesday that the US and Cuba would restore full diplomatic relations and that embassies could be re-opened in each country by the end of the month. For […]

In Defense of The Donald

trump As republicans, our number one job--our only concern--is to not upset anyone—particularly protected groups. We can't say anything about the overwhelming and disproportionate amount of black crime, black murders, etc. They say this will anger the "black community." We can't stand up against same-sex marriage or any LGBT cause or we'll anger the sodomite community. […]

Gang of Shariah Stooges at New York Times

nytimes For years, the New York Times has adhered to and enforced the strict code of Islamic law. Bowed and cowed, the Times will not violate the vicious and archaic blasphemy laws under the Shariah, as was proven yet again last week. The Times will not criticize or mock Islam, no matter how high the death […]