Obamacare Demonstrates that Somewhere in North America There are Quite a Few Idiots

I recently saw a bumper sticker that read "Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot."  No doubt that's true.  Equally true, however, is that somewhere in North America there's a country full of idiots.

dumb03If a buyer went to a car dealer to buy car, picked one out, and asked the salesman what kind of a deal he could make, and the salesman said, "Good choice.  Sign this contract and we'll get you on the road today," the buyer would probably not agree to sign.  The rest of the conversation might be as follows:

Buyer:  "Wait a minute.  I don't know what's in the contract.  Why would I sign it?"

Salesman: "That's our policy."

Buyer: "I need to read the contract.  I need to know what you're asking me to sign."

Salesman: "We don't have time for that.  The deal I'm offering you is only good for the next three minutes."

Because the buyer really wants the car, he considers skipping a review of the contract, and says, "At least tell me how much it is."

Salesman: "Not to worry.  It's not as much as you think.  As soon as you sign the contract and give me a signed check, I'll give you the keys and I'll fill in the amount later this afternoon.  You'll find out what it is when you get your bank statement.  Trust me, you can afford it."

No one but a fool would take this deal, and yet that is exactly what a majority of the "honorable" congressmen [they call themselves "Honorable"] did in voting for Obamacare.

The highest ranking Democrat in the House, the Speaker at the time, said that one would have to wait until the bill was passed to find out what was in it.  It was 2700 pages long and threatened to impact almost 20% of the largest economy on earth.  Obviously, because one could not know what the bill provided for within the week or so allotted before the vote, one could not know what it would cost.  Just like the car.  

Also, just like the car example, the Obamacare deal had to be sealed in a hurry.  You may recall Obama on television saying it had to be signed by the end of the week.  

My estimate of the time it would take to have a "working knowledge" of this bill is six months working full time. I would estimate further that it would take an additional six months to come up with ballpark cost figures.  I used to read proposed and passed legislation for a living.  

One might conclude from these estimates that anyone who voted for Obamacare under the conditions under which it was presented, is patently irresponsible.

Obviously, some sort of underhandedness was at work, as it always is with congress.  Regardless of what was at work, if ordinary people had called their representatives and said, "Don't you dare vote for this bill," most congressmen would not have embarrassed themselves by their votes.

In order for a Constitutional Republic (what we have) to work, the voting public must be somewhat aware of the issues, must watch what its representatives do, and must be prepared to make intelligent decisions.  That's what we don't have.

I won't speculate on why this is true.  One might mention the high school dropout rate, the adulation of criminals and professional athletes at the expense of healers and scientists, the mindset represented by the Kardashians, and a collective morality that is self-centered.

Regardless of the reasons, when the voting public ignores its responsibility to make a democratic republic work, con-artists will fill the jobs that used to be held by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.  The con-artists will reflect the public at large, and just like the public, they will have no concern for the collective well-being.  The con-artists will spend the entire year running for election and do what the party hacks tell them. 

They will vote for bills like Obamacare, presented in haste, potentially catastrophic in its effects, ideologically motivated, designed to empower the federal government even more than it already is, and approved by a majority of congress who had not read, understood, or thought about what they were voting for, much less what it would cost largely because they were pressured by their party masters. 

Politics, under these circumstances, becomes no more than looting of the federal treasury to fund ideologically based legislation that can be introduced and approved without regard to content or cost.

A Constitutional Republic cannot survive this degradation.  But that's what we have.

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About William Lafferty
William Lafferty is a retired lawyer. He retired from the position of staff attorney for the Pennsylvania supreme court. He also worked as a part-time instructor at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin and a j.d. degree from Duquesne University. He is also a writer of novels which you can find at his site.
  • carguy427

    Before the Bill was signed, the OMB told Congress that up to 14 million Americans would lose their health insurance. This is like the idiot who came into the Chevy dealer and was hoodwinked into buying a Rolls Royce after being told the price...that is the Democratic portion of the 535 idiots in Congress. Somebody please put Nancy Pelosi on life support so she'll read the d**m Bill.

  • jayhdavis

    The idiots are the voters who voted for the democrats who voted for this bill. But what is especially sad, these same voters actually re-elected the democrats who voted for this bill! God help this country.

  • J J

    There are more than 'quite a few', there are millions and they all voted for Obama - both times!!! But these idiots also don't understand economics; they don't understand that they can't have someone else pay for their existence forever without some kind of consequences!!! They are fools for believing the Democrat ideology, for being selfish, lazy and arrogant.

  • babsan

    Agree 100%.The Public school system has graduated a LOT of idiots thru the generations and more coming.These idiots are RIPE for being coerced into their own demise if nothing else forcing Islam on the country and the barbarians that come with that package

  • Jack Parker

    Idiot for wanting everything for free? Those of us who work and pay taxes to support these freeloaders are the idiots.

    • hAAngarpilot

      You couldn't be more correct Jack. We the hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens have been suckered by our elected officials, freeloaders and deadbeats.

  • Kent2012

    that is true and they voted for kenyan boy twice and still troll these pages offering up support for the Benghazi bungler and his lead ho, billy's supposed wife and soon to be prez candidate.....the lezzy..

  • eric12325

    whats in this bill ,you will just have to pass it to find out !!!!

    Rand Paul says , i just received a 600 page bill ,did anyone read it he asked ,we are to vote on this bill in 24 hours ,he says can anyone read this bill and understand it before we vote on this ,first you have to look at the 110,000 other documents written before pertaining to what in this bill ,this is crazy, bills are written so large no one knows what they are voting for ,as Ron said its our job to review every bill and know everything in it before we discuss it and make our decision ,SO it seams we have been voting for bill after bill without ever reading them... DAM THATS CRAZY ,NO WONDER, WE ARE HERE

    Rand Paul wrote a bill saying for every 2 pages we need 2 days to read it what a good idea. 600 page bill needs 300 days to read ,this will take all the bullshit out of every bill so this country can get back to doing what is just and right for the American people.

  • Jude O'Connor

    There's a sucker born every minute and if weren't for the people that think we would be in a world of trouble.

  • Bob Howell

    Yes! There's lots of idiots in this Country.