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Ted Cruz Breaks with Scott Walker on Legal Immigration

Ted-Cruz Governor Scott Walker recently made some waves when he started talking about the possibility of limiting legal immigration, in an effort to help American workers. Speaking before the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Senator Ted Cruz stood in stark contrast to Governor Walker on legal immigration. The candidate for President from Texas said that he […]

Searching for Marriage in the Fourteenth Amendment

14thamendment During April 2015, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Obergefell v Hodges and consolidated cases. The questions presented for the Court to decide are: 1 Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a State to license a marriage of two people of the same sex? Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to recognize a […]

Thug is the New “N” Word

soledad On Sunday's broadcast of CNN's "Reliable Sources," Soledad O'Brien, a former CNN host, made a request for journalists to stop using the word "Thug" as it can be equated to using the "N" word. O'Brien claimed using the word "thug" was not accurate in describing the situation and journalists debating over thug and thuggery was […]

How to Make America Great Again

american-maritime-partnership-will-not-oppose-jones-act-waivers-for-sandy I begin this concept with the idea of very high gasoline prices for gasoline without any Ethanol in it. Has anyone ever wondered why it costs more for gasoline without Ethanol in it? The answer will surprise many, as it is not due to how they process the oil for Non-Ethanol gasoline—this type of pure […]

A Prayer for Marriage

vantage-point-biblical-marriage-prayer.jpg.crop_display Abba, Father. Come now, Holy Spirit, and speak through Your humble servant. Let this prayer be Your prayer – truth in love, salt and light. And war. Lord Jesus, ours is a nation in rebellion. Evil is good and good evil. We are as drunkards, teetering at cliff's edge – haughty, prideful, defiant and soft. […]

Baltimore: Truths. Half-truths. Lies.

The foolish thing called democracy - #Baltimore Riots 4 I am reluctant to start this article now, since so much of the Baltimore disaster is still unfolding. But I will try to document some of the facts, as far we know them, before they get swept under the rug of even more crucial events. The Baltimore riot is a serious problem. That much we […]