Remember Wal-Mart Giving Away Unlimited EBT Access? This Insider Reveals Who Really Paid the Bill

Last month’s EBT-glitch shopping spree landed those who abused their benefits in hot water when Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal cancelled their SNAP cards. Taxpayers were assured that their dollars would not go to fund the chaotic free-for-all that ensued when shoppers discovered that their benefit cards suddenly had no limits. Wal-Mart made the decision to override the emergency measure of allowing only $50 per card and rang through heaping full carts of goods. The corporation publicly stepped up to the plate and said that they would take the loss. The government was out nothing, and Wal-Mart saved the day.

walmart ebtBut who really paid for the recklessly allowed spending frenzy?

Was it the managers who made the decision to allow the shoppers to clear the shelves?

Was it the corporation itself cutting a check?

According to one employee (who has spoken on condition of anonymity) it is the hourly employees who have paid these bills.

Within days of the spree, Wal-Mart employees, who make minimum wage or just over, were sent home early. Schedules were revised, hours were cut, and shifts were cancelled.

The anonymous employee described what happened:

I just read your write up on the Louisiana EBT fiasco. I happen to live in northwest Louisiana, where the no-limit food stamp shopping sprees occurred at several local Wal-mart supercenters.

I also work for Walmart in the same market where the shelf clearing, free-for-all occurred.

While you mentioned that yes, the tax payers are not having to foot the bill for this “act of theft”, let me tell you who paid to cover Walmart’s gigantic loss: Walmart employees!!!!!!! How you ask? By major cuts in payroll hours across this market area.

About 3 days after the story broke in the news, hours began being cut by a verbal request from management to associates to go home early. Soon after that signs went up by the time clock telling associates to recheck their schedules, as changes had been made. A few days later, the next sign that went up. It said, “if you are not scheduled, SEE MANAGEMENT BEFORE OVERIDING and clocking in.” In other words, we’ll decide who we want to be here today and who we want to go home on a daily basis.

The next cut came in the next posted schedule. Many associates, including myself had no hours, but many came to work anyway. The next week, people were cut to 32 to 35 (full time employees). Not so sure about part time and temps. Signs are still posted by time clock as of 3pm today saying check with management before clocking in if not scheduled. Never in my [redacted to protect privacy] years of service have I seen that sign until this EBT thing.

No salaried managers, whether directly involved in the bad decision or not, were affected with pay cuts. Just hourly associates.

I’m sure if you were to contact those in charge of this decision to outright steal from the employees, you would receive a completely different explanation for the payroll cut. It would go something like, “low sales …blah blah blah…over budget on supplies…slow shopping season, etc etc etc.” But what I’m telling you is the truth. Ask the employees of this market. Ask any employee who has been with this company 5 or more years, and they will all tell you the exact same thing. We’ve overheard it from our managers, and yes, it’s spiraled through the rumor mill, but it’s the simple truth.

I choose to remain anonymous in order to protect my ability to put food on my table and keep the lights on for me and my family, as jobs in my community are few and far between.

If you check the corporation’s “Working at Wal-Mart” page, you’ll see a different picture of corporate culture that has been painted by a rather dishonest copywriter.

We’re known around the world for helping our customers and Members save money so they can live better. We do that on a foundation of integrity – by being honest, fair and objective. This is the basis of our unique corporate culture and how we bring our mission to life. And it begins with the values and morals that were deeply rooted in our company by Sam Walton.

Walton was known for treating employees well, offering benefits, and extending the opportunity to earn higher wages based on merit and hard work.

Many years ago Wal-Mart’s founder, Sam Walton, figured out the value of creating a true employee partnership. He knew that under the right circumstances every employee has the capacity to be a business leader. For this reason he pushed decision-making downward by empowering all of his employees to act like business owners. Sam Walton referred to his “employees” as “associates” so they would act like entrepreneurs, and take ownership of the business. To really capture that feeling that owners feel, Wal-Mart offers profit-sharing to all of Its employee associate partners. At Wal-Mart profit-sharing is not a something for nothing proposition. Only when predetermined sales, expense, and profit goals are met do the associates share in the company’s profits. (source)

After Walton died in 1992, however, his children took over the company and began focusing on profit over people. The growth of the company skyrocketed, from $43.8 billion in revenue to $447 billion in revenue in 2011. That growth came on the backs of the employees, however.

Wal-Mart’s new leaders took to heart one element of the founder’s business philosophy–the importance of reducing costs–but they didn’t show his intuition about the importance of making employees feel as though they had a stake in the company. They were already at a disadvantage as it was. Wal-Mart’s rate of growth was impressive but slower than in its early years–the inevitable result of becoming so big–and this weakened the appeal of such incentives as stock ownership. But character also played a role. The company’s focus on saving money was leading it to make unrealistic demands of local managers, particularly with regard to payroll, and this pressure would eventually lead to serious trouble.

The simplest way to save money is to avoid paying people for all the hours that they’ve worked–a practice called off-the-clock work. Of course, Wal-Mart can’t explicitly force employees to work off-the-clock. But it can set payroll targets that are nearly impossible to achieve without doing just that. As one manager explained toThe New York Times in 2002, “You got to hit the payroll budget they set for you, but if you’re over, they discipline you.” Plausible deniability, then, becomes essential. Workers get assigned more work than they can possibly complete on their shifts–while being warned that overtime is out of the question. No intelligent employee would fail to get the message: Finish the job by whatever means necessary. “We worked off the clock pretty much every shift,” one employee told the Times. “The manager said if our jobs were not finished, we had to clock out and finish our jobs so no overtime would show up.” (source)

Wal-Mart’s slogan is “Save money, live better.” Apparently that whole “live better” part doesn’t apply to their employees. The website “Making Change at Wal-Mart” describes the plight of employees of the corporation. If you really want to know who is paying for the EBT shopping spree, these are the people whose hours have been cut to subsidize the bad decision of Wal-Mart managers.

  • Although the company will often cite higher numbers, the average Walmart Associate makes just $8.81 per hour according to a study published by Bloomberg News. An employee who works Walmart’s definition of full-time (34 hours per week) makes just $15,500 per year. That means hundreds of thousands of people who work full-time at Walmart still live below the poverty line.

  • Many Walmart workers are forced to utilize state subsidized benefits. Three major studies—one in Georgia, one in California, and one in Massachusetts—found that Walmart was the employer that had workers most reliant on government assistance. It is estimated that Walmart employees cost taxpayers more than $1 billion nationwide.

  • As of January 2012, Walmart no longer offers health benefits to employees who work less than 24 hours per week. Walmart also raised premiums for full time employees by up to 120 percent.

  • Walmart has a long history of denying its employees the right to organize and right to collectively bargain. The company deploys numerous anti-union tactics, including requiring workers to attend anti-union meetings and specially training supervisors in union avoidance.

  • Back in 2005, a memo from Walmart’s then Vice President of Benefits Susan Chambers outlined a strategy for how the company could remove sick workers from the payrolls and avoid paying healthcare benefits.

  • Many Walmart workers are forced into “flexible” schedules, which means “shorter shifts, [making] it difficult to schedule their lives, and unleash Darwinian forces on the sales floor that damage[s] morale.”

  • “The [flexible scheduling] policy is designed to force higher-paid full-time workers to reduce their status to part-time, or quit (and be replaced with part-time workers), since this would save Walmart ‘enormous amounts of money from reduced salaries and benefits paid.’”

  • Because many warehouse workers are “temporary”, despite working for the same facilities often for years on end, they are subjected to rock-bottom wages, dangerous working conditions and do not receive any kind of employer-provided benefits.

Some people reading this are probably saying, “Why don’t they just quit?” or ”It’s their choice to work there.”

In the United States more than 102 million people do not have a job. In many parts of the country, particularly rural regions, Wal-Mart is one of the biggest employers in the area. If there are no jobs around, would you give up a job, even a bad one? For many employees, this is the only option other than welfare.

It’s a disgusting example of corporate greed to punish those who are struggling to get by for the mistakes of thieves who took advantage of a computer malfunction and the highly-paid salaried employees who made the decision to ignore the established $50 limit and allow them to do so.

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About Daisy Luther
Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]
  • DJ

    AS a walmart shopper I personally hate to shop there first of all you have all the registers with over half of them closed long lines of people and not enough cashiers walmart has the work for people but the owners have gotten greedy.

  • zagozana

    How McDonald's and Wal-Mart Became Welfare Queens

    It seems that welfare queens are back in the news these
    days. The old stereotype was an inner-city unwed mother -- that’s
    dog-whistle-speak for black -- having multiple babies to get ever bigger
    welfare checks (throw in a new Cadillac and the myth is complete). Regardless, welfare reform of the 1990s ended that narrative.
    the new welfare queens are even bigger, richer and less deserving of
    taxpayer support. The two biggest welfare queens in America today are
    Wal-Mart and McDonald's.

    Barry Ritholtz is a Bloomberg View columnist who writes about finance, the economy and the business world. He started ...

    This issue has become more known as we learn just how far
    some companies have gone in putting their employees on public
    assistance. According to one study, American fast food workers receive more than $7 billion dollars in public assistance. As it turns out, McDonald's has a “McResource” line that helps employees and their families enroll in
    various state and local assistance programs. It exploded into the public when a recording of the McResource line advocated that full-time employees sign up for food stamps and welfare.
    Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest private sector employer, is also the biggest
    consumer of taxpayer supported aid. According to Florida Congressman
    Alan Grayson, in many states, Wal-Mart employees are the largest group of Medicaid recipients. They are also the single biggest group of food stamp recipients. Wal-mart’s "associates" are paid so little,
    according to Grayson, that they receive $1,000 on average in public
    assistance. These amount to massive taxpayer subsidies for private
    Why are profitable, dividend-paying firms receiving taxpayer subsidies?
    The short answer is, because they can. The longer answer is more complex and nuanced.
    Both McDonald's and Wal-Mart are engaging in perfectly legal behavior. The system was set up long ago in ways that failed to imagine companies doing this. Yes, they are taking advantage of the taxpayer, but they are also operating within the law.
    Which means it is time to change those outdated rules.
    The simplest solution is to raise the minimum wage. If full-time employees
    are living below the poverty level -- especially those with children --
    its no surprise they are going to need public assistance. Raising the
    minimum wage over a period of time will eliminate much of this corporate
    welfare. The costs will be slightly higher prices at fast food restaurants and low end retailers.
    The next proposal is more severe: Charge back the amount of public assistance any employee receives to the company he or she works for. It would be separate from
    tax filings, and simply be a direct penalty charged to the firm. I doubt there is much political will for this proposal, but I can see some people -- especially on the Left -- supporting it.
    The most radical idea is bit of pure fantasy: Guarantee every person in America a
    minimum salary. That is a proposal under discussion today in Switzerland. Its hard to even imagine such a concept gaining traction in the U.S. outside of the Great Depression era.
    My politics are pretty middle-of-the-road, and I find myself offended by
    subsidizing profitable companies this way. As a taxpayer, there are much
    better things I would like to see my monies go towards. Some rule
    changes are needed to end this wasteful spending.
    We should get corporate welfare queens off of the public teat. Regardless of your
    politics, it is an issue that politicians on both the Left and the Right can agree upon.

  • Average Joe

    The largest company in the wourld and they play this crap? No wonder while I dont shop there any more. Havent in several years. I HATE WALLMART!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bar0Ranch

    Walmart was the employer that had workers most reliant on government assistance.

    Wonder how many of the EBT scammers were employees??

  • Michael

    The author is a shill pushing for unions. Walmart doesn't stop unionization although any company would be crazy to embrace it. Associates at Walmart have the right to organize and attempts are made regularly. The fact is the people who vote don't want unions.

    I was a Walmart store manager for 11 years. I have worked for other retailers also. It is truue management assigns more work than can possibly be accomplished. That is true with most jobs. Companies have an obligation to thier owners to make as big of a profit as possible. My current job is with AT&T in technology and I regularly struggle against impossible odds to finish and I often don't.

    None of the companies including Walmart have policies encouraging working off the clock. Walmart will terminate anyone who works off the clock. Regardless of the company some managers ignore company policy, laws and even forget their personal integrity. If you or anyone you know feel you're required to work for free call the corporate office and they will handle it.

    This jerk wants to correct all problems of the world and have Walmart pay for it. If Walmart has a high number of employees getting government aid consideration should be given to the fact the company has more employees than any other compa.

    Unionize Walmart and they will have to raise prices. If Walmart does so will ever other company.

    It is possible that hours were cut to correct for the food stamp mistake but I imagine another more reasonable answer exists.

    People believe what they choose.

  • Noseknows

    What is funny is that everyone is in such an outrage over this incident, but where is the outrage about the amount of fraud that is committed every day with the taxpayers money. People with 5 or 10 free phones, trading food for drugs, alcohol etc. etc., illegals getting benefits. The government really needs to "crack" down on these thieves. I'm all for helping out someone who really needs help and getting a limited number of benefits. But not for a lifetime.

  • cmjay

    I don't shop at WALMART - everyone please do the same.

  • James Hubbs

    Who's surprised by this ? That is the menatlity of all corporations now and there is really nothing we can do about it. Well not exactly we can do something about but it will take all of us and if we all are willing to do it we would put corporations on hold and just clean house on the Federal Government. After we do that the corporations will behave differently.

  • jamman55

    So get an education and work for yourself. Why the whining? Grow up and learn how to overcome obstacles.

  • Keyboard Cowboy

    2 sides 2 every story. Obamacare is the reason for parttimers losing their insurance and higher premiums. A business is there to make the owners a profit. If you don't like working for 8.10, maybe you should improve your job qualifications.

  • Oline Wright

    I hope that they take into account that some people might not know how much is left so that those who were only a small amount on their cards are not unduly punished. While those who could be reasonably suspected that they knew that they were not entitled to the massive amount of purchases they bought are punished. I mean there have been times where I when using food stamps or even cash knew about how much I had but when I reached the checkout the amount in the cart was over the amount I had. In this case those who shopped as I did would not have known who much they were over and thus been unable to remove items to make it right.

    • Michael

      I'm certain that the woman with less than a dollar left knew she was not entitled to leave with $700 in merchandise.

  • JRCancio

    Let's look at this another way; what if this was part of test by the government. They tell us there was a computer problem and EBT cards did not work in seventeen states. Then the government tells us at some stores EBT cards had unlimited credit - also blamed on the same computer glitch. Sorry computers don't do that; a computer glitch would have been universal - I think this was purely a test to see what would happen in a controlled situations involving two vectors. If this be so, time to start thinking what is the government and those people in power are up to - you had better also remember those people in control of our government today once talked of eliminating a minimum of 25,000,000 Americans to establish control and domination of America.

  • geneww1938

    Can't believe this conclusion.

    Every person leaving the store was clearly recorded on the numerous security cameras.

    The police departments [with help from the FBI, National Security Agency and Homeland Security each] have near instantaneous individual recognition software to identify most of these culprits [by their on-file driver photos, passport photos, mug shots etc] within days.

    The mob criminals must be busted [if only to proved they can be caught] to prevent the next mob robbery if they think they are immune if everyone-else does not to pay. The failed EBT does not legalize this crime.

  • lokiswife

    When I read the news that WalMart had agreed to honor the EBT cards for any amount during the blackout, even though the EBT rules specified a $50 limit in that situation, I knew that somehow WalMart would skip out of paying the tab for that. I figured that the taxpayers would get the bill, but this is egregious. Who was the idiot who okayed the overrule on the $50 limit? I am glad that Bobby Jindal is going after those who took hundreds of dollars worth of food and other goods. They knew they were stealing. That woman who had over $700 worth checked out when the system came up and showed she had 70 cents left on her card was as much a thief as if she had shoplifted the goods. How much profit did WalMart make last year? How much did the Walton family members get last year? There should be enough there to cover the EBT overrun tab....

    • Michael

      Walmart is paying. If employees had hours cut which I doubt this is the reason it would be one way Walmart paid.

      If an employee breaks something the cost is born nit by the single employee but all employees and customers.

  • DAY8293A

    Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave. He used to make sure he sold made in USA products whenever he could. His children are probably democrats, they forced all their suppliers to find made in China products over all else.... Try to avoid Wal Mart at all costs.

    • Michael Burch

      Back around 1988 I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Walton.At that time we lived in the Leeds ,Alabama area.My wife worked in the garden shop.It was time for her to get off from work, and I had stopped to pick her up.The garden shop was extremely busy and she told me she wouldn't be ready for about another1.5 hours..Rather than go on back home...I decided to water their plants in the parking lot.They were wilted from lack of water..As i was watering them this tall man in bib overalls drove up in a pickup truck.He got out and walked over to me.He asked me where the store manager was..I said that I did not have a clue.He looked at me and said that was not good,as I should at least have an idea as to where my manager was.. I laughed at him,and said ,,I do not work here,my wife does and she has to stay longer than usual because they are really busy.He just looked at me..then he stuck out his hand,and said he was sorry.He also said that he was grateful for me watering his plants..I said your plants ? he said yep..Let me introduce myself...I am Sam Walton..and thank you for watering my plants..We had a little conversation as to what i did for a living..I told him I was the grower ,and head field supervisor foe a large landscaping company,He invited me to come on up to Arkansas ,he wanted to hire about that..I declined his invitation..He was a very genuine man ..It is a shame to see his business as it is now..You are correct Sam Walton is rolling over in his sad

    • Kent2012

      An example of what a genuine American who has a business that is bigger than he or she can handle themselves....What a great guy. You did what good people do, you saw something amiss and proceeded to correct the situation...Wal Mart is taking a beating that is sometimes deserved and oft times not...making money somehow has become evil, why? because if you do so successfully you are considered a devil is all of your employees are not driving Cadillacs and golfing with kenyan boy...

    • Jordi VanWinkle

      making money is not evil. Not taking care of your employees is. The major point here is that most walmart employees are below the poverty line. They could at least pay them above the poverty line.....

    • Kent2012

      maybe so Jordi, but what is the poverty level? I worked for Wally world once many moons back. Sam had moved far away from daily hands on management and the "ladder climbing dorks" began to do their thing. An management information blip came our contained a number of policy "adjustments that would soon be was very telling, given what is happening right now as we communicate.....The employee hours mix at that time (1989) was 70% full time/30% part time, the pending mandate - flip this statistic on its head. I told other assistant managers that I felt it was a poor choice. I did not think of it from the point of the employee and their wages, but from a point of staffing and the loss of employee moral and faithfulness. There is a great deal of comedy going on in the market today and the "living wage" is a large part of the conversation. I agree with you and I disagree with you. Why? All businesses have entry level positions and salaries. Those numbers are based(derived, developed)on a number of factors. I know you are aware of the education factor, and there are many others that go into what should be the "pay" for this "job". These discussions can (and do) take up the major portion of text books devoted to management....What is the answer then? You do your best to set a "regional entry level wage" for jobs that will allow you to compete in the market for good employees....sometimes there is no competition, why? there are no other jobs....It would be my sincere wish to pay people more then they can wheelbarrow home each week, but reality would cause that to be foolish.....

    • Michael Burch

      Good call....I was in management for 40 years ..good managers will always try to take care of their employees..and when that is no longer possible they will often quit.All this about wal-mart is just a shame...Yes it is not the company it once was...whose fault is that ??I suppose we can lay the blame on Sam Walton's children...Or we can share that blame with our government, and it's idiot policies regarding businesses in general.The free market system has always taken care of it's abusers ..remember..W.T. Grant..or Woolworth/Woolco...poor management..but good call ..Kent2012

    • Michael

      BuMost Walmart employees are part time workers with little or no education particularly above 8th grade. Should every customer pay extra for every purchase to give unqualified workers a living wage? I imagine to you tge answer is yes.
      I didn't have an education I earned poor wages and worked multiple jobs. In addition I got me a degree. I put extra effort into what I provided the company and I received advancement.

    • Michael Burch

      What does someone having or not having an education do with them deserving a liveable wage...If they are unqualified for working ,than do not hire them..But stop using a lack of education as an excuse to take advantaged of them.I do believe in rewarding those workers who ...WORK..and contribute to the success of any business.I do NOT believe in rewarding employees simply for showing up or because they have been there a long time.The best workers get the best simple is that.Like Jordi VanWinkle just wrote...'making money is not evil...Not taking care of your employees is'....

    • disqus_dDOVNnCOZH

      Running a business is not as easy as you believe. What business have you run in your life?

    • Michael Burch

      My own nursery business(I have a degree in horticulture),as a grower,supervisor..the drycleaning general manager of 2 plants,6 dry stores,and 2 pickup and delivery routes...we were doing 1.5-2 million dollars per year..considering the average drycleaners does about 150-200,00.00 dollars per year.AND this was with out advertising. Just word of mouth Advertising from happy customers...The last landscape job I headed up was a 1.5 million dollar job in Texas at an affiliated food store distribution center (keller texas) that was about 20 years ago...does that satisfy your curiosity disqus_dDOVNnCOZH....What business have you run in your life ??

    • disqus_dDOVNnCOZH

      For the last 5 years I have been heading a private security company based in New York and have offices in 6 states. We employ over 6,000 employees ranging from guards and investigators to vice presidents. As president of the company I was able to get more contracts and our revenues rose from under $300 million to over $440 million. I joined this company as a manager 15 years ago and rose through the ranks until I became President 5 years ago.

      Dealing with all these employees as well as complying with government mandates is not only difficult it is time consuming and costly. Security business is heavily regulated business with a lot of competition. There are so many rules and regulations that it would make your head spin.

      Before my current position I ran a travel agency with 25 agents with revenues of tens of millions and a construction company with revenues just over $ 100 million. Construction business is very difficult business to run due to unions, regulations and potential of injury to workers.

      In all these positions I got promotions based on merit. I did not keep myself dumb down and ask for more, I kept myself abreast of the the new realities of job market. It was difficult to go to schools and training centers while keeping a very demanding job but was not impossible. Where there is a will there is a way. Instead of spending my weekend nights in the bar I took night classes to learn something. At home I did not spend time watching base ball on TV. Instead I read books. And yes I was able to spend time with my family also. I have absolutely no regrets that I don't know which is the best baseball team or who is the hottest Hollywood star because this kind of knowledge does not make me more employable.

      I have learned that most of the employees want more after getting more yet at the same time do not want to fulfill their responsibilities. It is easy for an employee to accuse the employer of a wrongdoing but it is very costly and distracting for an employer to defend himself in court even when the employer eventually wins. It is easy for employees to ask for raise but it is very difficult, if not impossible, for the employer to raise the price of his product or service, to give a raise to his employees, without driving his business to his competetors.

      I have experienced some of the finest employees also, but they are exceptions.

      I hope this much knowledge about me will help you sleep better at night. Just because you ran some businesses does not make you the smartest person in the room.

    • Michael Burch

      I am impressed...I never said nor claimed to be the smartest person in the room..I was responding to your criticism...I have worked all my life..supported two families..Now I am not able to work..and I hate that..I have a lung disease,kidney failure..and diabetes...never smoked or did drugs either..go figure..As to you comments about employees wants verses abilities...I agree with that..As I have seen it over and over..You know as well as I do there are employers that do take advantage of their employees..That is not the norm.for sure'''but it does happen..Do good employers get the shaft from their employees...yes..are the courts prejudiced against employers..yes..I have been told by judges that employers have more money than employees ..and subsequently will favor employees..You are to be lauded for your accomplishments..and I do so... My apologies for my smart *ss remark...sorry..I wish you well,and thank you for your response..I know you guys are trying to cover a lot a bases..and are very busy..,So with that thought..have a good night,,,and take care...mike burch

    • Conservative_Forever

      Sure they can pay them more . . . if they want to layoff workers. A business is not a charity. Walmart isn't "evil" by paying their employees so little, they are "good" by giving them a job at all! Sure the workers have to use government welfare to supplement their salaries but isn't that better than having the workers use government welfare as their ONLY source of income? The problem is that we have forgotten personal responsibility and allowed people to have a decent life even when they lack a proper work ethic or an adequate skill base. Even worse, we let people have a decent life when they refuse to work altogether. We need to return to Biblical principles. As Paul stated in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, "The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat."

      Isn't it funny that the only person who doesn't have a guaranteed income at my business is me because I am the owner of the business? I have to pay my workers at least minimum wage plus a variety of benefits, limit their hours, give them holidays but I get no guarantee of any income whatsoever.

    • Michael

      Walton's children were brought up in his way of thinking. Don't believe what this one guy wrote. Walmart is not unionized. It is the largest retailer in the world which makes them the big fish to catch.

    • Michael Burch

      I have read several articles about this..Just who to believe is the question..I also know the Walton family gives a lot back to the communities,Look at the postings they do on missing children..that has resulted in many of those kids being located .The big question is ..can wal mart do more..of course it can..Another complaint of mine in the amount of products they regurgitate from China,Thailand,Indonesia,..It would hurt to do like their daddy American...;And don't give me this ..they have to be able to compete junk .either.

    • Michael

      The Walton family doesn't run the company. The Walton's support conservative causes. The company stays out of politics. They did see Obamacare as a way to get government to pay more and supported that particular f#ck up

    • DAY8293A

      Then they are worthless P.O.S. They should take care of their employees just like their father did. If they really "don't run the company", which I don't believe, they should start living up to their father's standards. My sister works there, and from what she tells me, it is about as bad as the working conditions at the Post Office,,, someone yelling at you about what a f . up you are all the time, while the bosses get big bonuses and the employees get pizza if goals are met. Only difference is there is a union, which mainly takes care of the minorities. If you are white at the post office, you will take up the load from the minority slackers who have to be hired under affirmative action. That is why they always try to place the post office near a minority location in the town. They have to hire quotas based on the number of minorities in "that area",, not the whole city. Hence, the service sucks due to quota black hiring, and poor morale for the actual working whites there.

    • disqus_dDOVNnCOZH

      No body is responsible to take care of anybody. It is your own job. If one job is not favorable to you move to another or start your own business. Stop blaming the others for your own shortcomings.

    • DAY8293A

      The reason unions started, are just that attitude. When employers take care of their employees, they work harder and produce more and make more money for the company in the long run. When they don't, you get conditions like the early 20th century that led to the formations of unions, and the rise of communism. Lack of some little care for your fellow man leads to then end of democracies. Pay a living wage, or the government will take it from you in higher taxes and pay them to sit on their backsides and eat twinkies watching TV.....

    • Conservative_Forever

      You don't need unions and employees should never want unions. In some industries, if you take care of your employees, you get the best employees that money can procure and they end up being so productive that they end up generating even more profits than the increase in wages cost you. In such cases you drive your competitors out of business because they are left with the slackers. In such industries, there is no need for unions since you cannot do better with them.

      In other industries, it hardly matters who your employees are because they really are not all that different from one another. In such cases, you cannot pay them more money because it will not benefit you to do so. If you pay more, you get driven out of business. In such industries, you should not want a union since the union will simply drive up costs and drive you out of business faster.

      Thus, at best, unions are unnecessary. At worst, unions are destructive.

    • DAY8293A

      Which is my point. If businesses that are making billions, don't pay their employees a living wage, they encourage them to turn to unions. Unions made the middle class in this country, but then became as power hungry and greedy as the Rockafellers and such from last century, and became corrupt, giving unions a bad reputation. I like the saying "share the profits" with the working employees and avoid the taxes and unions that lead to "share the wealth" schemes by corrupt politicians and crooked unions.

  • kalli

    I don't think Daddy Walton would have let this happen. Alas, the next crisis coming at these employees will be no job if illegal immigrants are granted amnesty.

  • Snellville bob

    Never let a perfectly good crises go to waste.

  • BostonTea101st

    Sad when even those who have jobs are forced onto the federal dole. No wonder we have exploding welfare rates and taxes. I have to pay for Wal-Mart's employees to eat so that they can spend their EBT benefits at Wal-Mart. Everything works out for the big guy and screws over everyone else.