Working in an American Auschwitz

When I was but a wee child, actually a very young teen ager, I was blessed to have a teacher by the name of Mrs. Haley; aka: (respectfully) "Haley's Comet."  She taught a class that I suspect is not offered anymore, but was mandatory in my time; it was called "Civics." Mrs. Haley taught us "government," the constitution and where it came from, social responsibility, debate, and so many other lessons that have served me well over a lifetime.

In 1960 while I was in Mrs. Haley's Civics class, the Israeli Mossad brought what we would call "a high priority target" by the name of Adolph Eichmann to trial in Israel for genocide and crimes against humanity and the world news was all abuzz with the story.

Mrs. Haley, as she was prone to do, used the then current event as a learning opportunity. I was tasked to work with an exceptionally bright and gifted classmate by the name of David C. to report to the class on the Auschwitz death camp. That summer I learned more about the depths of man's inhumanity to man than a young mind should ever have to. My partner in that effort actually built a scale model of the "processing plant" attached to the back side of the gas chambers with every work position carefully labeled. I still see that model in my mind from time to time.

That experience did, in fact, teach me many things, but it also left an unanswered question burning in my mind: How could prisoners willingly work in that "processing plant" day after day?  About a decade or so after that report was presented to my class, I had the extremely rare pleasure of having met one of those people who worked at Auschwitz. And the respect and admiration I felt for that lovely lady that day has lasted throughout my life; the absolute definition of courage and determination. The only thing that has come even close to that dark page in history would be the "hospitality" shown our P.OW.s in the "Hanoi Hilton"; profiles in courage all.

The recent antics of His Lordship Obama caused me to revisit all of these memories because I see many similarities between working in Auschwitz and living in America under the Obama Regime. Statistically, "WE" outnumber "THEM"; there were far more prisoners than guards at Auschwitz. "THEY" do everything possible to make sure that "WE" cannot defend ourselves. "THEY" watch our every move, invade our privacy, take our possessions and assault our human rights.

The major difference between the "workers" at the Auschwitz and most Americans is that the Auschwitz workers were survivors and most Americans have allowed themselves to become victims.

The time I spent mostly just listening to that lovely lady who had survived years at Auschwitz redefined the term "courage" for me as she displayed the number tattooed on her arm with great pride as if it were an Olympic gold medal. She told tales of how she and her co-workers schemed and connived to cause the maximum disruption in the German efficiency. She spoke of their commitment to survive at any cost so that someone would be able to tell the true and factual story of what happened there. Commitment, resolve, and true courage defined beyond the ability of common men to comprehend.

Those in a position to oppose this regime, led by "White Flag" Boehner are willing victims who have long since abandoned all hope for survival; they have become the definition of victims. As is always the case in such circumstances, as in the Auschwitz Death Camp, some prisoners were given the title equivalent to "trustee" which provided them with more privileges, better conditions, and some power over their fellow prisoners. Some will always be willing to trade anything they have for anything that might lessen their discomfort while they await their turn in "the showers."  In every similar situation, there are those who will trade "personal favors" for extra food or even simple things like a bar of soap. There are those who will turn in their fellow prisoners - often at the cost of those lives - for a blanket or other valuable possession to minimize their misery to any degree whatsoever, or simply to ingratiate themselves with their captors as they await the inevitable.

This is the true nature and behavior of the Republican Party of today; a gaggle of gutless cowards who will sell their children, grandchildren, and a whole damned nation in order to maintain their elite positions just a little bit longer.

The Democrats / Progressives / Socialists have an agenda; an agenda which is the antithesis of everything that this country once stood for and everything that made this country the greatest nation that God ever gave to mankind and I have to respect them for their misguided dedication to a dead cause.

The Republicans, on the other hand, apparently believe in nothing beyond maintaining the status quo of their highly selective country club of crony capitalists. The Republicans are the "trustees" of the death camp commander. They co-mingle with their fellow prisoners and raise their voices in mock protest at the cruelty of the masters while simultaneously crawling on hands and knees to please their masters. As a group: They are willing victims totally void of conviction or courage.

We The People, we of the Tea Party persuasion and of every other persuasion that dare raise our voices in protest, are those who are working in "An American Auschwitz."

What's that you say? There is no GENOCIDE being done here in America? Really?

According to my dictionary:

GENOCIDE: The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Based on this definition, I strongly believe that all key players, to include King Obama, "Whore House" Harry Reid, "The Queen of Mean" Nancy Pelosi, and "Commander of the American Gestapo" Eric Holder and others should all be brought before a tribunal of We The People to face charges of GENOCIDE - to wit:

  1. Deliberate and systematic extermination of a political group - There is no question that the Tea Party, by definition a "political group," has been targeted by the Obama regime for extinction with the aid of its trustees like John Boehner and others.
    1. Point: IRS Targeting
    2. Point: Vice President Biden declaring that the Tea Party are "Terrorists."
  2. Deliberate and systematic extermination of a cultural group - The American culture has been under deliberate assault by the Obama regime and its allies from the outset. The American culture is based on the freedom of the individual; the freedom to strive without government interference - the freedom to try and the freedom to fail. The freedom of fear of our own government and the freedom to speak our minds without social and economic retribution.
  3. Deliberate and systematic extermination of a national group - The term "American" has always defined a unique "national group"; a group of people from every corner and every culture of the earth who joined together to establish the most cohesive, the most productive, the most generous, and the most accepting nation in the world. Americans are black and white, Protestant, Catholic, and Jew.  Americans believe in and worship God in many ways and respect the rights of others who may not. Americans can trace their individual heritages back to the cave man and remember where they came from and celebrate where they are - and rejoice at the opportunity to help others to achieve that same sense of personal freedom and personal achievement. Americans celebrate God, Country, and family above all else. It may well have been Americans who created the concept of "extended family" because we believe in caring for our own - all fellow Americans, and have never hesitated in our willingness to defend all that we believe in and all that we are with our very lives.

Mr. Obama stated that he would bring "fundamental changes to America." Some understood his words to be a promise; others viewed it for what it was: A serious threat to all of that which defines "America."

We The People, the true believers in all that America once stood for, must become those "Working in Auschwitz." We must continue to harass and disrupt the efficiency of those who strive to destroy the greatest nation God ever gifted to mankind as they continue their relentless assault.

The cancerous disease threatening this nation was not acquired six years ago. It has been festering in the heart and mind of this nation for many decades. And it will not be cured by one or even a dozen elections. However, it can be irradiated by the torch of freedom and eradicated by the committed efforts of We The People; we "The Workers in The American Auschwitz."

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About Darwin Rockantansky
Darwin Rockantansky completed two combat tours in Vietnam before he was old enough to buy a beer. He's the son of a Korean War and Vietnam veteran. Darwin has also worked for the following: the Shah of Iran, then prince / now King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, SHAPE / NATO, Bush One, Reagan Two, Hollywood movie studios and an entrepreneur who started and operated his own software company for a couple of decades. Darwin is also an American Patriot and writes at Red Ink Flowing.

33 thoughts on “Working in an American Auschwitz

  1. Darwin, you make a powerful case for genocide. I have only thought in terms of treason though after reading your well developed case, I have to agree with you. It makes perfect sense as we know the globalists want to murder, I mean reduce the world's population by 90% so what safer way to start then to erase American culture and the few left who believe in it.

  2. Very good article Darwin. How well we of that era remember our real America hey? I firmly believe it is long past time that we do as our government used to do: Hang or shoot the Traitors. Everyone of the evil Communists who believe in destroying this country to remake it into Communist Russia, China, or N Korea. If we miss any low level Communists, they can be deported to N Korea or Cuba later. Without their assets. Let them LIVE their Communism and see how they really like it.

  3. And don't forget all of the German Citizens who claimed that they knew nothing about the destruction of the jew or all of the other peoples murdered by the Nazis like the more than 3 million Russian POWs... Like the citizens in this country today are denying that Oblomo is doing anything wrong now or Congress' claim that they can do nothing about it because they don't control the demonrat senate... Demand that these DO NOTHING (complacent) elected officials resign and make room for those who would!

  4. This is one of the best post's I have ever seen on this forum. Thank you for it. I too had to take that "civics" course when I was In high school. Loved every minute of it. Maybe that's why I am so committed to our Constitution to this very day and will be till the day I am called home.

  5. this is the most accurate and defining articles i've read yet. cuddos to the author and keep up the honest work.

  6. In the New AMERIKA, AMERIKA is for the Elites & the Ruling Class all other will be exterminated! Rember Subjects, "Resistance is Futile, You will be Assimilated, we are the Regime!"

  7. very soon that genocide that they are laying at the feet of this nation will be turned on them with such fury that they will beg for death ,

  8. The democrats are doing everything they can to "kill off" the conservative elements in our society and some Republicans have become their Willing Executioners.

  9. You need to go back in history 25 years to understand the situation that America faces ! I am talking about the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917-.... ! The same " Tribe " that was involved in the Bolshevik Revolution ( where 40 to 50 Million Christians were murdered ) is occupying America today ! The same " Tribe " is in control of the MSM , Hollywood , World Banking , most countries Central Banks , U. S. Banks too BIG to Jail , all U. S. Security Departments , all U. S. Financial Securities and Regulation of Banking and Wall Street , the DHS and it's toad Agencies ( TSA , ATF , FEMA , Border Patrol , ICE , and is presently Militarizing all U. S. local police departments . )
    The same " Tribe " has identified Christians , U. S. Military Veterans , and Constitutionalist as potential Terrorist ! Then there are the Gulags/ FEMA Camps , that everyone refuses to acknowledge and understand their actual reason for being in existence !
    Quote Maurice Samuel , " We are the Destroyers ! We will always be the Destroyers , no matter what you do ! " Google that and you will realize the occupying force !

  10. Thanks for your service to our country, but I'm afraid you are losing touch with reality. Perhaps you believe this nonsense (too much Fox News or far right blogs), but anyone who fact-checks and follows the money trail knows who are the real American enemies. Spend more time at PolitiFact, FactCheck, Snopes, OpenSecrets and you'll get the picture.

    • OhConservative says:

      Snopes is a progressive site on the side of Obama and anti-Americans. Probably the others you list are also. I haven't watched Fox at all since Obama stole the election Nov. 6, 2013. In fact, I do not watch any news. I read my news on the internet. You must be an Obama supporter who voted for him because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character. You will suffer the loss of freedom along with the rest of us. Obama has no loyalty to anyone but himself. Look up how he screwed the woman who helped him in his political start back in Chicago if you need proof.

    • True;
      I presented a fact check to snopes about Obama by using word for word quotes that I personally saw spewing form his mouth and snopes said it was untrue. Anyone can find out for themselves by checking.

    • What were the Obama quotes you fact-checked?

    • Do you have that quote? Because I'd really like to verify your statement.

    • Those who think Snopes, FactCheck, PolitiFact and OpenSecrets are all 'lefty Obama sites' are quite clueless. These sites are critical of liberals and Democratic politicians. Why would they be critical of those on the left if they are in the tank for Obama?? Get a clue! You are being taken for a ride by those who want you to vote against your own self-interests.

    • Bigger government is ALWAYS against our self interests. And yes, they do go after some of the opposition, but that is far and in between.

    • BIG corporations that pollute our drinking water and streams are against government environmental regulations. BIG banks and investment companies who fleece Americans are against consumer protections and financial regulations. BIG health insurance companies who profit off denying patients and cutting back coverage are against government intervention. BIG.....

      There's certainly a good motive to convince people government is evil and get them to vote against their own self interest. I cannot see what motive there is for Obama to 'destroy our economy' then send us all off to FEMA camps.

    • Has it occurred to you that Boehner also denigrates the Libs/Communists until he folds to them? You can no longer BELIEVE anything that is stated. One MUST watch the behavior and the behavior is Progressive/Communist.

    • Has it ever occurred to you that you have no idea what the word communist really means?? You probably also think we are living under a tyrant.

    • Maybe you don't but I'm old enough to have seen it for myself bozo. And your little Commie fake 'prez' is a FASCIST DICTATOR. Go study some REAL History - ie, written before 1969.

    • You guys cannot even make up your minds about this fantasy. One day the threat is socialism, then fascism, then commies are coming to get you!! If the current administration is such a 'commie' or 'fascist' threat, why aren't they rounding up rebels like you?? Why do they allow Fox News to continue broadcasting and far right blogs to continue publishing?? Why aren't they burning down churches and nationalizing corporations?? Where are the concentration camps and gas ovens??

      Only gullible rubes are falling for the far right propaganda. Corporations who seek scaled-back regulations and cheap labor are rejoicing.

    • Snopes is definitely Progressive/Communist, and I believe PolitiFact and FactCheck are all also in the same camp but they may not be quite as Communist.

    • why ,just more left wing propaganda ,

    • if you believe anything that snopes says you have a problem,

    • If you think you Snopes, FactCheck, PolitiFact and OpenSecrets are all 'lefty Obama sites' then you're quite gullible. Fox and far right blogs probably want you to believe that since many of their claims get debunked. However, these sites are also critical of liberals and Democratic politicians. Why would they be critical of those on the left if they are in the tank for Obama?? Get a clue! You are being taken for a ride by those who want you to vote against your own self-interests.

    • The only website for reference that I've heard Fox use is FactCheck.


    • OhConservative says:

      Do not give up and lie down without fighting. If Christ is coming, He will come, but no man shall know when, and as long as we can, we need to fight against the tyranny in our Government. Maybe there are many who think as you do and therefore make it easy for Satan (allah) and his minions. Jesus never said we should give up when we think He is coming. Please fight the enemy and encourage other Christains to join the battle for future generations...just in case Christ doesn't come for decades.

  12. SickOfTheStupid says:

    This is miles above the usual lunacy of this website , kudos and I hope we see more of your work !