French Jewish Teacher Has Nose Broken & Swastika Drawn on Chest by Muslims

islamonazisOn Thursday, a brutal assault against a French Jew occurred in Paris. A French Jewish teacher had his nose broken by a group of Muslims, cursing at him in Arabic. Anti-semitism is so horrible in France that two-thirds of French Jews are wanting to leave. Who is the main culprit behind anti-Semitic actions in France and all of Europe? Naturally, the culprit is Islam. Dr. Michael Evans reported in November 2013, "Islam is replacing Christianity in Europe. Churches across the continent have been razed to make way for mosques." Prepare for another Holocaust because it is coming. Assaults, rapes, murder, and any other form of horror directed at Jews will come from the Islamic invasion of Europe.

A French Jewish teacher from Paris told police that three men had assaulted and cursed him in Arabic before drawing a swastika on his chest.

The attack occurred on Thursday night, according to a report by the Drancy-based Bureau for National Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, a watchdog group known as BNVCA.

The French Jewish teacher was attacked by Muslims. According to Daniel Greenfield, the Muslim population in Marseille, France stands at 40 percent. This particular French city is the most dangerous city in all of Europe. The Muslim immigration problem affects all of France. With the influx, comes mayhem and death. Is there any wonder why French Jews seek a mass exodus? People's very lives are at stake. This is a snapshot of multicultural Europe, and America as Muslim immigrants come and conquer, while everyone sits back and watches.

The attackers - who shouted "death to the Jews" and "filthy Jew" during the assault - broke the victim's nose and drew a swastika on his chest after tearing open his shirt.

One of the perpetrators opened the victim’s shirt and with a black marker drew a swastika on the man’s bare chest,” BNVCA president Sammy Ghozlan wrote in the BNVCA report, according to JTA.

It is Nazi Germany meets Islam in 2014 France. Swastika's, shouting obscenities, and assaults of Jews by Muslims using Nazi symbols is the joining of the most horrific events of the past, with the present day atrocities of Islam. It is a match made in Hell, and one that will never leave. The remnants of Hitler linger in Islam, a reminder that the past is never truly gone, but surely to repeat itself.

The victim, who was wearing a kippah at the time of the attack, was identified as K. Richard. He was treated for a broken nose and lacerations on his face on Thursday night.

He told police that the three men whoa attacked him appeared to be of North African descent and were in their twenties. They cornered him as he was exiting a kosher restaurant on Manin Street in Paris’ 19th arrondissement, near the Gare du Nord train station.

eurabiaThe perpetrators were Islamists of North African descent. Muslim immigrants have taken over France, and no one, especially Jews, are safe. There will be more beatings and assaults, like the French Jewish teacher as time goes on. There is no stopping what is coming. It is too late to turn back the tide of Muslim immigration in France, or anywhere else in Europe. All Jews in Europe should have an exit plan. Sickeningly, Obama's America is denying Jewish visas, but the Muslim Brotherhood gets VIP treatment. America will not help European Jews escape. They'll be left to fend for themselves against attacks by Islamic thugs, like the French Jewish teacher.

Richard’s cries for help drew the attention of a passerby. The perpetrators fled as he approached, the report read.

BNVCA has recorded a spate of anti-Semitic incidents in France in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, the two-year anniversary of the murder of four Jews in Toulouse, the president of the local Jewish community encouraged young Jews to leave France.

Arie Bensemhoun, the community’s president, said young Jews should leave Toulouse because they could not practice Judaism openly and without fear there.

I won’t deny that, yes, I encourage the younger people to make aliyah [immigrate to Israel] or go elsewhere, where they can thrive in open Judaism, emancipated and without constantly fearing over what tomorrow will bring,” Bensemhoun said.

French Jews should leave France. Islam has taken over. If French Jews cannot practice their religion openly, they have no option but to flee. Sickeningly, anti-Semitic sentiment is not singularly Muslim, but it is an ever present force of evil that will not go away.

Many ascribe the migration to Europe’s economic problems and the rising specter of anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish violence in France. … Recent findings by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency indicated that a third of Jews from several Western European countries were considering emigration due to anti-Semitism….

France is under siege, as is the entire world. The Islamic invasion of Europe is to blame for the cultural nightmare that is Europe. When the next Holocaust comes, will the leaders of Europe and America stand up to the truth that multiculturalism is the cause? It's doubtful, because they are the problem.

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  • cyberpuss2

    No one likes to see Jews attacked in the EU. The intake of large Third World mostly
    Muslims into Europe and the Western World (EU, UK Canada, Australia, NewZealand and now America)is largely a Jewish social agenda thing
    to divide the western and Christian populations of the west..

    Jewish high profile leaders have pushed this to our elected leaders for the last 30 years or so.

    Nobody in the west voted for this large scale intake into our communities..
    Jews are not the only people who are beat up upon due to this social agenda.

    Like Marxism you end up not being able to live in the World these social agenda people make!


  • cyberpuss2

    Join in but don't tell the truth!!!

  • John Kenner

    Since our individual pursuits are guided by our own opinions of conditions and circumstances, and the results of our efforts cannot be predicted, questions regarding the justice of resulting incomes are meaningless.

  • John Patriot

    Yeah; don't fight back, just move away. Pathetic!
    The French deserve what they get, Jewish or not. They selected a socialist government; and that comes with it doesn't it?
    Go to Israel, get some muzlum combat experience and go back home and kkill some damn muzzys.

  • CountryBoy

    The 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) was a German mountain infantry division of the Waffen-SS, the armed wing of the German Nazi Party that served alongside but was never formally part of the Wehrmacht during World War II.

  • danimal

    Bensemhoun is telling the young Jews to flee...that's a crock of $#!t.. take back your country, you sorry little wimps. AND we need to do the same. LOCK AND LOAD

  • Aubryn

    Listen up! Every day in these comments sections beneath conservative patriotic and often Christian articles in various sites, I see the most vile hateful vicious anti semitic rants, name calling and even threats. Jews are blamed for anything bad that ever happened. Frequently, these posts are made by people who call themselves Christians. That cannot be, as you cannot love Christ and hate the Jews. You all see it, I know you do. How many of you stand up and refute it? How many of you call it the racism and hate that it is? I do. And for doing I have been vilified, called revolting names and even threatened. I will continue to stand against this coming holocaust. Will you stand with me? Will you stand against it? Will you bless the Jews and in so doing reap eternal reward?

  • rchguns

    It's only a matter of time before that starts happening here. We already have enclaves of rotten diaper heads in many states and their taking over those states town by town and county by county. They breed like rats in fact the environment like cockroaches. The only thing is cockroaches are preferable and rats aren't that bad either when you compare them.

    • John Patriot

      We need to feed the heads of the muzzys to the rats and the rest to the hogs when they start their long awaited holy war here in the streets.

  • afanaglenn

    The only good muslim is a dead muslim. The group of "Pork the Graves" are doing their part to facilitate the passing of muslims to their place of after life inequity.

  • CountryBoy

    What Everyone needs to remember is that there was a Muslim SS Division under Hitler's command.....

  • 2egypt

    If it's happening in France, America will be next because Obummer is leading the way…and to think that American jews voted for him twice….guess they want another holocaust.

  • Matthew Dec

    That's ok. The negroes are doing the same things to whites here almost everyday.

    • romney2011

      If we have an enemy, identify it, locate it, kill it deader than hell. Makes no difference. If it is militant blacks, muslims, communists, atheists, Nazis or whoever has destruction or harm in mind for America, kill them. Any weapon, any way. Use the Islamists lie. Smile, and plan their demise.

    • John Patriot

      Negroes are all turning to the Koran now, so it makes no difference.

  • smogdew

    France was warned far in advance of allowing too many Islamists into the country - they paid no heed and have been battling the filthy and disgusting pigs for years. There are entire sections of cities (Marseilles) that contain nothing but muslims 'happily' living in garbage, raising their children in garbage, coordinating sex rings and making these places NO GO zones for police.
    If you don't think that is going to happen here, keep placating these miserable less-than-human beings.....the more you give, the more they want - they are insatiable, greedy and actually want your body in the ground.
    Islamic schools are the ONLY ones who can pray in school (per Obama). Judeo-Christians can go to hell as far as Obama cares. If we don't soon change our ways and tell Obama to go to hell, we will be doomed.
    People in this country (with a few exceptions) cannot be as stupid as they seem - my heavens, if you do not care what happens to your country, at least care about yourself and your family....if you don't want your daughters, wives, mothers raped, keep Islamists OUT.

    • John Patriot

      Very good words of wisdom Mr.

  • wildchill

    Oh the tolerance of this "peaceful Religion". I love the way they show the love for all of those around the world. Just think this is the religion of the oh so tolerant left. These are the ones they call their allies. The same party the gays love and adore allied with the gay beheading religion.Whatever it takes to destroy the right way to live.

  • Bluestarchild

    Hate crime plain and simple. Trial and then scentance .

  • bet1125

    The French Underground fought the nazis during the occupation. They need to form up again and fight their new enemy.

  • mjnellett

    Here in America it should be shouted from the rooftops that we are Americans. If you reject our laws, our culture,and our liberties, then leave now! If you come here demanding America conform to your religion, your law, and ONLY your culture, get the hell out now!! Americans are not one color, or one religion, but a melting pot of different cultures that adds flavor to our AMERICAN culture. We do not offer you a handout, but an opportunity to be whatever you believe that you can achieve. This is what America used to offer, and will again, with God's help. If you come here looking for blood, you will find it, but will it be your own!

    • John Patriot

      Well said sir.

  • mbnick

    Getting what they deserve in France for letting them in. Meanwhile we are just as bad letting Obama let thousands of them in to the US.

    • jerimiah69

      Nbnick-we are moving in the same direction..Count the number of times you have seen or heard a muslim in the USA condeming muslim extremists...How many Muslims in the USA would you say believe in Sharia Law?? We will experience what France is now experiencing...and many liberals and Ocrapa applaud that notion.

  • blackyb

    These French smooze Obama. The Jews here in America lean towards the Democrats (at least they claim to be Jews) Why? It does not make sense to me either. I would vote for a dog before I voted for Obama.

    • jerimiah69

      Please Blackyb-I have three dogs and I do not appreciate your using a reference to dogs in the same sentence as Ocrapa...There are also some republicans that fit in the same category as Ocrapa-along with most liberals. Dogs are extremely loyal as liberals, Rhinos and Ocrapa are not....

    • BlueViolets

      I believe blackyb meant voting for a dog as a compliment to the dog. After all most dogs are much smarter than obama and they are loyal and brave. They are a lot more fit to run the country than the what ever it is living in our White House now. You are right about some Republicans fitting in the same category as oblowhole. The Speaker of the House comes to mind.

    • jerimiah69

      Hi BlueViolet...I was being sarcastic..I wanted to emphasize what blackyb was saying..wanted to make sure we all know dogs are truly more precious than those mentioned..thanks again