NYC Gender Reassignment Policy Pays $10,000 in Taxpayer Money for Sex Change Operation

sm-image-2-223143497-248343Want a sex change and don't have insurance? No problem. In New York City, it is possible to get a sex change operation free of charge (taxpayers are footing the bill) thanks to the Administration for Children’s Services and the little known gender reassignment policy. This "policy" was introduced in 2010, and it covers such "procedures" if the individual has no insurance. A "sex change" procedure can run upwards of $10,000 and obviously is not a surgery of any necessity. It's purely to satisfy someone's implausible belief that he or she is not in the right body. In today's society, where right is wrong and wrong is right, this kind of idiocy is fully sanctioned and given merit. You are what you feel, even if what you feel is completely morally and ethically wrong. But anything goes in New York City.

 New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services funded a 21-year-old’s sex-change operation on the grounds that the procedure was covered by a little-known gender-reassignment policy dating back to 2010.

The beneficiary of the taxpayer-funded operation, who is currently in foster care, is reportedly eligible for the procedure due to a lack of insurance.

The operation, in which the patient was transitioning from a man to a woman, was performed last week in Pennsylvania.

This is the essence of waste and corruption. Forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for a $10,000 surgery that is actually evil in its intent is preposterous. However, given that Obamacare is making it possible for sex change operations to be covered, this is but one more step toward complete cultural decay. In using the little known or understood gender reassignment policy, New Yorkers would not have a clue that they are being forced to pay for such a procedure. This would be like forcing the city to pay for breast augmentations for all homeless women. It makes no logical sense, but nothing does in 2014.

"She" is the second beneficiary of the gender-reassignment policy, which was put in place in 2010.

Mariah Lopez, an activist with Strategic Transgender Alliance for Radical Reform, said the city Administration for Children’s Services approved the surgery before the woman turned 21, the age at which most leave the foster care system.

The woman, whose name was not released, will “inspire others,” said Lopez. “What’s happening now is a shift by ACS, in the largest city in the world, influencing health care nationally.”

Having NYC taxpayers foot the bill for an uninsured person's "sex change" operation is hardly something inspirational. This is using and abusing the system. But the ACS is making this abuse possible. The gender reassignment policy is a sneaky way for a "transgender" individual to get a free surgery to make him or her "feel" like the other sex, at the expense of taxpayers. One would think this was lifesaving surgery. But in Obama's America, where abortion is seen as a civil right, this fits with the deceit.

New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services said in a statement that it cares about promoting “the health and well-being of all young people in its care.”

ACS reviews all requests for medical treatment on a case-by-case basis, conducting internal reviews as well as consulting medical professionals’ expertise, to ascertain the nature and severity of a medical condition and determine if a procedure will provide a significant benefit to a youth,” the statement said.

Aron Janssen, a child psychiatrist at NYU Langone Medical Center, said gender-reassignment operations “can be lifesaving.”

It’s not a cosmetic procedure,” he said. “It’s treatment.”

acs-webThis is complete nonsense. Everything in the gender reassignment policy is sanctioned lies by corrupt politicians and officials. Worse, the people have to pay for this insanity. The idea that "gender reassignment" is treatment for any sort of disorder of the soul is absurd. With the homosexual agenda in high gear, the "transgender" population has been ever persistent in assuring that they have rights.

Let me tell you folks that I do not understand what is going on in our country, in our world, with this whole gender thing. I hear everywhere, mostly in school from my professors, that your sex is male and female, but gender is how you feel as an individual. So, you could biologically be a male, but gender wise, you feel that you are a woman… Crazy, huh?

Call me old fashion, but a person who has a penis is a male in both sex and gender, whether they feel like a man or not. Sorry, huns. That’s the fact of the matter. It’s the same for women. If you have a vagina, you are biologically a female, and you can’t change that.

This sums it all up. You can't change your sex, but in the perpetual state of confusion and chaos that is our society, a gender reassignment policy is available for someone who doesn't have insurance to get a free sex change. This is the very definition of insanity.

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21 thoughts on “NYC Gender Reassignment Policy Pays $10,000 in Taxpayer Money for Sex Change Operation

  1. David Risselada says:

    This is the type of drivel that is emanating from our institutes of social justice; public universities. In a liberal arts program, social work, you will hear all about gender oppression and how big bad America uses its power to keep people from feeling like who they really want to be. Not to mention the whole idea of being "heterosexually privileged" because society favors and recognizes the virtues of regular marriage over same sex marriage. This is what happens when you fail to pay attention to what liberals in charge of education are doing with our children. They being conditioned to accept this baloney because they are being trained to be cultural change agents.

  2. New York Sheep deserve this treatment, Texas needs a fence completely around to keep these idiots from coming here, and I DONT JUST MEAN MEXICANS !

  3. Under 'ENDA' - it will be Jail Time 4 Thought Crime for those who refuse to deny their own inherited immutable scientifically proven Gender - as an acct of 'tolerance' of course"...government attempt to teach young children that they’re not boys or girls, but “neutral.”

  4. Keep voting for wacko Democrats and this is an example of where your money will go.

    • disqus_dDOVNnCOZH says:

      Most of New Yorkers either do not pay taxes or are net receivers specially in the City of New York. That is why Democrats keep winning in NY.

  5. Coumo is in line for the change.."...

  6. Another reason why New York is losing money.

  7. the taxpayer always gets stuck with the prevs bill

  8. I don't understand. Why does one's penis need to be removed to suck another penis. Just turn off the lights. Saves energy too.

  9. The minds of the outrageous, sick, immoral, reprobates are bringing curses upon the land. These depraved politicians voting for this crap need more than a butt-whipping and removal. This is becoming the norm in many states. Is the country that far gone that no one will revolt against these crap sandwich laws?

    • Know that it is too late for USA to reverse its course. We can repent individually but not as a nation. I believe it is too late. We've polluted the entire earth.

    • I agree and believe at the rate of our moral decay, it won't be long before He who restrains will be removed, and lawlessness will rule. We still should hold these reprobate politicians accountable for these gross and immoral laws they are putting in place.

    • As you, I want to hold them accountable too but how are we going to do that. I think Jesus Christ will make them suffer that responsibility, my friend. Everyday I wonder if this is the day the restrainer is taken out of the way. From the looks of the amount of crime, growing day to day, and the vileness of the crimes, I know we are close, my friend in Christ.
      How long would it take us to reverse this moral decay with those that rule the media? We couldn't. They are too well financed and supported by the shadow scum (i.e., Rothschild) that is ridiculously greedy and self serving. These people, those in the shadows, have no patriotism to any country nor love for anything but money. Your life, my life, or our social mores mean absolutely nothing to them. That's what we're facing. The wealthiest folks in the world who love nothing but money. There is no hope for man any longer without rule by Jesus Christ, Himself.

    • frankie da scarf says:

      Have to agree with you Winston. We're going down TOO rapidly now, and I don't see any way out that won't take decades of Ronald Reagan and 'better' people in gov't. I never really took much credence in the Rothchild's, etc., but it seems like the only reasonable explanation now. And of course, the evil forces behind them. What I still don't see, is, when the whole world's enslaved and all the worker's are poor and live in poverty, how does his benefit them further? Who will but the the goods/services that will make them rich/richer? Will they just be satisfied with the riches they have?...they apparently aren't now.

    • This is the very problem with multiculturalism. Man's heart loves nothing and has no allegiance without the love of the culture of his/her people. No borders gives us nothing to fight for as everything must become okay to design laws to govern and direct the global melting pot. Hate will grow as the love of money increases. Money has become a god.
      You need to remember that this cabal of ruling elite will own all the earth's resources as well.

    • Their constituents are the only ones who can hold them accountable. If they keep silent, they are happy with what they voted for. Woe be unto them. The signs of the last days as noted in MAT 24 are converging today fulfilling Bible prophecy. Apostasy is spreading worldwide, and Christians are being persecuted and murdered daily. The Jewish people are the Lord's prophetic clock. We hear the rumors of war, and know Israel will be hated by all nations (including the US) according to scripture. That's one sign that really pops out of His Word today! We must stay sober and keep watch while at the same time help to harvest more souls before the Lord calls us up to meet Him! Hallelujah!

    • You are correct, my friend in Christ. What we see is beyond coincidental. All the elements are present also the very description of biblical men's heart at this time and the upside down view of good and evil.

      "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" -- Isaiah 5:20

  10. Supposedly the traitor/convict Bradly Manning will be, if not already Chelsea Manning all expenses paid by the tax payer (the middle class). Meanwhile help and benefits for wounded veterans and/or families of those who are killed while serving?

    • We Americans deserve just what we're getting from the NEGRO KING ! GOVT MUST BE STOPPED !

    • He will have a ways to go, the military will have to be "ordered" by the likes of one of those new "supremes" such as sodajerk to allow this thing to happen..