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A Constitutional Militia – What Is It?

reconone Thanks to the main stream media and anti-gun political agendas the word militia is likely to have most running in fear. The word brings to mind images of ragtag red necked racists running around the woods with "machine guns" and swastikas. While there are certainly radical groups out there claiming to be militias; the concept […]

Obamacare: Highly Compensated Individuals & the Second Amendment

gun "Prohibition on Discrimination in Favor of Highly Compensated Individuals" is a section found in Obamacare. Within in it is a sub-section protecting Second Amendment gun rights, with respect to wellness and prevention programs. The language appears, on the face, to prohibit the use of any data collection with regard to the ''the lawful ownership or […]

Judge Rules Students Can Keep Guns on College Campuses

alexandrialainez1211-300x265 All over America local and state governments are attempting to restrict the individual’s ability to protect themselves from harm by banning the ownership, possession, and carrying of firearms for self defense. So much so that even businesses and quasi-government entities are jumping aboard the bandwagon. But every time they try to pass legislation or regulations […]