NM Police Force Man to Undergo Numerous Enemas, Cavity Searches and Surgery with no Evidence to Do So

This past summer, it was reported citizens in a county of Georgia were having blood forcibly drawn via a search warrant on suspicion of drunk driving. A few months after that report it was learned that officers in Texas performed body cavity searches on individual during routine traffic stops. These incidences were in violation of the US Constitution's Fourth and Fifth Amendment; however, police departments maintain the constitutionality of the procedures. In another story, a woman was stripped naked because police stated she was resisting after an arrest for drunk driving. The police video of the incident did not show any resistance by the young woman.

America has been seeing gross violation of individual rights by police departments around the country and it doesn't look like it's getting any better. In New Mexico, David Eckert was detained by police after leaving a Wal-mart store for failing to make a complete stop at a stop sign; then, he was subjected to body cavity searches and forced medical procedures because police believed he was carrying narcotics. Why did police believe this? According to the report, Mr. Eckert was thought, by police officers making the traffic stop, to be clenching his buttocks.

shutterstock_125077178This would sound so ridiculous to be laughable if it weren't true. In a report by The Blaze, Eckert's attorney, Shannon Kennedy, stated that police asked Eckert to exit the vehicle; however, it remains unclear as to why. Kennedy said, "What is so strange about this case is they held him with no evidence. They seized him to collect evidence, to go on a fishing expedition in someone's body."

A fishing expedition that resulted in a 12 hour ordeal for this man.

According to The Blaze:

Upon securing the warrant, Deming police officers took the man to an emergency room, but hit their first snag when a doctor refused to perform the anal cavity search because he believed it to be "unethical."

So police tried again at the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, NM, where doctors agreed to the search.

KOB-TV outlined the disturbing series of events that occurred next, details confirmed by medical records and official documents provided to TheBlaze by Eckert's attorney:

  1. Eckert's abdominal area was X-rayed; no narcotics were found.
  2. Doctors then performed an exam of Eckert's anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.
  3. Doctors performed a second exam of Eckert's anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.
  4. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.
  5. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema a second time. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.
  6. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema third time. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.
  7. Doctors then X-rayed Eckert again; no narcotics were found.
  8. Doctors prepared Eckert for surgery, sedated him, and then performed a colonoscopy where a scope with a camera was inserted into Eckert's anus, rectum, colon and large intestines. No narcotics were found.

Kennedy told the Blaze these are undisputed facts from medical records, not claims made by her client.

Interestingly, Eckert never gave doctors permission or consent to perform any of these procedures and even protested the treatment. However, doctors performed the procedures any way, in violation of the patient's rights and more than likely medical facility policy and procedure. Doctors and nurses cannot perform procedures on a patient when the patient has not given their consent. To do so is to commit assault. Even in a prison facility, inmates must give their consent in order for a medical procedure to be done. In this instance, it seems that Eckert was not afforded a patient right that those convicted of a crime are given when it comes to medical procedures.

According to Kennedy, this entire situation was "a nightmare" and "unfathomable." As someone who has practiced civil rights law for 18 years, Kennedy calls Eckert's situation, "the most egregious case I have ever seen with law enforcement abuse."

Eckert's medical records indicate the preparation for the colonoscopy started at 1 am the next morning; however, the search warrant was only good through 10 pm the night before. So even if the search warrant were legal and valid, it had expired before the colonoscopy prep began. In another interesting twist, the search warrant was only valid in Luna County, NM; but, the anal cavity search and other procedures took place in Grant County at Gila Regional Medical Center.

Eckert has filed a lawsuit. A copy of the documents was provided to The Blaze by Eckert's attorney. (Click the link to download, or scroll to the bottom to review the documents.)

Eckert is not only suing the city, the police officers, county deputies, and the deputy district attorney but the Gila Regional Medical Center and the doctors involved.

So far, neither the city or police department has provided a comment.

If these officials do comment, one can only guess what ludicrous statement will be issued.

As someone who was grilled in ethical and legal issues throughout nursing school and then numerous risk management orientations and yearly updates at various medical facilities, it can't escape me that these doctors who performed these violations against Mr. Eckert missed those equivalent classes in medical school then cared not for their facility's risk management educational training. These physicians are named in the lawsuit and everyone in New Mexico should make a mental note not to seek medical treatment from these charlatans.

The big issue is the violation of this man's Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights based on a supposition of possessing narcotics because he had "clenched" butt cheeks. Did you catch that? A police officer actually had the nerve to violate this man's rights based on this officer's belief that individuals with clenched butt cheeks are hiding narcotics. Think about why you might clench your butt cheeks – having to defecate and trying to hold it to get home or stopping embarrassing flatulence in a public situation or maybe your underwear has ridden up in places it shouldn't causing discomfort. None of this matters.

What does matter is the police being allowed to violate God-given rights based on a "belief" or "supposition" instead of fact or probable cause. Where did this idea come from? If this was an isolated incident, one could attribute it to rogue officers; but, it isn't isolated. Incidents like this are being reported and exposed all over the country. And, it's not just happening with individuals suspected of drunk driving. Routine traffic stops can now result in a violation of your person in the form of permissible rape because of a "belief" by an officer or an officer's supposition based on a body tic.

As a child, I was taught that police officers were your friends, there to protect you and serve you – the most noble of public servants there to protect your life and aid you when distressed. My childhood teaching was thrown out the window some time back when witnessing the changes occurring in law enforcement agencies.

According to liberals, it's acceptable to violate someone's rights. Some individuals believe that if a search warrant is issued, it's valid and legal regardless of whether it forces the individual to give up their Fifth Amendment rights through forced medical procedures or overrides their God-given right to refuse any medical treatment or procedure. These people honestly believe that control of your body is subject to the rule of the government and individuals should be subject to forced medical procedures based on "belief," "suspicion," or means of gaining confirmation if the law has been violated.

If I am not mistaken, forced medical procedures happened in Nazi Germany under the direction of Dr. Josef Mengele to the Jewish population housed in concentration and death camps. I guess to the liberals out there, this was acceptable and remains acceptable if you follow their flawed logic. They would deny this of course, saying it isn't the same. However, I ask, "What's the difference?" Forced medical procedures ordered and performed by those in positions of power regardless of the reason against the population is still forced and a violation of God-given rights. It was wrong in Nazi Germany and it's wrong in America.

David Eckert lawsuit, documents

Letter to New Mexico Medical Review Commission

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About Suzanne Hamner
Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

51 thoughts on “NM Police Force Man to Undergo Numerous Enemas, Cavity Searches and Surgery with no Evidence to Do So

  1. Some of the commenters here who seriously think that this kind of police overreach is something related specifically to Obama need to pull your heads out. I'm no fan of Obama or his continuation and amplification, even, of Bush era executive abuses - but you have Nixon and Reagan's War on (Some) Drugs to thank for the militarization of police forces and abuses like this.

    In fact, the War on (Some) Terror has adopted many of the same strategies, tactics and resources - and in most places across the country, both "wars" take advantage of the continual erosion of constitutional protections for the lower classes (previously poor blacks and Hispanics, as well as poor whites - now basically ALL of us not in the top 3% of income in the US).

    There are two systems of law in this country where the upper echelons get away with a slap on the wrist for offenses that range from tanking the entire economy to allowing local, state and (primarily) the federal government to eavesdrop on all of our communications with (at best) rubber stamp warrants and (at worst) no oversight whatsoever.

    I don't care if they have an R or D after their name - they don't give scratch about you unless you're in their club - and chances are, you're not.

    But back to the topic, if you really want to end this kind of police brutality and abuse, end the War on (Some) Drugs.

  2. This is so hideous that I hope he sues them and all the participating parties out of existence. THEN people need to get those officers AND doctors, insert garden hoses up THEIR azzes, turn on the faucets, and see just how the hell THEY like it. I personally will help....

  3. WOW!!!
    This is why I have little respect for our justice system. I am not embarrassed to say I was a LEO for twenty years, but I was embarrassed to wear the uniform for the last ten years.
    I saw enough here to be sure that the officer or officers must have been either poorly trained in law enforcement or just plain stupid to go that far with their traffic stop without evidence. But, the fact is that the officer himself does not have authority himself to bring it that far, it had to go through upper management. They obviously went over the edge and were desperate to find something to save there own ass; this leads me to believe the cop was the boss's kin or a relative of a political contributor, or the best ass kisser ever. I have seen examples of that many times.
    If Eckert's name was Menendez, it probably would not have happened that way for obvious reasons.
    How many law enforcement officers do you see that are over the age of 50 anymore? Not many right? That is because states, counties and towns have rid themselves of the older more experienced officers through retirement buyouts and the like because they are higher pay scale and high maintenance for the employer. Now they have been replaced with 18 year old wannabe punks whose minds are full of crap and the best ass kisser climbs up the ladder faster than the conscientious person who is dedicated to law enforcement with principles and good image in mind. When these young punks finally learn that 50% of the Criminal Procedure Law is idiotic, they too will be put to pasture as well. You know what they say about "one bad apple", well I can honestly say that modern day law enforcement agencies don't give a rats ass about the citizens or law enforcement in general, but they do care about their own advancement without regard to honesty or integrity; they will lie first, thinking they can always fall back on the truth, but they don't even know what the truth is. Their ego's are bigger that their hearts and half of them are on the wrong side of the bars. Corruption goes to the top and injustice goes to the bottom.
    The arresting officer, the judge that issued the search warrant, the police chief and any other administration connected with this case should face a grand jury and Mr. Eckerd should sue the corruption out of them.

  4. "Eckert has filed a lawsuit". And he will win. Unfortunately, those involved with this miscarriage of justice will skate free while us taxpayers will have to foot the bill for his award.

    • So go find your OWN justice just like the old West did with the horse rustlers. Enough is enough and our 'law' pukes are WAY past 'enough'.

  5. A penetrating article. This invasion is just a backdoor to other civil injustices. I'm sorry if I sound like an ass. Seriously, though... do you REALLY need to be told what the solution is?

    • russellmuscle1 says:

      Ah ha ha ha very funny. I'm sorry, normally I could laugh but in this case.......I feel like the jokes only hurt the victim more.

  6. I think if this guy wins he should have the judge demand those officers and doctors who did this to him go through the exact same forced procedures. Made to take a crap in front of people, and go thru surgery too. Nevermind the money he should get from the county, city, and hospital for allowing this to happen to him. And then fire their asses, no transfers or moving to other towns, they do that too, it's why they get away with this crap. They know if they get into trouble, they can just transfer out and do it again somewhere else. Fired, black-balled from the unions, and complete loss of their PERS retirements. This is the worst kind of disrespect a person can endure, an example of these so-called cops needs to be done.

    • I'd make sure a garden hose was used so they were not quick to forget the lesson. I like your idea. And make it in the PUBLIC square. Citizens have a right to be assured NAZIs are not policing their towns and cities. Time for some serious payment exacted from these evil bas TURDS. Every one of them INCLUDING the judge.

    • Sooner or later Becky, we're all going to have to stop our daily lives and go after DC in force to take back our country. This kind of crap has to stop and the only way they are providing us with is the same way our fore-fathers did it, by force. I think we need an ammendment to our Constitution to not ever allow an attorney to hold a public office. Those guys work the system to the point of not having a way of going against them. If we were to follow our laws, this could literally take us decades to get them out. It has to stop and pretty damn soon.

    • I believe you are right Rusty. Although a lot of us are hoping it will end differently. We hope, but we don't think so. And YES!!! Attorneys have done more to ruin this country than obutthead could ever have dreamed about. They should NOT be allowed in public office. THEY have been the ones perverting our laws for many decades now.

    • Well here's a bit of news for you Becky, Obama and his wife both are Attorneys, along with so many others in the past. Bill and Hillary were also law students I think. The Obama's lost their law licenses they are or at least were attorneys.

    • I know that Rusty thanks. But both obuttheads lost their licenses - despite the reports denying they 'surrendered' them. I believe it was give them up or face the consequences. Only politicians could - or would - call that anything else. Clintons were attorneys too. That was how Hilary baby was involved in the illegal real estate business. Can't remember the label anymore. Sorry. Due to some very bad legal situations in my family where we were wronged and the criminals walked away scott free, I am completely aware of how badly the attorneys in politics have made we innocent citizens into the 'bad guys'. As far as I'm concerned they all need hung as they're no better really than the horse rustlers of old. What they ARE is liars, crooked, and criminals.

    • Sorry to hear about your family's run in with the legal beagles, I think we all have been bit by them in one way or the other. At one time I was involved in a class action suit against an employer, the only person who seen any money was that damn attorney. He took every dime of it, legally! At least the crook I worked for was a crook and didn't pretend to be helping us get paid, he just tried to screw us out of it. The damn attorney smiled the whole time knowing we were not going to see a dime of it. I think we should have an ammendment saying no attorneys will be allowed to hold any office, they do this too and we can't fight back because of the legality. If they are involved in the law then they shouldn't be in a position to make laws, too easy to manipulate the system. Obamas are a perfect example, same with the Clintons.

    • "If they are involved in the law then they shouldn't be in a position to make laws, too easy to manipulate the system."

      Very well said Rusty. I could not possibly agree more than I do.

    • Thanks Becky, maybe we should all start petitioning to the Tea Party or our Reps. to submit this ammendment to Congress and try to pass this one.

    • No point in the Reps. They no longer listen to us. Mine haven't even bothered with a form letter for years now. I don't know what it is going to take, short of getting rid of all the congress criminals and redoing the laws.

    • I think you're right Becky, I only hear from one of my Reps and he's a dem. But he used to listen to us, now I'm not too sure where he stands anymore. I feel we are heading for another Revolution and this one will be far worse than the first one. Sooner or later we're going to have to put differences aside and band together, put daily lives on hold and go after our country again. I served our country most of my life, two tours in Vietnam, and other places around the world but back then it was still a good thing to defend America. Even tho the homecoming was atrocious, we served with honor. The young people today have it much worse than we did, they have to decide if they're going to obey orders from Obama or not. I couldn't do what they are putting up with now. Anyway, it's coming and we'll have to fight.

    • Yes you guys DID serve with honor and I will never forget - OR forgive - the manner in which the Jane Fonda's and pukes treated you guys. That same type of rotten-to-the-core person is what is running our country now. It shows too. I think you're right, God help us all.

  7. Sane people who can do so will move out of the states and areas where these abuses are taking place, gather in groups of like-minded people and prepare for the coming, more severe assault on us by our governments at all levels.

    • Wrong. I shouldn't have to move to avoid tyranny.

    • I agree it is wrong, but I am not wrong or a stupid martyr. Sane people are moving already including out of the USA, and doing exactly as I said. I said "sane people" for a reason as a careful, thinking writer. I'll be blunt: Are you sane or insane?
      If you want to join us and have a hope of surviving you might be welcome. First though you now need to convince me you are sane, trustworthy as a fighter with me and people about whom I care.
      It is not a matter of what you shouldn't have to do but rather what you must do. The sooner you learn that the better off you will be and make right decisions. Choose wisely, I urge you and pray that you do.

    • That's ridicules.
      If you live in a place that you like and your kids go to a school you like and your family lives close by because they like it there, you stay and fight tyranny. What kind of wimp would watch this on the news and say "Honey we gotta move again, I watched the news"! And Jack is right, he should not have to move away from idiots, they are all over. How many times have you moved?

  8. One interesting side note to all of you, It was president Reagan and his Attorney General, Ed Meese who are the architects of this gross abrogation of our rights! If you remember, it was Reagan who declared a "war" on drugs. He delegated the job of implementing it to Ed Meese! Ever since, those who live within 100 miles of the border have been stripped of our fourth amendment right to be free from unlawful searches and seizures. In the past , law enforcement used better judgment as to whose rights they abused. As time went on, law enforcement has become filled with the type of scumbags who are abusing their authority more and more. I hope he can sue! I'm sure law enforcement will try to block any lawsuit with the rules that Ed Meese passed on. The war on drugs has turned into a civil war against citizens by their government! I hope the rest of the country sees what happens when cops are let off the chain! The best case result of all of this, is as a test case to challenge the legality of stripping citizens rights who happen to live too close to the border with Mexico! Is it legal to declare "war" on a contraband and put people under a quasi martial law for an indefinite period of time?

    • You could not be more wrong if you tried and you post as if you are a drug addict, at least an advocate of illicit, street and other illegal drugs use.
      Bill Clinton is in fact the president who bolstered US law enforcement at local levels and funded them for recruiting, training and preparation for the present assaults on us.
      Your blaming Reagan is ludicrous. FYI, Obama is the president. He is responsible although he denies it, indeed even denies he knows what is happening. He is a liar, and you seem to be one too, first to yourself.
      The first clue is your made up childish user name.
      I have proven you wrong, so now over to you. I look forward to your honest, adult reply without any ad hominem attack on me. No, I did not make an ad hominem attack on you. As a qualified professional I observed your behaviors - your post - and gave you feedback on it.
      If you really believe what you are posting what are you doing about it that might be effective and force changes? All I know you are doing is spreading nonsense online and showing yourself to be a brain-addled druggie or advocate of same.

    • russellmuscle1 says:

      You know, this is a very well written paragraph and you made very fine points. The points you made, pretty much everyone here agrees on. The only thing is that you brought up Reagan's war on drugs in the first sentence. From that point, everyone stopped reading and thumbed you down or moved on. You even have a guy here, accusing you of being a drug addict or on drugs and a liar for your non offensive, well written paragraph that makes several good points. Even more thoughtful of him (NOT) is that he demands a response to his professional opinion with no "ad hominem attacks" after such an undeserved verbal assault of your character. Quite the nerve you have there, RonMar.
      Thank you, I wasn't aware that life was so difficult for people living on the border in this respect. Now, because I took the time to read past the first line of your post, I know something I didn't before.

    • Thanks, I new he was just reacting to a perceived attack on Reagan. He was a good man who had an out of control daughter (Patty) who liked to use drugs and pose for Playboy. I think Reagan reacted how a lot of fathers who had the power to do so might have reacted. It should be a lesson to anyone who has power, to use it wisely. It also highlights the lack of the checks and balances that Congress has ceded to the executive over the years. That is why presidents today, can rule by decree!

  9. I have lived in Mexico for 10.5 years and would never trust a uniformed so called officer here nor in the useless and feeble USA.
    ret expat MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM ; ABR w/spec comp NR

  10. Until you start fighting back it will only get worse. He should also sue the judge for issuing the warrant on such flimsy suspicion. The officers should be arrested on assault charges as well as the doctor stupid enough to do the procedure.

    What more could you expect in a state run by left wing liberal pricks.

    • NM is only run 90% "by left wing liberal pricks". We have a fine conservative Governor (Susana Martinez) who is being considered as a VP candidate next year.

  11. A cop in Caldwell Idaho arrested a 66 year old NON-DRINKING woman on a DUI charge last summer. She is 5' tall, barely 100 lbs. and suffers from 2 painful forms of arthritis. She was left sitting on a hard bench all night, not allowed her phone call until the next day. She went to a drug lab after she got out, paid for tests herself and was NEGATIVE for every substance. She still faces trial in December because she refused to plea bargain. To do that she'd have been forced to LIE and admit to SOMETHING when she had not done ANYTHING! Police are no longer to be trusted in most cases.

  12. Independent Voter says:

    Sickening, illegal, unconstitutional, unethical dangerous unsanitary, you name it. Try 300 BILLION.

  13. I hope it's for 300 million and he wins! F'n Liberal goons....

    • Hell no. The taxpayers can't afford $300 million.

    • So? Make THEM pay for it. Every single one of them involved. That was CRIMINAL behavior. Doctors, judges, AND the NAZI police. No citizen was involved and it's time to stop using the citizens to pay for POLICE CRIME.

  14. I hope he sues this county and hospital for everything they have and gets a lot of people fired and banned from living in the state. These are people who should not be allowed to do these kinds of jobs. Disgusting..

    • Scru U! As a NM taxpayer, I can't afford it. However, I do support your "banning" idea.

    • First of all Jack I was born and raised in NM and graduated from UNM. I still own land in NM and I pay taxes as well. Don't give me this crap about you can't afford it. If your law enforcemnt are a bunch of assh*les and you want to live there then you will pay for all the screwups in NM. He will sue and you will end up paying (as will I) so shut up and either move or stay there - your choice - but so far all I see from you is a lot bitching and you get zero sympathy.

    • Like I said, "Scru U"! to which libtard enclave did you move? You have no right to spend my money. I don't hire these "assh*les" and have no say in firing them but they do cost me. Now if all guilty persons were fired that would solve more problems than just paying off the offended.

  15. The problem goes beyond the police and doctors. What about the judge who granted the search warrant? Judges are supposed to protect our rights but too often they just rubber stamp every request by the police.

  16. Erin Jenkinson says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to "assume the position"...

  17. Kiss your City Budget and Police Officers "GOOD-BYE".

  18. I have not had any interaction with the Police for a very long time. I think i got a ticket about 10 years ago, but they have always made me nervous, and now after seeing all the youtube videos and reading all the reports of them violating Peoples Rights i am down right scared for my Wife or Children possibly getting abused or railroaded by these SOBitches.

    • Yeah and when they pull you over they always ask why are you so nervous?
      Because i don't know what the Hell your going to do to me, or how much your going to co$t me for something i didn't even know i did THAT'S WHY I AM SO FREAKING NERVOUS YOU SOB

  19. Horrible! This is pure evil and unfathomable for any person to have to bear! This entire police force should be canned as even one rotten piece of fruit can ruin the entire basket. The spirit of the antichrist is in full force, and lawlessness is on the increase. Scripture tells us the last days will be as pains in child birth, coming more frequently and more painful before His glorious return. "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." PSA 118:8

    • But in the meantime this type of officer and all his pals need to be put down like the rabid skunks they are. They aren't human and aren't entitled to ANY human kindnesses.