Cliven Bundy: “All of Us are in Some Measure Slaves of the Federal Government”

Cliven Bundy has been battling the federal government for the last 20 years. The government claims his cattle have been illegally grazing on federal land – land that has been in the Bundy family since 1880s.

The Bureau of Land Management has been trying to make Bundy pay to use “their” land since 1993. The agency claims this is about protecting a desert tortoise and feds raided the Bundy Ranch under that guise. That’s interesting, though, considering that they had no problem massacring Bundy’s cattle.

Those who are paying attention know what the government’s true agenda is.

Yesterday, the mainstream media went crazy over comments that Bundy made that were allegedly racist.

The New York Times and other media outlets conveniently left out parts of video footage of Bundy talking about the government’s history of mistreatment of black and Mexican people and uses them as examples of how government oppresses people. His comments were spun to make him appear racist.

Here is the full, unedited version of Bundy’s commentary:

Today Bundy issued the following press release about the allegations of racism and what his comments meant:


What I am saying is that all we Americans are trading one form of slavery for another. All of us are in some measure slaves of the federal government. Through their oppressive tactics of telling the ranchers how many cows they can have on their land, and making that number too low to support a ranch, the BLM has driven every rancher in Clark County off the land, except me. The IRS keeps the people of America in fear, and makes us all work about a third or a half of the year before we have earned enough to pay their taxes. This is nothing but slavery from January through May. The NSA spies on us and collects our private phone calls and emails. And the government dole which many people in America are on, and have been for much of their lives, is dehumanizing and degrading. It takes away incentive to work and self respect. Eventually a person on the dole becomes a ward of the government, because his only source of income is a dole from the government. Once the government has you in that position, you are its slave.

I am trying to keep Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive. He was praying for the day when he and his people would be free, and he could say I’m free, free at last, thank God I’m free at last! But all of us here America, no matter our race, are having our freedom eroded and destroyed by the federal government because of its heavy handed tactics. The BLM, the IRS, the NSA–all of the federal agencies are destroying our freedom. I am standing up against their bad and unconstitutional laws, just like Rosa Parks did when she refused to sit in the back of the bus. She started a revolution in America, the civil rights movement, which freed the black people from much of the oppression they were suffering. I’m saying Martin Luther King’s dream was not that Rosa could take her rightful seat in the front of the bus, but his dream was that she could take any seat on the bus and I would be honored to sit beside her. I am doing the same thing Rosa Parks did–I am standing up against bad laws which dehumanize us and destroy our freedom. Just like the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord, we are saying no to an oppressive government which considers us to be slaves rather than free men.

I invite all people in America to join in our peaceful revolution to regain our freedom. That is how America was started, and we need to keep that tradition alive.

Cliven D. Bundy

First Bundy had to defend his ranch – his family’s livelihood – from government tyrants, and now he has to defend himself from the distorted character assassination issued by the mainstream media.

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  • Rapier Half-Witt

    The BLM were at Bundy's ranch to take his land. They don't care whether he's a racist or not. And if YOU own land they aren't going to care one way or another whether you are a racist or not; they will only be there to take your land. That is the attitude of a fascist govt.

    Bundy found himself on the "wrong side" of the law when the BLM raised his "fees" and he couldn't pay them. So he didn't. The other ranchers around him paid the fees and went broke trying to be "legal". Just as the BLM planned.

    The point of all of this is that the BLM is intentionally taking land from people. And they couldn't care less who is a racist and who is not.

    There are no "laws" dictating "fee" amounts. The BLM are a law unto themselves. So when the BLM took Bundy to "court" he was "guilty" because the BLM "said so". How would you like to be thrown in jail because someone decided that blond hair was illegal because they said so?

    The BLM are taking land from people. The excuse of "fees" was convenient. Next time it will be something else.

    Nearly everyone railed at Mr. Bundy for what they *thought* he was saying without actually stopping to think about what he was saying. No, Bundy isn't very adept at speaking and, yes, he's a backwoods country boy. But that doesn't negate the very serious point that even the country boy Cliven Bundy can see that so few other can.

    What he said was that so many black people are slaves to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY'S welfare system.

    Black Republicans have so often railed about how they are treated so very badly, treated like traitors for the simple fact that they weren't Democrats. The Democratic Party mentality is that ALL black people (and ALL minorities for that fact) BELONG to them. That is slavery and that is racist.

    To. The. Core.

    • JJM123

      Agree that Cliven chose wrong words to compare Plantation Slavery to Government Slavery - neither of which is acceptable.

    • WinnieR

      Even with the abbreviated version in the NYT, it was not hard to figure out Bundy's point was two kinds of slavery.

  • agbjr

    America's greatest champion of Liberty and Constitution would stand with Cliven Bundy ...

    "Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint; the more restraint on others to keep off from us, the more liberty we have."

    Daniel Webster, 1847

  • sotiredoflies13

    The TV show "Sons of Guns" last nite showed a Louisiana sheriff hiring the gun shop to outfit a 8 wheeled&tracked APV with a rapid firing large caliber rifle mounted on very high tech gyro device to "go after" criminals, meth makers and others. They were talking about mass production.. For local law enforcement, more high tech military type weapons. bought and paid for by citizens.

    • reggiec

      Reality shows are NOT reality. They are scripted and acted. If they were real it would take years and hundreds of camera crews to make one episode.
      I love Duck Dynasty in spite of this. At least their scrips are based on real American ideals.
      Sons of Guns program was just a knock off on the movie where a remote controlled gun was used. Then tried to justify it because theirs was used against a fake Meth lab.

  • KDS

    The Lame Stream media got it wrong again!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Amid all the furor, has anyone bothered to wonder why an innocuous governmental agency like the Bureau of Land Management has a massive armed force. including snipers, at its disposal? It smacks, not simply of government overreach, but of future repression and

    • RageFury

      I have wondered. I also wonder why many other Alphabet Agencies have armed forces and why this is permitted. I don't recall any State ceding the power to the Fed Gov to arm thugs and unleash them upon the citizens.

  • RageFury

    As usual, liberals were taking a video segment out of context and reporting it at places like the NY Times. I thought to myself, as I usually do for these things now, I bet there is more to it. I mean everyone knows the liberal spin machine is mostly BS. So today I did look it up and found, as Lily has reported, that yes indeed there is more and yes indeed the liberal spin machine was BS once again. Cliven may not be the best and most articulate person around, however he is by no means a racist. Watch the vid. I knew from the beginning Cliven was no racist, I watched the vids of his supporters vs the BLM terrorists. There were people of color at his side there. They have not come forward crying racism. It made no sense he would suddenly come out talking racist BS.
    No indeed he didn't. This was one more BS action from the left crying wolf. One more action that does actual victims of racism a disservice. Sooner or later nobody is going to give a crap when people cry racism and actual victims of racism will receive no justice from then on. I myself am more likely to immediately think BS now as a direct result of these idiots crying wolf. How long until everyone does? How long until nobody investigates?
    The left should be ashamed.

    • JJM123

      After consideration, IMO, Cliven used the wrong words to compare 'Enslavement on a Plantation' vs 'Enslavement to Government'.

    • RageFury

      Agreed. That is essentially what I got out of it. When I explained the situation to my wife, a Hispanic herself and showed her the vids, she too came to that same conclusion.

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      And that explains why he's a rancher and not a reporter or a writer. But even so, he's still a heck of a lot smarter than many because he was able to discern that those on welfare ARE "enslaved" to the system.

  • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

    Dear Conservative:

    Attack after murderous attack occurs…in Israel, in nations around the world, and even here in America. A homicidal maniac screaming "Allah Akbar" guns down innocent civilians or blows himself up to kill Jews and Christians. Why? What drives this demonic rage? The answer is Islam.

    Though politically-correct commentators like to call Islam a religion of peace, which is historically and theologically inaccurate. Islam is a religion of the sword, born and spread through conquest and war. Those who kill themselves and others in the name of Allah are not practicing some twisted aberrant form of Islamic doctrine, they are practicing jihad as it written and taught in the Koran. Only by paying a special tax and living according to Islamic law are Christians and Jews permitted to survive at all.

    When you hear world leaders like President Obama calling on Israel to sit down with the Palestinians to negotiate "peace" remember that these terrorists are fully committed, according to the basic doctrines of their religion, to destroying Israel and America and any other country whose citizens want to practice religious freedom. It is impossible to make peace with such people—they do not desire it. Iran and their terrorist proxies Hamas and Hezbollah are fueled by demonic rage against Jews and Christians, and no amount of concessions or peace talks will ever change that.

    • Gracie Too

      Dear Ray, you're 100 percent correct! And our president is a mouthpiece for Islam. We need a president who will face the truth about Islam. We must revamp immigration to put a moratorium on Muslim immigration until those already here assimilate (which will probably never happen). Mosques that have anti-American, violent jihad-promoting books and pamphlets should be closed, and their Imams deported. If these things don't happen, we'll eventually have the same violence here as occurs daily in the Middle East..

  • WhiteFalcon

    What he said is exactly correct, and the longer things go on the worse it gets. We are becomming laughing stock in the world today because our sorry excuse for a president is a joke. Things will continue to get worse and worse as long as he is there, but we can greatly slow things down if we can take the Senate and retain control of the House in November. It could be that nothing will get done in the Government, but when you think about it, that isn't all that bad. Every time sometinig get s passed, it hurts the people, so if they do nothing, at least things aren't getting worse.

  • Fleur

    I agree.

    And those lazy, worthless welfare recipients have no idea the slavery they are voluntarily in. It will get worse for them in time.

    In the near future, one had better be able to take care of them selves, if possible, BEFORE the Second Coming.
    None of us know when this will be. I believe that God wants us to help ourselves.