John Kerry & Barack Obama – A Nincompoop Following a Moron

A friend of mine "disappeared" for about a year or so for the "crime" of calling then Senator John Kerry a "traitor." That is not wholly accurate.  If his actions were truly considered a "crime" there would have had to been formal charges. There were none. So I suppose the proper term is "detained."

Personally, I don't think John Kerry qualifies as a "traitor." I have examined the histories of a number of so-called "traitors" from Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold to John Anthony Walker Jr. and they all seemed to possess a characteristic that has evaded Mr. Kerry all his life - true intelligence.

obama_kerry001_16x9Political savvy and true intelligence are not necessarily mutually exclusive traits, but are seldom found in a single person and the latter trait appears to have successfully evaded Mr. Kerry throughout his life which I suppose is what made him such a perfect choice for Secretary of State serving the Moron in the White House; aka: the DSIC (Dip-Stick in Charge).

I may never know for certain, but I do believe my personal experiences and knowledge garnered from years of living in different parts of the Middle East makes me more qualified to deal with Middle East issues than either of the two buffoons currently doing their best to precipitate nuclear warfare in that part of the world; whether from sheer ignorance or malfeasance, only history may be able to determine.

I worked in Iran under the Shah until the day that the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Tehran on February 1, 1979. I lived with my family in an Iranian neighborhood with no other non-Iranians within miles of my residence. I stood in line to buy fresh Barbari bread and shopped in the bazaar for feta cheese, so fresh the goat had not yet burped, and ate lunch daily off a cart in the streets outside Doshan Tappeh Air Base where I worked.

Some might say that I had "gone native" and I will accept that criticism because I was able to leave Iran on February 1, 1979 with the clothes on my back thanks to an Iranian citizen who risked his life to help me get out. Thank you Armen.

What is the combined experience log for the Nincompoop and the Moron? A handful of visits to palaces and such? And just who are they listening to and taking advice from on this side of the pond? Leftist academia educated in liberal colleges, whose most exhilarating and challenging life experience was changing a tire on their Volvo? Or perhaps just the two dozen or so close friends of the Moron, from the Muslim Brotherhood, working in sensitive positions of our government?

Who they are NOT listening to, in their idealistic egotism, is the folks who live in the neighborhood; i.e. the Israelis and the Saudis.

The "treaty" currently being proposed with Iran is the machinations of an ego centric Nincompoop who is being stroked by a Moron. The current economic sanctions are causing Iran significant internal pressure and as every housewife of the 1950's knows if you let pressure build long enough, the cooker will inevitably explode; which would be a good thing for all concerned. That is providing the Moron does not continue to fund the Muslim Brotherhood at quite the pace he has been doing thus far.

So, why would either the Nincompoop or the Moron even consider such an absolute piece of flotsam? Simply because at the moment the Legacy of the Moron will be the abysmal failure of the Affordable Care Act and all the misery it is raining down on the American people. If the Nincompoop can sculpt a "treaty" that eases the tensions between Iran and the United States, then the Legacy of the Moron will be "Peace in Our Time" and when, not if, nuclear war breaks out in the Middle East and possibly on our own shores, the Moron can claim that it did not happen on his watch.

U.S. treaty ratification requires a two thirds majority approval by the Senate and given the overpopulation of the "Go-Along-And-Get-Along" RINOs in the Senate this is a frightening proposition.

The unmitigated debacle known as "The Affordable Act," aka: Obama-Care, has revealed for all to see that "The Emperor Has No Clothes," or translated into more plebeian terms: The Moron has no common sense, and his sole objective is to destroy this nation and all that she stands for.

The conservatives in Congress and across this nation must make it crystal clear to all the Democrats and RINOs in Congress and the Senate that backing anything proposed by the Moron in the White House will result in their permanent unemployment.

The now infamous "Wikileaks" organization has recently released a 95 page, 30,000 word document spelling out details of the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, which will basically negate our Constitution and the total sovereignty of our nation.

The Obama Regime is at war with America. The DSIC has aligned himself with the Muslim Brotherhood and others who have taken oaths to destroy this nation.

Our mission, as concerned citizens of this once great nation, is to educate every citizen, and would be citizen, as to the dangers of this regime and to commit ourselves to opposing this regime at each and every attempt that they make to accomplish even the seemingly most insignificant objective.

The slide into the annals of ancient history for this beloved symbol of freedom and opportunity began long before the current regime was vaulted into almost unlimited power. The requisite limitations have been fully in place for the past 225 years since the Constitution of The United States was ratified.
To stop what may be an inevitable extinction of the American Dream and the American way of life requires no more than We The People to be much more diligent in who we select to represent us, and a determination to monitor and insure that those we elect live up to their oath to "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

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About Darwin Rockantansky
Darwin Rockantansky completed two combat tours in Vietnam before he was old enough to buy a beer. He's the son of a Korean War and Vietnam veteran. Darwin has also worked for the following: the Shah of Iran, then prince / now King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, SHAPE / NATO, Bush One, Reagan Two, Hollywood movie studios and an entrepreneur who started and operated his own software company for a couple of decades. Darwin is also an American Patriot and writes at Red Ink Flowing.

22 thoughts on “John Kerry & Barack Obama – A Nincompoop Following a Moron

  1. As we know the anti-Christ cannot rise to total power until there
    is a peace treaty settled on by both parties in the Middle East.
    Then the building of the new Temple in Jerusalem can proceed.
    We know now that the Jews are preparing the instruments for use
    in that new Temple, so it seems all conditions are in place for this
    rising to power of that "Anti-Christ."

  2. Prompted by this story I have a mental image of a tire on fire rolling down a steep hill, Nincompoop on top, then the Moron, Nincompoop on top, then the Moron, Nincompoop then Moron, Nincompoop Moron, Nincompoop Moron, Nincompoop Moron, Nincompoop Moron, until they blend together in a mass of burning, dripping rubber.
    It reminds me of flaming used tire neck bands in Haiti. That reminds me of Buddhists dousing themselves with gas, lighting a match and burning, toppling over dead.
    All of those are such pleasant images of Obama, Kerry, or Obama and others in his Marxist-Islamic regime since he is the greatest threat since WWII to the US, citizens, visitors and the world.

  3. Funny part of O's loyalty to the Muslims....They would never accept him as a Muslim. He would never subjugate himself to ANY god, and they would likely behead him for his beliefs and lifestyle.

  4. This is a great column. This country is being led by two of the most treasonous men ever in B. Hussein Obama & John Kerry. These two fools are this country's answer to Neville Chamberlin.

  5. The title of this tells it all

  6. The common thread uniting these two is progressivism (marxism, American style). P.S. Kerry was (and is) a traitor by meeting w/the NVA in Paris. He would have been prohibited from doing this as a private citizen, but his crime was much more eggregious because he was still a naval officer.

    The traitor negotiated with those killing our troops and carried the recommendation back to Congress that the U.S. accept their terms.

    Then, in the context of his phony war claims, he stabbed American servicemen in the back during his Winter Soldier hearings, and by attending anti-war rallies where the NVA flag was honored and the American flag was desecrated.

    He is a dishonorable, unAmerican, antiAmerican socialist. (a democrat in good standing)

  7. "A Nincompoop Following a Moron". What an perfectly appropriate description.

  8. Good description of the fraudulent, immoral person that Kerry is. Has he given himself another medal, lately?

  9. Which one is the moron?

    • Though they are both morons & dumber than cat doo-doo, for purposes of the article, Oblahblah is the moron, while Heinz-Kerry is the nincompoop.

  10. Ray - Jesus is the Son of God. says:

    Obama is a very evil person.

  11. Ray - Jesus is the Son of God. says:

    Taking Up a Collection for Barack Obama.

    A lobbyist, on his way home from work in Washington, D.C., came to a dead halt in traffic and thought to himself, "Wow, this seems worse than usual."

    He noticed a police officer walking between the lines of stopped cars, so he rolled down his window and asked, "Officer, what's the hold-up?"

    The officer replied, "The President is depressed, so he stopped his motorcade and is threatening to douse himself with gasoline and set himself on fire. He says no one believes his story that he & Reggie Love are not lover's, so we are taking up a collection for him."

    The lobbyist asks, "How much have you got so far?"

    The officer replies, "About 14 gallons, but a lot of folks are still siphoning."

  12. Thanks for taking the time to write this article.....

  13. Darwin Rockantansky: "To stop what may be an inevitable extinction of the American Dream and the American way of life requires no more than We The People to be much
    more diligent in who we select to represent us, and a determination to monitor and insure that those we elect live up to their oath to "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.""

    So you think that more diligence is going to be able to change 225 years of constitutional elections?!?

    The eternal optimism (AKA extremely short memories) of the American electorate astounds me. Despite the fact that the last 225 years of unbiblical constitutional elections have only produced an America that is more ungodly, less Christian, and more enslaved (regardless whose elected), every four years they march right back to the voting booths, thinking this time, perhaps this time will be different. They did it in
    the last election despite the worst two candidates America has ever seen. And,
    of course, all the pundits are already talking about it doing it all over again.

    Election day is the Constitutional Republic's high holy day, when the American voting public (non-Christians and Christians alike) worship at the altar of the humanistic (per the Preamble), antichristian (per Article 6), and polytheistic (per Amendment 1) U.S. Constitution--America's national idol.

    The reason America has morons, nincompoops, scoundrels, and outright criminals running the country (both federal and state alike) is because in Article 6 the framers banned Christian tests and with them Biblical qualifications, one of which is that they must fear Yahweh instead of man. Well it so happens that the fear of Yahweh is the beginning of both wisdom and knowledge. So without the fear of Yahweh as a qualification it was inevitable that America would end up with nincompoops, morons, and worse.

    If you're like me--tired of what hasn't, can't, and never will work--and want some real answers for our nation, take our Constitution Survey by which you will receive a free copy of the 85-page "Primer" of the 565-page "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective." Click on my name, then our website. The survey will be found in the right-hand sidebar.

    America cannot elect herself off the precipice she so precariously teeters upon. She must repent her way off, beginning with her national idol.

    • Sounds all well and good. But when half of the American electorate receives one or more forms(s) of "entitlement(s)" and half the rest are ignorant about politics and naive about the role of gov't in their lives, they will continue, over and over again, to elect "entitlement" pimps who promise all the "freebies" that anyone could want. We are no longer a functioning republic. We are a welfare state on the verge of collapse, I can see only two band-aids to ease our problems.

      1. Term limits so welfare pimps can't buy votes by passing "entitlement" legislation.

      2. Disenfranchise all voters who live off the gov't. Then they can't continue to elect loser politicians who care only about their political offices and nothing about the country and public they should be serving.

    • Jack, thanks for responding. However, I think you completely missed my point. I hope you'll go back and read it a little closer. Also, be sure to take our Constitution Survey so I can send you the free "Primer."

    • Exactly, Sec. Chron. 7-14,

  14. Fabulous column! Loved the headline and found myself laughing out loud a number of times. Even a little satire cannot hide the evil truths written herein. The Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty this regime is moving on will be another wall falling down on America if completed. I pray for our country and for God to help us.

    • elizabeth greeley says:

      Loved the column as well. Just emailed it to a friend and will do the same again to family members. I LOVED DSIC -- so apropos! I too laughed and laughed. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD HELP US!!