Obamacare Website Shutdown for Repairs After Mad Rush to Get on the Federal Welfare System

Can a government that cannot figure out how to keep itself open figure out how to manage America's health care system? I think we all know the answer to that. In a similar manner to the Obamacare legislation, which even Democrats agree is a trainwreck, the Obamacare website is being shut down and in need of repairs. Now we all know that Obamacare needs to be repealed. It's unconstitutional and it's simply bad law to begin with. However, you would think that after three years of this monster being law they could at least have the website running properly. Not a chance.

Fox News is reporting that several states that have exchanges set up are experiencing serious glitches. Here are a few that are mentioned:

Colorado: Problems calculating subsidies

The state-based, online exchange -- Connect For Health Colorado -- will be live Tuesday for the roughly 700,000 residents without health insurance, but it also will not be fully operational because of problems calculating the subsidies. Customers can still get the subsidies, but not without calling for assistance for at least the first month.

A spokesman for the exchange said the state has hired 180 people to man a call center to help insurance shoppers.

One hundred and eighty people to man a call center? Ah, yes this is more big government; more people working for big government at the tax payer's expense for something that should never have been.

Yes, even DC has its own problems.

District of Columbia: Software glitch reported

The District, also running its own exchange, revealed last week that a glitch in its exchange software as it tries to calculate insurance-premium costs when factoring in tax credits, or subsidies, for lower-income customers. Officials also said the site still cannot determine who would be eligible for Medicaid, which about half of U.S. states are expanding under ObamaCare.

Washington State was another mentioned among the thirty-four states that are either using the federal site or have a state-federal partnership.

Washington: "Connection Refused"

The state-run exchange in Washington state was not on the national radar for potential problems in recent days, but the site experienced hiccups on Tuesday and was still down by midday.

Visitors were greeted with the words "Connection Refused" on an otherwise blank, white screen.

On a national scale, Fox reports:

Many visitors to the official website for the federally run ObamaCare insurance exchanges were met Tuesday morning with an error message. The site was apparently overloaded with traffic but went live after about 11:30 a.m.

"We have a lot of visitors on our site right now and we're working to make your experience here better. Please wait here until we send you to the login page. Thanks for your patience!" read a website message. 

By mid-morning, the healthcare.gov site declared "the system is down at the moment," and directed would-be participants to contact a call center if they need help immediately. 

It only gets worse. The Associated Press adds:

Bedeviled by technology glitches that frustrated millions of consumers, the Obama administration is taking down its health overhaul website for repairs this weekend.

Enrollment functions of the healthcare.gov site will be unavailable during off-peak hours this weekend, the Health and Human Services Department said Friday. The website will remain open for general information.

Technology problems overwhelmed the launch of new health insurance markets Tuesday, embarrassing the administration just when the health care law was supposed to be introduced to average consumers.

Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) said, "Americans have seen once again that Obamacare is not ready for prime time. A dysfunctional website is the least of that law's problems."

I even went to Healthcare.gov at 4:25 pm on Saturday and this is what I saw.

The Obama administration has tried to put the best spin they could on the utter failure of the program. In a statement titled "Health Insurance Marketplace Open for Business – Week One Success," the administration wrote, "Americans are excited to look at their options for health coverage, with record demand in the first days of the marketplaces."

I simply add, yeah the sheeple just can't wait to get on government welfare, can they? However, it doesn't seem the system is cooperating enough to make it happen.

By Monday, "there will be significant improvements in the online consumer experience," Health and Human Services said.

I wonder if any of the people working to fix this monster are on furlough or are they actually getting paid. It does make one wonder when the administration is basically crying like a little girl about a government shutdown.

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  • http://www.givemedatmoney.com/ GiveMeDatMoney.com

    #governmentshutdown There may be no $$$ but sign up for free welfare programs b4 the money starts flowing! http://t.co/tdxANaWDbe— GiveMeDatMoney.com (@GetMeDatMoney) October 7, 2013

    its websites like this!!!!! thats why!!!!

  • Don_in_Odessa

    About that "Mad Rush to Get on the Federal Welfare System"

    Ya' know? I have been fussing all my adult life about the federal cookie jar for the un-needy. Those that take without giving back. You know, the ones that could but won't. My fussing or yours hasn't done any good and I been an adult for a lot of years. It just keeps getting worse, no matter what political party appears to be in charge.

    I may be changing my tune now though. I mean really, stop and think about it. The Federal Reserve pays no attention to sound money practices and just prints up (digitally creates) as much money as they want. They give it to their Bankster buddies and to Government officials so they can pay their bribes and too big to fail criminal corporations. They give it to foreign governments and now even our government is passing it around to our enemies.

    The point is; They just keep printing it up. I think it may be getting close to my turn to grab what I can while I can while the grabbing is good. Not sure but, if I could figure out how to stuff my pants with a pocket fulI of good times at the government's expense, I would be mighty tempted.

    I do hope some good folk grabs up the criminal government and restores us to a Constitutional Republic before I find myself compromising my ethics though. Not advocating for violence, mind you. But, I'm even thinking real hard about that one too. Either way, I reckon I'd have a free meal or two at the Fed's expense. I'm Old so if I got caught it might not be so bad to spend the rest of my years in a comfy little jail.

    Retirement home or jail? Hmm!

    • celticreeler

      Good comment.

      I personally think it is immoral for government to tempt people.

    • Don_in_Odessa


  • Mike McMillin

    I live in Georgia and Saturday night I was finally allowed on the site to log on. At the completion of my paper work, I was told two things (1) I made to much money for Medicaid. (2) Since my son also has a job and I have investment income that I could not
    enroll till 12-01-13. Here is the quote from the site:

    "It looks like you have a multi-tax household; you're going to
    need to wait till 12/01/2013 to enroll"

    I would like to know what my Insurance
    options are and what the costs are before then.

  • http://miraclesignsanddesigns.com Paul Wesley Miracle

    Our government which has the top spying agency in the world that collects almost all the data sent across the internet and organizes it into sectors for government tyrant workers to pull later to violate our constitutional rights, can't even make a simple webpage? This is outrageous and is completely embarassing to the American people. Really, this is the best our government could do? Maybe you shouldn't rely on disfunctional groups like ACORN to handle our healthcare programs, group that is known to pocket government money? Really with all the top minds in America and this is the best we could do?

    • http://miraclesignsanddesigns.com Paul Wesley Miracle

      Complete and utter failure isn't even the word. And all the while Obama is still crying about not defunding or delaying this horrendous bill that will DEVASTATE the middle class. It's really a insurance takeover, giving a corporation unpresedented powers over the American people. How is it right that we are being forced to use corporations to make them richer?

  • David Risselada

    Unbelievable, yet so believable.