The Unbelievable High Cost of Maintaining Michelle Obama's Dignity as First Lady

So here we are over five years into the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, with record unemployment and over 46,000,000 Americans on food stamps , one would think the Obama's would set an example for others to follow. If you thought that, you'd be very wrong. Barack Obama has more than doubled our national debt since being elected and Michelle has spent massive amounts of money on many lavish trips and vacations. When Jimmy Carter was president, even though history has proven him to be inept at his job, for all his faults, at least he was an honest man. But not so with the occupation of the Obama family in the peoples house. Even though we are (according to president Obama) in the midst of a "recession greater than that of the Great Depression," our First Lady has spent tax-payer money on her own comfort and amusement like it's free.

In times past, Mary Lincoln was taken to task and endured harsh criticism for purchasing china for the White House during the Civil War. Mamie Eisenhower had to shell out the salary for her personal secretary. But not so for our current First Lady; not by a long shot! She has racked-up quite a large tab since she moved in to the White House, but what the hell, she's not paying, you are.

"In my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much," she said. "See, that's why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service," says Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama's license to practice law was rendered "voluntarily inactive" due to a court order in a Insurance malpractice case. Since the First Lady holds no official "public office" nor does she receive any kind of salary, I find her statement quite puzzling.

Here is a list of staff members to help the First Lady in "maintaining the dignity of her office" and their salaries:

  • Natalie F. Bookey Baker, executive assistant to the chief of staff to the first lady, $45,000;
  • Alan O. Fitts, deputy director of advance and trip director for the first lady, $61,200;
  • Jocelyn C. Frey, deputy assistant to the president and director of policy and projects for the first lady, $140,000;
  • Jennifer Goodman, deputy director of scheduling and events coordinator for the first lady, $63,240;
  • Deilia A.L. Jackson, deputy associate director of correspondence for the first lady, $42,000;
  • Kristen E. Jarvis, special assistant for scheduling and traveling aide to the first lady, $51,000;
  • Camille Y. Johnston, special assistant to the president and director of communications for the first lady, $102,000;
  • Tyler A. Lechtenberg, director of correspondence for the first lady, $50,000;
  • Catherine M. Lelyveld, director and press secretary to the first lady, $85,680;
  • Dana M. Lewis, special assistant and personal aide to the first lady, $66,000;
  • Trooper Sanders, deputy director of policy and projects for the first lady, $85,000;
  • Susan S. Sher, assistant to the president and chief of staff and counsel to the first lady, $172,200;
  • Frances M. Starkey, director of scheduling and advance for the first lady, $80,000;
  • Semonti M. Stevens, associate director and deputy press secretary to the first lady, $53,550;
  • Melissa Winter, special assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff to the first lady, $102,000.

The White House social secretary works for the first lady and serves as head of the White House Social Office, which plans everything from the casual and educational student workshops to elegant and sophisticated state dinners welcoming world leaders.

In the Office of White House Social Secretary were the following staffers:

  • Erinn J. Burnough, deputy director and deputy social secretary, $66,300;
  • Joseph B. Reinstein, deputy director and deputy social secretary, $66,300;
  • Julianna S. Smoot, deputy assistant to the president and White House social secretary, $150,000.

And this list does not include Michelle Obama's immense cost for her to travel. When she does, she also lists her two daughters as "Senior Staff Members" so they will get paid (courtesy of you and me). I'll bet you didn't know that you were paying the two girls "allowance," did you?

Given the current state of our economy and given the fact that our nation's veterans are having their benefits decreased or cut-off all together, I think the "First Lady" could "down-size" just a little and cut a few corners, wouldn't you say? On my trusty little old 45 year old MONROE 3140 calculator that total comes to $1,415,170.00 per year in salaries for her 17 personal staff members. I wonder how many disabled veterans who lost limbs just in the last 5 years that amount of money would take care of.

So, to sum it all up, let's imagine just for a moment that you had in your possession, an EBT card, one with no spending limit, and whatever you did spend, you'd never have to pay back. Then you'd know what it was like to walk a mile in Michelle Obama's designer shoes.

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About Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony is a US Army veteran who served from 1975 to 1980. He was stationed in Frankfurt West Germany from 1976 to 1978 with the 3rd Armored Divisions 143rd Signal Battalion as a Tactical Telecommunications Center Specialist and was also with the 1st Cavalry Division 1st/12th Cav as a Combat Medic until discharge in 1980. He has been married for 20 years and has 3 sons. He's also a very involved Tea Party activist. Be sure to follow Richard on Facebook
  • pbob67

    This is a great post.... as for her dignity, she has never had any, and that is something money cannot buy... regardless of who's it is.

  • Steven

    The PRICE of maintaining her LIFESTYLE can't properly be called the COST of maintaining her dignity as first lady, which she never had.

  • LivingLife

    Will go down as one of most dynamic First Lady in history of the US. Not to mention the best dressed. As far as looking like a hooker, I would bet most hookers, and 80% of the female population wish they could look that good. No doubt she has been on the cover of more magazine covers than any other First Lady.

  • patriotgrammy

    I encourage everyone to watch "Monumental" produced by Kirk Cameron. It's a documentary about the faith the brought the Pilgrims to the US to start new lives founded on the freedom that comes from Jesus Christ. It also delves into the faith of the Founding Fathers. Things we've never learned in school (and I was in school long before Jesus was kicked out). It will inspire your heart and reinforces the fact that "Freedom isn't Free."

  • Bones

    I hate to say it, but the American People have the government they deserve, and I don't like it, but the so-called President & first family that is deserved, elected by ghetto trash, nutball liberal democrats, and ignorant young people. How many :"Obama Voter" vids are on You Tube ? That is the face of the modern trendy American, sad to say. Keep on buying into the gangsta thug culture, knowing what position all the players on your favorite NFL or college sports team plays and what they did for the last 5 or more years, but ask who the rep or senators are, reply with a blank stare. The people get the government they deserve, which is why the ghetto queen, Pelosi, McCain, Graham, Dirty Harry, and the King of Kenya are where they are

  • Frank E. Licata

    I could almost see some sort of justification in acting like a niggah-ritch baller if she wasn't such a bat-faced gorilla skank in both appearance and actions. I mean think about it…decades ago the Kennedy's showered hottie-on-the-side Marilyn Monroe with some bling and the public didn't seem to mind.

  • Mark Steele

    She's a pig!

  • disqus_yEKIhCL17E

    Eva Perron - wonder how much longer until USA looks like Argentina after the dictators...

  • Marcus Collier

    Soooo, I am guessing that you guys are mad that you are not making that money? It's being paid to her American staff for them to hopefully put the money back into their communities and local small business. You guys act as if the money that is spent on the people who are doing their jobs, servicing Michelle Obama, don't deserve to get paid "your" tax money. What is it that really bothers you? Is that you are not satisfied with who you are, what you are able to do, where you live, or is it that you simply didn't get enough love as a child. Go better yourselves so that the things other do doesn't bother you.
    With Love
    Just Another Tax Payer