Saudi Islamists Gang Rape 3 Year Old Girl "Rupturing Her Insides"

There are not enough descriptive words in the English language to truly describe how unimaginably evil Islam truly is. Rape, murder, terror, and ultimately death are the only things that come from the "religion of peace." However, this crime is the most heartbreaking in it's depravity. A group of Saudi men gang raped a three year old and then dumped her body off at a hospital. The toddler survived the attack. The incident was reported by police early this week. Police have arrested 3 men and 2 women in connection to the crime, but the damage has already been done; and a baby forever damaged, most likely beyond repair.

616248345A group of Saudis gang rape a three year old, several weeks ago, and the toddler is still in a coma. Her insides are shattered. There is every chance her fragile and battered body will not recover from such a horrific violation, one that a grown woman might not survive.

These men who violated her are not even worth being called humans. They're beasts, wild animals, savages. After taking turns raping the baby, they left her at a hospital.

Manama: Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested five people in connection with the rape of a three-year-old girl. The suspects, three men and two women, were apprehended in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, the police spokesman for the local police, Nawaf Al Bouq, said.

A group of Saudis gang rape a three year old and leave the scene. Cowards. However, this being Islam, gang rape is routine. It's sickeningly accepted and even permissible in the Quran. One would think that even within the rot that is Islamic culture, that the gang rape of a three year old would cause an outrage.

Doctors at a hospital in Jeddah say the girl is still in a coma and fighting for her life, Gulf News reported. “She has been raped violently by some men. She was found crying of excruciating pain as her body was full of bruises and her sensitive parts were ruptured,” hospital manager Mohammed Ali told the Saudi Arabia oulet Okaz, as reported by the English-language Emirates 24/7.

036-MohammedThe act of rape is one of the most horrific crimes that can be inflicted on a person. For grown men to willingly and savagely rape a child, who's insides are so tiny and delicate, and literally crush them, is beyond comprehension. They should be executed for their crime. Even if the child lives, her insides are already ravaged, and if she hasn't woken up yet, who knows how much pain her delicate body will be in when and if she does wake up.

Ali said the girl’s clothes were torn and she was bleeding from the vagina.

An eyewitness, Abdullah Mohammad Nasser, was quoted by Gulf News saying he saw a car dump the girl at the front gate and then speed away.

These are human wolves and worse than animals. They have violated all human and religious values with this heinous crime,” the hospital manager said. “We hope she will respond to treatment and recover although doctors believe she will suffer from a trauma for the rest of her life.”

These butchers of Islam robbed this child of her life. She will suffer as long as she's alive, and what will be the perpetrator's punishment for rupturing and destroying the insides of a helpless toddler? The only comfort is that if they aren't punished in this life, they will surely get the proper punishment in the next life. Hell awaits these unrepentant monsters.

(Quran 65: 4) "And ( as for ) those of your women who have despaired of menstruation, if you have a doubt, their prescribed time shall be three months, and of those too who have not had their courses; and ( as for ) the pregnant women, their prescribed time is that they lay down their burden; and whoever is careful of ( his duty to ) Allah He will make easy for him his affair."

This gives Muslim men full permission to rape pre-pubescent girls, to take child brides, and to do with them what they will. There are no steadfast rules, completely justifying and encouraging the act of rape in any form or fashion. Mohammad was a pedophile and rapist. Why wouldn't his present day followers do the same?

(Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64) "that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

Mohammad took a six year old child bride named Aisha. This is the ultimate evil. And why does the world play ignorant to the true nature of Islam, when it is clearly written that Mohammad was a butcher and rapist in his own right? Because to do otherwise would be politically incorrect. As it stands, a three year old toddler lies in a coma in Saudi Arabia, a victim of religious doctrine. A child, forever scarred by a pack of savage wolves.

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    As salaam.

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  • saima

    Good morning.
    Since you have framed prohit mohammed with regard to de-flowiring aisha his youngest bride. I would suggest to this freedom group DO NOT FRAME PROPHIT MOHAMMED!! After called yourself the educated and liberated group.
    Our prophet married aisha. He loved her so much that when he died he died in her arms. After her marriage to her she is still the most respected and honorable women after 1400 years to his death. Aisa is not simply refered by her name but with genuine respect until today. The respected aisha our prophit Mohammeds wife NEVER married after his death. She thought the muslim society about living a truth ful and honest life. islam was the first riligion to allow women to own their own there any religion that allowed suchliberation to women at that time??? Prophit mohaed thought us to respect women .we as sons and daughter cannot get heven unless we respect our parents above ourselfs.i would suggest oll of you anti muslims to go and study islam and then write your statements in the right context. DO NOT FRAME ISLAM AND OUR ALLAH AND OUR PROPHET..i am sure men abd women will know the meanibg of liberation once they know what ISLAM IS ALL ABOUT.

  • Natassia

    The nice thing about Saudi Arabia is that they behead people for this sh*t.

  • Tor R.C. Ganslandt

    There is no end to to this pathetic discussion on religion. Hours of devotion to a non-profitable futile endeavour. There is no truth to any of these words. All religion is bad, ALL! It is build upon lies, fear and shame. Now, get over it and look at life from a reality perspective.

  • marlio

    They are butchers, savages , murderers and are the scourge of mankind. Islam is NOT PEACEFUL if it allows adults to molest a BABY. My Goodness, were they so DESPERATE they couldnt find an ADULT!! They must not be well liked and others shun them to do this. This is NOT PEACEFUL AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BY ISLAM. These men will incur the wrath of God I think!!

  • Kathy Garrett

    Ban islam in the US other countries are banning that filthy cult. There's your presidents faith. He thinks it's beautiful. Nothing but evil, I see those idiotic women in stores and I want to rip that crap off of them. It's nothing but false especially when they are out by themselves.. according to their so called religion thay aren't a loud out by themselves.