From One Domestic Terrorist to Another: An Open Letter to Harry Reid

The (Less Than) Honorable Harry Reid
522 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Senator Reid,

In August of 2011, our Vice President Biden joined Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) in calling us involved with the Tea Party movement as "Terrorists." I have thought about that designation quite a bit since then.

I wanted to thank you for your recent clarification of that charge when you announced to the world that those of us citizens you are supposed to represent are only "Domestic Terrorists." I would really not want the world to think that We The People had joined forces with Al Qaeda. American ingenuity and the Second Amendment to our Constitution provide us with all the resources we need - Thank you very much.

As I just said, since first being labeled as a "Terrorist" by this country's "leaders" I have given the subject some considerable thought.  After careful consideration, I have reached the conclusion that you have a great deal in common with the rest of us "Domestic Terrorists."

Being a simple man, I prefer the simple definition of the word:

Terrorist - A person who terrorizes or frightens others.

Yes, YOU most definitely qualify if not indeed personify the term.

I worked on the Sharron Angle campaign in 2010; a campaign to which I am told you manipulated large donations amounting to a million dollars or more. That campaign was my baptism into Nevada Politics and I have never felt so soiled since the day I had to retrieve my dog from a Japanese "benjo ditch" (open roadside sewer system).

Our neighborhood walkers were berated by recent immigrants over the lie that America has become. A recent immigrant from Eastern Europe raged over the fact that he could not vote for the candidate of his choice because his union bosses assured him that his vote could be tracked and that if he did not cast a vote for you he would lose his livelihood.  As Providence would have it, he worked for one of the casino companies for whom you arranged a bailout when Dubai pulled up stakes and left them hanging at the barely begun City Center project.

And then there were those union members who were told that the casinos would stop their support of citizenship applications which would result in deportations if they did not vote for Harry Reid. The tales are endless and more disgusting with each iteration.

Yes, Senator, I understand that We The People terrorize you and your felonious friends on both sides of the aisle. You live in terror of losing your power, position, and privilege. You live in terror that all your dirty laundry will be hung out for all to see and the inevitable pillory of you and your entire nest of freedom crushing and liberty sucking vipers will occur. Senator, that is inevitable; it is only a matter of time. But I do understand your terror. I have seen it in the eyes of other petty despots as their worlds imploded.

On the other hand, YOU Sir are of the traditional type of Terrorist.  You hide in the shadows and manipulate others to do your bidding. You use your position of power and influence to intimidate people to comply or suffer the consequences.

When We The People present that which terrorizes you the most, our unity - defended only by the American Flag and our Constitution, you arm your bureaucrats and hire mercenaries to deploy snipers against unarmed and defenseless old men, women, and children. At which point We The People provide the armed security.

Yes, Senator, as One Domestic Terrorist to another I understand your terror, but somehow I feel that I am more comfortable with my form of terrorism than are you with yours. For although you may be unwilling to acknowledge the truth of history, despotism and tyranny, such as yours, will inevitably fall at the feet of the one ever enduring and insurmountable human power: The God Given love of freedom and soul deep need for liberty shared by all free men.

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About Darwin Rockantansky
Darwin Rockantansky completed two combat tours in Vietnam before he was old enough to buy a beer. He's the son of a Korean War and Vietnam veteran. Darwin has also worked for the following: the Shah of Iran, then prince / now King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, SHAPE / NATO, Bush One, Reagan Two, Hollywood movie studios and an entrepreneur who started and operated his own software company for a couple of decades. Darwin is also an American Patriot and writes at Red Ink Flowing.
  • Helen

    I pray the day will come we can bring all of those politicians who have betrayed us to justice....It wil be a beautiful American Day. And the day will come!!!

  • bobk90

    Long Live the "Constitutional Republic" of the United States of America!!!

  • 48jerry

    well stated

  • Ben

    I agree with the ones who applaud your expression of the idea and definition. I do agree with that view point. I do not like to accept the label these political terrorist want to pin on the freedom loving Americans like you and I, and others. We cannot be terrorist in my perspective, for insisting on the application of our founding documents that describe our legal government. They have no more moral authority to call us a terrorist than Hitler had to call the Allied Armies the aggressors for landing on Europe on D-day. For Reed to call us a terrorist does not make it true. He uses words "out of context", typical of the people seeking to overthrow our government. We must not loose perspective (his object in abusing our language). He cannot defend his party from the terrorist accusation, so must try and apply it to his opposition as endeavoring to normalize their "overthrow" of our Republic. Lets all stay focused, and do not loose track of the real truth. I do not accuse you of doing so. Just stay strong, and do not accept any democratic label they want to pin on you. The only thing you can really depend on is that they hope to harm you with the label they try and attach to you. Even pretending to play with words, with them, could eventually be armful to all patriots.

  • Ken

    The more I hear about Mr. Reid, the less I like him. Has our congress done away with all law enforcement or have they just exempted themselves?

    • Lynx Eye

      Actually, that's no mystery. Congress did away with laws applying to themselves long insider trading and overtime pay, for instance.

  • William

    I hope you actually sent the letter to ole terrorist Harry.

  • MuzzleHead Wayne

    You can add my name to the end of that letter!!!

  • Sharon

    Mr. Rockantansky, two thumbs up sir.

  • BoboSixx II

    Mr. Darwin, you Rock! I could not have worded your letter to the Treasonous Mr. Reed any better. May this tragedy against the Bundy Ranch be a Wake Up call to America. That, "We the people" are not going to stand for this over reaching power by the untrustworthy trustees of our Government anymore.

    The U.S. Constitution is clearly written that the Feds have no jurisdiction over state property. And says that the authority from the citizens of America is first. The state second. And the Feds third. The Feds illegally turned it the other way around to control every aspect of our lives. And to steal our lands for foreign interests and profits. Peace, Love & Light to All. Namaste.

    • Bob Young

      Amen! Halleluiah! It is quite obvious that Nevada needs regulation to insure only American Citizens can vote in the local and federal elections there. And, you can add my name to his letter as well. GOD SAVE AMERICA. AND GOD BLESS YOU MR. DARWIN.

  • Matthew Dec

    That was powerfully written and well thought out; your sentiments are spiritually mirrored by millions.

    • bull57

      Mr. Dirty-Dingy-Harry Reid is probably the most disgusting, dishonest reprehensible senator that our country has elected in ages. Your letter sir has captured the sentiment of the majority of American people. As usual, dear Harry will not have a response unless it is to vilify its author. Soon and I hope very soon The Great State of Nevada's voters will recognize what a stigma Dirty Harry has brought to your great state and that you will send him packing with the promise that should any of his illegal activities be proven he too will be facing a jury of his peers!

  • David Risselada

    Awesom darwin