New Jersey Police Chief Speaks Out Against Town Council Over Corruption – Gets Relieved of Duties

"No one owns the Chief position.  It's not for sale," said acting Bloomfield Police Chief James Behre.  The 27-year New Jersey police veteran was speaking at a Town Council meeting, discussing the political corruption he was urged to take part in.  Less than 48 hours later, he received a letter from Township Administrator Ted Ehrenburg, relieving him of his duties.

In his statement to the Council, Behre explained that he had experienced a lot of harassment in his job, causing significant stress.  He said, however, that Councilman Carlos Bernard had made repeated offers for the harassment to stop and the position to be made permanent in exchange for favors to Latino policemen.  These favors included pushing Latinos forward in line for Sergeants' Exams, promoting Latinos to detective, and even fixing a parking ticket.  He also asked Behre's men to write tickets in his ward.

Bernard would follow his requests by saying "This will solidify your position as Chief, and your problems will go away," said Behre, who emphasized that these requests interfered – in a political way – with the day-to-day operations of the police force.  "I am working in a hostile and harassing work environment, daily…because I'm fighting for the citizens of this township, and I'm fighting for the 144 members of this police department.

Behre also said Bernard would use the word "'we,' to imply he's there on behalf of the whole council."  Bernard was not at the Council meeting.  In his statement, Behre said that the position of Police Chief belonged to the taxpayers, not to other officials, and that Hispanics are not more important than other minority groups.  When Behre was placed on leave, officials – including the Mayor – claimed that it was due to concerns over Behre's health.

Corruption isn't a new phenomenon in politics, and it certainly isn't a new phenomenon in New Jersey politics.  It's relevant to note, though, in large part because of the increasing number of appointed positions in America's local, state and federal governments.  Indeed, UN Agenda 21 specifically advocates the creation of more and more unelected and bureaucratic positions.

People in unelected positions report to other officials – many of whom may have agendas – instead of simply to the people.  This creates almost inherently corrupt positions, and Behre's suspension shows what can happen to a qualified candidate who doesn't play the game.  Behre's experiences should be at the back of every American's mind when they see bureaucracies emerging.

*Not all law enforcement is appointed or hired; Sheriff is an elected position.

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  • Mike Lashewitz

    New Jersey rates with New York, Texas and Kalifornia for crimes against the people. Colorado is not far behind them.

    Come to South Carolina where your rights still exist.

  • countyguard

    I really appreciate how these politicians are marking themselves in the record... meaning they have recorded their treason, their corruption and their unconscionable activities for all to see, and THIS will be used against them when the People rise up. Will it be prison for them, or hanging by the neck till dead? Who cares... I vote for both. If they do not begin to correct their corruption and repent of their fraud, then they have accepted the risk of the death sentence, and it WILL be carried out after the People judge them by their own works. They won't be able to hide anywhere...

  • kogk1943

    That's why it's called the "Soprano State".

  • clarioncaller

    This wise police chief knows that once you give in to an unethical or illegal request, they HAVE you forever because they will hold it over your head for more and more. That's the way the king of lies works.

  • TPS12

    Where's the main stream media on this, they couldn't get enough of bridge gate.

  • Becky

    Ah New Jersey. Home to the BIGGEST CRIME syndicate ever. Good to see it STILL exists. Nothing but crime and Corruption for New Jersey. Nothing but the BEST for you folks.


    Reminds me of a movie Al Pacino portrayed the true story of a cop named "Serpico". That's one honest cop. I wish there more like him.


      yep, that's why it was only in the movies-
      fiction, just like an honest politician~

  • moberndorf

    New Jersey. Democrats. 'Nuff said.

  • RLJR1

    this is out of control these days the officials that are honest have no right being on the job the corrupt will stay that way until the people stop thinking its none of their bussiness if corruption isnt delt with and soon there will be no stopping the corruption

  • Wallie

    Me thinks me smells a lawsuit coming in the very near future for the towns council.

  • kjenkinsaf

    State prosecutor, and EOC nedds fo take up this man's cause. Federal government won't do a damn thing, its a page out of their playbook.

  • J J

    Power corrupts absolutely!!! Many who feel the power think they are above the law and above reproach!! And even with the approval this police chief received, he lost his job because of his beliefs and speaking the truth!!! It seems that there are many levels of government who think that they can threaten, intimidate or buy the public 'servants' but corruption does NOT belong in government or anywhere else!!!

  • TBI

    Corruption is running rampant in all levels of Government. These are people who could never make it in the private sector, so they find their riches by fleecing taxpayers who can never get accountability.

  • Puckmeister1

    Why is there no uproar over this abuse of power? From the outside looking in, it appears that he would have some recourse against this repulsive Council. It should have all been recorded and i, for one would gladly donate to this Officers defense fund if need be. The council should be immediately removed if there is any truth to this. COWARDS One and All. Every Officer should stand with the chief if there is any truth to these allegations

    • MRitter

      A little judgmental you think? You know so little of the story, yet you're already to judge people guilty. This "acting" chief, with 27 years of police work cane across as a little kid who didn't get his way. If there is all this "corruption" going on, this is not how most police departments handle it. Until more actually comes out, and you notice the video stops when he leaves, so you don't hear the response, it's A little disingenuous to make unsubstantiated claims.

    • Puckmeister1

      In checking my statement, I made reference that "If the allegations are True"
      That one statement should be noted as the caveat to the entire statement. Only if these was substance to the allegations are my statements relevant.
      I am A Law abiding person that can see both sides at times and I also realize that many times we get half truths or less. I also know that the powers that be are getting bolder constantly because there seems to be any accountability.
      I also said that this should be recorded as all meetings should be. Regardless, my statement may have been a bit harsh but I can stand by it without any real concern for being quick to judge. I am glad you are reading and caring though!

    • Puckmeister1

      I have listened to this two more times to see if I could see your view of this mans statement. I'll be darned if I can hear what you refer too as "This "acting" chief, with 27 years of police work cane across as a little kid who didn't get his way. If there is all this "corruption" going on, this is not how most police departments handle it." What procedure should he be taking ? Are you on the council or a resident? This sounds completely different to me than it does to you. Again, I do stand by my previous reply and comments. Thank you for reading

    • MRitter

      It's where he constantly blames the councilman, over & over. I have no bias against the policeman. If what he says is correct, there's a serious issue. On the other hand, he came across very unprofessional for a police chief, more like a rookie officer. If you claim corruption, there are ways to investigate and make a case against the perpetrators. Police departments do it all the time, and the one thing you do is not announce it to the world.

  • Leftbehind

    Past time for America to Run the UN out of here . Even if the House Impeached this Clown ,His Lap Dog Reid would let it Collect Dust on his desk . DemoncRats have proven their only worried about Power and Destroying this Country .

  • cris

    Why does corruption like this always seem to stem from the northern states? Illinois, NY, NJ, etc.? Is it a coincidence that they are all Dem strongholds as well?

  • brabbie2002

    An honest cop in Joisey! What is the world coming too?

  • HappyG

    Let's face it, white and black Americans are now considered really is that simple.