G2R Ammo Presents: The Magic Bullet - RIP - The Last Round You’ll Ever Need

Find any gun enthusiast forum out there and you’ll no doubt come across a discussion about the best caliber rounds for stopping potential threats. While a well placed bullet of any caliber will pretty much do the job, G2R Ammo has developed a new round that will make even the worst shooters out there a force to be reckoned with.

Heralded as “the last round you’ll ever need,” the aptly named R.I.P. (Radically Invasive Projectile) cartridge may be the deadliest firearm ammunition ever developed.

Designed to maximize the dissipation of energy where it is needed and defeat every major obstacle in its path, there is truly nothing else like it.

The RIP cartridge is a 96 grain, CNC machined, solid copper, lead free projectile.

At a glance, the differences in geometry between the RIP and any other bullet of the past are quite drastic.


Once the bullet penetrates its target, high velocity fragmentation will increase the effect of temporary and permanent cavitation. The 8 fragments sheared from the bullet cause many small permanent cavities around the main entry point.

This causes multiple wound channels that will effectively hit vital organs for the eventual complete termination of interest. The main mass base of the bullet can continue its path and cause a truly massive amount of tearing as the perforated tissue is stretched.

According to the manufacturer the RIP round will be developed in various calibers including 9mm, .38, .40, .357 and shotgun shells.

An Introduction to RIP:

Imagine for one moment that this chicken is a doped up criminal who has just broken in through your back door in the middle of the night:

It looks like G2R Ammo has been paying attention to anit-gun Congressional representatives who have been working to restrict magazine capacities and civilian ownership of firearms.

Leave it to America’s private sector entrepreneurs to always stay one step ahead.

With the RIP, one round should suffice.

We fully expect an outcry over this ammunition similar to the push back Winchester received when they released their Black Talon hollow point in the 1990′s. After pressure from anti-gun lobbies the company discontinued the Black Talon line.

G2R Ammo, however, designs the RIP exclusively, suggesting that they have no intention of following in Winchester’s footsteps.

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11 thoughts on “G2R Ammo Presents: The Magic Bullet - RIP - The Last Round You’ll Ever Need

  1. Apologies, that's a jury of YOUR peers, not a jury of YOU peers lol

  2. A definite nightmare in court. Please remember both prosecutors and defense attourneys play on juror ignorance. It's not difficult to scare the uninformed. Keep in mind people who know you or know about the topics in question are carefully excluded from jury duty, therefore there's no such thing as a "jury of you peers". Food for thought when choosing good defensive ammunition.

  3. I'll bet that only the Storm Troopers will be able to buy these bullets.

  4. Should be in your safe, for when.......... Looks to be a useful product. Likely, will be banned.. BT's were worthy..... This product should be the one stop answer......... RIP....

  5. Get em before the gun grabber politicians try to ban them . They want you and your family to be vulnerable and defenseless victims of criminals they can't control.

  6. NICE!

  7. Overkill if you ask me (pun intended)

    • DontTreadOnMe11 says:

      Don't worry, some proglodyte politician will want to ban them soon.

    • That you can count on

    • Considering her history, we can predict comrade D. Pelosi to be the first, or among the first to condemn the G2R RIP. Of course, after she has loaded her purse revolver with the G2R RIP.

    • Not so if used for defense.
      It will not go through walls once it hits an intruder, It dissipates most of its kinetic energy when it fragments, unlike a round nose bullet that will go through and possibly hit an innocent person. There is no such thing as overkill when it comes to protecting your life or your family's lives.