New Hampshire Activists Fight to Stop Medicaid Expansion

Both New Hampshire House and Senate committees voted this week to expand Medicaid. Many states have opted out of Medicaid expansion because it is too expensive to implement. Some Governors have implemented Medicaid expansion by executive order despite the political heat.

New Hampshire has both the Republican and Democrat parties advancing a plan to expand Medicaid to 58,000 people. However, while both Democrats and Republicans plan how to implement the costly Obamacare program, Aaron Day, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus is trying to stop it.

obamacare-brochureAaron Day told Joshua Cook, "the Republican led senate came up with a completely unacceptable plan to pass Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. That's why we launched We are threatening to primary 11 of the 13 Republicans state senators who are advancing this bill. We can block this Medicaid expansion. The only way Medicaid expansion will happen in the state of New Hampshire is if the Republicans in the senate allow it to."

"They've [Republican senators] came up with this bogus plan," Chairman Day said. "They are positioning it by saying, 'well we're going to take the federal money for the first three years. We're not going to throw it directly into Medicaid, we will put it into a trust fund that will pay managed care companies directly.'"

Chairman Day continued, "So they are calling this a private market solution, and in the end of three years it will automatically sunset unless the federal government maintains the 100% reimbursement that pays for the Medicaid expansion. Well you and I know this will never happen. It's going to be at the end of 2016 and we're going to be in the middle of an election. Which politician is going to vote to cut a healthcare entitlement that has just been granted to 58,000 people?"

Chairman Day believes that Gov. Hassan will accept the senate plan "because once you have the entitlement in, it's never going away."

"Obamacare actually went live now, and we are now witnessing the disaster of Obamacare. It's no longer the promise of what it might be, it's the nightmare of what it is" said Chairman Day. "We need to remind the senate Republicans that if you are signing up for Medicaid expansion you are buying into Obamacare. My strategy is to do a liberty tour across the state and going directly at to make them aware of the fact that there is money and people behind primarying them if they take this vote."

Cook asked Chairman Day, "If Medicaid expansion is implemented in New Hampshire, how will the state pay for the program after the three years of federal funding runs out?"

"My single point that I'm making in this is that Obamacare and Medicaid expansion equals a state income tax," said Day. "We do not have the income tax at all. It's the defining feature of our state. It's one of the big advantages that we have. There is no doubt about it. We are absolutely going to have a state income tax, and it won't be a small one if we pass Medicaid expansion in this state" said Chairman Day.

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  • giant33

    When you tell the big lie long enough the idiots belive it. Their was never a health care problem in this country. Now you have politicians on both sides tripping over each other to give health care of any kind to anyone who ask for it.(medicaid) There are some that need it and they got it. Far to many don't need it but now ther gonna get it on our dime. The devil and his decibels are loving what this once great Christian nation is turning into.

    • elizabeth greeley

      Our once Great Country is on the verge of total Socialism, total destruction and unbelievable CHAOS!! Why is TORT REFORM ignored?? Is it because the fat cat politicians are mostly LAWYERS. New Hampshire politicians are all LIBERALS. Kelly Ayotte is fine example - yea?? Just read an article from a local NH publication and the Governor has requested Medicaid EXPANSION to 58,000 residents!! Obamacare is ALIVE and EXPANDING in NH. The Socialist Politicians in NH are positioning themselves for 2016..This once great state is now just an extension of Mass. Makes me really want to cry!! No longer the LIVE FREE OF DIE STATE.

  • Becky

    Maybe someday the North Easterners will figure out that THEIR Republicans are really Libs/Commies to anyone else. That is, to anyone with a brain.

  • Ron Smith

    Obamacare is only a disaster because Republicans torpedoed the Single Payer option everyone needed and wanted thus removing the true competition for the insurance companies to just one another. Well any crony with half a brain knows they set pricing over golf so that is no competition at all and here we are.

    • MV

      Medicare and Medicaid have about a 25% to 35% rate of fraud, and there is no incentive to root out the fraud or inefficiencies. A single payer would make thing far worse.

      If you want single payer - look at how bad things are in UK or Canada. If you think that they are so great - why not move there!

      It is un-Constitutional for the federal government to try to do this, much less a single payer plan. I would favor a 'single payer' plan for all Democrats, with an opt out for Republicans. Let the Democrats pay a 10% to 20% tax surcharge on their income tax, while Republicans can continue to have competition and free-market solutions.

    • Becky

      I LIKE your suggestion there MV. Give the Libs/Commies what THEY want and leave the rest of us out of their insanity.

    • Pressed Rat and Warthog

      While there is fraud in Medicare, it also does a great job insuring the elderly who otherwise would be unable to get insurance at all under the existing system. And do you really think the price gouging, waste, fraud, profiteering, ridiculous prescription pricing and over treatment in the private program is ONLY 25-35%? When Canada gets the same results at half the cost we do? And they insure everyone, not just 70% of their population. The waste and fraud in the private system is DOUBLE the percentage it is in Medicare.

      Why not extend Medicare to everyone? It's a proven plan that works well for the elderly that are the toughest part of the population to care for. While you are doing it, spend some time tightening down on the fraud, too.

      Medical care costs in the US are TWICE what they are anywhere else in the world. Why do you think our businesses are having problem competing? Because they have to pay health insurance for their employees while their competitors do not. It is a huge reason we are not growing the economy.

      It is unbelievable how low the information level is on the conservative side of this issue. There is a REASON that every other developed country on earth has given up on private health care. And that reason is it doesn't work.

    • Becky

      Are you for real arguing that REPUBLICANS ruined obutthead's Communist health care plan???? It is just not possible to be THAT stupid and still breathe.

  • Ron Smith

    You can give health insurance to every American and it won't magically change the awful terrible incompetent Indian doctors in the US health care machine right now. Insurance isn't useful if there are no qualified doctors who actually practice proper intelligent medicine.

    • MV

      We need to de-couple insurance from normal medical costs. Too many people want freebies...and they expect the government to pay for vitamins, basic meds (aspirin, birth control, etc.)....all items that should be paid for out of pocket. Let insurance cover HIGH COST ITEMS ONLY!!! (Consider auto insurance - it covers only accidents, not oil changes, repainting the car, new tires, etc. But if run by Democrats, they would have all those thing 'mandated' - and quickly auto insurance would be unaffordable.)

      If individuals paid for out of pocket items (the first $2000, for example) - they would be 'miserly' and would scrutinize all billing and seek 'bargains' - rather than expensive stuff. This is how you would hold medical costs down - a return to what we had in the 1950's/1960's - before HMOs and medical insurance that was a free health care program.

    • elizabeth greeley

      Oh no wrong...not just incompetent Indian doctors, add incompetent Hispanics as well.

  • painterkk

    What makes them think they'll get federal money for three years?

    • Becky

      Fine question there painter....

  • skyman93nh

    I have lived in NH for 34 years. Well there has always been a push from social reformers to have a state income tax and sales tax. More money to piss away on unneeded programs. Social injustice for sure. Designed to picked our pockets. Supposedly to help those people who are unable to help themselves! It's all BS, they have NO desire to lift themselves up....None. But have no problem helping themselves to our hard earned money by way of government entitlements.