TEN Terrorists for One Traitor: The Prisoner Release You Didn’t Hear About

Back in August of 2013 there was a release of 5 Guantanamo detainees as a good will gesture to the Taliban. In other words, they got five of their people back and we got the right to open peace talks with them. Do you find that the least bit submissive? It was not widely reported, because compared to the news of that time it seemed relatively insignificant. 

I had somewhat forgotten about this release and stumbled upon it by accident in our site archives. But in light of the Obama Administration trading five very dangerous Taliban leaders for a traitorous American deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, who once told his father that he was ashamed to be an American, I think this is very important.

Whether it supports the view of many, that Obama is a secret Muslim and terrorist sympathizer, or if it just proves that he is an incompetent idiot, the math is pretty clear. We released ten Taliban terrorists and got nothing but a liability in return.

Here is an excerpt from the August 2013 report which was quoted from Breitbart.com:

Without an official announcement or any publicity, the Obama administration released five members of the Taliban from Gitmo in order to open peace talks in Afghanistan.

Ynetnews.com reports that "a top U.S. official said the prisoners were released under the condition that they will not engage in any violent activity."

The terror activity of those released is not in question. Rather, their release is intended as a gesture to get peace talks rolling between the U.S., Afghanistan, and the Taliban.

Although this release is a stark departure from the standing U.S. policy of "zero tolerance [of] negotiations with terrorists and releasing of prisoners," Obama's State Department has may have found a loophole via their reluctance to define the Taliban as a terror group as of late.

You can read more through the original source of the story which broke at YNetNews in late July of 2013.

One thing is for certain. We have given a lot more away then we are getting back. Again, whether this makes Obama a complicit Muslim or simply a blithering idiot is open for debate. But my opinion is that his track record will clearly show that Obama is no idiot and outside of the United States people, and especially people in the Muslim world, tend to understand exactly who Barack Obama is.

Why can we not see it here?

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  • Death2Unions

    America needs to ship one terrorist back to Kenya. He currently resides in The White House.

  • mark howe

    Obama thinks he is above the law, and it seems as he may be. As far as these terrorists go, they are fighting us in their homeland! They look at us as invaders/ occupiers. If the tables were turned, and their armies were here, any American who resisted their occupation and attacked them would be considered patriots The term terrorist has become a word to describe anyone who resists the governments plans. Tea Party members are considered terrorists nowadays. Whatever the truth is about 9/11, it is not the story that the government and media has been selling us. This was the excuse they needed, the event they needed to get the American people to OK the war. Only problem, most of the hijackers were Saudis, not Afghans or Iraqis.

  • joshuasweet

    did he notify congress that time ?
    two time in violation of the laws

  • http://www.armyofthelamb.org Soldier

    When was the last time this Govt. actually had American citizens best interest ahead of their agenda driven by stupidity, politics, lobbyists, money and more power. When it hits the fan do you think the Govt. will help YOU? The Army of the Lamb will. Community organizing based on Faith not Marxism. armyofthelamb.org

  • Charles

    What most likely will happen is there will be a financial crash and the entitlement people will continue to feel they are entitled. Maintaining they should be maintained by the dole, not earning their own way. When the EBT system go's down as it did in several places in the south, last year, then there will be anarchy starting in the inner cities, working it's way out to the suburbs. When people get hungry they will do most anything for sustenance, killing, murder, rape. It is wise that people in general should look to being prepared. When this day comes good people will band together for the mutual protection. The local, county, state and federal government may not, cannot or will not protect "us" and so we will have to do it. We are indeed as Rome was back in those days full of graft, corruption where laws are passed to protect the corrupt but not passed to protect the non corrupt. Do believe when these days come there will be an upsurge in Christian belief and living, many returning and many finding, then living doing what we would like having been done for us, for others.