A Storm is Brewing on the Horizon – Will Obama Declare Martial Law Before 2016?

If you're like me you are paying attention to what is transpiring within our government. Many senior General officers are being fired (or "retired early"). Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration and several other federal agencies are soliciting for hollow point ammunition on the pretext it will be used for "target practice." Why does the Social Security Administration need hollow point ammo for target practice, you may ask? They don't, but since the information about DHS soliciting for millions of rounds has some people alarmed, the government has decided to spread-out the purchases amongst other agencies as not to alarm the civilian population. This also coincides with foreign troops (Russian) practicing crowd control maneuvers on American soil. There has been an American "practice town" built for just this purpose. I could site more instances regarding FEMA camps and even the American 3rd Infantry Division's new mission, but you get the idea, right?

Barack Hussein Obama is making power grabs more and more; and is openly circumventing the Congress to consolidate more power to the office of the president. This should have some people very alarmed.

I have received information about railroad tracks for military use only set up at these FEMA camps, in fact, empty boxcars that would deliver human cargo. Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Foreign troops practicing crowd control maneuvers and an entire American infantry division being outfitted for the same purpose of crowd or riot control, several federal agencies who aren't in the business of being police buying up ammunition; add them all together and you can only come to one conclusion: Something BIG is coming. Obama has been purging our military of "loyalist" officers and NCOs, and those same individuals, who know the difference between a "lawful order" and an "illegal order," are being forced out. They are being replaced by a different type of officer and they are teaching our own troops that certain groups like, Evangelical Christians, Oath keepers, Tea Party and others are a threat to the national security of America. Those groups, which I mentioned, will be the first to either be arrested or detained if martial law is enacted and then after those have been dealt with, they'll just work their way down the list until all subversive individuals have either been detained or sent to a "re-education" facility.

Does anybody see a similarity, or a historical parallel in this? If not the let me jog your memory; it happened in Germany between 1933 and 1945.

I really do hope I'm wrong, I really do. But the evidence is right there in front of you if you are willing to see it. Now, some of you will say "That could never happen in this country!" Really? And why not? Obama, since his re-election, is openly putting people steeped in Marxist, or even communist, ideology in key positions in the government, and in some cases in highly sensitive positions that pertain to our national security. The chessboard is being set-up and after that is done, then all that needs happen is a "national emergency" to set it off in order to implement the plan.

The senate is already controlled by like-minded people under the strong arm of Harry Reid and if the democrats re-take the house, Nancy Pelosi will regain the gavel as the house majority leader. I want to be wrong in my assumption folks, but the evidence is right in front of us and you should be alarmed at what you're seeing.

You still think the upcoming elections are going to be about liberal vs conservative, or democrat vs republican? Uh uh, it goes way deeper than that.

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About Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony is a US Army veteran who served from 1975 to 1980. He was stationed in Frankfurt West Germany from 1976 to 1978 with the 3rd Armored Divisions 143rd Signal Battalion as a Tactical Telecommunications Center Specialist and was also with the 1st Cavalry Division 1st/12th Cav as a Combat Medic until discharge in 1980. He has been married for 20 years and has 3 sons. He's also a very involved Tea Party activist. Be sure to follow Richard on Facebook
  • abNEG

    I'm willing to bet one year's pay that the 2014 elections will take place. Any takers?

    2016 is another story.

  • JJM123

    "Those groups, which I mentioned, will be the first to either be arrested or detained if martial law is enacted and then after those have been dealt with, they'll just work their way down the list until all subversive individuals have either been detained or sent to a "re-education" facility." Are there enough FEMA camps to detain (at least) 10% of our population? Perhaps as they fill the black containers. And when the productive are detained &/or eliminated, who will support all the takers?
    Be ready for another 'Shot heard around the world'.

  • Kyle

    I tried to contact the site owner to get him to publish my comment for a one time post but the message failed to get sent even though I did the captcha right. (It will tell me if I failed the captcha by saying incorrect code) Instead I got a *This message failed to be sent* rudely.

    Now please no smart ass comments! I am sick of seeing social media trolls okay?

  • Kyle

    Why do most Conservative sites use Disqus system? It drives me absolutely NUTS! Is this some kind of conspiracy going on here?

    I had to make an account JUST to post my comment below because I had a spiritual vision and I want to share it but didn't have an account. I tried to contact the site owner about it to see if he could publish the comment as I am not coming back after this since I refuse to support Anti Word Press blogs for personal reasons I won't disclose so I won't be made fun of.

    There are many prophecies and events that protein to Obama being the AntiChrist but even without them it is quite obvious that if the right events fall into place he can and WILL make himself look like a hero and enforce a global economy.

    I personally believe the *Mark* of the beast is NOT a physical mark but actually a cell phone since 666 is a computer binary language which is why society is pushing the modern crowd into social media via cell phones to the point that you can no longer find regular desktop computers in main stores and people seem to not be able to *Live* without a phone glued to their ears.

    Regular desktops you can do stuff with such as serious research that you can't do on a tiny cell phone screen. Cell phones cannot be reconfigured or modified as much as a PC and the games are pretty dumb on purpose to keep people from thinking.

    At that point after Obama's Martial Law as described on the article of this website you won't be able to buy or sell without a government approved cell phone that will in lieu act as you're official *identity card* if you get pulled over by the police all they need to do is scan you're cell phone to see if you are wanted or not.

    They'll ban the practice of refurbishing old phones so you'll be forced to get a government approved one and many Liberals will to look *cool* or *flashy*.

    All you're personal information will be stored in you're cell phone being able to be accessed by the police/military using Sting Ray II installed in cop cars roving the area which some police already have.

    If you don't have a government approved cell phone then it's too the FEMA camps for you in order to be *Reeducated* to accept social media as you are an CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY Conservative or a gun toting nut case Tea Bagger as social media puts it.

    Generally Conservatives don't use cell phones and are against the internet so the police will know just who to go after first!
    The Conservatives desperately NEED to stop making themselves like open books and start being just as tricky back but not forget their values at the same time as to why they are fighting.

    That is how people fought back the Nazis in Germany is using their own trickery like The Hiding Place or people disguise themselves as Nazis and give illegal Visas to help the Jews escape the country to a neutral zone and many have.

    That is the problem with Conservatives is they have no imaginations so they make themselves open books and thus sitting targets for the Socialist/Marxist groups to attack but this is one Conservative that is going to fight tooth and nail before being sent to a *Re Education Obama Camp*

  • EyemNotFree

    Obama is doing a good job.
    Blow up the National Constitution Center with Jeb Bush in it

  • gotham1883

    If Obama is deposed, the blacks will riot. Right now, the blacks in this country are at war with Americans already. They are attacking the white women. They are using the white women and abusing them and the government and media are helping the blacks by making single lonely white women believe that black men are just like any other men, and covering up this war against white women. When in fact the black men hate white women and want to destroy them. The black men beat the white women and use their homes for drug dealings. They beat and rape any children. It is a terrible thing that is happening to the white women in this country. Believe me I know this first hand.

  • Jimmy W.

    Does ANYONE know or believe what the only goal President Barack H. Obama has dedicated his very life to make happen?

    Luke 21 verse 24:
    "And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled."

  • Rick

    Can you say EMP Device? Sure you can!

  • Hooch

    Amen brother you summed up the entire Globalist Luciferian plan in a nutshell, all to usher in the new world order that the skull & bones gang has been pushing since grand daddy Bush (Mr. CIA) was president.

    • EyemNotFree

      And I demand the inquisition device out of my back he stuck there in 1982.
      Violently overthrow the US government.

  • Alleged Comment

    How come this site deletes my comments?

    Did you get a liberal moderator? You can call Negroes black but if you call black Negroes you get kicked out for not using the derogatory term "black".

    • EyemNotFree

      The first amendment is real tricky. We do not trust in angels or ghosts.

  • R.Young

    With America being in a WAR on Drugs, A WAR on Terror, the homeland is just another battlefield, we are under martial law, it just hasn't been fully implemented yet!

  • watchdogmom

    bring it you pos. The United States corporation is null and void. The United States corporation is a criminal enterprise. Not only here but around the world. We all know obama is a criminal. I challenge everyone to do their own research on GHW "Scherff" aka Bush.

  • Mac Boy

    The porch monkey can TRY to declare Martial Law ...........

    300 MILLION Americans .... over 1/2 own guns - most are retired Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard - Military - also Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol and Private security.

    You really think that an order from Obama will be followed, with our Military attacking their own families, friends and relatives ??
    NOT HARDLY - !! obama's "army" would be out-numbered 350 to 1 !!!

    • 10sfgMOLONLABE

      agreed. but what makes you think they intend on fighting fair? wouldnt a "false Flag event" that knocks out our power grid and destoys a major city or state be the perfect excuse for the POS to declare martial law? the only thing i can think that would do that simultaneously is a nuclear warhead. put the country in a state of shock and panic, no organization, and the perfect oppurtunity for our beloved "government" to sweep in and save the day. unfortunately i dont think they intend on even risking ANY chance of failure or revolt from the true patriots in this country.

  • patriotrick

    What happens next in Connecticut,(or doesn't) may be an indicator of what will come next. Be prepared but remember life goes on.

  • dangkids



    • Mac Boy

      ******* "OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING" *********
      *** March on Washington DC ***
      *** MAY 16th !! ***
      Be there, or please Support those who do GO …………

      Over 2.5 MILLION Vets, retired Vets & Civilians have pledged to go and Demand a change of Personnel in DC - from the top - down !!!!!
      *** and We WILL stay in D.C. until the job is Done! ***

    • MYRON


  • LibertyWriter

    Now therefore stand and see this great thing, which the LORD will do before your eyes.
    (1Sa 12:16 KJV)

  • John Patriot

    Those in the cities and suburbs who own weapons, legal or not, would be wise to have a very secure and very remote place to stash their stuff and still have easy access. confiscation will be the first step to martial law. Find the patriots in rural America and team up with a group. Find and expose locations such as state and federal parks that are being used for storing military equipment and supplies, keep them in mind but at a distance. Do not waste ammunition, save it for food and protection. Have training sessions in groups with silent weapons such ac paintball, there is no need to use live fire and attract attention. practice with live ammunition only in small groups and only to stay proficient or become proficient. Don't use the internet to openly communicate, physically meet friendlies in a neutral place and beware the trolls. Don't trust your friends, your neighbors or in some cases, your own family unless you are absolutely sure they will have your back in a pinch. Be discrete, be wise, be advised and beware. That is what the government does and look how far they have come to emplace communism. I am sure the trolls will not agree with any of this though.

    • 10sfgMOLONLABE

      i completely agree with you, but a few practical things to think about, are the literal man power and resources required to instill martial law on such a large scale would require flawless preparation, and timing. not to mention, im a "door Kicker" in the army, and i can tell you right now, to clear and evacuate a house, while searching for "paraphernalia" takes a tremendous amount of energy. maybe 20-30 houses before your "crew" or "team" is exhausted. so implementing a scale of that of denver colorado, or main hub cities would require no less than 180K per city. so the numbers alone make it a very complex situation. an electrical power failure or EMP would HAVE to be implemented for them to hope for any kind of surprise element. so when the power goes out. lock and load. raise that flag, and bring on the war paint.

    • John Patriot

      I agree.

  • Evilrick

    I think the round-up of American Patriots will have to happen before any martial law can be done. These people know they would loose if the American people can defend themselves. Part of the plan is with the foreign troops, but the disarming and jailing of the people must happen before they have any chance. When you see people being jailed simply because they are Americans who believe in the Constitution, then it's time to get loaded. Ya, I know it's already happening, but they will have to step up the pace. They are loosing ground, more are waking up to the plan. With every overreach they commit, every 1 unlawfully detained 2 or 3 realize they are no longer living in the country they thought they were. As far as the Dem's and Repub's go, they are all trying to go to the same place, which is they the master, we the slave. By all means, please vote on one of the new electronic voting machine. Forget that the machine is a computer, forget that it will only do what it is programed to do, believe and trust that those in power would never "FIX" a voting machine any more than they would "FIX" a vote of any kind. If you believe that, please contact me, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

  • John Patriot

    So, you say you could site more instances of FEMA camps and the 3rd infantry but? As serious as this sounds, you should be elaborating on the locations and activities occurring, if you really know. Lightning could happen as fast as they are built.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Richard, a very good article. More than that, it's a cri d' coeur. We won't start it. But we'll da**ed-well finish it.