Ron Paul Warned about an Armed BLM in 1997

Then Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) warned Congress and the American people against arming the Bureau of Land Management, the agency that surrounded the Bundy Ranch with more than 250 armed agents, including snipers a couple of weeks ago. Paul gave a passionate speech on the floor of the House in 1997 declaring the reasons that Americans fear a growing federal government, prompted by the Ruby Ridge and Waco attacks, as well as "many other episodes of an errant federal government."

"Earlier this year, another member severely criticized me on the House floor for declaring on C-SPAN that, indeed, many Americans justifiably fear their own government," Paul began. "This fear has come from the police state mentality that prompted Ruby Ridge, Waco and many other episodes of an errant federal government."

"Under the Constitution, it was never meant to be a federal police force," Paul continued. "Even and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), limited only to investigations, was not accepted until this century. Yet, today, fueled by the federal government's misdirected 'war on drugs,' radical environmentalism and the aggressive behavior of the 'Nanny State,' we have witnessed a massive buildup of a virtual army of armed regulators prowling the states where they have no authority. The sacrifice of individual responsibility and the concept of local government by majority of American citizens ha permitted the army of bureaucrats to thrive."

Paul stated that the people had become "less vigilant" of their liberties due to their dependence upon government. Because of this, special interest groups would continue to advance a welfare state, which redistributes wealth in America.

"Wealth is limited," Paul said, "but demands are unlimited. A welfare system inevitably diminishes production and shrinks the economic pie. As this occurs, anger among the competing special interests grows. While Congress and the people concentrate on material welfare and its equal redistribution, the principles of liberty are ignored and freedom is undermined."

As the enforcement state grows, so do the need for a growing army of bureaucrats. Think if you will about the thousands of new Internal Revenue Service agents that are to be hired to enforce Obamacare. Yes, they are also being trained with semi-automatic rifles and handguns.

"Since groups demanding special favors from the federal government must abuse the rights and property of those who produce wealth and cherish liberty, real resentment is directed at the agents who come to eat out our substance; he natural consequences for the intruders to arm themselves to protect against angry victims of government intrusion" Paul said.

He then cited an article by Joseph Farah, then director of the Western Journalism Center of Sacramento, CA, which appeared in the Houston Chronicle.

"The surge in the number of armed Federal bureaucrats has been brought to our attention," Paul paraphrased. "Farah points out that in 1996 alone, at least 2,439 new Federal cops were authorized to carry firearms. That takes the total up to nearly 60,000. Farah points out that these cops were not only in agencies like the FBI, but include the EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Even Bruce Babbitt, according to Farah, wants to arm the Bureau of Land Management."

Farah logically asked, "When will the NEA have its armed art cops?"

"It is ironic that the proliferation of guns in the hands of the bureaucrats is pushed by the antigun fanatics who hate the second amendment and would disarm every law-abiding American citizen," the Texas Congressman continued. "Yes, we need gun control. We need to disarm our bureaucrats, then abolish the agencies. If government bureaucrats like guns that much, let them seek work with the NRA."

Paul then warned, "Force and intimidation are the tools of tyrants. Intimidation with government guns, the threat of imprisonment, and the fear of harassment by government agents puts fear into the hearts of millions of Americans."

As an example, he cited events of that time period under womanizer and adulterer-in-chief Bill Clinton. "Four days after Paula Jones refused a settlement in her celebrated suit, she received notice that she and her husband would be audited for 1995 taxes. Since 1994 is the current audit year for the IRS, the administration's denial that the audit is related to the suit is suspect, to say the least. Even if it is coincidental, do not try to convince the American people. Most Americans, justifiably cynical and untrusting toward the Federal Government, know the evidence exists that since the 1970's both Republican and Democratic administrations have not hesitated to intimidate their political enemies with IRS audits and regulatory harassment."

"Even though the average IRS agent does not carry a gun, the threat of incarceration and seizure of property is backed up by many guns," Paul concluded. "All government power is ultimately gun power and serves the interests of those who despise or do not comprehend the principles of liberty. The gun in the hands of law-abiding citizens serves to hold in check arrogant and aggressive government. Guns in the hands of the bureaucrats do the opposite. The founders of this country fully understood this fact."

Well, we now have seen a massive amount of ammunition being solicited for by various federal agencies, from the Social Security Administration to various departments under the authority of Homeland Security to agencies such as DOC, NOAA, NMFS, OLE, and NED.
Even the postal service is in on the purchase of guns and ammo, while the IRS trains with AR-15s.

Ron Paul has been warning America for decades of its foolish decisions regarding monetary policy, foreign policy and yes, the growing tyrannical police state. I'd say the recent standoff, killing of cattle, violence against American citizens and armed federal agents building up in Nevada against the Bundys are validation that Paul has been right all along.

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  • Rapier Half-Witt

    I can't help but give "the finger" to all of those that called me an idiot for backing "that nut case, Ron Paul". And each time that there is another issue that surfaces (Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA, BLM, adnauseum) that Ron Paul warned about I go back to those people and say to them, "Hey, you remember that nut case, Ron Paul? You remember calling him a "nut case"? Do you? Do you remember calling me an idiot for backing him? You remember that? How stupid do you feel now? No, I'm not going to stop throwing it in your face."

    F!@#$%ing morons.

  • Richard M

    Clean out the main stream media. I don't care what they say as long as they don't make crap up. That used to be their job. Now they are in the progressive pocket. Clean them out and the govt will have no place to hide.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Isn't it remarkable the difference between father and son? Ron is pure principle. Rand is about ambition.

  • Mac Boy

    BRING IT !!!!!!

    ******* "OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING" *********
    *** March on Washington DC *** *** MAY 16th !! ***

    Be there, or Support those who do GO …………

    Over 2.5 MILLION Vets, retired Vets & Civilians have pledged to go and Demand a change of Personnel in DC - from the top - down !!!!

    *** and We WILL stay in D.C. until the job is Done! - Ooh Rah! ***


    300 MILLION Americans .... over 1/2 own guns - most are retired Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard - Military - also Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol and Private security.

    You really think that an order from Obama will be followed, for our Military to attack their own families, friends and relatives ??

    NOT HARDLY !! - obama's so-called "army" will be out-numbered 350 to 1 !!!

    • Libertarian Tom

      Amen, and the majority if Americans are behind us! No matter what the propagandist say. We the People are with you all, and Thank You for your service! God Bless America!!!!

  • pduffy

    Actually the warning went back to Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, who both warned what would happen if we gave up 'liberty in exchange for security'. Well folks, we didn't listen and now the end has come. Most of the constitution is already dead, and they need to put the final nail in the coffin of liberty - get the guns. Then they have nothing to stop their tyranny.

  • asmith1234

    To think that the GOP faithful, (the vote for the lessor of two evils crowd), would go along with the dem in drag GOP leadership pick of Romney, against Paul, is truly sickening. You reap what you sow. The responsibility for the tyranny that we're faced with right now, can be placed directly at the feet of those that vote for the lessor of two evils crowd.

  • wdcraftr

    And All "People Power", is Ultimately backed up by Guns. Think 1776, and 2nd Amendment. Without Guns, there is No Constitution as we know it, No Liberty, Just Dictatorship by an Armed Hostile Govt. How hostile, depends on who is in Power. Why does a President need his Own Gestapo/DHS, as powerful as the Military, when he has 100 million armed Militia citizens? Unless it's to Overthrow that Militia.. Right now, we have Muslims, Islam Supporters, and Satan worshippers throughout the Top level of our Govt. Are these the kind of people that represent the founding Fathers ideas of America? That believe that God is our counselor, and guidance, and is the Foundation which America was built on? Read the Bible for the End of the Story. Christians get Crucified in the Latter days, and by the time Christ returns, 90% of the worlds population is dead, either by famine, disease, war, nuclear fallout, earthquakes, meteorites, or Extermination for various reasons.

  • Jerrilyn Ramos

    All manifestations of a bloated, out of control government. "We have to have a civilian army as well armed, as well trained and as well funded as the United States Army." Well... BO has got one now, hasn't he?

    • RageFury

      Yes indeed he does and it has multiple branches among the Alphabet Agencies...

    • Libertarian Tom

      He's trying. But I don't think he's ready yet. That's why we need to shutdown D.C. next month. They aren't ready, YET! We need to act fast, before they are ready.

    • DanielAllison

      I hope I am wrong, but I think they are ready and that is why they backed down in Nevada. I think they have their sniper positions ready and the shooters trained for May 14. I feel they will shoot a black policeman and blame it on us. Likely a park Service Officer. Like I said I hope I am wrong, but I have a bad feeling about this. They gave up too easily.

    • Libertarian Tom

      I definitely do worry about that, the thing is millions of us will be there. With smart phones and video. The other thing to consider is there will be media from around the world there. Most of the world doesn't like Obama either. If our Gov't decides to slaughter us, wholesale, our Military will step up, believe me, there may be a few orders given to kill us, but it's the soldiers that have to do it, and they won't. Plus, the rest of the world will not stand by and let Obama kill 50+ million citizens and take over America. The last thing the world wants, is a dictator ruling America, especially Obama. I'm counting on another fact too. That fact is, the Progressives are not as smart as they tell themselves they are. By that I mean, they are counting on only having to kill a couple hundred patriots to regain control and then they'll use DHS and local police to arrest everyone at home. Progressives have no concept of conviction. They'll expect us to do what they would do, run away. The other thing to remember, is many of our patriots in D.C. are veterans, I don't see our military, killing our vets. I have to believe this, otherwise, it means I have stood by and watched, as my beloved country has been stolen from us. God Bless Us, and help us to take back America!
      And P.S.- I think that BLM, backed down, so they could regroup and use the Bundy ranch as a distraction from the D.C. shutdown.

    • jag57

      Your right, but do you think he did himself any favor by getting rid of all the best officers in all the services, if tshtf?

    • Jerrilyn Ramos

      I think he has done that on purpose, Jag. Do you know who he has replaced those high ranking officers with? The scum and dregs of the Earth. They are training our men and women to fire on American citizens. And they will do it! I don't think BO does anything without an unknown purpose. The consequence of having a military trained to believe that Patriotic Americans are the real enemy will be bloodshed. What other reason is there? To him, WE are the terrorists. Listen to Harry Reid and John McCain. They are setting us up for the slaughter and most of us are not ready.

  • [email protected]

    20 years of corporate welfare - sponging off we taxpayers.
    The story of Cliven R. Bundy
    Stank up the whole church just last Sunday.
    "Those Knee-grows were happy
    And now they feel crappy"
    Then he drove his welfare-funded Hyundai.

    • Patrick Henry

      You are a taxpayer. I am a citizen.

    • RageFury

      I am not so sure that one is even a taxpayer. Smells more of a basement dweller living with mom or a couch potato on welfare...

    • Wondering Woman

      OS, we have another shill still trying to hide the truth folks.

    • Mac Boy

      Go finish your Kool-Aid - POS Loser!

    • [email protected]
      The Republican Party of today is no different than the Democratic Party during reconstruction. They want your vote - as long as you don't speak your mind.

  • Steve

    Now we have the newest agencies, WDCTG, Washington DC Terrorist Group, lead by Harry Reid and Co-Chaired by John Boehner.

    • Libertarian Tom

      I love that, can I pass that one on?

    • Steve

      Yes, you sure may.

  • Hu G Lee Hung

    Wake up people! What more evidence do you really need? If this was in a US court it would be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • ReconVeteran

    I started to sound the alarm about different federal agencies being armed as well as all the new agencies that where created back in the middle 80s. I was just a conspiracy nut to most back then and was made fun of.

    • RageFury

      That is how they shut you down, by labeling you a "nut". Ron Paul was called a kook throughout 2006-2012 shutting down his bid for POTUS. Only come to find out the man not only predicted the BLM nonsense, he predicted a multitude of our ills.

    • ReconVeteran

      You got that right!

    • Libertarian Tom

      And don't forget he won Iowa in 2012, and the RNC lied to keep him from winning the nomination. That means both party's are terrified, and as of yet, unprepared!

    • jag57

      Ron has never been a war monger, but there is no doubt in my mind, if he was President and we were attacked, he would unleash hell, then go home. As in screw the UN, and all the other terrorist organizations.

    • RageFury

      I don't disagree. From what I have understood from him, he completely supported Congress declaring war in our defense and fighting to win it.

  • Tommyzax

    And we give bullets to postal workers so they can go BLM?

    • Wondering Woman

      No, We the People, do not give guns, nor ammo, to postal workers. The federal government does. Unfortunately the main stream media had already become just a propaganda outlet for the one world global government, long before Dr. Ron Paul's truth session, but few heard or saw anything about it. In case you haven't noticed, it is not just the IRS that they use to take down anyone opposing them, if you fight one federal agency, the others are called in to help take you down to make an example of you. I think it was an EPA leader caught telling his underlings at a workshop conference to go into an area & trample all over at least 5 people to make all others afraid to oppose them. This is what used to be our government, has become, a whole bunch of corrupt agencies
      Dr. Ron Paul also warned us about the one world global government, aka the new world order years ago, but too many of the few who heard anything about it thought he was a lunatic. OMG - how I wish Barack Obama and all the other new world order puppets, along with all the past living presidents and their appointees, could be arrested, incarcerated to await trial for Treason and crimes against humanity and that we could draft that one sane, honest Dr. Ron Paul to be our interim president to replace them. At least we would know that we had a patriotic leader who loves this country and the courage to stand up for he believes in and to resist the bribes of the new world order elitists.

    • Libertarian Tom

      We do have that right, it's just a matter of doing it. It's our right, to remove any corrupt leaders, and anyone else that has violated our rights, from office. All I know, is they better not use force against the people, I don't think it will end well for them. Look at Egypt, an unarmed mass of people did it. We will do it too!

    • jag57

      I first met Ron Paul in May 1990, when we were invited to a Sound Money Conference, then in December we got to spend more time with him, in San Jose, Costa Rica. There was a lot of talk about the new world order at that time, especially by Ron Paul and Don McAlvany.
      I was very unhappy about how that idiot that is supposed to be the RNC leader, at how he treated Ron Paul at the Republican Convention in 2012. Our caucus here in Franklin County, voted for Ron Paul, but the state voted for Romney. If Ron hadn't been treated like he was, Romney would have had a lot more votes.

      Both Obama and Clinton, are guilty of treason for arming al Qaeda, in Libya, as well as arming jihadists in Syria.