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A Call to Duty: The Pro-Gun Movement Must Focus on What the Second Amendment is Talking about – A Citizen Militia

WashDC vs America art In five articles this week, I will first explain why the Second Amendment movement has done more harm than good.  Next, I will demonstrate the constitutional connection between the longstanding arguments about firearms, militia, and Western lands.  Then, I will demonstrate how NRA and GOA have never actually worked to restore constitutional homeland security.  Finally, […]

Three Opinions on Gun Confiscation

In this Monday, July 7, 2014, file photo, Chicago police display some of the nearly 3,400 illegal firearms the have confiscated so far this year in their battle against gun violence during a news conference in Chicago. During the news conference, police Superintendent Garry McCarthy spoke about the more than 50 people were shot in the city, including multiple deaths, during the long Fourth of July weekend. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)) The Atlantic published an article entitled "Do Republicans Have Any Real Reason to Worry about Gun Confiscation?"  It's written from the perspectives of an American gun advocate, an Australian living in the U.S., and an anti-gun nut. Well, I think we all know where I come down on the subject, as everyone should, if they […]

After Much Sacrifice, All Veterans Are Targets for Tyranny

After Much Sacrifice, All Veterans Are Targets for Tyranny In a 2014 article published by, results of the "largest study of mental-health risk ever conducted among the U.S. military" were revealed. The original results were published in JAMA Psychiatry, and the actual research was conducted by the ultra-liberal Harvard Medical School. The results did not bode well for former serving members of the […]