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New Black Panthers Finally Get Indicted

YouTube-screenshot-splashnaijaNG-Getty-Images-YouTube-screenshot-splashnaijaNG The New Black Panthers have been allowed to skirt the law after intimidating voters, openly calling for the murder of police officers and inciting riots. Now two members of the group stand accused of planning to bomb a building, a vehicle and various other properties as well as use guns in an unlawful manner. Brandon […]

Is Someone Trying to Destroy Our Country?

illegal-aliens-want-free-stuff_text Everything considered, this is a reasonable question. In spite of our President's apologies and our First Lady's lack of pride in the United States of America, multiple records have shown that we have been, and still are, the most generous people ever to have populated this earth. How has this been possible? Well, first, we […]

The King Has Come

st-christmas-star-2011 In ancient times, palm branches symbolized goodness and victory. They were often depicted on coins and important buildings. The Triumphal entry of our Lord Jesus into Jerusalem on the day we call Palm Sunday is an event with tremendous import on two accounts. First, it had political implications—not only for that day, but for ours, […]

Religious Freedom in America – The Shield and the Sword

13315349452382 Okay, so it's not like the attack on religious liberty has come suddenly upon us... it really hasn't been so sudden. But it does really feel like someone has recently been turning up the heat on our ability to practice our faith as we see fit. Liberal commentators like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher like to mock conservatives and Christians who […]

Congressman on Declassifying 28 Pages of 9/11 Report: This is About Whether Relationships Participated Financially in Seeing 9/11 Become a Reality

911-attack-large On the death certificates of victims of 9/11, the causes of death are identified as homicides. The families of those homicide victims are demanding answers and the declassification of 28 pages of a 9/11 congressional investigation report. Representatives Walter Jones (R-NC), Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) are sponsoring a bill to declassify […]

Indiana Christian Pizzeria Attacked by Sodomite Terrorists – Receives Huge Support Afterwards

040215_1454_IndianaChri1.jpg Crystal O'Connor co-owns a pizzeria in Indiana, but they may close their doors permanently after being attacked and getting a lot of threats to burn down their pizzeria for putting forth their Christian faith. When she said she would not cater a sodomite "wedding," the shop's website was hacked, their Yelp profile was plastered with insults and obscene pictures, […]

Senator Bob Menendez Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges

The Group Of Senators Dubbed The "Gang Of 8" Hold News Conference On Immigration Legislation Almost since day one of Eagle Rising's founding we've been warning you folks in New Jersey about the very corrupt and morally disturbed Senator from your great state, Bob Menendez. We're not fans of most Democrats, mostly because of their political positions and generally liberal bent. However, Menendez holds a special place in our distasteful […]