Bradlee Dean Eyes Federal Court Defamation Case Against Rachel Maddow & MSNBC after Judge’s Decision

What do you do when you are a Christian, who steps into the belly of the Beast (government schools) in order to educate America's young people on the Constitution, their forefathers, the ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice for their freedoms, God's law and the gospel of Jesus Christ; and liberal, homosexual attack dogs in the media come after you? Well, you do what you can and fight back. This is just what Bradlee Dean has done and is doing. In the latest news, Dean is continuing the fight against MSNBC and talk show host Rachel Maddow, in which she slandered him on national television, claiming that he was calling for the execution of homosexuals. He took it to court and months later chose to move his case to federal court, resulting in the judge overseeing the case declaring that before the case could move, Dean would have to pay MSNBC attorney's over $24,000. He appealed, and just last month the appeals court sided with the judge in the case. Now, Dean is determining how to proceed.

Of course, Dean's comments were taken out of context and twisted. Furthermore, the judge's decision was not a ruling, but a demonstration of prejudice. Dean told Freedom Outpost that they never even stepped foot inside the courtroom.

"We never lost our claim because there never was a ruling," he said. "Really what his all did was basically tell everybody that Bradlee Dean was willing to take it to MSNBC, but the judge, in favor of MSNBC, didn't want it to go there until I paid the attorneys off."

Dean believes that MSNBC came after his ministry because they saw the work of his ministry in the government schools and needed to incapacitate him. "They saw how effective we were in the schools and they sicked a jihad on us," he said.

Bradlee Dean's ministry has gone into over 350 high schools across the US to reach the younger generations with the message of law & liberty.

Bradlee Dean and his ministry has gone into over 350 high schools across the US to reach the younger generations.

To understand what brought all this on, consider the fact that Bradlee Dean has been going into the halls of America's government schools to reach this generation. His ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, has ventured into over 350 public schools across the nation over the past two decades. Up until the time that he began to address the growing homosexual agenda, all seemed to be fine, as he was welcomed with open arms and warmly received by teachers, principals and students.

Once his voice came out openly opposing homosexuality, Dean became a target of the sodomite community.

Back in 2010 and 2011, following one of Dean's Sons of Liberty radio shows, Rachel Maddow decided to do a hit piece on Dean. Remember how MSNBC edited the George Zimmerman 911 call in the Trayvon Martin case in order to make Zimmerman appear as though he was a racist? They also did similar shenanigans with a father of a Sandy Hook victim to make him appear as though he supported more gun laws, as well as editing Texas Governor Rick Perry's statements to make him appear racist. Well, they did the same thing to Bradlee Dean.

So what did Maddow use and how did she use it? Here's the word Bradlee Dean spoke:

"Muslims are calling for the executions of homosexuals in America. This just shows you they themselves are upholding the laws that are even in the Bible of the Judeo-Christian God, but they seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do, because these people are livid about enforcing their laws. They know homosexuality is an abomination. And I continually reach out to the homosexual communities on this radio show, and I warn them, which one's love? Here you have Obama condemning it behind the backs of the homosexuals, but to their faces he's promoting it. Because he's the one that said that he would never, no matter which way the winds go, Obama said he is not going to condemn or go against the Muslim nation. He's also the guy that said we are no longer a Christian nation, we're a Muslim nation … The homosexuals, they need to listen… I say this to my gay friends out there, the ones that continuously nitpick everything I say in their defense and for their eternal destination, Hollywood is promoting immorality and God of the Heavens in Jesus' name is warning you to flee from the wrath to come, yet you have Muslims calling for your execution. "If America won't enforce the laws, God will raise up a foreign enemy to do just that. That is what you are seeing in America. Read Leviticus 26."

Clearly, Dean was warning the homosexuals that the Muslims, who are gaining a foothold here in America, are coming right behind their efforts for special rights as their executioners. No where was he calling for the lawless execution of homosexuals. It just isn't there. However, see for yourself what Maddow did with his words in 2010 and 2011:

She twisted his words in 2010, but did include a disclaimer from his website which read, "We have never and will never call for the execution of homosexuals." In 2011 though, she did the same thing, only dropped the disclaimer and drawing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann into the controversy, stating that Bachmann and Dean were "bloodthirsty" and calling for the "upping of the bloodshed in America's culture wars."

"Christians aren't doing the job by killing gays and lesbians," Maddow claimed Dean meant by his comments.

Following this second slanderous accusation, Dean's ministry was threatened to be bombed, he received death threats, leftist blog sites began posting his home address and pictures of his house, and even his street teams were targeted and removed from store property due to those that saw the slanted version of Maddow's defamatory report.

Dean then took the issue to court. He and his attorney appeared before Judge Joan Zeldon. MSNBC hired four powerful DC attorneys to represent them. However, seven months after filing the lawsuit, Dean's attorney wanted to withdraw the case from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and file it in federal court.

According to a statement from Dean's ministry, "The move to another court was a 'tactical, strategic decision.'"

Dean's attorney then informed Judge Zeldon that he wanted to voluntarily dismiss the case from her court since it had been filed in federal court. Zeldon ruled that she would dismiss the case without prejudice if Dean paid Maddow's attorneys for the work they did in her court, which she assessed to be worth $24,625.23. However, Dean said he would not pay those fees because the work that attorneys did could be used in the federal court case, contrary to Zeldon's accusations that it could not be.

Zeldon was said to have been biased in her ruling as she is said to have referred to MSNBC's attorneys as "distinguished," but never referencing Dean's attorney in the same manner, according to the appellant brief filed. As a result of the appeal, the court affirmed the lower court's ruling last month.

While the federal court case was on hold pending the appeal process, it is still very much alive. Neither Judge Zeldon nor this appeal have determined whether or not there was actual defamation of Bradlee Dean by Rachel Maddow. As far as Judge Zeldon's decision that Dean pay Maddow's attorney's a ridiculous amount of money for work that would easily transfer over into the federal court case, Dean says that he will not be paying it.

"I don't mind paying for the lawsuit to bring Maddow and MSNBC to court, but I'm not going to pay for justice," Dean said. "I'm not going to pay a judge because she cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong."

So far, Dean says that he is not only considering pursuing the federal court case, but is also considering an individual lawsuit against Rachel Maddow.

While I can see why we pay for the services of attorneys, this does seem a bit overboard on the part of the courts considering that the work put together on the part of Maddow's attorneys could be used in the federal court case. I realize that some of it might have to be redone, but it would be minimal work, not work worthy of over $24,000. It seems there was extreme prejudice in the case, and it was aimed at Bradlee Dean.

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29 thoughts on “Bradlee Dean Eyes Federal Court Defamation Case Against Rachel Maddow & MSNBC after Judge’s Decision

  1. hollywoodron says:

    Wow... a lot of liberal Atheists on this site.. I'm impressed. Great job Brad and Tim!

  2. You know where the extreme prejudice comes from? Bradlee Dean against good, moral, upstanding gay citizens of the United States. You know why he looses these cases? Because he is WRONG!

  3. The lawsuit claims that the media slandered/libelled him by stating that the above quote suggests he believes that killing gays is moral.

    So let's look at the quote, even just the first sentences:

    Muslims are calling for the executions of homosexuals in America.
    This just shows you they themselves are upholding the laws that are even
    in the Bible of the Judeo-Christian God, but they seem to be more moral
    than even the American Christians do, because these people are livid
    about enforcing their laws.

    Let's diagram this.

    1 Muslims are calling for executions of Gays.
    2.Muslims are upholding the law
    2a. the law in question is executing gays
    2b. the law in question is a Muslim law but is also a Christian law
    3. Upholding/enforcing the law is moral.


    4. Executing gays is moral


    5. Muslims are more moral than Christians because they are upholding the law
    6. By the transitive property, Muslims are more moral than Christians because they execute gays.

    The plain reading of the statement of Dean is that executing gays is moral. I don't understand how Dean can expect to win a libel/slander (there are television and print defendants) suit when the plain reading of his statement conforms precisely to the statements which are supposedly libelous/slanderous.

    • hollywoodron says:

      Christians do not have a kill the immoral law... just so you know. Our Savior tells us to always inform sinners of the their sin... but not to kill. So... if you know that... then you know where Christians are failing.

      Executing gays is horrifically immoral to Christians... like the unborn, like the political dissenter, like the old and incapable or the weak and disabled.

    • @hollywoodron:disqus
      (I can't reply to a message awaiting moderation so I'm replying to myself and tagging you)

      Christians do not have a kill the immoral law... just so you know. Our Savior tells us to always inform sinners of the their sin... but not to kill. So... if you know that... then you know where Christians are failing.

      Executing gays is horrifically immoral to the unborn, like the political dissenter, like the old and incapable or the weak and disabled.

      You'll note, the comment wasn't about what all Christians believe. The comment was about interpreting Dean's statement.

      The statement reads as though Dean believes that enforcing the law, as Leviticus lays it out, is moral.

      The law, as Leviticus 20:13 lays it out, says that the participants are to be "put to death", and their blood is upon them.

      But as to your point, you'll also note that, in spite of what others say elsewhere in the NT, Jesus himself says that the law is valid until the end of Heaven and Earth (Matthew 5:18).

      It's a definitive statement, the law is in force until the end of heaven and earth, when all has been fulfilled. He even states specifically in the verse before it that his coming does not abolish the law.

      So according to Jesus, the law was, is, and always will be valid until the end of time.
      And his status as messiah does nothing to change the law.

      This was always something that puzzled me. The Apostles, at least some of them, say that you don't actually have to follow the law and that it is through belief in Jesus alone that you are saved. However Jesus, who is the son of God but is also God, says that you do have to keep the law. Between the two options, it seems like God would know better than the apostles what God wants/expects, so why has everyone sided with the apostles on this one?

  4. Bradlee Dean is a liar and a loser but that has never bothered wingnut Christians who believe in fairy tales.

    • hollywoodron says:

      You mean the most referenced and verified historical book of all time? Archaeology and history? That book is fairy tales? The foundation of Western culture? THAT BOOK?

  5. BillTheCat45 says:

    Haha yeh BRING IT BRADLEY, you got nothing and will be laughed out of court, hopefully with more sanctions to pay.

  6. trustingonlyinhim says:

    For a child of God to actually think that justice would actually receive justice in this world is folly at best. & It is by God's grace alone that each of us did not receive God's justice before we were saved.
    An excellent sermon to remind your self of that from time to time is
    Sinners in the hands of an angry God. Jonathan Edwards

  7. "sodomite community", "growing homosexual agenda", "homosexual attack dogs", yes people... let's start getting the language straight. Words mean things. Words have meaning. Let's add others and be brave and vocal in exposing these radicals for who they are... homosexual mafia, fascist nazis just to name a few. It is time to get bold and call them out. And remember - they ALL vote democrat.

  8. John Patriot says:

    Rachel Madcow needs to be sued personally too and pay for the intentional demoralization of the weak-minded American people who fall victim to her and msnbc's propaganda and slander.

  9. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Require that those 'attorneys' turn over 100% of all work done in the case to date.

    NOTHING that has been done can ever be used in any court for any reason, not in this case, or any other case that may appear in the future against msnbc or the madsow.

    IF the court is going to demand payment for services, then he should get what he is paying for and NOT the people that hired the work done originally.

  10. EastCantabrigian says:

    Gosh Jim, I see you borrowed quite liberally from the Daily Kos diary I wrote about this
    case (under the name AnitaMaria) on Monday.

    Some might even characterize what you did as plagiarism.

    [EC's note: This comment originally had some commentary about the futility of this lawsuit. I deleted those comments shortly after I wrote them.]

    • Plagiarism? Seriously? I have not even read your piece until now. However, my writings came from my previous article last year, along with an actual interview with Bradlee and information he provided. The links are all accessible, should you care to review them.....and the name is Tim, I actually use my real name.

      BTW, I have the full audio recording of my interview of Bradlee Dean plus the article I previously wrote along with text material provided by Mr. Dean, should anyone be interested in verifying where I got my information.

      I"m leaving your link in place so that others can see that there is no comparison.

      I've also received Tweets from this individual claiming my pointing to the appellant brief and the term "distinguished" was lifted from the Kos article, as well as the fact that the merits of the case were not ruled upon. I've decided to simply put up a short portion of my audio interview with Bradlee Dean where this is what he communicated to me, in order to demonstrate that I got this directly from the source, and merely linked to the brief. Listen to the audio for yourself:

  11. Sodomy is a lifestyle of choice and is a forgivable sin to the repentant coming to God for salvation.
    Restoration and salvation is the goal of a Christian. Satan prefers to have his Muslim followers maim, kill and murder sinners.

    • Red_Ruffensor says:

      So, do you remember when you decided to not be a sodomite?

    • Silly question, it was never a thought jut like I never consider robbery or murder. Read 1 page proof and answer why argue with what God has decreed to be best for us?

    • hollywoodron says:

      Gay is a choice, like any addiction...

      But for Liberals, they want to proclaim sin is not their fault and thusly must be accepted, embraced... like any addiction... drugs? promiscuity? criminal behavior... loving the self...

  12. Private agencies on the government side smear the old U.S and the old messages.

    The government protects the smear.

    Who's surprised?

  13. Rachel Maddow is disgusting, and clearly she has no shame...
    You keep fighting the good fight Mr. Dean! And thank you so much, and bless you, for your efforts.
    Although it may be too little, too late - since many believe America is Babylon, and it is about to fall very hard.
    And the passage of Comet 209P (Linear) in front of the Earth later this month will cause 'biblical' meteor storms.
    Also, because of plasma discharge and the nature of the solar system being electrical, the Sun has been 'reaching out' to the Earth as this comet passes Earth at its closest approach (which is right now). Sustained solar filaments approximately two-three million miles long are being observed. Sunspot activity is intense (triple-configured 'beta-gamma-delta' for deadly X-class flares).
    If this comet Linear, bathed in intense solar energy, should break up in two weeks time just as it passes in front of Earth...
    Note: at this exact time, the Pope will be in Jerusalem, meeting with the Muslims and ignoring the Christians! Coincidence?
    Luke describes these times in the New Testament, saying Jerusalem will be surrounded by encamped armies and the heavens will be shaken with signs in the Sun and Moon and stars. The Moon will give the light of the Sun, and the Sun will be magnified seven-fold...
    Sounds like an enormous, biblical CME to me.