Violent Crime In America Increased By 15 Percent Last Year

If your neighborhood is not as safe as it used to be, then you have something in common with the rest of the country. All over America, crime is on the rise. According to a government survey that was just released, violent crime in the United States increased by 15 percent last year, and property crime was up by 12 percent. If violent crime keeps increasing at this rate, it will approximately double in just six years. But as I wrote about the other day, when the next major economic downturn strikes it will probably greatly accelerate the growth of the crime rate in this country. Desperate people do desperate things, and as you will read about below, there are people out there that are already stealing entire truckloads of food. In the future, when people are extremely hungry or crazy for their next drug hit, they won't think twice about invading your home or pulling you out of your vehicle. The rise in crime that we are witnessing right now is just the beginning. It is going to get a lot worse than this.

89425692_Knife_209213cWhenever I do this type of an article, inevitably someone leaves a comment insisting that I am lying because crime rates are going down.

Well, that used to be true. It is no longer accurate.

As an ABC News article that was just released explains, the crime victimization survey shows that violent crime in America has now increased for two years in a row...

The violent crime rate went up 15 percent last year, and the property crime rate rose 12 percent, the government said Thursday, signs that the nation may be seeing the last of the substantial declines in crime of the past two decades.

Last year marked the second year in a row for increases in the crime victimization survey, a report that is based on household interviews.

This is one of the primary reasons why so many people are moving out of the big cities right now. In the city of Chicago, police are so overwhelmed with crime that they will no longer respond in person "to 911 calls reporting vehicle theft, garage burglary or simple assault".

Things have gotten so bad in Chicago that a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted as she was walking to a bus stop this week and it barely made a blip on the news.

But we have come to expect this kind of thing in crime-infested cities such as Chicago. We don't expect it to happen in "quiet communities" such as Augusta, Georgia...

"When we first moved out here three and a half years ago, my wife and I, it was a quiet community, it was a deal that we felt we couldn't pass up on," Don McIntee says.

McIntee lives in the Butler Creek Mobile Home Community, but he's trying to change that. He recently put his home up for sale because he says the crime in his neighborhood is too much to deal with.

"I want to live in a place that I feel is secure and safe for my wife because I'm out of town a lot," he says.

And it seems like criminals are becoming more brutal than ever. For example, one thug actually put his gun into the mouth of a 92-year-old World War II veteran in Fresno, California and threatened to kill him during one recent home invasion...

"I was sound asleep at about one or two o'clock in the morning, all the lights were on and a guy shook me with a gun in my face. (I said) Hey what's going on? (He said) Shut up and he slapped me," he explained.

While the suspect held him at gunpoint, three others ransacked his house, taking about 200 dollars in cash and jewelry including his 1941 class ring from Woodlake High School in Tulare County.

"They were in there for almost a half hour," said Fresno County Sheriff Department spokesperson Chris Curtice. "So they had plenty of time to search the house, it was the middle of the night."

At one point, Joseph said one of the suspects put a gun in his mouth and threatened to kill him. While being ordered into the bedroom closet, he said he hit him in the head with a handgun, causing him to fall to the floor.

Was there any need for that? That 92-year-old man was certainly no threat to the four home invaders.

But this is what is happening all over the nation now. Criminals appear to be getting crazier and crazier.

In Houston recently, one team of home invaders decided to storm a house at 8 AM in the morning while people all along the street were leaving their homes to go to work and to school...

It was about 8am -- daylight, with people going to work and kids going to school, yet no one apparently saw this coming. The homeowner told me four men, armed with guns, broke in through her garage and forced their way inside her house.

The woman's daughter and son-in-law were in the home with her, along with two of their daughters, ages four and six. The homeowner says the gunmen pointed guns at all of them -- even the children -- and demanded money over and over. They ransacked the house and the cars- and eventually got away with some cash, at least one cell phone and the homeowner's wallet.

Who robs a house at 8 AM in the morning?

That is either incredibly bold or incredibly stupid.

In my article yesterday, I included another example of a crime which is either incredibly bold or incredibly stupid. One very enterprising carjacker actually decided to try to carjack the police chief of Detroit while he was sitting in a clearly marked police vehicle...

Just four months on the job, Detroit’s new police chief got an early taste of the city’s hardscrabble streets.

While in his patrol car at an intersection on Jefferson two weeks ago, Police Chief James Craig was nearly carjacked, police spokeswoman Kelly Miner confirmed today.

Craig said he was in a marked police car with mounted lights when a man quickly tried to approach the side of his car. Craig, who became police chief in June, retold the story Monday during a program designed to crack down on carjackings.

So what is going on here?

Are criminals becoming bolder or are they just becoming stupider?

I don't have an answer for that question, but one thing seems certain - crime is definitely getting worse.

As I mentioned at the top of this article, some criminals are now actually stealing entire truckloads of food. A recent CBS News article explained how they are doing this...

To steal huge shipments of valuable cargo, thieves are turning to a deceptively simple tactic: They pose as truckers, load the freight onto their own tractor-trailers and drive away with it.

It’s an increasingly common form of commercial identity theft that has allowed con men to make off each year with millions of dollars in merchandise, often food and beverages. And experts say the practice is growing so rapidly that it will soon become the most common way to steal freight.

And what we are talking about is not just a few isolated incidents. This is literally happening from coast to coast and the dollar values of some of these thefts are staggering...

News reports from across the country recount just a few of the thefts: 80,000 pounds of walnuts worth $300,000 in California, $200,000 of Muenster cheese in Wisconsin, rib-eye steaks valued at $82,000 in Texas, $25,000 pounds of king crab worth $400,000 in California.

As economic conditions continue to deteriorate, I actually expect that we will start seeing armed guards on food trucks in a few years.

Desperate people do desperate things, and as food prices continue to rise I believe that food trucks will become highly prized targets.

America is rapidly changing, and not for the better.

So what are things like in your area of the country?

Are you noticing an increase in crime?

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  • $2398599

    We are only interested in imprisoning those with an ounce of marijuana. At least , that's the way it looks to me. ARM YOURSELVES.

  • TBI

    This is the empowered feeling that blacks have gotten from the Obama elections. The racist approach from our own Justice Dept. is only the tip of the iceberg.

    • livefreeordie

      Then get in front of the cameras, time after time, and publicly crucify a man (Zimmerman) that 1st, wasn't arrested until they stuck their black noses in and 2nd, tell the world that he was guilty after he was found by a jury to be not guilty. But no, let's NOT hold the black on white crimes up to scrutiny or call them HATE CRIMES even when they kill some older white man because "I was bored." Maybe I'm just being PREJUDICE because I think "equal" applies to all. Silly me.

  • Jennifer

    NO work no money can we not see the reasons why idiots morons Thank you Mr President we love you so much
    Inshall Bukra

  • Jennifer

    Wonderful news cant imagine why people who have lost their jobs and starving would go and rob anyone can you
    There is no work here all is made in CHINA hahahah sorry suckers you voted for the OBAMA SPY MAN from Kenya planted by Saudis
    Only place to go is RUSSIA Vladimar Putin is the best leader he stands up for his country and people I am off to Russia to live

    • Observer

      Sorry, but made in China, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Jordan, Mexico, etc. came about via international trade treaties signed by administrations well prior to Obama taking office. The decline has been going on for at least 2 decades; I'm old enough to know.....

      And I hope you have fun in Russia, as long as you're not gay or are a mute; they don't like voices over there .....

  • Jack Parker

    It did NOT increase in areas that instituted "concealed carry" laws.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    Remember The Kenyan wants a race war. The whites, blacks, and Hispanics will all be weakened, then he can let loose the Muzzie-Rats that have been training in the camps across the USA. The Govt won't reveal an estimate of how many cells have been created. We do know that Obama is funding and supplying them.

  • bull57

    My wife doesn't like me to open carry which sometimes is necessary, but she no longer complains with the crime becoming so common in every community!

    • Kenyan Mocker

      I wish we had open carry. I like having my wife along, she is a much better shot.

  • Ken Bowman

    Obastard and his minions are enjoying the suffering and death they have caused. There is no other reason for their planned theft of our weapons to make us defenceless.


    Although Snyder's article is a valid description of a serious problem, the increase in violent crime, it is also demonstrates one of the reasons that makes it more difficult to address that problem. That reason is the fear to identify the ethnicity or ethnicities of the major perpetrators of violent crime.

    The fear is more than being called a racist or a xenophobe (someone having an irrational fear or hatred of foreigners), it's also the fear of being sent to jail for "hate" speech or a "hate" crime.

    If you want to control malaria by controlling the mosquito population, you don't spray the deserts, you spray the swamps.

    The police, in an effort to control violent crime, will unfortunately have to waste a great deal of time, money, and manpower spraying the desert.

  • iamcurious

    When it starts affecting rural America, I believe there will be an increase of rotting carcasses in the woods.

  • Kent2012

    oh no, that is racist to say that.....

  • fwiw

    I blame guns...

    • Kent2012

      how about blaming the real problem, idiots would be a good place to start...

    • fwiw

      I am shocked that you cannot see the evil of guns. They wait and lurk until an unsuspecting victim comes by and then they strike. We all know this to be true. At least that's what we're told.

    • backley34608

      Guns like any other tool can be used for good or bad. You have been told a lot of crap.

    • fwiw

      "A gun is a tool; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that." Alan Ladd as Shane.
      I've always believed that ever since I first heard it at about the age of 10. This raise the question "Why is the media dumber than a 5th grader?"

    • Kent2012

      the commenter is being sarcastic....

    • Kent2012

      I know you are right, I saw an AR 15 just lying in wait near the local Wal Mart....You know it is like the rash of SUV accidents over the last few years..."SUV loses control, strikes group in front of Starbucks cafe por favor.."

    • TBI

      Starbucks, at least you know it was a group of liberals.

    • fwiw

      Kent - My point exactly. People are waayyy too worried about zombies. What a bunch of crazies. As the media has exposed over and over, it's the rage and anger from inanimate objects we need to fear. stupid.

    • livefreeordie

      I think I was being stalked by one the other day!!!

    • Guest

      I blame morons like you!

    • fwiw

      Don't be fooled by the cool, metal-like exterior of guns. On the inside, they are a seething volcano of negative emotions waiting to explode upon their victims. Hey!! Are you saying that ISN'T what happens?

    • iamcurious

      I have guns. They harm no one but lie in wait for the day that they are needed, defensively.

    • fwiw

      So, they haven't attacked your dog or child or neighbor? I'm stunned. Would the media lie over something this important?

    • iamcurious

      At every opportunity!

    • fwiw

      They only lie in print and in what they choose not to print. Trayvon Martin is a yay. Colleen Ritzer is a nay for the media. They lied in print about Martin and not to print about Ritzer. I don't know how they can sleep at night.

    • iamcurious

      OK, I get it! You've been spoofing us! I'll retract the moron comment!

    • fwiw

      Don't worry. I can't find the darned sarcasm font when I need it.

    • John3:16

      You seriously need to take your meds. Oh wait! Better take his guns away first!

    • fwiw

      John - As I posted below, I can never find the sarcasm font when I need it.
      Saying guns have emotions is as inane, insane as saying they kill people.

    • Kent2012

      He is spoofing you, reread his comments....

    • RELMS

      By "guns" I assume you are referring to engine throttles (as in "gun it!"). I, too, have long been aware of the evil of throttles, and since ownership of throttles is not protected by the Constitution, I hope you will join with me in a campaign to ban all throttles (with the possible exception of police throttles).

    • fwiw

      Relms - I'm with you!! The public does not need throttles. It's for their own good...and the children...and the poor. I'd say the elderly too, but they're pretty well banned from throttles already.

    • Kenyan Mocker

      I blame the lack of mandatory sterilization of low life morons.

    • Voncent

      Nice sarcasm!

      Potato cannons are being targeted by the jackbooted Gestapo agents. When 30
      thugs from DHS and Maryland police agents break in to a journalist's home at 4 am with a warrant for a potato gun and take away your guns and electronic files, everyone can sleep soundly. If home invaders have body armor and badges, it's OK. Submit and cooperate.

  • Ted R. Weiland

    I wonder if this may not have something to do with the framers discarding Yahweh's altogether righteous civil judgments (Psalm 19:7-9) for their own and future judges' kind and usual punishments (or no punishment at all)?

    Find out how the Constitution's kind and usual punishments stack up to Yahweh's righteous civil judgments. See online chapter 17 "Amendment 8: Bail, Fines, and Cruel and Unusual Punishments." Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page, click on the top entry, and scroll down to Chapter 17.

    • backley34608

      Went to your web site. Interesting. Are you people Christians or Jews? Just curious and I mean no offense, just ignorance on my part. You quote so much from the Old Testament. In any case I would not like to live in a theocracy, especially one under the God of Abraham. As if radical Islam is not enough to contend with in this world.

    • Ted R. Weiland

      Backley, thank you for responding and for the visit.

      I'm an unapologetic Christian who believes what the New Testament says about Yahweh's triune moral law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments) as it applies today. See online book "Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant." Follow the same instructions in my initial post and scroll down to title. Near the top, you'll find twenty-two New Testament passages and their implications regarding Yahweh's law as it pertains today. Read closely, especially the Apostle Paul's epistles, and you'll see that he (and all of the other New Testament authors) also often quoted from the Old Testament.

      As for theocracy: First I would think twice about comparing Yahweh's perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11) with Islam.

      Second, when one understands that the principal means by which we keep the First Commandment is by observing Yahweh's other moral laws (of course, under the New Covenant, through Christ as Lord and Savior, motivated by love) and that idolatry is not so much about statues as it is statutes, it becomes clear that all governments are theocratic, serving either the true God or some false god, demonstrated by what laws they keep and consider the supreme law of the land.

      Furthermore, all non-existent false gods (1Corinthians 8:4-6) always have been and always will represent we the people in one form or another.

      "...There is no escaping theocracy. A government’s laws reflect its morality, and the source of that morality (or, more often than not, immorality) is its god. It is never a question of theocracy or no theocracy, but whose theocracy. The American people, by way of their elected officials, are the source of the Constitutional Republic’s laws. Therefore, the Constitutional Republic’s god is WE THE PEOPLE.

      "People recoil at the idea of a theocracy’s morality being forced upon them, but because all governments are theocracies, someone’s morality is always being enforced. This is an inevitability of government. The question is which god, theocracy, laws, and morality will we choose to live under?..."

      For more, see online Chapter 3 "The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs.
      YAHWEH" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" on our Online Books page.

  • PWe72

    .....and we thought my uncle was joking when he said he was a tail-gunner on a beer truck!

  • lokiswife

    I am surprised that ABC even mentioned the increasing crime rate. They have been going along with Obama's "everything is wonderful" theme for so long, this is a sign that they are taking a good look around them and seeing the gap between the Obama "news" and reality?

  • raysmithson1

    Here in Monterey Ca. it's the Mex can that kill each other,,, ninety percent of crime involves Mex can , each day a new robbery or hold up, crime is on the up swing, nuff said

  • Deej S

    i am 911 when i need to make sure my property and my family are secure which means defending them diligently and forcefully, until i have established that,,,then i will call the police

  • Smokey

    ...and it is only going to get worse

    "So what are things like in your area of the country"?...they keep blowing themselves up all the time, it's the darnedest thing:)