Texas Judge Clay Jenkins: We’re Not Going to Tolerate 1st Amendment Protests Against Illegals

Earlier today we reported that riot squads are now being promised in Murrieta California. If sources are accurate, those squads are supposed to be arriving today.

Now news is breaking that Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has gone door-to-door, to some 300 residences, to warn of what is coming to their neighborhood and to a school in Grand Prairie. He is making it clear that no one will be stopping buses without law enforcement stepping in.

Infowars reports:

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins went door-to-door in the neighborhood surrounding the Lamar Alternative Education Center and told residents police plan an extensive presence to discourage protests.

Residents told CBS 11 News they are disturbed by the prospect of protests like the one at the Murrieta Border Patrol station in California.

"I live right here so I don't want to look out the back window and see people protesting every day," said Nathan Smith, who lives adjacent to the school.

Jenkins reassured residents the city will not tolerate a similar situation to the one in California where demonstrators blocked Homeland Security buses and demanded the federal government secure the border.

"As long as they make their statement in keeping with the law," Jenkins said. "This is America and everybody is entitled to an opinion. If they break the law or impede the care of these children, then we'll enforce the law."

So impeding the buses full of ILLEGAL immigrants is breaking the law?

Yet again, we are seeing a case where the government is not doing its job to uphold the law and the citizens that are trying to take matters into their own hands are being treated as criminals.

Or as Harry Reid says so boldy, we are "domestic terrorists."

Wake up America.

The rights of non-citizen criminals are being held above the rights of law-abiding citizens. The immigration laws are intentionally being disregarded. This was a planned crisis.

There is so much wrong with what is happening and people just don't see it. These kids are nothing but pawns to advance an agenda of bringing down the country you and I love.

Clay Jenkins is just another useful idiot who is trying to intimidate locals into ignoring the law. None of these bleeding heart liberals is talking about the fact that it is not just kids who are entering, that they all entering illegally, that they are carrying diseases while not being properly screened, and that they are overloading the system in true Cloward-Piven

We should expect more from a judge.

Who is the real criminal here?

The people have a right to take matters into their own hands in the shadow of a tyrannical government and that is exactly what we are seeing in California.


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  • James Maxwell

    How about telling the "Judge" that he can be replaced with another idiot quite easily. Our
    right and freedoms are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. I realized the Socialist
    Democrat Judges seem to have a problem comprehending this. But what they seem to
    forget is this is TEXAS and we even Democratic Voters have a shot fuse when it comes
    to trampling on their freedoms regardless of party. Apparently he either skipped school
    on that day or he was to busy behind the school house plotting the attack on our
    Constitution or the Texas Constitution to be bothered. Either way he is not only out
    of line but I suspect he might have been toking with O'socialist in Colorado and was
    still on the Utopian Left wing liberal cloud giggling. Take a hint "Judge" be sure
    your mirror in fully installed so you can see out your backside when spewing forth
    the BS you seem to embrace. Better still if you so love the Criminal Illegal Aliens
    invaders then go down to the border and move in with them. Subject yourself
    and your family to the disease, pestilence and criminal activities of the invaders
    before you open your mouth again.

  • Native American

    yes you are Judge Jenkins, and I use the term loosely...it is our right...if you can't enforce 1st Amendment Rights'...step down before you get run over...

  • BoydSharp

    What do you get when the boys and girls elected to public office ram their personal agendas down citizen's throats? I'd say ask some of the Jews in Germany when Hitler showed up if you could. Load this human garbage up and dump it back in Central America where it belongs. And send some adult chaperones. I know one for sure who needs to go.

    • Mark

      Like gay marriage and in god we trust on our money. I totally agree.

  • Patriot47

    Remove this traitor.

  • jim

    Screw the judge, try him for treason and any cop who follows his illegal orders.

  • Ronald G Miner Jr

    Yes Judge, Yes you will not only tolerate it, you will shut the hell up and watch it happen...Because the next step from PEACEFUL protests are the not so peaceful kind...

  • Tim

    Get a Rope!

  • The Watchman

    Not even an idiot judge can rescind the 1st Amendment! The people should have slammed the door in his puke complexioned face. His door to door threat hopefully made those folks even angrier and more determined to stop the buses. Who said America isn't a police state?

  • ron44

    let the people against the protests experience the illegals coming after them or their children and they will change their tunes..hope the judge has his day up against those who have this twisted idea they own this country.

  • Kimber

    These illegals see the American white trash and the American negro trade booze, drugs, food, housing and funding for their heard of kids to the democrats for votes. Why wouldn't they want a piece of that action.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Another moron---being a judge!!!! unacceptable!!!!!!

  • Shirley Swanepoel

    Really? I bet your pitiful Anti American behind will be the first to run when we come for you.