Generations of American Military & Their Families Were Poisoned Without Care at Fort McClellan

He choked on his words as he described the helplessness and desperation. There was nothing he could do to help. His newborn son, born with unexplainable birth defects was fighting for his life, and the doctors could not explain the cause. Both of Wayne Hayden's sons---born of parents with historically good health---would come into this world with unexplainable birth defects. Unfortunately, this is common for some of our military veterans.

Decades later, as Hayden struggles with cancer, unexplained skin rashes and immune system failures he thinks back to his Vietnam era training at Fort McClellan, a US Army Post adjacent to an Alabama town named Anniston. Fort McClellan served as home to a variety of Army training programs including the US Army Chemical Corps School.

From 1933 -1999, US Army personnel, working, training and living at Fort McClellan, were never told they were being exposed to major biochemical health threats. Hundreds of thousands of men and women trained in, bathed in, breathed and drank hazardous substances including ionizing radiation and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). So did the residents of the adjacent town, Anniston, Alabama.

In 1966, after years of dumping and discharging waste from the manufacture of now banned industrial coolants, dioxins and herbicides---which included the infamous chemical "Agent Orange"---Monsanto Corp. secretly, tasked a University of Mississippi biologist with testing the water at Ft. McClellan. The horrifying results of these studies would be kept from environmental officials and the public.

In 1995, the Base Realignment and Closure Commission voted to permanently close Ft. McClellan. During its closure ceremony, Major General Ralph G. Wooten, Commanding General and Chemical Weapons School Commandant (1996-1999), thanked Ft. McClellan and the surrounding community for being "singularly responsible for providing our Army with the world's finest military police and chemical weapons soldiers." He referred to McClellan as "a spectacular success."

In 1999, after its closing---a direct result of Monsanto regularly discharging toxic waste into creeks and the discovery by building contractors of open pit landfills containing millions of pounds of Monsanto chemicals---the Enviromental Protection Agency declared Fort McClellan a toxic site and mandated it's clean up. Moreover, after years of experiencing obscene levels of unusual civilian illnesses (cancer, autoimmune disease, heart disease and diabetes) and birth defects (missing limbs, malformed hearts and underdeveloped spinal cords) the city of Anniston filed a 2003 suit against Monsanto. The case concluded with the City of Anniston and its residents awarded $700 Million to help care for its exposed residents. Monsanto agreed to pay for their portion of clean-up costs.

Ft. McClellan military veterans and their families received nothing. Veterans stationed at Fort McClellan were never made aware of this suit. They were also excluded---by the Judge---from participation in it. The Judge felt veterans experiencing future illnesses from comparable exposure could rely on the Department of Veterans Affairs for future care and treatment.

On April 26, 2010, the Department of Veteran Affairs Veteran Benefits Administration, issued a training letter (REF: 211A Subject: Environmental Hazards in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Military Installations) to all VA regional offices outlining "specific environmental hazard incidents that present potential health risks to service members and veterans." One stated purpose of this letter "provides guidance on handling claims for disabilities potentially resulting from exposure to environmental hazards while on active duty." The Compensation and Pension examinations fact sheets, contained in this 2010 VA training directive, require VA examiners to consider toxic chemical exposure and exposure to environmental hazards to properly and objectively assess veteran's claims.

Today, Wayne Hayden battles with deteriorating health from his exposure to toxic chemicals while serving at both Ft. McClellan and as a Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Expert, which required handling, safeguarding and use of artillery rounds filled with depleted uranium, while deployed in Korea during the Vietnam War.

Since its 2007 filing, Wayne Hayden's chemical exposure VA disability claim has been denied four times. He continues to brawl with the Department of Veterans Affairs for their "failure to access" his medical condition and provide the necessary care he needs and earned. Moreover, in contempt of a 2012 Federal Court ruling---which found the VA had "failed to access" Hayden's illness and ordered a new medical assessment and payment of Hayden's service connected disability claim---the VA refuses to pay Hayden a dime. Like so many other Ft. McClellan veterans, Wayne Hayden's case is now floundering because the VA refuses to acknowledge a service related connection to his poisoning at Ft. McClellan.

In 2011, Congress resurrected H.R. 2052, the Fort McClellan Health Registry Act. This bill would require the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to create and maintain a registry of veterans that were stationed at Fort McClellan, provide them with updates, medical care, and give a presumption of service connected disability resulting from chemical and toxic substance exposure. Given our nation's self-serving entitlement addictions, mushrooming national debt, overflowing Veteran Affairs claims processing queues and dying public support (in many circles) for our veteran communities, my guess is, most Vietnam era veterans will be dead before this bill becomes law.

Like most, veterans' issues are no longer on America's and the national media's radar. The Ft. McClellan scandal, another example of federal government veteran betrayal, continues to go poorly publicized, and Americans become more divided.

UPDATE: Wayne Hayden and his foundation have been attacked and there have been libelous accusations against Wayne's service record by a military phonies blog. John sets the record straight with the actual documentation of Wayne's service record and his foundation to help veterans in an article here.

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  • Tim Gardner

    Hey how about this john? The next time u write an article about what the gov is trying to cover up and is lying about...dont try and shove a government website down my throat to prove it. Like u did with the EPA CREDIBILITY. .LMMFAO!

  • jollymonsam

    I was stationed at MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL, I was told back in the 80's not to drink the water on base but we did anyway due to the lack of bottle water services back then

  • 11B

    The sad thing in all of this is that Wayne Henry Hayden was never at McClellan. According to his official records he was nowhere near McClellan at any time during his short career. While it is easy to say that the Army is not perfect with it's record keeping it is not solely the fault of the Army if a soldier's records are not correct. The soldier bears that responsibility more than the Army. Wayne Hayden is riding this issue with McClellan to garner sympathy. I've seen his file from the NPRC and at no time was he stationed at McClellan. I'd welcome him to state when he was there and why this is not listed on his official records. I'd also like to state that Wayne Hayden could not have risen to E-5 with the job of an NBC soldier as that entire career field was suspended for both recruitment and advancement during the mid 1970's. It wasn't until 1976 that Officer commissioning in the Chemical Corps was reinstated. McClellan didn't even maintain the Chemical School during this time and the school was not reopened at McClellan until 1980. Wayne Hayden was discharged in November of 1977.
    I'll lay it out plain and simple for the author and for Wayne Hayden...if he is what he claims then please state when he would have been at McClellan and why he permitted his official 201 file to be remiss with this fact. No doubt I will receive no answer to this query but it is out there for all to see.

    For those of you who are part of the McClellan group that is/was affected by this issue I offer my sincerest sympathies for what you are going through. I would not wish this upon any person friend or foe. That being said neither will I permit someone to scam money for a claim they may not be entitled to and this is what it looks like where Wayne Hayden is concerned.

    • Tim Brown

      Obviously, you haven't read the records, which we provide right here.

    • Adrienne Esposito

      I'm an army brat and a veteran. I'm currently researching my father's service during WWII, Korea, and as an
      Atomic Vet with assignments through the AEC in Albuquerque to White Sands and the Nevada Proving Grounds. I can assure you that not everything is contained in one's personnel record. My father's personnel records don't reflect his duty at NATO in Turkey, trips back and forth to the pentagon on assignment, or all the TDY that took him away from his kids but I have the travel pay vouchers to prove it.

    • you asked

      I am a WAC vet who was stationed at Ft. McClellan & suffer a host of neurological problems that many of the 'specialists' in neurology can't figure out. It was only after I went to 2 different environmental specialists who performed extensive testing that toxins that shouldn't be in my system was. What irritates me most is that it took those who were stationed at Camp LeJeune years to receive medical treatment. Yet, Ft. McClellan has been declared as the most toxic place on Earth & we can't receive treatment at VA centers, unless we have private insurance or go to other specialists who know nothing about the toxins used in the military - or they tell you to go to a VA center for help. It's like a merry go round that never stops, while our health continues to fail.

      I don't care whether some of you disagree whether Wayne Hayden was stationed at Ft. McClellan or not. Instead of pointing the finger at him, why aren't you standing up for ALL of the vets & civilians who were stationed there & help us get HR 411 passed? Instead, I see people fighting to get gay marriage approved or marijuana bills legalized. Doesn't it matter that those who served this great Country are being ignored & are dying because of lack of medical care that was caused by our own Government allowing Monsanto to dump their toxins there for 66 years? Are we really less important than the civilians of Anniston?

      Instead of helping vets who served there (bill keeps getting put under another pile of papers & ignored), Obama instead attached (anonymously) the “Monsanto Protection Act” (section 735) as a rider to a short term spending bill (HR 933). President Obama signed it into law on March 26, 2013. So, he's willing to help protect Monsanto, but not the hundreds of thousands of vets who are still sick or have died because we served our Country? I guess big corporations mean more to our Government than the men & women who enlisted & swore that we would die for our Country. I guess we are proving that we are indeed dying for our Country & our Country doesn't even care.

  • LiberatedCit

    I was stationed at Ft. McClellan in the early 1970's and I am glad to see this issue being given attention. For the nay sayer's who say chemicals weren't in the water at the base BALONEY read this story below but it wasn't only Monsanto. However, they were indeed in part responsible.

    Toxic Vets - The Poisonous Legacy of Ft. McClellan

  • Wayne Jr Tider


    • Guest

      The base doesn't have to be 'close' to a Monsanto plant in order for them to use the base as a dump site. If you want to read Monsanto documents that prove they used Ft. McClellan as a dump site, then read this.

    • you asked

      Sorry, but you're wrong about Monsanto not being close to Ft. McClellan. If you would research the facts a little more instead of believing everything the Government tells you. Those of us who were stationed at Ft. McClellan were lied to also & all because the Government & Monsanto covered it up. Monsanto knew in 1966 that the base was toxic from testing they had performed. If you would take the time to read more, maybe you could educate yourself a little about the hazards of Ft. McClellan. If you want to read Monsanto documents that prove they used Ft. McClellan as a dump site, then read this.

      Also, could you do us all a favor & take the 'caps' off? When you type in all caps, it makes it hard to read & is a sign that you are yelling.

  • Wayne Jr Tider


    • Adrienne Esposito

      For what it's worth, I don't disagree with what you're saying but the Solutia (former Monsanto) plant is less than 3 miles from the main base of Fort McClellan. Anyone can verify this with a google map of "Solutia Inc" and Anniston. It is closer still to Anniston Army Depot (ANAD). Pelham Range, part of Fort McClellan, formed the northern border of ANAD. PCBs, TCE (degreaser), ionizing radiation from a long list of sources created in the on-base hot cell, depleted uranium used in the testing and repair of military vehicles, arsenic, nickel, lead, asbestos, several burn pits, 11 landfills, a large number of underground tanks, munitions with chemical payloads, herbicides... limited use of "Agent Orange" but plenty of Tordon 110 and Tordon 101 (aka picloram), Agent White, Agent Blue.... the list of what was commonly used around the base is more frightening than the chemical weapons ... sarin, tear gas, and something I'm forgetting... that used for live training exercises. Until the chemical training building was opened in 1988, these everyday training exercises took place outdoors. All that went into the sewer and water system. There are areas that are so contaminated that they will never allow people. They are going to leave that to the "bunnies and butterflies" direct quote, BTW, from a BRAC rep. I can't believe they are letting people live and work on that base. They can't dig in their own yards. I have copies of the soil testing results and the homes closer to the base showed a spike in PCB readings. I am sorry about your Dad. I'm the child of an Atomic Vet and also trained at Fort McClellan so I have some understanding of what you've been through. Your dad deserves better than what he got.

    • GlomOnToMe

      Monsanto and the govt are one in the same. Execs in Monsanto and the FDA swap positions regularly. Monsanto is the most evil corporation in the US. Suing farmers because Monsanto seeds blew into their fields and grew. Promoting untested GMO crops that kill the bugs that eat them but are supposedly safe for us!? Monsanto is evil.

    • PaulBrosamJr

      Monsanto IS responsible. Monsanto dumped tons of PCB and TCE into Snow Creek and Chocolocco Creek. These creeeks provided the source of drinking water for the town of Anniston and Ft. McClellan. Water pipes were ran into Ft. McClellan from Anniston.

  • abinico

    It is a well known fact that when in the military you have two opportunities to die for your country: on the battle field, and at the hands of VA doctors.

  • abinico

    This is just one of many similar situations. US military is working hard to destroy the planet.

  • Mrs. Patriot

    Do you mean "failure to ASSESS?" I am at a loss as to how anyone would "access" a medical condition. It helps if you are familiar with the vocabulary of your native language.

  • 40Helen60

    I took my basic at Ft. McClellan on my 19th BD in Aug 1959. After basic I went to Ft. Sam Houston (100 mi from my hometown Victoria, TX). I haven't suffered from any of the effects you describe. I'll be 74 this Aug. Refuse to take a flu shot (haven't had the flu in 10 years), but I almost died two years ago last July because I was misdiagnosed for 3 years. First I was told I had acid reflux. Then I had asthma, was sent to Temple VA for the sleep test, I had sleep apnea. July 4th 2010, I was in the worse pain I had ever experienced. Child birth was nothing compared to the pain I was experiencing that day. I drove myself to the nearest ER and the on-call doctor asked if the VA had ever ck'd my gallbladder and I said no. the ER doc came back and told that my gallbladder was badly inflamed and I had gallstone. I was given a picture of my gallbladder before I left the hosp. You can see how red my gallbladder was and two huge gallstone. Had I not gone to the ER that day and tried to drive myself 45 mi away to the nearest VA hospital, I would have died. I tried to tell the doc at the VA clinic I thought I was having a gall bladder attack but was told, "No, you have pleurisy." I said, "Are you sure, I feel like i'm having a gallbladder attack." "No, you have pleurisy and just have to deal with it." Well, after my emergency surgery, all my problems went away. I never had any of the things I was being treated for, for 3 years. The ER doc asked me if the VA had ever ck'd my gallbladder and I said no. He told me I was one very lucky lady. So, now I don't trust the doctors at the VA. They haven't a clue what veterans are going through, they just want to od you on pills to cover up the real cause of the problem and won't admit they do not know or willing to find out. Yes, I contacted the head of the Temple hospital and told them that I almost died because I was misdiagnosed. I was asked if I wanted to file a claim and I said no. I just want the head of the medical unit to get the word out to all the VA doctors, when someone my age comes in with that much pain and they sill have their gallbladder, they need to ck it out. It took a civilian doc to let me know that my gallbladder was ready to burst. Give me a civilian doc any day.

  • Tim Gardner

    I get the jest of the article. Using Wayne Hayden as an example seriously discredits the story. Hayden's story has more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese. Never forget the readers here do their homework...we are not an Alex Jones community.

    • John DeMayo

      Oh Tim, I understand your agenda. Your one of Eric Skinner and Scott Hughes boys. You follow Wayne with the same line claiming stolen valor because you have some personal disagreement over a Facebook page. I know. Knock yourself out. The story is accurate, you have been discredited. Go luck with it though. By the way who at the DOD is feeding you your info? You guys have the stones to stand up? If not go away.

    • Tim Gardner

      The story is no where near accurate. Starting at the very first of his story. If u injure yourself in basic and cannot continue u go home period. No free pass. And to your question who is feed me at the DoD? No one I can think for myself like most the readers here. I served in the USAF , Army, and ANG . I am telling you the story dont hold water. I also trained at Ft. McClellan In 2005. It would seem the did a pretty good job cleaning the place up.. not that matters to this discussion. Just thought readers should know its up and running again.

    • John DeMayo
    • Alex

      The article if full of factual errors and misrepresentations. I am a lifelong resident of Anniston (56 years). I worked at Fort McClellan before, during and after its closure (20 years). Fort McClellan was closed as a result of BRAC, ostensibly to reduce DoD expenses. The closure had absolutely nothing to do with Monsanto, PCBs or any kind of toxicity. There was no PCB contamination of Fort McClellan. PCBs weren't in the ground or the water. PCB contamination was located southwest of the installation, surrounding the Monsanto plant and downstream from the contaminated waterways. To the best of my knowledge, none of those waterways flows northeast (upstream). McClellan was not contaminated by DU munitions or NBC agents. There were firing ranges, older landfills and underground fuel tank sites that were considered hazardous. This was due to lead in spent small arms projectiles, leaking fuel, industrial solvents, etc. Soldiers living on base were not exposed to, nor did they bathe in or drink PCB contaminated water. The water supply of Anniston was not and is not contaminated by PCBs (Ft McClellan's water came from the Anniston water supply). The EPA link that you shared above shows the Superfund site at Anniston Army Depot. There is no superfund site at Fort McClellan.

    • matt wicklundm

      Absolutely correct. The southwest Anniston part for sure. no other area of the county or even the rest of anniston got anything , so i find it hard to believe that the Ft would have been contaminated and not everything between Monsanto and the Ft

    • VASUX

      Hello John,

      I am sorry that people spend as much time as they do trying to argue and fight with others. I have records that are inaccurate as the result of, I don't know what. I went to Armor school in Korea Taegu 87' no where to be found in my records (GF had a miscarriage on the train on the way back to duty station). I went to Personal Security School at RedStone Arsenal, have my diploma signed by LTC, again no where in my records, I went to a few schools that are not in my records, but have the documents to prove it, along with statements from other soldiers who attended. I did go to NBC school in Korea also, and have the official orders showing that I replaced a female NCO from my unit at the last minute, NOT in my records.

      I really don't care about my military schools or my military records, or my military service other than my Military medical records, which I have them and they have everything, including when I told them in 89',90' and 91' that there was something seriously wrong with me, I didn't care that they could not figure it out, and that I was going to get the hell out of the Army and get the medical help I needed. The DOC's (More than 1) wrote it in my records on the exam sheet for that appointment(s), I told them to do so and they did (I can't believe it to this day).

      Just before I got out, the GF/Wife had our first child after 4 miscarriages, just after the baby came out the doctor let out a HUGE gasp (OH MY GOD), the child was fine but the woman parts ovaries, uterus (whatever) were gnarly (tumors/cysts/etc....) Doc gave her a full hysterectomy immediately 25 Years OLD. I said whats wrong Doc. Oh nothing said the Doc and I turned and paid attention to my new born baby. I now know what caused both mine and my ex-wife's medical conditions and what has "affected" all 7 of my children to this day.

      A soldier is a soldier, a MP, a Infantryman, a Medic whatever, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard all of us, we are (were) soldiers. We are divided as the result of our own ignorance, egos and infighting, this is exactly what the Gov wants (Divide and Conquer), imagine if all vets were 1, WWll, Vietnam, Korea, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cold War etc... sorry for those I did not mention....or did I, yes I did, mentioned us all in the word Vet.

      You see, we allow this nonsense. We allow them to divide us and follow right along step in step. Oh I'm a this Vet and I'm a that Vet, we are all vets just plain o'l Vets, not one better, braver, stronger, smarter or better looking/smelling than the other. When we figure this out and unite as one we will win this silly game that the VA is playing, the Gov is playing, the organizations helping wounded warriors, Iraq vets only, Vietnam vets only etc.... are playing. All vets deserve to be cared for, 1 day in basic training or 25 years of service, lied about training or didn't, lied about combat or didn't, got shot or didn't, some are worse off than others and priority as to severity of condition and needs may be offered but we are one. I am going to bed now I will finish this post in a follow up soon. I just wish we could all understand that there is strength in unity and if we all united we would be a force to be reckoned with. Instead we are all fighting for scraps as the politicians are eating prime rib that we paid for!

    • John DeMayo

      I am going to share this comment on my Facebook page. I am honored that you chose to post it under my article. I hope you do not mind. This is exactly what people should be reading. Simple yet profound. Thank you.

    • VASUX


      Simple is the way! Complexity causes confusion, which is why the Gov. writes things using verbiage that is confusing to most and totally unnecessary. The fact that Vets are all Vets is pretty simple to me, because I set my EGO aside. Once you have done this, It is not difficult to figure out what is really going on. People are so caught up in their own selves that they can't see past their nose to spite their face and as the result many suffer at the hands of others.

      You see being a M.P. in (what some consider) a combat type scenario (Robbery, Suicide, Domestic Violence, even Traffic Accidents where you are picking up half dead bodies in an attempt to save a persons life, cleaning up bloody crime scenes etc...) quite often, as the result of responsibility to fight crime and assist others from danger or endangering themselves on a daily basis (not only in a time of war). ie... A mechanic is not likely getting shot at or shooting people in their line of duty, but a M.P. could and does during a non-war time service. Not all but some! Does this make a M.P. a better or braver soldier than any other in service, not to me, because we are all doing our job of choice or assignment. Is a Ranger or a Navy Seal better or braver than a admin clerk? Not in my mind, but in the minds of many they are, why? EGO! All men/women were created equal, this is a basic value that soldiers are fighting to defend, so why would it not apply to soldiers? Is a Vietnam Vet better or worse than a Iraq Vet? We are all Vets together, C'mon man!

      Now to the point of falsifying stories or experiences or records of history, this should not happen, it is not only wrong, it is in some cases illegal. Does it steal the valor of another? Well, if all Vets are equal, no it does not, but because even Vets are fighting among each other for recognition. EGO, status, blah, blah, blah, it does. Is it wrong to be proud or recognized of the achievements one accomplishes in the military or in life in general? NOPE, not at all, but as the OLD SAYING holds true today, behind every good man, there is a better woman. And behind every Seal, SF guy, etc... there is a better support staff. So let's work together to help those Veterans or (writers) who go astray and act out of line (knowingly or unwittingly) rather than crucify them. Let's work together to beat the system that is beating us all. We are all Veterans and should help each other in every instance, o matter what. Forgive those who make mistakes, pick them up and carry them to the finish line and win the race as a team not as individuals or groups but as 1. It does not matter if I am smarter or he /she is, you are all my brothers/sisters and if there is a problem let's work together to solve it not place blame or point fingers as this will result in the demise of us all because it will weaken us as a group and that helps the enemies to succeed!

      Please don't feed the fire that is raging out of control!

      I thank you all (Veterans) for your service, I thank the folks who support Veterans in so many ways (writing articles) washing clothes, changing bed sheets etc...

      May God bless you and may God bless the U.S. Veterans!

    • John DeMayo
    • Tim Gardner

      I get the feeling u trying to call me a liar about being there...ok I have pics. More info....I was training up for deployment with NCANG in 2005. The bulk of our training was at Camp Atteberry Indiana. We also had a 2 week off road driving coures at Fort McClellan. But its not my military record that is at question here sir, its H aydens and your credibility as an author of a porous story.. There is no doubt in my mind bad things happen with vet and the VA. No doubt that Ft McCellan was a sest pool of god knows what. But Hayden..he struggles with he's on accounts of where he was at and what he did when.

    • John DeMayo

      I understand you agenda Tim. Gotcha handled.

    • Tim Gardner

      My agenda is not in question here sir it yours....but by seeing the response to ur article here...well as in your on words to me...."go away".

    • John DeMayo
    • Tim Gardner

      Thats kinda cool. All those rivers we forged on the off road driving course was drinking water supply. Gov at this hand and pay no attention to the other. LOL

    • Jerry James

      Ft McClellan(U.S.ARMY) IS NOT UP AND RUNNING AGAIN. The army left at the end of September 1999. I know for fact, because I helped to outprocess and provide transportation for the last remaining classes of the TRAINING BRIGADE. The Alabama National Guard still has ongoing training, and HHS still does operate the CDTF with students coming in from all over the nation. Plus from other countries. But, the U.S. ARMY, the CHEMICAL SCHOOL, THE M.P. SCHOOL is now at Ft. Leonard Wood(lostinthewoods), in Missouri.

    • Tim Gardner

      I took a 2 week crash course in transportation there in 2005. I was part of out train up before deployment to Iraq. The fort is atleast particularly open.

    • you asked

      Even if you did take a '2 week crash course' there, it doesn't even compare to the months & years that those of us that were stationed there were exposed to on a daily basis. The cleanup had already begun in the late '90's - even though I wouldn't consider it much of a clean up.

  • aurora9

    My late husband, who was a soldier during the Korean War, told me of an incident where his troupe were to be exposed as guinea pigs to radiation. Many of them went awol, recognizing the dangers. Evil didn't start with Obama, it has a long history of mans inhumanity to man!

    • Christina Mccauley


    • CharlesWilliamMorganJr

      Yes, and check out how we used the Indians in Guatemala as guinea pigs for many years for all kinds of biological and medical experiments. Thousands died due to being treated as animals. Yet, the U. S. Government has tried to ignore their actions and deny any responsibility for years of dastardly and indefensible acts. We have been no different than the Japanese and Germans in WWII with their human guinea pigs and inhumane experiments.

  • tommyboy

    B.S. , pure and simple B.S.

    • abinico

      Knew a sheeple would spout off.

  • Robert DeLaet

    I served in the Army from 1967-1969 at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver Colorado, at which time I was constantly exposed to Agent Orange, sarin nerve gas, mustard gas, etc. We actually carried an atropine of anti-agent on our uniforms in the event there was a major catastrophe of exposure.
    In the 1980s, the EPA designated the Arsenal the most contaminated place on the planet, and initiated a $2.1 billion lawsuit against Shell Oil, wherein that lawsuit also deliberately omitted service personnel. I have suffered from prostate Cancer and other ailments as I age. My claim against the VA was also denied as with Wayne Haden. I contacted the law firm that processed the suit against Shell Oil and was told that the law suit was closed and no further action would be taken.

  • Jim

    Those people that have worked on military contracts and those working on military bases have a much higher rate of work related disease than any other occupation. The higher up people in those organizations shitted on the people that got sick/inured, that is the way of our government.

    • jayshay

      Seems to me the V.A. serves mainly those that work at the V.A., not the veteran.

    • Chicot

      That is the case of all government employees as well as most state and country employees.

  • Chris

    Maybe you want to read the truth about Wayne Hayden

    • John DeMayo

      Lets air it all out Chris. I am the author of this article. Who are you? Are you the gate keeper of W. Hayden's military history or just an angry ex-wife? If you have concrete evidence of your allegations, and are willing to reveal your identity, I will write about your allegations. From what you have posted, and from what I have read, there are many holes in your story. Perhaps we could bring it all out. Or are you one of those one hit wonders who expects everyone to except your anonymous character assassination.

    • ca1


    • John DeMayo

      Contact the editor. Send him what you have. He will forward it. Make sure you put a name and contact number on it. Some proof of who you are would be nice as well. Or you can look me up on Facebook and send it to me there. Again nothing anonymous. If you are going to assassinate a man, do it personally.

    • ca1

      ... sorry, i was only correcting the word accept for except in your post.... no ill will intended at all....

    • Chris

      OK, a little about me. I am not a ex-wife, what I am is a Army vet with 10 years of service.The link I sent you is not fabricated by anyone, The military records were obtained thru the FOIA, and the screen shots come directly from Wayne Hayden's facebook page, before he changed it. First he says he was taken from basic training after only one month, FALSE. Remember this was during the Vietnam War, The Army would NOT remove anyone from basic combat training during a war, to send to AIT early. Second his MOS was 64C which was a Motor Transportation Operator, which in his records shows that was his only MOS his entire military career. Third and this is important, if he was re-classified NBC it would reflect on his records, mainly because in the Army you are evaluated for promotion based on you MOS performance, he would NOT have gained rank if he worked outside his MOS without a re-classification. If he had attended and NBC school it would have been reflected in his education portion of his records, it's not there. At most he could have been assigned as a company level NBC, which consist of maintaining , and accountability of gas masks, even the the short class for that would be noted on his records. No where on his records does it show he attended any NBC school, or any MOS reclassification. Finally because I don't want to write a book, he states his job was unavailable in any of the mechanized units he was assigned too. (which according to his records, was every unit he was assigned to) These are mechanized units, which means they have motor operated vehicles, kinda hard for you job to not be available when your unit is and does primary your job. We do not do this to be vindictive, we do this because people like Wayne Hayden take from vets who truly earned and need the VA benefits in my opinion he is stealing. I could go on, but if any vets look at the link I provided, they will pick out the lies just as quick as I did.

    • Chris

      The simplest way to prove his story is to ask him for copies of his DD-214 reflecting a NBC MOS, or providing training records which every service member is given after any military training.

    • Chris
    • Chris

      Just some quick internet research

    • John DeMayo

      Before I respond, what years did you serve?

    • Chris

      I served from 1989 to 2000

    • Chris

      What years did you serve?

    • John DeMayo

      Not that it is relevant to our communication, but I am not, nor have I ever represented myself to be a veteran. I would love to see and confirm the existence of your FOIA request and response. Clearly you did not acquire Hayden's medical records which contain additional information not found in the links you provided. Hayden's medical records indicate that he was removed from basic due to a leg injury. His medical records indicate Hayden was at Ft. Ord. when his Basic Training Unit graduated. Also Mr. Hayden has never claimed to have had his primary MOS changed to NBC. He said he was sent to NBC school in Korea where he was issued defective radiation detection equipment. That's another story for another day. Yes, you are correct, Hayden was a Motor Transportation Operator. This designation was never changed. I can not argue that. I wish I was as sure as you that the Army kept accurate records. Hayden's medical records (which were instrumental in establishing his time at McClellan during his Court Appeal, which he won) provide ample evidence to contradict your assumptions and allegations.
      Regarding you assertions that Hayden is taking benefits from vets, I would remind you that Hayden is not receiving VA disability. He is battling the VA's refusal abide by a higher court ruling on their "failure to access" his condition and potential service connected disability benefits.
      Mr. Hayden has never overstate his role in the military. As a matter of fact, the original article I wrote on Hayden failed to make the differentiation between Vietnam and Vietnam Era vet. After an excited phone call from Hayden it was changed. Why? Because Hayden did not want to overstate his service.
      Since you are acting anonymously, I asking about the years you served to get an idea of your age. Clearly you are much younger than Hayden and served in a different military at a much different time. Much like the current VA, the military of Hayden's days was poorly run and ill prepared for our undertaking in Vietnam. A little research will reveal that it was very common for records to be inaccurate. Remember, everything was typed not entered into a database as it is with your service history.
      I'm not sure if your personal motivation is as pure as you indicate. If you feel as though you would like to pursue this further, contact me on Facebook you can shed your cloak of anonymity and clear this all up. BTW, are you part of Scott Hughes "Hunter" page or did you pursue this FOIA request on your own?
      Thanks for the response. And thank you for reading.

    • Chris

      Ok , So he injured himself in basic training, and never got re cycled threw, or graduated? It contradicts what he said on his Facebook page of graduating early to go on to AIT, would you consider that embellishing? Also above you say NBC was NOT his primary MOS, but in the article you wrote you call him a NBC expert, kinda hard to be a expert if your primary job is not NBC. Also as far as the depleted uranium rounds,,,really?? The only artillery round test was done in 1953 in Nevada. Do you honestly think the US would test something of that nature on foreign soil? And friendly foreign soil at that. A little bit of internet research could have answered these question for you,,that is all I did. As far as me being younger,,I am, but Army standards did not change that much in the time difference. I had 2 Drill Sgt. that were Vietnam vets! If he was McCellan it was NOT for NBC school. My biggest question to you is,,when did he graduate basic then, because you can not move on to AIT or permanent party without graduating basic training.

    • Chris

      oh one other thing,,did we drop a atom bomb on Korea that history does not know about? I spent 14 months in Korea and we never had a radiation warning given to us. Even if he went to a NBC school in Korea, he would NOT have been training with actual radioactive material, think about it,,a little common sense.

    • Chris

      So I see you deleted my comments from your Facebook page, does that also mean I won't get the evidence of Wayne Hayden's NBC training "very soon" as you put it? I screen shot that one also if you need to see it. My friend Jack called it right,,John Demayo YOU are a yellow journalist,,period!!

    • John DeMayo

      I deleted nothing, Chris. Check yourself on that. Great article coming out tonight.

    • Chris

      So who deleted mine And Jack's post??, and where is this evidence of Hayden's NBC expertise??

    • you asked

      The only nuclear bombs used were in Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan. Korean workers were forced to go to Japan when Japan occupied Korea, but atomic bombs were not used in Korea. Most of the fighting in Korea was done by infantry, tanks & aerial to shoot down enemy planes & target their ships & tanks.

    • John DeMayo

      Most of the information you are holding onto as fact, is supposition. Some of it is an outright twisting of the truth. The point of my article was to highlight a poorly publicized issue, which is relevant to problems at the Department of Veteran Affairs. You have taken the subject of that article to task because of a post in "Military Poser Blog." This blog has pursed its words to classify Wayne Haden as a "embellisher". Did you know that their is a history of bad blood between some contributors to this blog and Hayden that have nothing to do with his service?
      Army standards did not change that much in the time difference? Is that what you really believe? Tell that to the thousands who served in Vietnam who have been denied benefits because of poor record keeping and incomplete files. I think you know better than that.
      Artie rounds filled with depleted Uranium have been in use for decades and yes they were used in Korea during the Vietnam War. There was huge controversy about the Nixon administration's authorization of their potential use to protect South Korea from Northern aggression. Nixon proposed using depleted uranium to create a border between North and South. Look it up.
      You have accused him of taking benefits from other Vets. He is not. Now you are defending a position based on assumptions, not fact. I have offered you the opportunity to meet me on a social media website, reveal your identity and debate your allegations in the same forum used by the folks at the website you have sited . It is an honorable offer. I have taken you at your word (with no proof provided) that you are who you say you are. You on the other hand are slandering the character of a man based on information provided by a third party source.
      I understand the point of exposing posers. I support efforts to do it. I think these groups should concentrate on the real offenders instead of finding ways to split hairs (with legitimate veterans) in an attempt to pursue a petty personal vendetta. When anyone acts in that manner, they do an injustice to their credibility and the credibility of their blog.
      I appreciate yoru passion for exposing frauds. In this case, as I have stated in a prior comment, I question the purity of the motive. Thanks for the conversation. I have to move on. You are welcome to take me up on my offer. My Facebook page address is included in my Bio below the article. Thanks again. Good luck.

    • Wayne Jr Tider

      YOU WROTE THIS DISASTER? May I ask, do you actually believe what you have written or are you just helping the govt. point the finger at Monsanto? So the areas and neighborhoods between Monsanto and Ft McClellan weren't found to be toxic (I grew up there so don't try and say they are because they are absolutely not) but miraculously the toxins wound up on the fort, correct? Must be magic. The chemical weapons "storage" on the fort and the leaking of those chemical weapons among other "exercises" involving those weapons are responsible for the toxins entering the environment on Ft McClellan, NOT MONSANTO.

    • duggo

      $600 million in damages to the living survivor's, I know a hundred who died before this was all started I am Douglas McKinney I called the health department many times before a Chris Spurlin from the Birmingham office came and sampled the stream running thru my property lead, PSB and mercury agent orange from Monsanto, he was killed in a car accident that evening, took several years to get a confirmed sample and lawsuit filed, which lawyers got $380 million of, I served at Ft. McClellan 74-77 and pulled guard duty on the bunkers containing bombs and chemical containers, I also worked at Westinghouse six years destroying the same nerve agents any body who was there can look and say where there is a mound now was bunkers, they had the steel doors welded shut with another 1/2 inch steel plate welded over them and two feet of concrete poured over that and the whole area back filled with dirt WITH MY OWN EYES, PCBs from the motor pool and transformers along with asbestos buried at the three main dump sites you cant even fish any of the lakes mercury is so high Monsanto use the classified area for their military items to dump until the fort closed then when it rained and the dykes ran over it was sent to the septic drain system that flowed to Oxford down snow creek out to logan martin lake 60 miles down the river, we as tax payers paid the cleanup cost, so vote for the same politicians who take care of you and keep living in your dream world I still have the brown scars on my hands where we were tested to make sure we knew how to decon using the powdered agent and liquid while they stood outside the sealed room watching our reaction, if you lived there how many classmates have died from cancers 2 weeks to thirty days after being diagnosed! Are the doctors and hospitals that bad?

    • Wayne Jr Tider

      Don't misinterpret my comment. The point is that this article and many like it along with any comments from the government point the finger directly at Monsanto in an attempt to absolve the govt. of any responsibility. Monsanto is responsible for far more damages than were awarded and the citizens RECEIVED MERE CRUMBS in connection to the settlement and the lawyers ABSOLUTELY STOLE the bulk of the monetary payout meanwhile the community was supposed to be provided with an environmental-medical clinic and research facility for free healthcare, free prescription meds, funding for an education trust fund, community revitalization and business development which we have received NONE OF THIS.. and according to Solutia, the programs are valued at $75 million over the next 20 years. WHERE IS ALL OF THIS? We (the community) don't know, it has not been mentioned by those responsible for putting these things into place, the questions have been asked and the answers provided are not answers at all, they merely defer the question to the next guy or group and pass the buck..... ( $figuratively not literally$ ).

      Now, Monsanto did a number on surrounding neighborhoods and residents to the extent that really can't be measured in dollars and cents until many years from now and quite frankly we don't know just how bad it really is or was but I GUARANTEE IT'S FAR WORSE THAN IT HAS BEEN ESTIMATED TO BE.

      My father passed away one yr ago last week. He died due to complications associated with congestive heart failure. A team of specialists at UAB hospital in Birmingham, AL told him that his congestive heart failure was a DIRECT RESULT OF EXPOSURE TO AGENT ORANGE. He was a master sergeant in the army before retiring from a 32 year career that included two tours in Vietnam. During his first Vietnam tour, his infantry unit was the first unit sent into Cambodia following the detonation of agent orange, which was the first time he had been exposed to the chemical. He was stationed on Ft McClellan for a number of years while we lived in one of the neighborhoods off base. He was exposed on base due to the weapons storage/leakage/disposal on post..........

    • Guest

      Clearly, you know what you're talking about. And you know... your dad. That one hurts my heart. So something interesting... Monsanto is suing for reimbursement of some of the clean up costs because they are dealing with other chemical contamination. They are not suing the government. I wish I remembered more about it. I hope you're able to file a lawsuit on behalf of your father. I can't do it for my dad because the government won't acknowledge that his cardiovascular & heart problems were due to direct exposure to ionizing radiation even though study after study says it was. Career soldier, Msgt like your dad. WWII & Korea though.

    • you asked

      But what is disgusting is our own Government knew about the toxins, even though Monsanto kept it a secret from the EPA, when they tested the waters around McClellan & knew they were toxic back then. It was FDR who first allowed Monsanto to use Ft. McClellan as a dump site in 1933. So they had 66 years to dump there & not informing the Govt how hazardous it was. But, I also find fault with our own Govt because they should have also been testing the water, soil & area before exposing us to the toxins. There have been 2 bills submitted (HR 2052 & now HR 411) which isn't going to pass either, because it keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of the stack. Here is the latest (HR411) that was proposed & who supported it, but nobody wants to acknowledge they screwed up & finally help the vets & dependents who were stationed there & those who lived on post.

      Here is another article on McClellan (also has more links in the article) about the toxins & cover up.

      But. the most lengthy & informative article can be found here:

    • Presten Maurer

      you are a bunch of worthless assholes. Why do you lie about people? Do you have nothing better to do? Are you the governments little spy's
      ? Do not believe anything these guys comment about. THEY ARE LIARS.

    • Chris

      What lie did I say?

    • Guest

      Did you even open up the link that Chris provided that showed where Hayden was stationed at? How does it make those of us with serious health issues 'worthless assholes'? I too was stationed at Ft. McClellan & have disease nobody can seem to pinpoint & nobody in my family has anything even remotely close to what I have. It was not until I went to 2 environmental doctors, that explained how toxins work on a person's body. When you are exposed the first time (if it is a small exposure), you might get a little sick & not think anything about it. But, with repeated exposures, the toxins build up & do their damage. I could care less if you call those of us who served at Ft. McClellan, because your opinion of my health condition doesn't matter to me. But, it should matter to the Government who put us in such toxic conditions.

  • Chris
    • you asked

      First FOIA post does show him at Ft. McClellan, but 2nd one, looks like somebody has used white out & not only wrote in handwriting a different date, but also his principal duty & duty station. Sorry, but these are altered because the military does not write anything in - it is always typed. I should know because I worked in doing orders, etc. for the 1st AG while in the WACS.

  • $23154113

    Army has always treated its soldiers as guinea pigs, never trust it. The VA is not for vets, it is a self serving agency with bitter self entitled employees running it.