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CNN’s War Against Truth

CNNKhan CNN (the crescent news network) is waging jihad against the truth …again. Don't miss my latest article for Breitbart (here) on the despicable special they did on the "war within Islam." What war is that? In the wake of daily jihad attacks (thwarted or deadly), CNN clearly is losing control of its narrative that Islam […]

Inside France’s Sharia No-Go Zones

muslims-shariah-for-france. If only the media and political elites fought jihad with the ferocity they have brought to bear to deny no-go zones. Madness. Everybody knows. There is a tremendous controversy these days about the no-go zones in France. Fox News has apologized for covering them. Fox Report host Julie Banderas said: "To be clear, there is […]

Islamists Establish Sharia Tribunal in Texas

Islamic-Tribunal-Dallas America, you can't say you have not been warned. The very ideology and law that is prevalent in the Middle East and that condemned Mariam Ibrahim to death for marrying a Christian man is being established in the State of Texas! Keep in mind that this is exactly where Obama's former Homeland Security adviser and […]