Muslim Pirates Kidnap 2 US Sailors Off Coast of Nigeria

Does anyone remember the Barbary Pirates that our founding fathers fought against following the United States' founding? Well, lo and behold their descendants are still around, Muslim pirates demanding their jiyza (tribute) be paid by non-Muslim countries. This time they attacked, leaving several dead and kidnapping 2 US sailors off the coast of Nigeria.

GCaptain, a Maritime industry website, reports:

A security boat manned with Joint Task Force (JTF) Nigeria personnel was allegedly attacked by militants this morning off Nigeria.  According to one of our sources, all JTF personnel were killed and their weapons taken by the militants.

somalia"This is the second attack on a security boat in the past three days," our source adds.

Additional gCaptain sources also indicate that the Edison Chouest-owned, US-flagged platform supply vessel C-Retriever was working in a nearby field off Brass, Nigeria and was also attacked, an incident that our sources indicate was unrelated to the attack on the JTF personnel.  Our source notes that the Captain and Chief Engineer, who are both US citizens, were kidnapped. A very close family friend of the Chief Engineer (who identified himself as his brother, but whos name is withheld at his request) confirmed with us that the FBI is working on the case.

In a phone conversation with the friend of the engineer, Edison Chouest explained to them that 90 percent of the kidnap victims were returned to their families in good health and that the kidnappers had not yet contacted the company.  Typically, first contact is made within 7 to 10 days, and the final "transaction" where the ransom is paid and person released happens in about a month.

Reuters adds:

An American defense official and security sources confirmed the attack early Wednesday on the C-Retriever, a 222-foot vessel owned by a U.S. marine transport group. Piracy remains a major problem in the area, and U.S. Navy officials are working to better patrol the region with local authorities.

The White House said on Thursday it is concerned about the rise in piracy off the coast of West Africa, and is seeking more information about reports that pirates have kidnapped two U.S. citizens from an oil supply vessel in the Gulf of Guinea.

Pirates attacked an oil supply vessel off the Nigerian coast and kidnapped the captain and chief engineer, both U.S. citizens, an American defense official and security sources said on Thursday.

"We are seeking additional information so that we can contribute to the safe resolution of the situation," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters at a briefing.

"More broadly, we are concerned by the disturbing increase in the incidence of maritime crime, including incidents of piracy off the coast of West Africa, specifically in the Gulf of Guinea," Carney added.

Michael Frodl, of U.S.-based consultancy C-Level Maritime Risks, said "The piracy threat is spreading even further through the waters of West Africa, and the attacks have been mounting, even as global rates of reported piracy are at their lowest since 2006."

In an emailed note on Thursday from CBS News, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has reportedly taken responsibility for the attack and are holding the two Americans captive. As with all Islamists, you can never trust what they say since they engage in the deceptive method of taqiyya. However, we are already aware that Barack Obama is very sympathetic to his Muslim brothers over any American, so we cannot expect him to do what Thomas Jefferson did and write letters of marque and reprisal and send private warships to deal with these savages once and for all, can we? Heck, we don't even have private war ships anymore!

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  • Seeking_Truth

    As I understand it, a ship is an extension of a nation. Whatever flag flies over the ship, the deck is that nations territory. Attacking a ship is attacking the nation. It is an act of war. We should act accordingly.

  • pguild01

    These pirates should be scared very scared. The U.S. Navy will find them. Undoubtedly, the pirates will fight back which will result in their deaths.

  • $2398599

    It's what muslims do, and our leader still sends them billions of OUR USdollars.

    Watch this if you have the guts.

  • Neal Avery

    Russia does a good job of protecting Russian shipping. They don't care that the pirates are "Holder's People." Chain them to the deck and sink the ship.

  • $2398599

    As long as the maritime laws are in favor of pirates, and will not allow the crews to carry weapons, all unions that supply the crews , should refuse to work with teh lines.
    All engineers should also join. Firearma training should also be available to all sailors.

  • John Laurie

    Follow up story should be US Navy shells harbors, sinks and burns every boat, US Marines come in and hang every male that could possibly be a pirate....then, and only then, there will be no more pirates in that area

    • Neal Avery

      This will never happen until we get a new administration.

  • Barbaracvm

    Another two POW to add to the thousands of POW/MIA left behind in Vietnam.

    • John Laurie

      What thousands? It was less than 100

    • Barbaracvm

      go to youtube key in vietnam pow

  • Bob Yeager

    Public hanging of the pirates has always been a very good deterrent. A dead pirate is a good pirate. Thomas Jefferson 3rd US President.

  • Chew

    Barry Davis is working day and night searching for another anti-islam you tube video to blame this on and I am sure Jay will fill us in on Monday.
    In the meantime...stand down!!

    • David Risselada

      Barry Davis, LOL, good one. It took me a minute but I put it together.

  • RangerRick

    president Sambo should break out the Napalm & Nukes and end this crap once and for all, but since he is a towel-head himself, Zip will be done by the camel-jockey.

  • David Risselada

    What a shame, this president will likely leave them to rot.

  • ElderAmbassador

    The answer is so simple, KILL every pirate on sight. No need for stupid, long, expensive court cases, just pull the trigger and throw them to the sharks.

    • jwright673

      Right you are Elder. Have you heard a report on this coming from anywhere in our "government?" I sure haven't. Maybe we can send tom hanks over to deal with the pirates. My personal choice is shoulder-fired missles into their leaky little boats..

    • $2398599

      Unfortunately , there are maritime laws that forbid ships from carrying firearams.

    • Marty G

      Where are you getting your information? To my knowledge, there are laws about firearms in many ports, but generally between ports firearms are not an issue and fairly common and legal. Certainly in international waters there are no "maritime laws" forbidding the carrying of firearms. And when in port, at most one has to put them in custody of authorities during one's stay. To what are you referring?

    • pguild01


    • ElderAmbassador

      Many ships have firearms aboard, and have for years. It's more a custom, supported by the Captains, to not have armed crew members, mutiny you know.
      Many ship lines now hire armed security to sail aboard just to fend off pirates, etc.

    • Marty G

      Agreed. Issue all US citizens traveling in the area Letters of Marque and Reprisal against any and all pirates.

  • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

    Barack Obama is planning on murdering Americans in cold blood.
    Common behavior for muslims...

    • RangerRick

      Semper Fi!
      Let the IMPEACHMENT begin !!

    • RobinPC

      Don't you really mean, let the trials begin?

    • RangerRick

      Naw, ... just bring me a rope!