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Representatives Get Behind 3D Gun Printing Company

566295-130507-3d-gun I confess that the first time I witnessed 3D printing, I was absolutely amazed. That amazement stepped up a notch when I saw a 3D printed gun, a 3D printed metal gun, 3D printed arms and brain tissue, and 3D printed houses! However, while some are taking advantage of the 3D printing industry, gun grabbers […]

Obama’s Four-Point Gun Confiscation Plan

obama_guns The Obama administration is engaged in a four-part plot to eviscerate both the First and Second Amendments; Criminalize certain groups as being terrorist simply because they belong to groups who oppose government policy of any type and then labeling these groups as terrorists (see Assistant Attorney General John Carlin). Criminalize free speech which opposes any […]

New Ban Bill Hits Congress: Targets Semi-Automatic Rifles & Handguns: “To Ensure That The Right To Keep and Bear Arms Is NOT Unlimited”

obama-secret-treaty In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings we warned that sweeping changes were in the works for Americans' right to bear arms. It started with ammunition tax proposals, restrictions on firearm accessories imports and most recently Governors began bypassing Congress altogether by banning gun ownership for those on any of the government's many watchlists. The […]

Using the Environment to Turn Patriots into Terrorists

gun-control Americans, after recovering from the holidays, are anticipating another round of executive orders focusing on stricter gun control, after the President returns from his Hawaii vacation. At this point, as evidenced by the massive increase in gun sales, the American people understand that gun control is not about gun safety, it is about control, period. […]

Do We Need More Gun Control for Muslims?

shutterstock_110856551 I do not mean to be crass with my title, but for a few decades now, I have noticed many anti-American sentiments around the topic of innocent Americans protecting themselves. None of these sentiments are logical; none of them are ethical; and certainly none of them have prevented weapons from taking the life of the […]

Detroit Police Chief: Arm Citizens, Deter Terrorists

Detroit Police Chief James Craig addresses the media during a news conference in Detroit, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013. Craig said a man has been apprehended and will be questioned about a barbershop shooting that killed three people and wounded several more on Wednesday night on the city's east side. Craig said that the man was wearing body armor when he was arrested on unrelated felony charges in suburban Rochester after the shootings. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio) It is somewhat amazing to watch as police chiefs in cities that have imposed unlawful and strict gun control laws, come out after the Paris jihad attacks and call for the citizens to be armed and deal with criminals and terrorists. What is equally surprising is their maintaining strict gun control laws, which have been […]