Radical Islam in the White House Is Leading America Toward Islamic State and Martial Law

Greg, a friend of mine sent me a link to Michael Coffman's interview by Janet Mefferd. For those unaware, Coffman wrote "Plundered," and discusses, how progressive ideology is destroying America. It's a very worthwhile read and can be purchased for $9.99 on Kindle. I highly recommend it.

Radicalizing America via Islam

Radicalizing America via Islam

Coffman's latest book - "Radical Islam in the House" - deals with what Coffman calls "The Plan to Take America for the Global Islamic State. He covers a good deal that many may still not be aware of with respect to Islam and also calls attention to people like Dr. Abdullah Nasif, Mohamed Elibiary, and many others. Elibiary works inside the Obama administration, as do many other hardcore Muslims. Of course, Elibiary and Progressives in general tell us we have no worries and our concerns have grown out of our bigotry toward Islam.

At any rate, if you are not familiar with Coffman, please familiarize yourself with him. He has highly valuable input and will educate you on Islam, if you will allow him.

Coffman points out the Obama connection to Islam in general and also notes that as far as hardcore Muslims are concerned, they consider Obama to be a Muslim. They believe that he is and will continue to change the face of America until America becomes an Islamic state. When Progressives hear that, they attempt to laugh us to scorn. This is simply their way of attempting to diffuse the situation before anyone even starts to take it seriously. Too many are seeing past this charade though.

If nothing is done to change the way Washington DC does business, what will happen? According to Coffman, a civil war could ignite. If that happens, we will have martial law and America may actually wind up looking like parts of the Middle East, such as Syria or elsewhere. During the interview with Mefferd, he spoke of this. "Coffman told Mefferd that President Obama might become a dictator and refuse to give up power in order to transform the US into an Islamic state. Once Americans begin fighting back against the dictatorship by the country’s 0.8 percent Muslim population, Coffman predicts that the US will experience a second Civil War that is much like the one taking place in Syria."

If you stop to consider what is happening in America, most of it has left most of us dumbfounded. We don't know what to do, frankly. We are quickly realizing that simply fighting Obama via Congress is not going anywhere.

Take the situation now with 13% of the government shut down. Obama is doing all he can to make life miserable for we, the people. I'm sure he hopes that the blame will be placed at the feet of the GOP (as if there are no Progressives there). Unfortunately, people are waking up to the fact that Obama is deliberately closing things that do not need to be closed. He is the one who is desperately trying to make life miserable.

He has closed the Grand Canyon. He has closed parks and tourist attractions near the DC Mall. In one case, in spite of the dying wishes of a young girl to see the Statue of Liberty up close, he refuses to open it.

In another example, though the Mall is closed, Obama is allowing illegal aliens to have their previously scheduled rally. Isn't that swell? Apparently, these illegal aliens and others don't see Obama's penchant for being dictatorial and likely wouldn't care if they did recognize it.

Meanwhile, truckers are planning to effectively shut down highways around Washington DC because they are sick and tired of the shenanigans of many in Congress and Obama himself. Want to support them but can't join them? Tag "T2SDA" on your car's windows, which means "Truckers to Shut Down America." Logistics organizer Earl Conlon "who believes Obama has committed treason by arming Syrian rebels, also said the truckers are serious about holding Obama and member of Congress, as public servants, accountable for abusing their obligations to the people who elected them."

We, the people are being pushed beyond our limits. Obama is acting more like a dictator every day. He has no regard for the rule of law and couldn't care less how badly the government "shut down" affects the average American. This country is in a shambles and unfortunately, I believe Obama has deliberately made it worse.

Is it any wonder why people rebel against their dictatorships? It seems like we are being goaded into the same thing. The problems are becoming so obvious even some Progressives are able to see them.

What will happen seems obvious. Can it be stopped? I'm truly not sure. We may well be headed toward a second Civil War. In the meantime, educate yourself and start with Coffman's books. Talk to others and spread the word. To do nothing is to simply allow those opposed to America to win.

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  • AnnaGraceS

    Islam a political system... masked as a religion to give murdeous men a reason to torture and murder, rape little girls, practice incest, make women subservient to men and remain uneducated for eons!! All of them in the name of the moon god allah, mohammud the quran! Disgusting inbread pigs!!

  • [email protected]

    Lord help us JESUS!
    we've got to wake up and take America back for JESUS!
    obama is a son of the devil! he is evil evil evil!

  • runsinquicksand

    Homosexuals should be shaking in their boots especially since most vote Democrat.

  • $2398599

    Just like LA RAZA, the muslims are taking America slowly, mostly by fornication.

  • Michael

    It is time to Secede and create a new American Republic. The 13 Southern States could go it alone to start. Now is the time to bring together the 13 Governors, 26 US Senators, 144 Congressmen, all of the State Senators, State Representatives, and County Sheriffs of these 13 States for a Secession Conference to determine the feasibility of a separate nation and then, if it is deemed viable, to notify the current US Federal Government of the intent of the 13 Great Southern States of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida to peacefully secede to form the new American Republic.

    The new American Republic will encompass all lands from the North-East corner of the State of North Carolina westward to the North-West corner of the State of Arizona and then due south to the Arizona-Mexico Border. Once that New Republic is created, other like-minded States such as Virginia, Missouri, and Utah can petition to join.

    At this time a majority of the remaining States have Republican Governors as well as Republican controlled Houses and Senates so it should be an easy process to at least begin the discussion. ID, MT, ND, SD, WY, NE, KS, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA are all Republican controlled.

    That leaves only the North-Eastern/New England States, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Colorado, New Mexico and the Western States of CA, NV, OR, and WA in the Old Republic.

    The Tea Party started as a Grass-roots organization and grew almost overnight into a National Power; The Secessionist Movement can do the same. In essence, it’s not that we want to remove ourselves from those who do not follow our Constitutional values, but rather that we want to remove them from us.

    Imagine a Republic where the Constitution is the Law of the Land, Illegal means Illegal, we only spend what we can afford, and only those truly in need feed of the Taxpayers! Isn't that what the original Founding Fathers imagined?

    This would also give the new Republic a chance to clarify the Constitution to remove all ambiguous wording and to set Laws that would be more in line with a Republic that our Founding Fathers envisioned.

    Imagine a Republic with only one (1) Official Language; English.

    Imagine a Republic founded on, and governed by, the Judeo-Christian Religion where Marriage is between one man and one woman and just as Saudi Arabia and Iran outlaw our Religions, we would outlaw their Religion.

    All of the New Republic States would have more revenues. Not only would all current Federal income taxes remain with the new Republic, but the millions of illegal immigrants would no longer be given any type of assistance at all; so they would leave almost overnight. A program that is fair will be created to allow workers from other countries to come to the New Republic to do work that cannot be filled by citizens.

    However, those receiving State Assistance would be required to undergo Drug and Alcohol Testing and to work for that assistance unless caring for children or a sick relative. Whether that work is picking crops or sweeping the streets is immaterial. What is important is that all recipients of State Assistance will develop Jobs Skills and develop a Work Ethic that would lead to a Private Sector Job which would turn that Welfare Recipient into a working member of society and a Tax Payer.

    All Federal Taxes currently imposed on the People of the New Republic would stay with the New Republic. In addition to the Federal Fuel Taxes that would remain with the New Republic to pay for Highway maintenance and development, new revenues could be raised through Toll Roads and Toll Bridges as is currently done in many states.

    Remember to take into consideration that this new Republic would control 2/3 of the coastline and therefore would take over and keep all Customs and Duties revenues!

    Texas alone would have nearly 2 Billion Dollars a year more in its Treasury because that is the difference between what they send to DC and what DC sends back.

    All current Tax-Payer funded Federal Property; Roads, Bridges, Dams, Buildings, Airports, Military Bases, Sea Ports, Parks and so, on will remain as property of the citizens of the New Republic.

    Social Security Funds currently held by the US Federal Government will be divided on a per-person basis using the most recent Census Report. If for example the population of the New Republic represents 40% of the total population, then 40% of the Social Security Funds will be transferred to the New Republic. The Citizens keep what they have paid for.

    The New Republic would also be more Pro-Business and as a result a large portion of businesses in California and other Liberal States would most likely leave and come to the new Republic.

    If incentives such as 10 years of Corporate Tax-Free Status were offered to any company that relocated into the new Republic and created a minimum of 25 new jobs, I think you would see a major migration of business and industry. Unemployment would be almost non-existent as this would create hundreds-of-thousands of jobs in the new Republic and an equal number of new Income Tax Payers. Not to mention all the increase in Sales and Property Taxes and Republic (Federal) Income taxes paid to the new Republic.

    Basically, the brains and money would flow to the new Republic leaving the remnants of the old USA with a ruined economy and a nation of illegal immigrants and welfare recipients.

    Let’s see how their Progressive Liberalism works for them at that point.

    We also envision a government accountable to the People.

    The Republic Government would only be responsible for National Defense, Interstate Commerce, and Foreign Policy. All other programs such as Welfare, Education, Medical Care, and such would be managed at the State level.

    Just as many states elect their Governors and Lt. Governors separately, so would the President and VP of the new Republic be elected separately. Imagine a Democrat President and a Republican VP or a Republican President and a Green Party VP. Checks and Balances! The People would have a choice and no longer be required to vote for the 2-person Team that represents the Lessor of two evils.

    We see a system wherein each State receives two (2) seats in the Senate and a total of ten (10) seats in the House of Representatives. Each State is equal and no State gets more votes than any other. How the States elects their Senators and Representatives; statewide or by District, is up to the individual States.

    We also envision that all new Taxes imposed on the People have Sunset Clauses that automatically retire the Tax after a set number of years. All renewal of Taxes must be approved by a majority vote of the People.

    Within the governments of both the Republic and the individual States, we think Senators should serve a maximum of one (1) Six-Year Term and Representatives two (2) 4-Year Terms. After that - back to your regular job. No more career politicians. Salaries would be capped at $50,000 per year per Senator or Representative and there would be no retirement pension. All increases would require a vote of the people and no law would be passed unless the government was also held to the same law - no more special treatment of health coverage for elected officials. They get the same as the People.

    With the exception of the border between California and Mexico, the remaining border would finally be secured.

    By taking the New Republic out from under the weight of the current Federal System, the New Republic would transform into a truly Free and Democratic Nation.

    For those who argue that the New Republic could not survive financially, one only has to look at most other western industrialized countries of the world that are much smaller than the combined size of the New Republic. Those countries survive very well. So too would the New Republic.

    • John3:16

      Amazing! If only men in this nation would rise up! Do not forget to add in Prayer and God's Word back into our schools! Without reliance and honor given to The Lord, we are doomed!

    • f8tule

      and that is what is happening right now. We are losing because WE THE PEOPLE have let .02% push God right out of our country.. it is time to pray for the return of God back to America so she can become strong again..

      But as it says in the good book, we will sit and watch..

    • Smokey

      Well thought out and well written sir

  • USARetired

    For an educated nation, Americans are the most ignorant people on this planet. All they have to do is read and they will realize Muslims should never have been allowed to practice their 'Fascist Ideology' in America. Islam is not and has never been a religion!.

    • Conrad Gabbard

      Islam certainy IS a religion, with doctrine that followers adhere to under viable threat of death for deviation. That's what "honor killings" are all about. Granted, it is a hodge-podge of often misunderstood facets from various religions known to Mohammed from campfire conversations, keeping the ancient pagan Arab rituals and promoting their moon-god (that Mohammed's father was consecrated to as a child) to god of the universe. Yes, the connections with the moon remain in their symbol and devotions.

    • $2398599

      It's no religion, but a lifestyle for murderous men.

    • runsinquicksand

      It's a Cult.

    • f8tule

      It's a political system....masked as a religion so they can use it against people.. tell me, what other religion maims women and children, and uses idiots with bombs strapped to their backs or cars and intentionally blows things up in the name of some other idiot.. the moon god...

      There is only ONE God.. everything else is born of Lucifer

  • David Risselada

    To do nothing does more than allow those opposed to America to win, doing nothing is as good as helping those opposed to America win.