Ride for the Constitution: Day 2 – Trucks Invade Downtown DC

Day two of the Truckers Ride for the Constitution is underway. The latest information is the trucks made it into downtown Washington DC. Forty-eight bobtails with over 100 support vehicles broke from the convoy and went into the heart of the city to stage a protest. Hampered by rain, intervention from law enforcement and confusing reports from rogue truckers stymied turn out but the patriot truckers are there being cheered on by locals. The truckers have pledged to fully support the veterans.

Truckers-Ride-For-TheConstitutionGeneral Lee reported the group drove through downtown right past the Pentagon to the WWII memorial. Crews were out with video cameras to record the event and footage will be available for viewing at a later time. The General reported that highway patrol officers were completely cooperative and he confirmed all laws have been obeyed by the truckers. Nothing has happened that should scare any driver from participating.

Pictures of the HDTV truck vehicle have been posted on the Trucker Ride for the Constitution Facebook page along with video showing the trucks leaving the staging are this morning. A photograph of the trucks rolling through DC on I-395 was posted about an hour ago.

General Lee stated the trucker presence was known and felt in DC when on I-395 going past memorials. He reported the group had traffic backed up from DC to I-495 for 10 miles. This resulted in travelers calling into the Virginia State Police complaining about the back-up. According to the General, Virginia State Police supported the group's efforts but requested the protestors leave one lane open. The Virginia State Police were not issuing tickets but were required to talk with the group. Officers reported to General Lee they were working overtime due to the event. General Lee indicated the higher ranking officers were the ones that had spoken with him.

HDTV Truck at Truckers Ride for the Constitution

HDTV Truck at Truckers Ride for the Constitution

Anyone who wants to join in the protest can meet up with the trucks this afternoon between 3 PM and 4 PM Eastern Time at the staging area off of I-95, exit 98 in Doswell, Virginia.

There have been NO National Guard troops out today and according to General Lee; he had not seen any during the event so far.

If you are trying to follow the group along the traffic cams, it has been very difficult to follow the group with the cameras. Some are covered with raindrops. Some are not working, and some do not seem to be indicative of the true nature of the traffic.

It has been very disappointing to hear there are individuals of the trucking community who have gone "rogue" and disseminated information that confused or intimidated other drivers. This event has garnered a lot of support throughout the country. It has been the single most important event that gathered many different organizations together along with many multi-faceted individuals.

A theory has been brought to my attention of why the truckers may not be able to get anything done; it is because some individuals in the different sub-groups will not put aside their petty differences to come together for a greater cause. At this point, I would have to agree with that. General Lee, Zeeda Andrews and other individuals involved have placed their integrity and reputation on the line to participate in this endeavor. For those who have smeared this event by attempting to subvert it, it is an indication of your pettiness and smallness which is to be pitied. Remember your actions when you need support from America; remember how you behaved when America rose up to stand together. A good piece of advice for those of you who went "rogue" is: If you can't lead or follow, get out of the way.

We are not deterred, and we are proceeding ahead. Regardless, we are still a success, and support for this effort is just as strong. The Veterans stand will be upcoming with the truckers backing them up.

Following this closely for the last 30 hours, a question entered my mind that was expressed by Dean Garrison in his article on Freedom Outpost: where is our support from DC? As Dean indicated, these truckers are jeopardizing their jobs and missing out on income; they have incurred an expense of $1500 or greater to represent the American people. Folks, that's not chump change and is conservative at 8 mpg.

These truckers and individuals riding the beltway have committed themselves to this effort to save America and protect the freedoms every American along with those nay-sayers and "rogue" truckers enjoy today.

Regardless of the outcome, these road warriors and those riding in non-big rigs with them are our true heroes. If those professing to "stand for America" in DC were really interested in backing up their claims, they would be out there to at least talk to these guys or take a ride with one of them. I'm sure the General would love to show Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee or Louie Gohmert the DC sights from his patriotic rig.

How about it Senators and Representatives? Would you show your support for America by contacting the Pete Santilli show to take a ride?

UPDATE: Just heard that the truckers are meeting at an exit to have lunch, meet with Louie Gohmert, regroup and gather ALL trucks together to make a big push after lunch.

Construction workers were cheering the truckers on while they were on I-395.

UPDATE: The donation button on the pages have been removed.. anyone wanting to donate fuel is asked to go to exit 98 on I-95 in Doswell so they can pay for fuel.

They are now asking if there is anyone who wants to donate they can contact the Doswell All American Plaza at the number below or stop by and fill up a trucker's tank. One woman is going there now to fill up a trucker's tank, get in and ride around to take pics/video then go back to the plaza.

Doswell All American Plza I95 Exit 98 (10222 Kings Dominion Hwy) | Doswell , VA | Phone: 804-876-3742

Pete and Susannah said they were sure any trucker would love to ride some supporters around.

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About Suzanne Hamner
Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
  • kochrepellent

    What did the truckers do with the members of Congress they arrested for violating the Constitution? And what about Obama? Is he sleeping in the White House tonight, or is he being held at a secret location somewhere?

  • The happy warrior

    God, do I love fighting the enemies of the informed. Please bless us. God, please protect the uninformed from those that would use them for their own interests and from their future well-being. Protect this site from those that would inflict harm on the protectors of human liberty and the right to worship their God. Thank you.

  • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

    There was some overreach.. Big project. maybe too big, most of these guys aren't rich, fuels expensive.. Maybe there's a much cheaper way.. Like refuse runs to Las Vegas until Harry Reid resigns.. watch what happens when the casino's start running out of food and booze

    • Rachel

      Sure. Patriots all over the country can have their cars "accidentally" break down on the nation's highways, causing a shut down of commerce. There aren't enough towtrucks in the country to move all those broken down cars. Just pick a day and time and BINGO!

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

      Rachel, there's a lot of Conservatives who think it's rude, impolite-- or something to use the left's own tactics against the left.. I don't, as long as stays within the law (a little civil disobedience is a good thing) , and you avoid hurting innocent bystanders.. Restrictive rules of engagement are a sure way to lose a battle, or a war.

      Notice how when the left mentions boycott, big companies surrender?

      Remember what happened to the SOPA Internet law when 5,000.000 emails in a day crashed the servers at the Capitol? A lot of Congress critters had to buy new underwear that day.. Harry Reid looked like a whipped man when he announced SOPA was history.

      There are thousands of ways to 'Get there attention" Just have to get enough people off their couches..

    • Rachel

      Amen, Grumpy. You can't win bringing a slingshot to a gun fight. They fight dirty as hell. They lie and they cheat. They have no conscience, no scruples, and they will accuse you of everything THEY do. Any Conservatives who think this is time to be "polite" need to get their heads examined, after they pull them out of their posteriors.

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

      Now just get people off their couches--

      It would be demoralizing as hell if Senate Democrats were to get several million emails over the next few days simply saying "I stand the the Truckers who came DC' or "I support the Vets who gave barry back his cades"

    • Rachel

      Well, if you do Twitter, here are all the direct Senators twitter handles. I tweet them angry messages daily....

      @SenGillibrand @InhofePress @MikeCrapo @DavidVitter ‏@SenBobCorker @SenDanCoats @SenSanders @Mike_Johanns @ChrisMurphyCT ‏@SenMikeLee @CantwellPress @SenatorLeahy @SenToomey @robportman ‏@SenJohnMcCain @SenatorTimScott ‏@JohnCornyn @PattyMurray @SenBlumenthal @ChuckSchumer @SenatorShaheen @SenDonnelly @SenatorLeahy @SenatorCardin @SenBobCasey @SenatorHeitkamp @SenTedCruz ‏@SenRandPaul @SenatorReid @SenatorHagan @SenatorHagan @SenatorMenendez @SenJeffMerkley @SenatorBaldwin @SenatorBurr @SenatorWicker @RoyBlunt @SenOrrinHatch ‏@SenMarkPryor @SenSherrodBrown @SenAngusKing ‏@timkaine @SaxbyChambliss @MarkWarner @maziehirono @maziehirono @Sen_JoeManchin @SenJohnBarrasso @SenatorCarper @alfranken @ChuckGrassley ‏@SenOrrinHatch @SenatorSessions @SenatorIsakson ‏@SenatorBegich @SenMoCowan ‏@SenJohnThune @stabenow @SenLandrieu @SenDeanHeller ‏@MarkUdall @JohnBoozman ‏@SenMarkPryor @stabenow @SenLandrieu @SenDeanHeller ‏@MarkUdall @JohnBoozman ‏@SenMarkPryor @SenThadCochran ‏@amyklobuchar ‏
      @SenDanCoats @SenBennetCO @SenRockefeller @ChrisCoons @GrahamBlog @KellyAyotte ‏@SenatorFischer @elizabethforma ‏@timkaine @SenAlexander @SenatorEnzi @MartinHeinrich ‏@SenJackReed @SenBillNelson ‏@MarkWarner @JohnBoozman @SenatorRisch @SenBobCasey @SenDeanHeller @SenatorWicker ‏‏@SenatorKirk ‏@CantwellPress @SenFeinstein @SenPatRoberts @SenMarkPryor @RonWyden @SenCarlLevin @SenJackReed @SenShelbyPress @JerryMoran @SenatorCollins @SenWhitehouse @SenJohnHoeven @SenatorDurbin @marcorubio @MartinHeinrich @SenatorBoxer @TomCoburn @CantwellPress @SenRonJohnson @PattyMurray @lisamurkowski ‏@SenatorBurr @JerryMoran @SenatorBarb

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

      Thanks- I've got a list on my site, emails- phone and twitter, but it's not easy to use - this list will make a great post for later this morning -

      I'm not hard to find @Grumpyelder

      Your avatar looks familiar --

    • Rachel

      I just "followed" you, Grumpy. I'm fubaglady. See you on Twitter!

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

      That was quick and easy-- Thanks for the follow, I've got to get off for a little while

  • HereticX

    It was a bust.

  • EH

    Last I heard, the presidents salary is around 400k and the senators & representatives may as well have hit the lotto with what their salaries are. The kicker to this joke is they also get to give themselves raises, they have homes in DC and their home states, new 100k + vehicles, 3-5k suits, armed bodyguards, live-in house servants, expensive jewelry, ivy league educations and the list just goes on and on and yet they are the people who represent the little guys, the average Joes, the working class American, and still all of you democrats and leftists praise these thieves and make childish comments about the rest of us just don't want to pay taxes.......really??? Are you kidding me??? I don't care if they're Republican or Democrats, 99.99999% of them are thieving ass crooks. Damn right I'm tired of paying them to do nothing and don't mind paying taxes as long as I have fair representation for my taxation. Now for the post putting down the"Koch bros and other billionaires", those millionaires and billionaires were able to become rich because of the freedoms we have, just think, if our government were run by someone like the Koch bros, we would be out of debt and have money in the bank. Oh yeah, our taxes would decrease as well, anyone will an idea has the freedom and potential to become rich, for now anyway. I don't see anything wrong with a person getting off their ass and trying to makes something of themselves and getting rich for their efforts but a thieving politician getting rich off of ridiculous salaries, perks and deep pocketed lobbyist, damn right I've gotplenty to say and the American people have plenty to protest.

    Bringing America back

  • eunsuh

    its all a farce. there is nothing going on in DC....I can tell you that personally. Its all BS for whatever reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marlene-Hessler/100000291160843 Marlene Hessler

    One thing that all viewers should be noticing. Not one of the trucks is hauling anything, no food, no clothes, no shoes, no toys. nothing. So, don't expect those store shelves to be well stocked. That is the point. Truckers can cut off your food in a heartbeat.

    • HereticX

      Their intent was not to be disruptive, so your comment is contrary to their goals. They only wanted to draw attention to their cause - not 'cut off your food'.