Thank You, Mr. President – Single Mother’s Viral Letter Blasts Obama for Driving America into the Ground

A single mother from Palmer, Texas, Yolanda Burroughs-Vestal, recently saw her Facebook letter go viral. Her frustration has identified with millions of American parents. All of this frustration reached its peak when faced with the huge burden of Obamacare.

Yolanda wrote:

Dear President Obama,

Burroughs-VestalI wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done and are doing. You see I am a single Mom located in the very small town of Palmer, Texas. I live in a small rental house with my two children. I drive an older car that I pray daily runs just a little longer. I work at a mediocre job bringing home a much lower paycheck than you or your wife could even imagine living on. I have a lot of concerns about the new "Obamacare" along with the taxes being forced on us Americans and debts you are adding to our country. I have a few questions for you Mr. President.

Have you ever struggled to pay your bills? I have.

Have you ever sat and watched your children eat and you eat what was left on their plates when they were done, because there wasn't enough for you to eat to? I have.

Have you ever had to rob Peter to pay Paul, and it still not be enough? I have.

Have you ever been so sick that you needed to see a doctor and get medicine, but had no health insurance because it was too expensive? I have.

Have you ever had to tell your children no, when they asked for something they needed? I have.

Have you ever patched holes in pants, glued shoes, replaced zippers, because it was cheaper than buying new? I have.

Have you ever had to put an item or two back at the grocery store, because you didn't have enough money? I have.

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep, because you had no clue how you were going to make ends meet? I have.

My questions could go on and on. I don't believe you have a clue what Americans are actually going through and honestly, I don't believe you care. Not everyone lives extravagantly. While your family takes expensive trips that cost more than most of us make in two-four years, there are so many of us that suffer. Yet, you are doing all you can to add to the suffering. I think you are a very selfish and cold hearted man, who does not care what is best for the people he was elected by (not by me) to represent, but more so out for the glory of your name attached to history. So thank you Mr. President, thank you for pushing those of us that are barely staying afloat completely under water and driving America into the ground. You have made your mark in history, as the absolute worst and most hated president of the United States. God have mercy on your soul!


Yolanda Vestal

Average American

So who is Ms. Vestal? What is her background? According to BizPac Review:

A divorced mother of two teenage daughters, Vestal also has a son who lives with his father. While she and her ex-husband work together to do what's best for their children, Vestal said, the economy has changed, putting a financial strain on both households. She makes too much money to receive assistance, she said, but barely enough to get by.

Vestal has received offers of help, but she said she's not looking for handouts or charity, and that's not the reason she wrote the letter.

"I'm not worthy," she said. "I'm one of millions."

She merely wanted to express her opinion that legislation pushed by the administration in the last few years is hurting people.

"Right is right, wrong is wrong," she said. "What they're doing is wrong."

Vestal said she's received a few negative comments, and some critics have made assumptions about her and her children. But she said she replies with, "God bless you," and moves on to the next message.

The president was in Dallas Wednesday night for two campaign fundraisers – including a private dinner that commanded as much as $32,000 per plate, according to the Dallas News.

"One plate for dinner is equal to a year's salary for some of us," Vestal said.

Though I am not a single parent, I can identify with many of the things referenced in Ms. Vestal's letter. Our family wears lots of hand-me downs. We've faced the financial crunch. We've had to cut back at times on certain meals and heck, we are already very frugal! However, there is not one word that I disagree with in her letter. She has rightly called out Barack Obama, who thinks he is in office to be served, rather than serve. Well done Yolanda!

What are your thoughts?

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61 thoughts on “Thank You, Mr. President – Single Mother’s Viral Letter Blasts Obama for Driving America into the Ground

  1. Elizabeth Ingham says:

    I'm no where near a single mother, but I have a 5 month old and I'm going to college. I'm a hard worker, but there aren't any jobs that are willing to hire me. Everything that doesn't require college is already taken. I was on foodstamps, but due to a mistake when re-registering, I've been taken off that. I still have WIC, but they can only do so much. I also recently read that by 2015 everyone in my race category (White) will be a minority compared to all other races in the country. :( How did that happen? Anyway, I'm paying for my college credits with federal grants and loans I probably will never be able to pay off unless my "career" actually pays off. I live with friends to try to help everyone "share" the burden, but only helps a little. I wait for Christmas and birthdays to ask for new clothes and even then, other family members (though way better off that I) are struggling as well and can maybe squeeze a pair of jeans per holiday. I barely manage to stay in the under garments I currently own, mere shreds of the once sturdy fabric. My fiance tries his best to better the situation when he's not in classes at BHSU, but even then we barely make a dent and it gets filled back in when he goes back to class. I desperately want things to be better,but we're making absolutely no progress, even with all the help we get from everyone. My 5 month old is in borrowed clothes in a borrowed crib/ playpen depending on where we're staying. We barely keep diapers on him. My fiance has had to skimp on college materials to keep him in them. It's absolutely rediculous and something needs to be done. My son qualifies for Medicaid, but only until he's one and a month after I had him I was kicked off, so now I'm not covered at all. I just thank my lucky stars that he isn't one yet.

  2. She's right. Only thinks of himself....the ego monster.

  3. She told the truth and for some reason there are people in this world that just can't grasp what the truth is!

  4. She was just being nice.

  5. Everything about Obama is created. There is nothing about his that is real. Birth Certificate, Draft Registration(tampered with) Passport (tampered with) Social Security Numbers and on and on! Why would a man(or woman) who made it into the White House(I have never called him President because he is not) spend his first day in office sealing all of his records? How does a person enter Occidental College as a foreign student Barry Soetoro and then presto become Barack Obama when he attended Columbia University? I don't believe we can impeach him because he is not legal. I believe we need to all get together and force him to open all of his records and that should go up to the Supreme Court, because we are under attack by Obama , Valerie Jarrett(Iranian born, communist, Chicago slumlord, patient dumper(along with Michelle Obama and Axelrod at University of Chicago Medical Center) is the real president that feeds Obama his instructions. Just who has been threatened in the Supreme Court? Perhaps John Roberts?

    • Trace Elemental says:

      SCOTUS John Roberts told them the bill was unconstitutional and told them to take it back .they didnt.. plus the fact the bill originated in the Senate ..which is MUST originate in the House..all bills must. we have a huge conspiracy [not theory..but a factual conspiracy] in Congress and the white house.I think the only thing that can stop it is a military coup like the egyptians did. because even if someone were to shoot this enemy combatant muslim pig.. they rest would still be breathing.

    • I have to hope that all these generals and high ranking officials that have been let go from the military have in some way put something together... I just cant believe they went quietly into the night. After 8 years Air Force, I found it difficult to just walk away. I can't imagine after 20, 30, 40 years.

  6. There is NOTHING that would work better for this lady than a roaring economy with good jobs for everyone who needs one. Obama's plan is to ruin the economy by running us into DEEP debt (aka vote-buying) and then control the lives of all Americans who will become beholdin' to the FedGov and the "generous" democrat party.

    Just THINK- have you EVER seen a president who has, on so many occasions, made a special effort and spent extra money to damage the lives of ordinary Americans for political advantage? That episode during the FedGov shutdown of blocking 90 year-old wheelchair-bound vets from THEIR WWII Memorial- an OPEN-AIR SIDEWALK-ACCESS facility, says it all. And there are hundreds of other examples.

    Only an arrogant, uncaring, un-American political animal would do these things.

    Thanks, Barack.

  7. Well said!