Cliven Bundy’s Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Statements Completely Discredits New York Times

The New York Times decided to do a hit piece on Cliven Bundy and in doing so they used the usual tricks: They edited Bundy's comments. Now the Nevada rancher is being smeared in the media as a racist due to the dishonorable coverage by the New York Times and others. So, in the spirit of fairness and truthfulness in media, here's the complete unedited video remarks of Cliven Bundy, which don't contain racist comments at all, but rather very pro-black and pro-Mexican comments. See for yourself.

Here is the full text of Bundy's comments:

…" and so what I've testified to ya', I was in the WATTS riot, I seen the beginning fire and I seen the last fire. What I seen is civil disturbance. People are not happy, people is thinking they did not have their freedom; they didn't have these things, and they didn't have them.

We've progressed quite a bit from that day until now, and sure don't want to go back; we sure don't want the colored people to go back to that point; we sure don't want the Mexican people to go back to that point; and we can make a difference right now by taking care of some of these bureaucracies, and do it in a peaceful way.

Let me tell.. talk to you about the Mexicans, and these are just things I know about the negroes. I want to tell you one more thing I know about the negro.

When I go, went, go to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas; and I would see these little government houses, and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids…. and there was always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch. They didn't have nothing to do. They didn't have nothing for the kids to do. They didn't have nothing for the young girls to do.

And because they were basically on government subsidy – so now what do they do? They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never, they never learned how to pick cotton. And I've often wondered are they were better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things? Or are they better off under government subsidy?

You know they didn't get more freedom, uh they got less freedom – they got less family life, and their happiness -you could see it in their faces- they were not happy sitting on that concrete sidewalk. Down there they was probably growing their turnips – so that's all government, that's not freedom.

Now, let me talk about the Spanish people. You know I understand that they come over here against our constitution and cross our borders. But they're here and they're people – and I've worked side-by-side a lot of them.

Don't tell me they don't work, and don't tell me they don't pay taxes. And don't tell me they don't have better family structure than most of us white people. When you see those Mexican families, they're together, they picnic together, they're spending their time together, and I'll tell you in my way of thinking they're awful nice people.

And we need to have those people join us and be with us…. not, not come to our party.

Now, here's the edited version that the New York Times reported:

In case you weren't paying attention, the terms "negro" and "colored people" are not racist terms. Those with more melanin in their skin have throughout history referred to themselves as such. They certainly aren't "African American."

Bundy was merely pointing out the plight of black families in the US, something that our friend David Risselada has done countless times, including today in his excellent article.

His comments about Mexicans were not racist either, but rather pro-family.

Surely "conservatives" came to Bundy's aid though, right? Not according to Conservative Treehouse. Sundance writes, "What's more sad than the refusal to openly discuss the issues – is how quickly the conservative right is willing to throw Bundy to the wolves based solely on the New York Times and Media Matters opinion."

Sundance also wrote, "Are the remarks controversial?   Yes, however – No more so than the remarks made by Shirley Sherrod. The left rose quickly in their defense of Shirley Sherrod.    In this case the left rose quickly in the attack against Cliven Bundy."

Bundy is exactly right to point out the issue of children murdered by abortion in the black community. Sadly, many in the black community don't recognize that they continue to elect their oppressors to office.

Mr. Bundy's comments are anything but racist, but this is how the progressives in this country operate. They pull sound bites in order to create a non-story, to inflame those who will never dig deeper than what they are given. At least in this article, you can make a fair judgment for yourself, and if you simply watch the entire comments of Cliven Bundy, you will never come to the conclusion that he is a racist.

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  • SpudPicker

    Good to see that someone is setting the record straight.

    In contrast we have those who will rarely if ever miss an opportunity to distort the words of others thinking that diminishing others can make them take a superior position. But it is illusory and a waste of time. If they really want to be "superior," they should get closer to the truth.

    Unless they think the Devil's way is somehow superior......

  • mike slaney

    Who believes the Liberal media quake jobs were ever honest to begin with, what do you expect from Socialists and Communists, they do what is natural, LIE !

  • KatRob

    When are people going to realize there is no legitimate media in this country, that the news is scripted and censored? There are no investigative reporters, they go to college to become tabloid reporters and teleprompter-readers. The NY Times lost it's credibility decades ago, doesn't anybody of subnormal intellect even read that rag?

  • GinnyLee

    "Over the last two or three decades, the Bureau has squeezed the ranchers in southern Nevada by limiting the acres on which their cattle can graze, reducing the number of cattle that can be on federal land, and charging grazing fees for the ever-diminishing privilege. The effect of these restrictions has been to drive the ranchers out of business. Formerly, there were dozens of ranches in the area where Bundy operates.
    Now, his ranch is the only one."

  • Petertimber

    The NYTimes last Sunday featured a front page article about a coyote having in tow a 12 year old girl apprehended at the Mexican border by Mexican police. The parents who are also illegally in the USA contracted on two other previous occasions to have the girl smuggled into the USA. The Young lady on this 3rd try hung herself and died in a child detention facility in Mexico. The parent(s) were in NY . If this had been a US citizen parent(s) they would have been arrested and charged with child abuse subjecting a minor to such horrific conditions resulting in her death but no such comparison was made by the NYTimes. The parents were not brought up for child abuse charges despite their criminality resulting in their childs death but somehow were left morally guilt free.

  • honey

    Harry Reid called Bundy a terrorist. Did I miss the part where even one left wing person said Reid was outrageous?

  • FirstShirt

    Can it be true? The Corporate owned Media outlets lie to us? Do you mean they color the news to assist their political and economic interests? Why, I never . . . .

  • countryboy8

    This is not really a loss, those who think Bundy's comments were "racist" were never on our side anyway. In fact this has some good side to it. The glaringly apparent manipulation of news, in order to make it into leftist propaganda, has caused tens of thousands more Americans to come around to our way of thinking. Gun sales are roaring again as the best gun salesmen there are......keep right on at what they have been doing for a while.

    The mainstream media has ALWAYS been the enemy of freedom, in this country, certainly masters of it during the past 30 years. The NYT, that mouthpiece of the Obama Apparatchik, is rapidly descending into irrelevancy and the columnists like Krugman, Friedman and a whole lot more are so stupid that it is almost like viewing the "parade of clowns" before the circus begins.

    The mainstream media, as we can see here are prominent players in the "socializing of America, and will get taken down just like all the other "enemies of freedom" in due time.

    • GinnyLee

      Right. And Fox news - at least, O'Reilly, Hannity, and Kelly, are in lock step with the MSM on this issue. Bah! I'm through with wasting time on media repeating "talking points" and "buzzwords".
      You're right about not "backing down". I've seen more support for Mr. Bundy, since the faux NYT news report.

  • squeak

    NEW YORK TIMES does what they do BEST, LIE, EDIT the TAPES, tell just what they want to make BUNDY out a RACIST... they are good at this... something must be done, someone must be fired ...... time to stand up to the TIMES., this has gone far enough... being the LIBERALS they are, they have tried to ruin many peoples lives... BUNDY SUE the hell out of the times !

    • CitySlicker

      If quoting Bundy verbatim makes him look like a racist, why is it the NYT's fault? They just reported on what he said. Maybe he shouldn't make racist comments if he doesn't want to come across looking like a racist!! Yes, Bundy should sue the NYT's for reprinting what he said at a press confrence! LOL!!!!

    • squeak

      Sounds like you did not listen to the tape or read the article, have you ? if you did you would not ask stupid questions... " your question , why is it NYT's fault " ?" HE DID NOT MAKE RACIST STATEMENTS ", THAT is the POINT.. Times did their EDITING as USUAL ! You need to get the facts before making comments you have NO idea what you are talking about.. GEEEEZ !

    • CitySlicker

      I read the article and saw the video. Here's Bundy's quote about "the negro": "And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy?" How is that NOT racist?? The only people defending him are teaparty folks like yourself. Even republicans think he's a racist. And the teaparty just doesn't understand why the American people think they may have quite a few racists among them. Just beacuse you keep saying "We're not racists!" doesn't make it so. Even the Ku Klux Klan declared "We're not racists!"

    • squeak

      Even YOU are an uneducated Liberal that spews your BS instead of the facts... What Bundy said was NOT Racist, he was comparing the two lifestyles as slaves, " Is it better being in the Cotton fields & still have a family life , etc, being under the Government Control, is worse & will never get out from under them.."JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY IT IS RACIST , DOESN'T MAKE IT SO ",... Even several Black people came on TV & said Bundy was right & NOT a RACIST..., NYT'S did their dirty work as USUAL" EDIT TAPES " ! END of our conversation, can't get anything through a Liberals empty head !

    • CitySlicker

      If you ever "wonder" if an entire group of people were better of as someone's property and treated like animals than you're a racist. Sorry, but there's no way around it. What Bundy said was sick and the people defending him are just as racist as him. What's with all the racism in the teaparty??

    • Patrick Henry

      Judging from your profile picture, you are a sexual pervert, and therefore, your mind is twisted, and your heart is as black as coal and as hard as stone. Nothing you post is credible. You are a deviant.

    • CitySlicker

      You don't like my picture of Michelle Bachmann eating a corndog?? I thought she was a hero to the teaparty?? And you sir are the one who is twisted. I would NEVER defend a racist.... you need to take a good look at your own heart.

    • Patrick Henry

      He is not a racist, but you are a pervert.

    • CitySlicker

      Bundy's a racist, you're a racist for defending Bundy and Michelle Bachmann apparently learned how to eat a corn dog from her fabulously "not gay" husband Marcus. LOL!! Get a sense of humor, Patrick. Life's too short!

    • Patrick Henry

      Sexual depravity is not humor. Speaking the truth about the exploitation of the welfare class by the ruling elite is not racism.

    • CitySlicker

      I guess we'll just have to "agree to disagree" about Bundy's racist comments. But Michell Bachmann deep throating a corndog is absolutely hilarious!!

    • Patrick Henry

      You can also disagree with Thomas Sowell: "...The black family survived centuries of slavery and
      generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’
      expansion of the welfare state. Most black children grew up in homes with two
      parents during all that time, but most grow up with only one parent
      today..."; "The assumption that spending more of the taxpayer's money
      will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made
      things worse. The black family- which survived slavery, discrimination, poverty,
      wars and depressions - began to come apart as the federal government moved in
      with its well-financed programs to "help." - Thomas Sowell

      And regarding your perversions: May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

    • MJRinPA

      "...The black family survived centuries of slavery and
      generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state." Which black family was that? The one whose wife was sold, or whose children were sold, or whose father was whipped to death, or the one whose father or brother was hanged? It is just stupid to compare slavery with anything except slavery. Bundy was stupid, and he opened his mouth and showed the world his stupidity, and lack of historical understanding.

    • Patrick Henry

      "Bundy was stupid, and he opened his mouth and showed the world his stupidity, and lack of historical understanding."

      The same could be said about MJRinPA.

      We are all slaves to the FED. Some of us realize it, and some of us do not.

      Anyone who sits at home and collects a welfare check for his or her family's sustenance, in exchange for his or her vote, is a slave, for a lack of a better definition.

      Anyone who has his or her money and property confiscated so that it can be redistributed to other less productive people, whether those people be politicians or the people who vote for them, are slaves.

      Anyone who is forced to use fiat currency as the medium of exchange, is a perpetual debt slave.

      Whips and chains are not required in this modern form of FED slavery.

    • Patrick Henry

      He is talking about their behavior and the gubermint's treatment of them. He is not denigrating them because of their skin color. Is it not reasonable for someone to be identified by their race? without hypersensitive attacks being leveled at the identifier? He is obviously lamenting the fact that the gubermint is keeping this once proud race of Americans in a modern form of slavery.

    • CitySlicker

      Sorry, but if you're "wondering" if an entire group of people were better off as someone's property and treated like animals, then you're a racist. Why are you even trying to defend this guy?? What he said was sick and twisted and the people defending him are just as racist as him. Why do people in the teaparty find it so hard to understand that what he said was racist? Are you people really that stupid?!?

    • Patrick Henry

      You, sir or madam, might be the stupid one.

    • MJRinPA

      And just how did slaves have "a family life" when their spouse and/or children could be sold away? If he meant to say the government is not helping, then he should have said just that. When he equates welfare with slavery, it's not true to history, it's not fact and it's nonsense. Beside that had nothing to do with his refusal to pay his grazing fees. He should have kept his mouth shut. You can't blame his stupidity on the news media.

  • T. Copps

    This whole thing is classic Harry Reid.. he is mad and he is going to ruin this man if he can. stupid senile old pig. Any who side with him or believe him are true idiots. Even if this man was a racist, which I do not think he is.. he still has the freedom of speech and he still has his land rights. This is just typical Obama democratic crime as usual!

  • 48vince

    It's a great national tragedy that, after so many decades of relentless brainwashing, so many of our fellow citizens now constitute the masses of reactionary, slavering, Pavlovian dogs, barking and whimpering without thought or reason at the command of their master, the New York Times, and it's lackeys in the media.

  • armydadtexas

    Someone needs to remind Sean Hannity of how often the NYT, CNN, PMSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NPR and other Obamanista run propaganda outlets misquote, edit, lie, etc what any American they don't agree with says. Hannity bought into the lefts take on what Bundy said. He condemned him just as venimously as any left wing puke would have. Perhaps Sean Hannity should listen to his own advice once in a while. That is, unless he has become prone to listen to his own voice and not heed what he says to others.
    Remindere Sean; not every one is a public speaker like you.

    • ourzoo10

      Same goes for "do your own homework" Glenn Beck...

    • GinnyLee

      I believe that a "command" came from the 'top' at FOX - to turn loose of Mr. Bundy and his case. To back up from the story, period. Everyone, including O'Reilly, Hannity, and Kelly, that I've seen or heard, is parroting the MSM lies. "Fair and Balanced"? No way. I'm sick of them all.

      But, I do think that they have added far more support for Mr. Bundy, since they've shown their "yellow belly" colors. I've seen more and more people standing up and speaking on behalf of Mr. Bundy.

      Mark Levin, for one, is still standing and gives a very clear, detailed account of the Bundy Ranch and Nevada "quagmire".

  • BobDes

    SHAME on the FOX “Team” (Cavuto, Baier, The Five, Greta, O'Rielly, Kelley and Hannity) for all blindly accepting the misleading, deceptive, erroneous and intentionally cruel edited version of the NY Times video intentionally aimed at destroying a good and decent rancher, Cliven Bundy. When you watch the entire 3 minute and 14 second video conversation, it is obvious that the NY Times edited it purposely to destroy Mr. Bundy by making him appear to be a racists. This is no different than the editing farce done on George Zimmerman’s 911 telephone conversation to make him appear racists in the killing of Travon Martin (which the FOX team jumped all over!).
    You all have “egg on your face” and now need to apologize to your viewers for not doing your own G-2. FOX’s “Fair and Balanced” just got thrown in the “dumper” for rancher Bundy … a totally unfair act!

  • Lloydl333

    I wouldn't put the NY Times in the bottom of my bird cage. My bird would die of constipation, he wouldn't crap on the dammed rag.

  • Davy2010

    Who owns the NYT ? They can remain powerful as long as they keep dividing the rest of the population. A small minority with amazing wealth acquired within the " freedom & capitalistic system of American society ; owning all or almost all main stream media ,hoodwinking the rest by "as if their opinions and judgement " represent the majority of Americans. That is the power of a minority trying to impose their agenda on the majority while ensuring attention is diverted from them..

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    Where he slipped off was that he used the phrase "better off as slaves", which Demoncrats can pounce on until the end of time.

    I kind of get that he was trying to say that "The Government has left them even worse off than the days of Slavery", but the way he said it was the worst possible way, as far as giving the Demoncrats their perfect soundbite.

  • reggiec

    They way I interpret Bundy's remarks is that government (read Democrats) have created an atmosphere that is damaging to just about all levels of black success and family unity.
    He is not a slick PC politician, so he did not phrase his statements as well as some might have but when you read his statements in context they are not racist.
    News media are trying to equate him with professional politicians that have studied PC and learned how to make statements that really say nothing and can't offend anyone.
    Bundy spoke from the heart and said exactly the same as many of us believe.
    Democrats have done all they can to keep blacks on the plantation and dependent on government.

  • anglelou

    Anyone dumb enough to read the NYT and believe its contents is just plain stupid. The Demoncrats are now trying to push through Sharia law and cancel free speech. This country was founded on 'free speech' (1st amendment) and whether or not you agree with terminology of some words or statements, people have the right to say what they want. The word "Negro" has always referred to a "race" and not meant as racists or condecending.i,e 'White race - Black race. These people, the MSM are simply traitors to this country and should be treated as such.

    • CitySlicker

      "Demoncrats are now trying to push through Sharia law and cancel free speech" Hahahahah!!! What are you talking about?!? The only people that are trying to push religion into laws in this country are the right wing conservitives. If it was up to them we would have christian sharia law. How about we just keep ALL religions out of government.

  • Rightleaning

    Mr. Bundy is not the most formally educated person in the world, but has grown up with earthly learning. He is a natural man, something elitists do not understand. He speaks with feelings that only a person of his education can speak. They are true feelings from the heart, not some prepared text that fifteen reviewers have proofed to make it palatable to every segment of life.
    He said what he felt and only went wrong when he compared the people to slaves. There was a better way to say what he said. Saying that sitting on the porch with nothing to do is a very true statement. Saying they never picked cotton was saying they never learned how to work. Think about it. It is quite true. You can go into any city today and see this same scenario, it is not just a Las Vegas scenario. It is any city in this country. A lot of people don't know how to work.
    Mr. Bundy from my point of view is not a racist, but sounded that way, he was trying to tell the truth about what is really going on in America. When someone says, "I AM FROM THE GOVENMENT AND I AM A HERE TO HELP YOU" makes people dependent for everything in their lives and take all the purpose out of life. No purpose, no labor, no results and you see it sitting on those porches.
    Today, this is not a black only problem it is an American problem. It seems that a lot of the American population is sitting on the porch.

    • CitySlicker

      "Mr. Bundy is not the most formally educated person in the world" Now that's an understatement!!