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Gold: It’s Time to Buy

gold I'm what people call a "contrarian" investor. I tend to buy assets that are out of favor with the chattering classes and the talking heads on television. And I make it a point to sell when the "man in the street" starts giving me investment tips. That happened most recently in 2011, when over a […]

Ron Paul: All Wars Paid For Through Debasing the Currency

maxresdefault And at some point, all empires crumble on their own excess, stretched to the breaking point by over-extending a military industrial complex with sophisticated equipment, hundreds of bases in as many countries, and never-ending wars that wrack up mind boggling levels of debt. This cost has been magnified by the relationship it shares with the […]

Huffington Post’s new Arabic-Language Site is in the Hands of Two Prominent Jihadis

qaradawi Is anyone really surprised? The Huffington Post is a notorious pro-jihadi website that rapaciously advances Islamic supremacist propaganda. Their pieces smearing, defaming and libeling my colleagues and me are without equal. The Huffington Post is the equivalent of Der Stürmer. "HuffPost Arabic's Muslim Brotherhood connections," Now Media, July 30, 2015 Editorial line of the Huffington Post's new […]

Government of Venezuela Forces Farmers to Hand Over Food

Government-of-Venezuela-Forces-Farmers-to-Hand-Over-Food The government of Venezuela is playing Monopoly, but it isn't the kind with those little plastic hotels. They're controlling essential goods like food, and putting the retail establishments of the country out of business. According to a UK Telegraph report, the government is now forcing farmers and food manufacturers to sell anywhere from 30-100% of their […]

Congressmen Move to Oust Speaker John Boehner

boehner I wrote back in March that John Boehner, according to his own State Constitution, should not even be in office. Sadly, too many in his own state, including the State's Attorney General are to spineless to enforce their own constitution. Yet, in Congress we are hearing that there is an attempt to at least remove […]

Christianity Needs To Man-Up

The-300-Spartans-wallpaper-1366x768 "And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." Matt. 11:12 The root word of violence is violate. To violate is "to take away, interfere with, or ignore (something, such as a person's rights or privacy) in an unfair or illegal […]

More Liberal Nanny Food Myths Busted

reciclare-ulei-660x400 Politics aside, this past has past year has been pretty productive for those of us trying to live a common sense lifestyle, particularly on the food front. There was the new research on salt intake. Actually, as it turns out, the new research study has been the only real research study and it showed virtually […]

Another American Muslim (actually the 57th) Caught Attempting to Detonate Weapon of Mass Destruction on a Florida Beach and Then Attack With AK-47s

harlem_suarez This time, it's a 23-year-old American Muslim convert who has been charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Harlem Suarez, also known by his Muslim name, Almlak (The Angel) Benitez, of Key West, Florida, was charged over an alleged plot to detonate a backpack bomb on a beach. SUAREZ also discussed purchasing a vehicle […]

Brazilians Turn a Blind Eye to What Fuels Youth Crime

ft-brasil-maioridade-penal When a group of minors in Brazil beat up, raped, and left four teenage girls to die after throwing them off a cliff in late May, a debate regarding the appropriate age of criminal responsibility swept the country anew. As the controversy raged on, reports blurred the faces of the four boys involved in the […]

Another Tech Giant Lays off Thousands, Wants Access to More Foreign Workers

1922216107 Another tech giant that says it must import foreign workers because there aren't enough skilled American workers in the industry is laying off thousands of workers. Qualcomm — a major producer of smartphone chips – announced last week it's eliminating 15 percent of its workforce or about 4,500 employees, just weeks after fellow tech giant Microsoft announced a massive round of […]