Patriotic American Blaine Cooper to John McCain: I Would Have You Arrested for Treason

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has come under attack, and rightfully so. He has gone from being a Vietnam Veteran hero to crossing the line, in my opinion and many others, of being a traitor to the Constitution and the United States. I ran across a video of a townhall meeting that apparently took place sometime in September, in which patriotic American Blaine Cooper called out John McCain on his treason for aiding and abetting the enemy of the United States.

This is simply something I cannot do justice by writing on it. You must hear it for yourself. The boldness expressed is due to McCain's support of jihadists in Syria, his kowtowing to Barack Obama and the senator even going and having his picture made with enemies of the United States. The man couldn't even keep his attention on the very serious matter regarding the support of jihadists in Syria. He was too busy playing poker.

Once Cooper finished his comments, McCain was completely embarrassed and rightly so, but laughed off the assertions of treason and declared his constituents had voted him into office 8 times. While McCain welcomes Cooper to run for office, it was more of a condescending tone that came from him in doing so.

What's interesting is that though McCain supported aiding Syrian rebels, which include Al-Qaeda, he had earlier disingenuously threatened impeachment proceedings should Obama put Americans troops on the ground in Syria.

This video will make you want to stand up and cheer.

*We previously referred to Cooper as a Marine. This was an error on my part and has been corrected.

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163 thoughts on “Patriotic American Blaine Cooper to John McCain: I Would Have You Arrested for Treason


  2. He can't repond becaue he KNOWS that he has NO response aginst the TRUTH! He supports the enemy and should be charged .....

  3. AngryPatriot5 says:

    Yes, are absolutely right. But rather than arrest McCain and all the rest of the corrupt traitors, they should be shot - 2 at the back of the head will work and save us a ton of money. We've spent far too much of our hard earned income because of these rotten politicians.

  4. Mohamud the pig lover says:

    What the heck is wrong with the people booing this marine? How can they stand up for this demented senator John McTraitor. I don't think I could ever go to a town hall... I would want to tell these people that boo to go support pelosi.

  5. You americans are so cute...

  6. ahmet barkuş says:

    Teşekkürler aydınlatıcı yayınlarınıza iyi günler diliyorum

  7. Let's put Blaine Cooper in office to make good on his statement. Semper Fi brother !

  8. Sooooo, ole Songbird McCain finally "claims" something is beneath him!? Shocking since his daddy and granddaddy had to clean up his real record in Vietnam. Mccain actually was honored that a Marine would even speak to him! McCain wants to run again, can't wait to see how he handles the truth coming out about his talks over tea to fill-in our Military's position, etc. with our enemy. Or, how McCain handles what will be said about his current behavior of abetting our enemy...well, I guess HE is now our enemy along with Ovomit.
    He needs to get a pack of Depends, pack up his "investments" and riches and GO AWAY! That traitor is not fit to lick clean that Marines' boots!

    God Bless our Troops!

  9. John McCain is acting like an old Fool. While he was once a proud Veteran, maybe TOO Many years in Congress have clouded his ability to think clearly. We thank him for his service, but it is time for him to step aside.

    • JohnC3Freeport says:

      He was never a proud Veteran. He was a traitor.

    • I don't know about that. But I respect him, I just don't share his ideas. We cannot take away his Veteran/POW status. If you want to see a Coward or Traitor, you only have to look at john kerry.

  10. Thank you Marine Praise God for you! You have guts!

  11. We Arizonans have to get rid of Juan McRino before Comrade Dear and Glorious Ruler presents him with the Benedict Arnold Double Cross.

  12. Russell Cherry says:

    I also will join my brother Marine's call and I would suggest that everyone read the book "An Enormous Crime" that shows McCain's and others in our governments knowledge in keeping almost 800 POW's from coming home from VietNam.

  13. Johannan Baptiste says:

    McCain and EVERYBODY else in DC.

  14. As usual, my Marine Brother is right on the money! McShame should be in an orange jump suit in Gitmo!

  15. Again, the tea pots are going berserk. Calling McCain names displays ignorance. The same kind of ignorance that got Obama elected in the first (and second) places.

  16. Praise God for someone who had the guts to confront that evil man.

  17. He may have been voted in 8 times but I can tell you that based on my discussions with numerous other Arizona citizens he will not have a 9th term. I really hope he runs again just so we can all vote against him.

  18. When Barach and his butt buddy McCain start firing on Americans with their DHS Gestapo, then 100 million Americans will stand up and stick their guns in their faces as they lead them out of town to a wall where they will face a firing squad. Then they will see how safe their masters of the New World Order/World Bank/IMF Lucifer worshippers, who bought their seat, will keep them. Aint no FEMA camp that ANY American is going to be taken to. Take us ALL, or find out that God does not bleed. You have prepared YOUR own prison Mr. Obama, Mr McCain. Remember Mussolini mother-f*ckers!

  19. Watch out, this guy wants to run for president again... The only thing he did noteworthy in the past 5 years is introduce us to Sarah.