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Chicago on the Potomac

obama-chicago-on-the-potomac1 Back in the Dream Time, elders were honored because of their accumulated knowledge. If Pops knew a better way to saddle horses, that knowledge helped Junior, since he saddled horses. Today, if Pops knows how to tune-up cars, what good is that when cars don't need to be tuned-up anymore? Now the old are relegated […]

Why Lie?

mtp Lying and moral relativism are rampant in America today. Consider the problem with both of them. If relativism is true, then lying along with stealing and murder are all perfectly acceptable as well. I'm indebted to Matt Slick for this illustration. "The setting: A thief is casing a jewelry store so he can rob it.  […]

Billionaires and Billions of Food Stamps

Food-Stamps reported this week that, "A record 290 newcomers joined the Forbes billionaires list in the last year as world markets defied international turmoil. While wars, diseases and currency crises made headlines, tycoons from every continent but Antarctica managed to mint new 10-figure fortunes." The United States ranked second, contributing 57 new billionaires. Who is […]

Is it Just Fashionable to Hate the Jews?

nazijazz-paris Hatred of the Jews has literally been a staple of history. Jews have been hated and persecuted in nearly every era of world history - the Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, the Byzantines, the Visigoths, Spaniards, English, French and of course Germany, the Soviets and Muslims. However, for a few decades after World War II and […]

Hundreds in NC Protest Gender Bending Bathroom Ordinance & Win!

LGBT Ordinance_02 Christians and American patriots turned out to protest the addition of "sexual orientations," historically known as "mental illnesses" and part of the judgment of God upon idolaters (Rom. 1:18-27), with regards to the legal use of gender-designated bathrooms by those who profess to be "transgender." The issue was first addressed in 1992. At that time, […]