Homeland Security Oblivious for Hours to Canadian Plane Crash in Nashville

If this story doesn't tell the tale about the Department of Homeland In-Security, I don't know what does. A Canadian single engine Cessna took off from Canada headed for another Canadian destination. Somehow, it was able to make it all the way to Nashville, Tennessee, circled Nashville International Airport several times before attempting to land and crashed and burned, killing the pilot.

Nashville-Plane-Crash-Is-Ignored-for-Six-Hours-Pilot-Dies-395837-2According to Softpedia the pilot had filed plans to travel to Pelee Island on Lake Erie and had checked in after he landed. Apparently, he took off without filing other plans and ended up in Nashville.

Jay Neylon, an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, says, "At this point we're still examining the air traffic control tapes and radar to determine if there was any communication between the aircraft and the control tower."

Windsor Flying Club President David Gillies said, "There are so many uncertainties surrounding this occurrence. I have no idea what flight plan he made. From our records we see that he was legally flying the airplane."

"We're all pretty broken up about having lost a fellow flyer. From our records we see that he was legally flying the airplane," he adds.

The runway was swept at about 2am, reports the Tennessean. Most believe the crash took place sometime after 3am, but no one is sure at this point.

However, the remarkable thing in all of this:

  1. How in the world did this plane travel undetected from Canada to Nashville?
  2. How was it able to circle an American International Airport, apparently undetected?
  3. Why was the crash not discovered for, what appears to be, hours?
  4. How Could Homeland Security not be aware of a rogue plane in American airspace, even when a flight plan had not been filed?

In a statement, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority called safety and security the airport's top priority.

"As an FAA certificated airport, MNAA is required to comply with the FAA's safety standards. MNAA has long maintained a strong record of safety and follows stringent federal safety regulations," the statement read. "We uphold these regulations every day, including yesterday. We have inspectors and crash, fire and rescue personnel on duty 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to respond in the event of any emergency.

"MNAA is working collaboratively with the FAA and NTSB as they investigate the accident and determine the facts. It would be premature to comment about any facts involving this accident until the NTSB completes its investigation."

Apparently, the feds are more concerned with feeling up law-abiding American citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment and taking x-ray porn pictures than they are keeping tabs on foreign planes entering American airspace.

I bring up DHS simply because the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) are the ones in charge of airport security. DHS, not only is supposed to be providing airport security, but is supposed to be about defending the Homeland, which is not what Senator Dianne Feinstein thinks it is, but is the United States. It seems that DHS is more preoccupied with six of its employees ripping off the American taxpayer to the tune of $8.7 million a year by abusing an overtime program.

The question in my mind, coupled with those above, is what is the pilot's name, his political affiliations and is he tied to anyone in our own government? Again, just how does a plane fly undetected from Canada to Nashville, crash and is not even found till mid-morning? Something just doesn't look right here.

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  • bsmsnudge

    Could it be that the DHS is run and populated by morons?

  • Defiant

    DHS couldn't monitor the situation because they were out buying ammo...

  • hp b

    So if a hundred or a thousand pilots decide to do an "unscheduled" flight on any given day,
    the DHS response will resemble a Chinese fire drill, at best. (but i repeat myself)

  • ddearborn


    A perfect example of exactly what the DHS does not do for the American People---the Department of Homeland Security DOES NOT PROVIDE SECURITY FOR THE HOMELAND. The job of the DHS is to serve and protect the 1/10 of 1% that own and control this country. And they know that in the long run they cannot do their job if the American people have the rights and freedoms derived from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Which is precisely why the DHS is violating those rights thousands of times a day. It is like telling the same lie over and over until it is accepted as truth.We are being conditioned to accept totalitarian rule day by day piece by piece the DHS is dismantling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Very very soon now there will effectively be no more Bill of Rights at all. Think boiling frogs people the comparison is right on the money.

  • Gordon Jones

    The only "remarkable thing" in all this, Mr. Brown, is your ignorance of the basics of how our national airspace system works. Specifically, radar, transponders, beacon codes and the like. As an air traffic controller of 24 years, I ask you to please educate yourself before you open your mouth, and make yourself out to be a fool, or lead other, similarly simple-minded souls down your rabbit hole.

  • Markg55

    I guess the nogoodniks out there will ferry the Terrorists into the U.S. via General Aviation. Seems our Air Borders are completely porous as well. I read all about how VFR is not required in the U.S. yada, yada,yada, But this was a Foreign originating flight albeit from Canada. What if this was a Cessna 208, single engine as well, loaded with bio-weapons, plastiques or the such?............Hmmm

  • Sharkteeth

    Single engine Cessna does not have that kind of range. Something not right.

    • edbreyer99

      Not sure the distance that was flown but experience tells me that with agressive leaning of the fuel mixture and neutral or tail winds could allow a Cessna 172 to make ~600 miles without refueling. However that wouldn't be the safe thing to try - which may explain why this guy is dead.

    • Sharkteeth

      You are correct. Pelee Island is roughly 450 miles from Nashville. The island looks to be the Southernmost point of Canada on Lake Erie. Here's my sign.

    • Jamal

      Fuel is just one question. How about having to pee!!! I've never been able to fly that long without having to pee! Of course that doesn't mean someone else can't pull it off but I can't. Wish I could. It would save me an ass of fuel and time. My dad can pee in a bottle while he's flying. Unfortunately this apple fell far from that tree.