Father Arrested For Attempting to Pick Up His Children from School

Your children are not your own. They belong to the State. That is the message the government is sending parents across the U.S.

This week, Jim Howe, a father in T.N. was arrested for merely trying to pick up his child after school hours.

A few weeks ago, a father was arrested at the request of the school board for merely questioning the low standards of the controversial Common Core curriculum and exercising his 1st Amendment rights.

The media has been promoting the idea for a while now that children don't belong to their parents. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said on her show, "we have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families."

This totalitarian idea that children do not belong to their parents is not new. Karl Popper in his book, The Open Society and its Enemies, warned us that this kind of totalitarian thinking stems from Plato's Republic. In Plato's Republic, the State takes children away from their parents and raised in state-run foster homes supervised by the "elite Philosopher" class.

Parents are fighting back though.

jim howe arrestedParents are fed up with all the controversies surrounding the public school system and are choosing to home school their children.

Dr. Susan Berry via Brietbart.com, explains the exodus from public schools to home education. "As dissatisfaction with the U.S. public school system grows, apparently so has the appeal of homeschooling. Educational researchers, in fact, are expecting a surge in the number of students educated at home by their parents over the next ten years, as more parents reject public schools" said Berry.

According to Education News, since 1999, the number of children who are home schooled has increased by 75%.

With Common Core curriculum which teaches young children to use emotionally charged language to manipulate others, massive data collection including medical records that are now being breached by hackers, violence in schools, school officials preventing parents access to their own children, it is no wonder why parents in the U.S. have had enough of public education.

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  • capa760

    Wow, I believe that the President's two daughters should experience the same treatment as America's children, and understand what Daddy is saying about children NOT belonging to their Parents. Those Kenyan schools really flipped him Over The End of Humanity into Hell. As a child, I asked my Mother, Why does America allow these
    communist people, the privilege of living in our Free Country? I am still asking why these people try changing our country, why can't they go to a country that has their way of laws, and not ask the US to adopt their laws into our courts. Wrong idea to give in.

  • LittleMoose

    This deputy sheriff reminds you of the characters you use to see in old Hollywood comedies, the bumbling idiots. These people do more harm then good and give law enforcement a bad name. This type of conduct is outrageous. I wonder how he feels now that thousands of people have seen him online?

  • Rich

    These clowns on the left and a good many democrats that want to run everything are a sick bunch of stupid idiots. We the people need to make some serious changes in the coming elections this year and next and the next and especially in 2016. If we don't they will destroy what is left of our freedoms and liberties and the United States.

  • Wilbert Jennings

    This is how socialism works get ready for it. UNLESS you are ready to go to jail and stand up for your Constitution we will have butt holes like this deputy as our overseers. PLEASE wake up America, our rights as a free people is being trampled on, we can't say God Bless you in public but Muslims can do what they please. Be prepared for martial law and live ammo being used in public protesting. Then socialism initiated while our president and his brown shirts( IRS ARMY) declares a dictator ship. You have been warned this isn't bull but the facts.

  • John Patriot

    If you want to keep your children, you can keep them, PERIOD.
    Home school if possible.

  • norhymenoreason

    I think we have all had enough of public everything. Privacy is not concealing anything as we all know. It is keeping the g-ddamn government's prying fingers out of our lives.

  • Phillipe Violette

    Children do not "belong" to anyone but God. Parents have the God given responsibility to correctly train and raise children entrusted to them by God.

  • ADRoberts

    The rent-a-cop, whether he was a sheriff in real life or not, was NOT enforcing the LAW. He was enforcing a RULE made by a bureaucrat (the superintendent) that was recommended by some airhead liberal mother who does not MIND sitting in a mile long line of cars, idling and polluting the atmosphere. Why this minutia of regulation?
    Go to the school board and ask that this superintendent be instructed that LESS IS MORE and if he does not understand, FIRE HIM.
    Folks, the more you let them do to you, the more they WILL do to you.
    The ultimate goal is to TAKE your children from you and raise them totally injected with chicken *****. Then they will NOT have to bother to spend billions to get elected. It will be AUTOMATIC WITH voters programmed from the time them are BABIES.

    • Wilbert Jennings

      Germany at this moment is trying to outlaw home schooling for the aboved mentioned reason. They can't program the children with the bull stuff when parents are monitoring what goes into their children s minds.

  • Lloyd Revalee

    People must get together and force those folks out of office, out of their jobs, and out of their area, if they are not willing to do what the majority wishes. We The People, at all levels of government, have the power, authority, and responsibility, to control what our children are being taught, who is teaching them, what is being taught, and make sure that our wishes are what counts. We hire and pay these people, and we can fire them. It has gotten so when an individual gets elected or hired into a position of trust, the seem to believe that they, and not the people, are the law. Under our system of government, this is not the case, for we have the power to determine our own destiny, if we only demand it. If those running for office cannot live up to the oaths they take to defend, uphold, safeguard, and obey our Constitution, and the laws passed by our legislatures, then they should be removed from office.

    • romney2011

      YES, YES, YES! Fight back in every possible way. They play dirty, low, corrupt; then we use their rules of engagement. Don't take this crap anymore from people at the state, local or national level. We are going have to fight to get the nation back within the law, the Constitution. REMEMBER, the Declaration of Independence. It was placed there to be used. So let's support one another in fighting for justice and freedom. And part of that freedom is to worship God and Jesus. PRAY AND FIGHT. NOT ONE. NOT THE OTHER, BUT BOTH!!!!!!!!!!

  • AG Dot Com!

    Here is what we do:

    Get as many people down there with cameras as you can if this happens again, wherever it is. Make it an impossible situation for them to control. It is time to start making the government fear the people, as it is meant to be. Get pictures. Get names. Get units. Get their addresses. Post them everywhere with the exact details of what they were doing, when, how many of them there were. Here is the old standard Army format for reporting:

    S-ize (numbers)
    A-ctivity (what are they doing)
    L-ocation (where are they doing it)
    U-niforms (what are they wearing)
    T-ime (when were they doing it and for how long)
    E-quipment (what were they using, how were they equipped and armed)

    Remember: SALUTE.

    FEAR is a two-way street, people. If the government FEARS the JUST and LEGAL attention of We The People, then perhaps we can start putting this mighty ship called America back on course...

    • romney2011

      You are so right. when this filth and dung piles get intimidated by a raging crowd maybe we take back our kids, our freedom. Video it all, witness it, force it back, print names, addresses, phone #s, car tags, ENTIRE public record; arrests, civil suits, military offenses, marriages, divorces, bankruptcy, absolutely any negative information. Have groups follow every move, video them, take it to local news. Small town local papers are much more conservative. Print out their complete history and pass our their biographies all over town. Drive them out of town FOREVER. Vote out those who support them and pass out their biographies in next election. American citizens quit letting this bunch of weasels, vermin, snakes, corrupt criminals push us around. Stand up for yourself, your families, and your neighbor.

    • ADRoberts

      Afraid you are wrong. Go to ANY Christian church, (Baptist, Nazarene, Methodist, etc) and ask then to stand up IF they have TOLD ANYONE that week that they were a Christian, witnesses to God's salvation, or even said "Praise the Lord."
      Not even 10 %. They have been trained to NOT OFFEND. And they are SO GOOD AT IT, that they don't stand up for ANYTHING. LOL
      If they are so ashamed of Jesus Christ that they will not acknowledge Him, they, certainly will not stand up to a fat-bellied "resource officer".

    • AG Dot Com!

      You are spot on. We have been indoctrinated for the last 30 years to "not offend" - it was never about offending. It was always about controlling.

      It is time. Stand up, America.

    • ADRoberts

      Did you notice that Howe eventually said that he would obey the order. That means that AFTER they have had sufficient PRIVATE time, where they can threaten you, intimidate you and MAKE you a believer, that most people CAVE.
      Until such time as we find people like NATHAN HALE, we are going to continue to GO INTO SLAVERY. And each time you bow in fear, you are advancing the death of the nation.
      Notice the HUGE belly of this "RESOURCE officer" He is worthless. He is unarmed. He is a puppet of the biggoted superintendent who has EXCEEDED his authority.

  • douber1

    looks like the best part of melisa ran down her fathers leg

  • charlie

    this idiot sheriff dumbo needs to be charged with assault, absolute stupidity and every other possible charge, he is an idiot and should never be allowed to wear ANY badge

    • ADRoberts

      If we go to anarchy, do you suppose he will have the st*pidity to stand there and try to enforce such a stupid bureaucratic RULE. (Not a law)
      And how is it disorderly conduct to refuse to obey a moron enforcing an illegal "rule". That is like a cop who claimes that when you did not obey his instruction to stand on your head, you are RESISTING ARREST, not bothering to point out that HE HAD NO REASON TO ARREST YOU.

  • Paul Laudenslager

    Outrageous! What do you mean we can't video tape on school property? Here locally, they won't let people bring in recorders of any type to courtrooms any longer. Why? Because someone that I personally know recorded a case and then used it against the County officials when they later lied.
    Recordings of any type at ANY TIME should be allowed. Authorities are taking power to far and we need to show that we disagree. This is still a FREE country... at least as long as we will stand up and fight for the rights we have left.

    • Kent2012

      what we are seeing and living through is the "rotting" of a free society by the very beneficiaries of this great country's founders and everyone who has worked and fought to "grow" this concept and it's reallity....long live the USA.....

    • Wilbert Jennings

      Another way to control the facts. If their version is the only version how does one challenge their dictatorial actions. This little situation may not seem all that important to many but just wait, a snow ball becomes a boulder if it is allowed to travel down a snow filled slope picking up more snow as it rolls.

  • jcgreen2

    This is so outrageous... it boggles the mind! And it is exactly why we home-schooled our children. The state is out of control when it comes to the rights of American citizens. And it is only getting worse. The man who made this arrest should be fired immediately. And the school and district officials should be apologizing profusely to this father and his family... begging forgiveness. It's a good thing this didn't happen to me... people would have been hospitalized over it!

    • ADRoberts

      You just don't understand. Under socialism and totalitarianism, you MUST stay in line, keep your head bowed, and your mouth shut. Any violation will eventually bring immediate death.

    • Wilbert Jennings

      Here you go . See there is others that love America and see the decay that has begun.

  • me

    try taking MY kids..........

    • ADRoberts

      Try HOMESCHOOLING your kids. They go bizerk when they realize that they are going to TOTALLY lose control. A greater percentage of HOMESCHOOL kids have a high SAT and standard testing, (at least under the old tests) than public school. So where do they get the idea that THEY can do a better job? They can't.
      But they think that is okay as long as the kid is properly INDOCTRINATED or BRAINWASHED.

    • docd777

      Homeschooling was the saving grace for our kids.Our State,New Jersey,was surprisingly non-confrontational towards us and let us do what we thought was best for our Family.We got all of their High School credits verified by a Homeschool certifyng Academy ,in Florida.They all went to College and did well.

    • John Patriot

      Good for you.
      Homeschooling will be the only place to learn our American history and the constitution.