Joshua MK5: A True AR/AK Hybrid Semi-Automatic Rifle Set to Hit the Market

At the first of the year, I told you about Amendment Arms, a brand new weapons manufacturer in Arden, North Carolina and their production of an AR/AK hybrid semi-automatic rifle. At that time, there was a lot of talk in Washington to advance more gun prohibition laws and the company was attempting to produce the Joshua MK5, as it is affectionately referred to, by the summer of 2013. There were some setbacks, mostly due to other companies, but I'm happy to say that I have been able to see a fully functioning Joshua and witness it being fired.

CEO of Amendment Arms Ryan Croft with the Joshua MK5

CEO of Amendment Arms Ryan Croft with the Joshua MK5

My two oldest boys and I traveled to Arden this past week to meet with Amendment Arms General Manager Tom Wise and Joshua engineer and CEO Ryan Croft. What we saw made us want to take one home that day, but there are a few cosmetic issues that will be addressed such as anodizing of the metal, which only takes a couple of days.

Instead of writing a long article on the Joshua, since I've pretty much covered that previously, which you can read here, I decided that I will show it to you. Here is some of the video footage we took at Amendment Arms.

In the video below you will see a working Joshua MK5 in a test firing room at Amendment Arms and hear from General Manager Tom Wise as he introduces the Joshua.

In this next video CEO of Amendment Arms and engineer of the Joshua MK5 Ryan Croft demonstrates the specifics that make the Joshua MK5 unlike any other semi-automatic rifle on the market.

I'm very excited after seeing the Joshua MK5. In fact, I'm thinking of selling my AK-47 in order to put money down on another Joshua.

You can also see more video and photos by clicking here.

If you were fortunate enough to get in when I first published my article, then congratulations. You have saved, or made, depending on how you look at it, $200. The price at the time was $895, and of course, if you put down $100 or more you were eligible for a $200 rebate. In that instance, you are looking at a difference of $400. The cost of a new Joshua is now $1095, plus tax and shipping, with no rebate.

Tom, tells me that those who have paid in full will be the first to get their Joshua MK5 and that they will slowly increase their response time, once everything is running smoothly.

Joshua MK5s will begin shipping sometime in December for those who have already paid in full. New contracts on the Joshua will put a deliver time of around 6 months, which will steadily decrease with time.

Additionally, there is a downloadable spec sheet which you can download here for all the technical aspects of the Joshua MK5.

UPDATE: June 29, 2014. The new prices of the Joshua MK-5 is $1545, plus tax and shipping. There are some great rebates offered in the new contracts. If you are interested in ordering a Joshua, visit, or download a contract here.

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15 thoughts on “Joshua MK5: A True AR/AK Hybrid Semi-Automatic Rifle Set to Hit the Market

  1. I was one of the early buyers and I'm pleased that I will soon have my MK-5. I have fired both the AK and the AR, and I've always liked them both. The way I've got it figured, the MK-5 combines the best of both. Plus... I paid a small premium to get the Lothar Walther barrel over a domestic barrel. I plan to have a red-dot laser sight mounted and my wife and I both look forward to using it. Tom Wise and Ryan Croft are two very honorable men, too. Great partners!

  2. Schnickle Fritz says:

    I am very happy that I ordered two. One for my bride and one for myself. I hope we get them in time for Christmas! These look awesome. Thank you for the GREAT article, video's and picture.

  3. we wish the folks all the best and hope that the rifle sells well..have to see about getting one

  4. SWEET!

  5. Ray - Jesus is the Son of God. says:

    This man is your enemy.

  6. I would be more interested if they would also offer it in a 7.62 X 39 which I like better than the 223...I have both and I think the 7.62 is a much better all around caliber....Of course that is just my opinion....

    • Your opinion is perfectly valid is the opinion that 5.56mm is better. The Soviets and the U.S. Army had good reasons to pick their calibers, but that is a long story for another time. Personally, I like the COST of 7.62 x 39. Given a choice, and if money and availability were no object, I like the M-14 rifle and 7.62x54mm. What the heck. Give me an 8-inch howitzer!

    • I'm with ya on the howitzer, might just as well do it up right...pretty heavy load to be carring around though....I just bought the wife a FHN 5.7 X 28 semi auto pistol with 30 round clips for when I travel...she has pretty bad aurthritic hands and I have been trying to find a gun with some smack she can handle and I think I finally found it....When I leave I rack the first round all she has to do is release the safty and she has 30 rounds ready to go...Oh by the way in my neck of the woods we have people with bunkers and rather large cannons even tanks so I would say we are pretty much prepared for what is inevtable and soon I'm afraid...Be safe my friend....

    • The rifle has been designed to be a versatile platform, with the capability of being converted to different calibers, limited to what cartridges can be carried by and will reliably feed from an AR-15 size magazine. The will require the purchase of a
      conversion kit consisting of a different feed ramp, bolt, and magazine. The 7.62 x 39 has a good chance of being the first conversion kit offered. Larger cartridges such as the 308 will require a different receiver to be designed and produced.

    • they will be producing the kits for 7.62 as soon as things are running smooth with distribution of the 5.56.

  7. I read the original article by Tim and decided to go ahead and order one....figured it would be well worth the wait, and the price was fantastic. I expect to be one of the first recipients and can't wait to put a few rounds through it.

  8. Great concept, great looking and great price. How accurate and reliable is it? I would like to see a torture test like the military would do to it!

  9. Nice weapon. I see a LOT of AK parts in it. I love my AK.
    I would like to see more of it in action.

    • Ryan Croft said in one of his videos that he actually managed to build the rifle with fewer parts than the AK....which will certainly help with reliability.