Obama’s Marxist EPA & the Hopeless Change of the US

Many will ask just what and why we should ask this question, but after we dump some information on all those interested enough to maybe take their heads out of the sand for a few moments, they will learn that the United States has "changed" vastly and may now be headed towards ultimate failure under the direct leadership of Obama! Yes, we did say leadership because as we had stated early on with the only interview of anyone willing to state what Obama wanted and seems to still want, we can state that Obama is a leader, but not of the United States. Instead, he is a leader of a Marxist style regime!

Once one reads my interview with Dr. John Drew about his interactions with Barack Obama at Occidental College, they will quickly understand why we can declare that Obama is now working very hard to be the leader he has dreamed of since 1981. We have to remember that when we are served the Obama pie, we have to see what is below the crust to find out what is really being fed to us!

Now, let us throw some facts into this mix to illustrate just what we mean by Obama doing just as he planned way back in 1981 when he discussed his Marxist ideology with John Drew. We have shown this article many times and it is always worth repeating since this cannot be denied and it is the only interview ever that delves into Barack Obama's mind when he was young. This should show to the world just how Obama thinks since, as John Drew stated, Obama has not changed his ideology about these Marxist ideas.

Now let us check out a few things which seem to indicate that what was stated appear to be true. First we have an idea of what Obama is about through the Environmental Protection Agency where the top lady there, Gina McCarthy, does just as Obama tells her to do. If one thinks outside the Obama Box, they will quickly see that Obama has people in other agencies do the dirty work for him, and as stated by Reuters:

"Obama has taken up climate change as one of his main second-term challenges, warning during his State of the Union speech to Congress that his administration would consider taking executive actions to fight the problem if lawmakers fail to revive a market-based system to regulate carbon emissions.

The EPA would likely be the agency to implement such executive actions.

"Gina is a true-blue environmentalist, but she is at least willing to make changes when people have legitimate concerns," said Jeffrey Holmstead, a former EPA official who held McCarthy's current job in President George W. Bush's administration and is now a lobbyist for energy interests.

He said he expected the Senate to confirm McCarthy because she had shown a willingness to work with industry."

This seems to be mild but once again, one has to go beyond the top crust to see what is in the cake. It has to be pointed out that according to Wikipedia:

"From 2004 to 2009 she was commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. In this capacity, she implemented a regional policy to trade carbon credits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants."

This woman has toyed with the idea of having a "carbon credit," which is nothing less than trading pieces of paper to show how much carbon one has placed into the atmosphere. It does nothing at all to stop it which if it were totally stopped, the plants would die off and leave the world in a much worse condition!

But we have just a bit more to illustrate about this woman that may seem to be a bit creepy and makes one wonder what is going on in our United States?

Gina McCarthy makes some statements, which if said by anyone other than a Democrat, would be a reason to call for their fast and furious removal. CNS News demonstrates what we disclose about our nation and just how Obama is working to destroy what was once the greatest nation in the world. Of course, WE THE PEOPLE do not have to accept this if we do not wish to.

From the Director of the EPA, in her own words:

"To those calling EPA untrustworthy and unpopular -- newsflash! People like us," she said in a speech at the National Academy of Science. "They want safe drinking water. They want healthy air. And they expect us to follow the science -- just as the law demands."

McCarthy, in her prepared remarks, stressed the "bedrock science" behind "sensible regulatory standards," such as the Clean Air Act.

And she said "a small but vocal group of critics" are trying to prevent the EPA from doing the job Congress directed it to do:

"People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts," she said. "You can't just claim the science isn't real when it doesn't align well with your political or financial interests. Science is real and verifiable. With the health of our families and our futures at stake, the American people expect us to act on the facts, not spend precious time and taxpayer money refuting manufactured uncertainties."

She pointed to the threat of climate change, evidenced by "more frequent and intense heat waves, droughts, floods, and storms to more smog and asthma." She said climate change "has put our health and economic risks on steroids," and cannot be ignored.

"Using the best science we have to offer, our next U.S. National Climate Assessment is about to be finalized," she added. "From coastal cities to the Great Plains, we have to use that science to prepare and to plan. Just like we use the science on mercury, acid rain, ozone pollution, particulate matter and more."

"To reduce the risks that threaten our health and safety, we need to listen to climate science," she concluded. "We cannot let those same critics of science continue to manufacture uncertainties that stop us from taking urgently needed climate action."

Now, the facts show that our world has had a very rapid increase of temperature of a whopping 0.11 degrees over the last 15 years! With this in mind, that could be due to any type of disturbance from the Sun to Volcano activity.

If you dig into the pie that you are fed by Obama and his Administration, you will quickly see that all is not what is shown and what lies inside the pie we are being told to eat does not settle well in our stomachs, especially since our Constitution says otherwise! If by chance, you have had your eyes opened by just this brief article, then by all means spread the word before it is too late to save the country! Just ask yourself, "What has happened to our United States?" Is this the same nation our parents grew up in? Is this the same nation that was here in 2008? The answer is not in anyone's writing, it is in the next election!

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10 thoughts on “Obama’s Marxist EPA & the Hopeless Change of the US

  1. Where new ways of doing things are prohibited, we reach a point where our current knowledge shackles us to the known ways of today.

  2. 2shinyshoes says:

    When is the House going to defund EPA, after she has destroyed the Coal Industry, the Car Industry, the Natural Gas Industry, and moved all living humans in the US to a fenced in designated Camp?

  3. Mr. Puissegur seems to forget why we have an Environmental Protection Agency in the first place. And that is, if you let the market place decide what an exceptable level of pollution in the air and water you end up with horrible consequesnces. That famous liberal Richard Nixon signed the EPA into existence in 1970? I'm old enough to remember leaded gasoline and it was gross.
    If Obama is a marxist, he's a really bad one. All of the things that caused the 08' crash are still in place. Glass_Steagall Banking Act of 1932 that sepreated banks from investment firms is still dead. Your bank can still take the money from your checking account to invest in the same mortgage backed securities that caused the crash of 08'.
    The ACA(Obamacare) is based on the Senate Republicans healthcare reform plan that was written as an alternative to "Hillarycare". Private For-Profit insurence companies are still alive and making profits under the ACA. I guess that makes Mit Romney, who used the same plan in Mass. and became the Republican nominee in 12' , a marxist too.

  4. The claws of evil are dug in; the regime is well on its way to finishing their agenda of transforming America to a totalitarian state with its own militia formed of gov't agencies like the DHS, BLM, EPA, etal, who receive billions of ammo and arms to use against the common citizens. The fight that's coming is inevitable; the end predictable. Which side will you serve?

    "And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” JOSHUA 24:15

    • kalli, you sound really paranoid. Do you think Americans are actually going to have a civil war? A militant terrorist inserection?
      So Obama is the anti Christ? And you as a good solider of God will....complain until you're an old man collecting SS and Medicare.

    • I usually ignore trolls, but I want to tell you how much you deserve the idiot award of the year.

    • I guess that means that you're already collecting social security and Medicare? So you and your buddies are going to "fight" government agencies that keep jihadists from entering the country, make sure the air you breathe and the water you drink doesn't kill you and manage the millions of acres that the logging, mining and oil companies don't already exploit for private corporate profits? So I guess God wants people to die from pollution, or a jihadist attack . And that low level bureaucrat processing BLM grassing fees is actually one of Satan's minions. You are a smart man.

  5. grumpyhillbilly says:

    Obama never could pull any of this off if it weren't for about 40 or so years of brainwashing in the education system. Guess what I'm saying is I agree about the negative change happening to the US, but not about Obama being a mastermind. He's not very bright- just a vindictive, angry little man.

  6. patriotusa2 says:

    Everyone seems to know where we are headed with Obama at the helm, but so far, all those in authority are either incapable of doing anything about it, or just don't have the backbone to buck someone who is black, period. The bottom line is that the IRS, EPA, and countless other institutions in this country have the same political persuasions as Obama and are just as destructive. The only place America can go at this point, is down and out, with no possible way of gaining ground. I'm sure that many in government are already aware of this fact, and either can't or choose to do nothing.