14-Year-Old Philip Chism Raped His 24-Year-Old Teacher With "An Object" Before Slitting Her Throat

The murder of 24-year-old Massachusetts high school teacher Colleen Ritzer on October 22nd, exactly one month ago, sent shock waves across the country. The murder was so horrifying because it was committed by a 14-year-old student named Philip Chism. The circumstances of the crime are even more chilling, in that Ritzer had asked Chism to stay after school so she could help him prepare for an upcoming math exam, but Philip Chism had other plans. He intended to kill Ms. Ritzer in the most vicious way possible, and he had all the necessary tools with him. The mere thought that a seemingly normal 14-year-old boy could be capable of such a sexually explicit and horrific, premeditated crime is bone chilling.

Philip Chism in court

14 year old Philip Chism in court

America, this is an indictment. Philip Chism is a product of a violent and sexually charged culture. Sin is a sickness, and for it there is only one cure. Without Jesus Christ, there is only death and Hell. For a 14-year old boy to imagine rape with an object and murder, and then to carry it out, is proof positive that American culture is a vile cesspool, but he must shoulder the blame.

Philip Chism is in court today, and the details of the crime are more sinister and vile than previously believed. It was known before the court proceedings that Chism had killed Ritzer and hid her body in the woods behind the school. Before the court proceedings, the sexual torture that Ritzer experienced at the hands of Chism wasn't known. However, now the full details of the crime are being made known to the public, and it is much worse than anyone could possibly imagine.

A note found near the brutalized body of a beloved Massachusetts teacher who police said was raped and killed by one of her students read, “I hate you all.”

Philip Chism, the 14-year-old accused killer, came to Danvers High School on Oct. 22 equipped to kill, the papers showed. He allegedly brought a box cutter, mask, gloves and several changes of clothing.

Colleen Ritzer

Colleen Ritzer

This was premeditated murder. To think that a 14-year-old boy would bring a box cutter, mask, and clothing change to school for the purpose of murdering his teacher is more than one can process. Box cutters are crudely fashioned. This is the weapon of terrorists. The mere mention of a box cutter is a reminder of what the Islamic hijackers used on 9/11. Yet, this was what Chism had determined as his weapon of choice when killing his teacher. It's sickening.

Chism had followed Ritzer and put "on gloves and a hood as he followed the unsuspecting teacher to a second-floor bathroom." This was all captured by surveillance cameras. 

There, investigators said, Chism punched Ratzer in the face, raped her with “an object,” and slit her throat with the box cutter.

Ritzer had innocently gotten up from the tutoring session to use the bathroom. Chism followed her with the intent of sexually torturing her and killing her with a box cutter. It is believed she suffered near fatal torture before her throat was slit. How is a 14-year-old capable of such atrocity? To murder the beautiful young woman was horrific enough, but to know that she was sexually tortured by this young man, before he killed her, is too repulsive to comprehend.

However, it gets worse. After brutalizing her in the most horrific, unspeakable way, he robs her dead body.

Chism robbed Ratzer of her credit cards, iPhone, and her underwear, they said. Then he wheeled her body out of the school in a a recycling bin and dumped her body in the woods, where he covered her with leaves, authorities said.

Chism was spotted leaving a movie theater about 6:30 p.m. on the day Ritzer was killed, then picked up by police as he walked along a highway in a neighboring town six hours later. Police said they believe Ritzer died sometime after the school day ended at 2 p.m., but they have not said exactly when.

He massacres the young woman, dumps her body, robs her, and then goes to a movie. Philip Chism is barely a teenager and he is committed a crime this cold without a moments regret or remorse. What does this say about America? It says everything. It says we are dead, both physically and spiritually. We have lost our souls and we've become animals.

Collen Ritzer was a young teacher with a promising future and a family who loved her dearly. By all accounts, she was dedicated to her job and she loved her students. She cared about her students, and noticed Philip Chism needed some guidance before an upcoming exam, and he took her life for no reason.

The teen was charged as a juvenile with aggravated rape and armed robbery. He is being held at a Department of Youth Services lockup.

Ritzer’s family released a statement after the indictment was announced. “We are devastated and heartbroken by the details of the horrific circumstances surrounding the death of our beautiful daughter and sister, Colleen," the family said.

There is no motive in this case. If there was, it wouldn't matter. There is nothing that could justify a crime of this magnitude. Colleen Ritzer's life was snuffed out by the very individual she was seeking to guide. Philip Chism is apparently a cold, calculating, sexual deviant, and he isn't even old enough to have his driver's permit. This is American culture put under the most damning spotlight.

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  • ICorps

    So much for the nonsense of being charged as a juvenile and the asininity of juvenile court. Also because ultra-liberal Massachusetts considers capital punishment unconstitutional, this murderous racist thug will live most of his life supported by the public (and "most" is very likely to be overly optimistic, since he may very well be walking the streets again after an unjustly short period of years).

    The media and our president have been practicing their usual silence in such cases, but you can imagine the media uproar if the races of the killer and the teacher had been reversed. "Travon Martin" would pale in comparison.

    Yes, there IS institutional racism in America, but it's all anti-white.

  • Guest

    This guy needs to be punished accordingly for this awful crime. But how does this have anything to do with his race? White people commit crimes too.

    • oleironleg01

      It if was the other way around, it would have to do with race, and be labeled a hate crime like the six Lacrosse players falsely accused. Then there's the note, "I hate you all." Don't tell me that was directed to the world itself.

  • Genia Gouch

    I am not familiar with the law, but i am trying to understand...why was he tried as a Juvenile opposed to an adult, considering the extreme details of the case? I am assuming that means by age 21 he will walk free. Would his record also be eligible for espungement upon release.

    • oleironleg01

      He is being tried as an adult with first degree murder charges.

  • mart

    This guy , sane or insane need to be kept away from society. period!
    He can be angry with his parents, divorce or displacement, but there is no way why a child is capable of doing all this sickening details! How can someone of his age stage and perform such an act to anyone?I am scared beyond words thinking where society is going into. There is no excuse for this criminal mind. He was ready for attack and had all he needed for the act, followed her, tortured her, killed her, robbed her, dumped her , changed his cloth, used her credit card and went to a theatre etc. Hallo, this is scary beyond words and is an act of a pychopath at a making. where is society heading into?

    • Jim Beam

      " How can someone of his age stage and perform such an act to anyone?"

      ....probably because he was treated like an animal--this was a rage killing, and the rage came from somewhere.

    • oleironleg01

      Or, maybe he's just a psychopath. Treated like an animal-whatever.

  • BOBO

    Oh it's America's fault.

  • andyandersonusa

    Raped by a box cutter, and the blade was open? How terrible.

  • Rooster

    Where is the outcry from Jackson and Sharpton or even Obama? How about the anti box cutter movement? This premeditated murderer should receive the death penalty. Although that would be too easy for him.

  • Ron Rose

    So, when is he eligible for parole ?