You Know the Obamacare Waivers are Imaginary and Illegal, Right?

In my previous article, I made the point that the President of the United States has zero authority to change the law. Only Congress has any authority to make or change any law. While it is technically possible for the President to direct his Justice Department to not enforce the law (clearly wrong, if not unconstitutional) by dint of his power over the Executive Branch, and to therefore, take the heat, it is not possible for the President to take the rap for directing citizens to break the law.

ObamaCare_Waiver_37If the President tells any citizen (or business) that they are exempt from following any particular law, the President is aiding and abetting a crime. In fact, he is a conspirator.

However, here is the further and very important extrapolation: Since the President has no authority to provide waivers or exemptions from any law, those waivers or exemptions have no force of law. Simply, those waivers or exemptions are imaginary.

When President Hippie supplied certain persons and businesses waivers and exemptions against the ACA-Obamacare, those who received such waivers and exemptions received imaginary waivers and exemptions. In other words, those persons and businesses do not have waivers and exemptions.

It is the same as if I, without authority, gave you an exemption or waiver from, let's say, wearing seat belts. Hearing this, you go driving, you get pulled over, and you try to tell the nice policeman that I, without authority, gave you the right to drive without seat belts. What do you think will happen? If you're not taken away for 24-hour observation, you will get a ticket. I will suffer no consequence at all. I, having no authority, am not responsible for your actions.

However, the President of the United States, having much more public clout, could be charged in any number of fashions for providing imaginary waivers and exemptions. First, aiding and abetting in a crime. Second, conspiracy. Third, treason, for inciting a public uprising, the uprising of those who utilize their imaginary waivers and exemptions.

Has anybody anywhere discussed possible consequences against those who would invoke imaginary waivers and exemptions? Saying "The President told me I don't have to participate" is not an excuse. Any judge worth his salt will be legally bound to rule that such waivers and exemptions, not being statutory, not written in the law, have no force of law. Can you imagine the chaos when the first person or business sued for not participating with the ACA-Obamacare invokes a waiver or exemption, only to find it imaginary and without force of law?

Now, we must ask, why aren't our Congressmen making this case? Why are even those in the Tea Party ignoring this important point?

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  • f8tule

    So that would mean, that the Congress and the KENYAN BORN-ILLEGAL ALIEN are not exempt either!! Or they are breaking the law(which like Owastiod is unconstitutional)...

    • Tommyzax

      That's it exactly. They did not fight because they all helped and did break the law.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Why isn't "o"boy and his entire administration facing impeachment? The republican party has become the party of surrender.

    • ChristCrusader

      We elected Americans, and somewhere inside the beltway, they became French.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      I wish I could disagree.

  • D'Bak61

    With so many reasons to impeach, why is it not being done? Is everyone too afraid the LSM will call them racists? I got news for you: they're already doing it and it's not gong to stop until he's gone, so GO FOR IT!

    • Randmo

      Yes, everyone is absolutely petrified to be even hinted at as being racist. Add to that, that any criticism of herr obummer is automatically touted as racist. The d|ck head can do all manner of illegal and immoral things but to point it out is, of course, racist. That race card is so worn out and dog eared it's barely recognizable. As his highness flaunts it and dances to "can't touch this".

    • ChristCrusader

      I wonder how many have been threatened with NSA's dirt dug up on them...
      I wonder how many have been introduced to Andrew Breitbart's jogging partner...
      the Chicago way
      Washington, District of Chicago

  • Kenneth Stout

    If we do not get rid of this guy, were looking at the first take over of America by Criminal politicians!

  • leithel1

    obama is imaginary. He doesn't exist as we know him. He dreamed himself up into a nightmare for the American people.

  • Ken Bowman

    This is all about FASCIST CONTROL over every aspect of daily life.

    • jennyp63

      Two words: SUPREME COURT!

    • Daniel F. Melton

      After robert's rewriting the obamacare law (making it unconstitutional) in order to give it a veneer of legitimacy? We're getting close to that last box available to the free citizens of America.

    • D'Bak61

      Lovely pic. All they need are some rags on their heads.

  • Birdog

    So that's were my ObamaCare pass is...impeach the man anyway.

  • BostonTea101st

    Aren't they issued through the powers granted to the Executive branch and the Secretary of Health and Human Services specifically by the ACA itself? I think there are 100 years of Constitutional history behind administrative agencies.

    • Tommyzax

      There are legal exemptions in the ACA but the ones provided to friends and cronies were not specified, therefore not legal or actual. If there is such a thing as broad power to override equal justice, no law is safe from cronyism, and "equality under the law" is a joke. Such a nation is run by royalty, not the people.