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Obama: The Most Incompetent President

ZObama The once haute couture No Drama Obama has fumbled his way to the "What me worry?" of Alfred E. Newman.  After almost five full years of the coolest, smartest, least prepared president America has ever had, it has become obvious, even to the corporations once known as the mainstream media, that except for efforts to […]

Will the US Reap the French Whirlwind?

maxresdefault If it's not this unconstitutional and godless administration advocating criminal activity in one form or another (global warming, abortion, homosexuality, Fast and Furious, etc.), then they are funding the crime through taxpayers money. Read that line again. In some ways it is not so much what the American people are sowing, but it is what […]

The Progressive Missionaries of Unhappiness

Nancy_pelosi_angry_mad-550x287 There is no one that the left hates more than a man who does not hate, who goes through the day without outrage and who does not spend his life stewing with vindictive resentments. Leftists call it "privilege" now. They have called it apathy, escapism, and a hundred other things. They will find a thousand […]

Accountability – The Check on Power

united-states-government-accountability-office-l_1_2-1 One of the great elements of healthy and growing disciples of Jesus Christ is that they place themselves in relationships with other Christians who hold them accountable. John Wesley saw a great need as he preached throughout England in the 18th Century. Many professed faith in Jesus Christ as a result of his preaching yet […]

Would Jesus Go to A Homosexual Parade?

brazil-gay-pride-parade.jpeg-1280x960_2 "I didn't think it could be 'til it happened to me." Andrae Crouch I love that song. If you've never heard it before, take a few minutes and listen to it. It will encourage your heart. Listen here. It's a song about the power of the Gospel and its ability to transform a life. Many […]

Only the Worship of the One True God Will Bring Liberty

one-god-one-lord-jesus-1-corinthians-8-4-61 Do you remember the apocalyptic scenario Al Gore was peddling seven years ago? He claimed human activity was the cause of global warming, and that the polar icecap was melting, which would cause a catastrophic rise in sea level, devastating coastal regions where the majority of the world's population resides. As he accepted the Nobel […]

What Are You Afraid Of?

tumblr_l3k8q88ZnE1qzsjepo1_500 I doubt this commentary will get "shared" by most who read it. It is part of the "collateral damage" of today's thought-phobia. But I hear the "amens" from those of you who share my "bigotry" against the anti-Christian bigots. There are thousands of you who agree with me, but you won't say so. At least, […]