Gun Prohibition Activist Dwayne Ferguson Takes Gun into Grade School - Claims He Forgot

Dwayne Ferguson is the President of a local Buffalo chapter of MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social-Disorder) and also sits on the National Board of Directors. MAD DADS is not just an anti-gun organization but gun control is a major part of their national platform. Among other things, the group organizes and supports gun buy-back programs.

Mr. Ferguson is someone who should know better than to carry a handgun into a school.

On Thursday afternoon he proved that he does not know better. WIVB4 reports:

BUFFALO, N.Y.(WIVB)- More than a dozen cop cars, the SWAT team, K9 units and the Erie County Sheriff's Air One helicopter swarmed Harvey Austin Elementary School in Buffalo on Thursday after reports of a man with a gun near the school or on the grounds. Dwayne Ferguson, head of the Buffalo chapter of MAD DADS, was taken into custody. He will be arraigned Friday.

An anonymous call came into 911 around 4:15 p.m. that a man with a gun was seen inside the Sycamore Street school. The building was placed in lockdown and around 60 students who were in the building for after school programs were herded into the cafeteria as officers from every district in the city went room-to-room in twos and threes looking for a possible gunman. A portion of Sycamore Street and Walden Avenue were closed and parents were kept from the scene until a preliminary sweep of the school was complete.

In the preliminary sweep, no gunman was found, and school buses arrived at the school around 5:30 p.m. to take the children to School 91. But it took until at least 7 p.m. before the students began to arrive to be released to their parents.

School officials say students were checked for weapons as they boarded the buses to be transported to School 91, and all were safe and accounted for. Afterwards, staff began placing calls to parents to inform them of what was taking place.

Meanwhile, the SWAT team conducted a more thorough secondary search of the school. It was during the secondary search that police found Ferguson with a gun.

To fully understand the complete hypocrisy of the situation, please consider that Ferguson was previously interviewed by WIVB in regard to the New York SAFE Act:

News 4 interviewed Ferguson in March of 2013 at a rally in support of the NY SAFE Act. At the time, Ferguson stated the law did not go far enough.

"Our kids are not buying assault weapons, they're buying pistols and they're buying them right out of community stores and back here in the school. So this is serious. It needs to go further than what it is," he said.

It needs to go further indeed. This is a felony offense and it will be interesting to see how Ferguson fares in this situation. He claims he forgot he was carrying the handgun.

The Daily Caller reports:

Among much else, the 2013 law, deemed New York's SAFE Act, made it a felony to carry a gun on school property, according to The Buffalo News.

While it was always illegal to carry a gun on school grounds, the new law bumped the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The community activist has claimed that he forgot he was carrying his gun in a felony gun-free zone he helped create.

Rev. James E. Giles, Ferguson's friend and the president of Buffalo's Back to Basics Outreach Ministries, vouched for this claim.

"I'm sure Dwayne went into the school not thinking he had the gun on him," Giles told The Buffalo News.

Giles said Ferguson even asked police on the scene what was going on.

"Dwayne's reaction was to get his kids — he had about 50 of them — and make sure they were safe," Giles explained.

Liberals like to use the argument that guns kill people. So forgetting about a gun is not an excuse. That gun could have killed someone while Ferguson was in the school.

Absurd? Of course it is.

But it's no more absurd than a man who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and claims that he forgot he was carrying a gun. I don't doubt that Ferguson might get a slap on the wrist but the law is the law and I would throw the book at this guy who, of all people, should know better.

Video below:

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26 thoughts on “Gun Prohibition Activist Dwayne Ferguson Takes Gun into Grade School - Claims He Forgot

  1. "everyone but me"

  2. Just a reminder, the Safe Act did not make it illegal to carry a gun into a school or on school property, it was illegal before that. A stupid rule but still illegal.

  3. I certainly do not agree with Dwayne's position on gun control. I most likely am at the total opposite end of the political spectrum from Dwayne. He got caught in his own mouse trap, some say that's a good thing, from the mouse's percpective I guess it is. But I also don't beleive Dwayne looked at those in support of the 2nd Ammendment as the mouse, I'm sure in his mind he believed that the Safe Act was right because he wanted to make things safe, verses he beleived in the Safe Act as a means to control, as those in Albany did.
    When you conceal carry there is a difference in knowing where your gun is at all times and forgetting where you can and can't carry. I can see how you could forget to remove your firearm prior to entering a gun free zone. I could see a parent getting called into school in an emergency and forgetting they were entering a gun free zone, not what happened here, but I could see it happening.
    This seems to be a man of good intentions whether or not you beleive in his politics, as much as it might serve the cause of undoing the Safe Act, as much as it might rub us the wrong way when Cuomo pardons him because he did support the Safe Act, and would send the rest of us up the river, I don't beleive it does any good for this man to serve one day in jail or loose his permit.

  4. disqus_dDOVNnCOZH says:

    What hypocrisy. While Ferguson wants everybody to be disarmed he himself owned a gun.

  5. If he is so anti-gun why is he carrying? I'm so sick of these people!. Do as I say,not as I do.

  6. I see this in so many of the comments but - what a hypocrite!! So what should we expect from the left besides hypocrisy - and more lies??

  7. 'OOPS' what a hypocrite

  8. patriotrenegade says:

    typical communist hypocrite.

  9. It is unbelievable that you could forget that you are carrying a concealed weapon. It's also unforgivable to forget when you are someone like this. This guy fights against guns when he has one in his pocket! What a hypocrite! This is just another liberal do as I say not as I do type. That is because you cant be trusted!

    Put him in jail! lets see how he likes his 2nd amendment taken away! FOREVER!

  10. How about a little background info on this guy. Any rap sheet??? The story says he went to get his kids...."he had about 50 of them". What's that all about? Is he a prolific "baby daddy", or some sort of "big brother type" for wayward baby mammas. There's a lot of questions that need to be asked about ol' Dewayne..

  11. Why does he have a gun?
    He seems to demand everyone not be allowed one.
    It looks more like the elitists and the "do as I say, not as I do".
    Either that or he's "just more equal" than the rest of us.

    • He's like all the other liberals that carry guns i.e. Diane Feinstein, or those that have armed body guards that say 'guns for me and mine, but not for you.' They advocate we carry whistles and call 911 and hope the police can arrive in time.

  12. whether or not he should have known better is not the point. The point is the feeling by those on the left that they are so much better than we are that we should have our guns confiscated, but they are perfectly capable and worthy of keeping theirs. What a crock. He should have his gun confiscated forever.

  13. I have never once forgotten that I had a gun. Not once. Even when I had to carry one every day for fifteen months in Iraq.

  14. He wasn't assassinated on the spot so he'll plea out of it, if charges are pressed at all.

  15. he needs to be given the maximum penalty as it was his law he violated

  16. I'm not understanding. This guy is an anti-gun activist but he carries a gun? Not only carries but carries into a gun free school zone? His excuse is that he forgot, Well, that makes it OK then if you forgot, and if you are a Liberal. Is he related to the female Liberal who recently discharged her gun because she didn't know it was loaded? It is OK for Liberals to carry guns but not for Conservatives.

  17. Hypocrisy thy name is liberalism!

  18. They don't want to disarm everyone, just those of us who hold conservative views. The law, of course, does not apply to them. Likewise, they are tolerant of anyone like themselves, intolerant of anyone who holds a different opinion. Freedom of speech to them means they say whatever they please but we cannot.

    • freedomringsforall says:

      I say treat them how they want others treated.
      Prosecute him to the absolute fullest extent of the law and make an example out of his gross negligence and total lack of care and compassion for those poor little children.
      Remember one of the biggest reasons we cannot have armed people in the schools is because the people carrying the guns whether licensed or not are too stupid to keep the criminals from grabbing their guns and creating murder and mayhem with them.

    • What you say is true, what we need to understand is all of the crazies(violent shooters) have been liberals. It"s obvious all of them need to be disarmed!

  19. Wondering if he carries all the time. That the holster/weapon are a normal feeling for him. Odd for a pro gun control man. They'll give him a wrist slap....

  20. DontTreadOnMe11 says:

    I have carried a gun for many years. Not once did I "forget" I had it with me.