Boehner Prepared to Cave-In to Obama; Reflections on the Waiting Game in the Government Shutdown

Those who thought House leader John Boehner would do something different this time (not cave-in to Obama) thought wrongly.

The New York Times has the details in  Boehner Tells Republicans He Won't Let the Nation Default 

With a budget deal still elusive and a deadline approaching on raising the debt ceiling, Speaker John A. Boehner has told colleagues that he is determined to prevent a federal default and is willing to pass a measure through a combination of Republican and Democratic votes, according to one House Republican. 

The lawmaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Mr. Boehner had indicated he would be willing to violate the so-called Hastert Rule if necessary to pass a debt-limit increase. The informal rule refers to a policy of not bringing to the floor any measure that does not have a majority of Republican votes. 

Representative Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Republican of Pennsylvania, who was one of just 22 House Republicans this year who helped Mr. Boehner pass three crucial bills — to avert a fiscal showdown, to provide relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and to pass the Violence Against Women Act — with a majority of Democratic support, said he expected that he may be asked to do so again.

"Hurricane Sandy, the fiscal cliff, all of the big votes require reasonable Republicans and Democrats to come together in order to pass it and get it to the president's desk," he said. "This will be no different."

And, Mr. Fitzpatrick added, "I've been there in the past, and I'm prepared to be there again."

Representative Leonard Lance of New Jersey, one of the moderate Republicans who met privately with Mr. Boehner on Wednesday, would not provide details of the meeting, but said, "The speaker of the House does not want to default on the debt on the United States, and I believe he believes in Congress as an institution, and I certainly believe he is working for the best interests of the American people."

boehner-and-obamaWaiting Game

All that's left now is a waiting game. Given that Boehner is going to cave-in and pass some sort of measure Obama and the Democrats can sign off on, the pseudo-drama is gone.

Perhaps the House puts together another measure that a few Democrats will go along with, but if the Senate and president Obama do not like the measure, it will go nowhere.

The Senate would amend any bill the president does not like, pass it back, and Boehner would put it up for a vote. Then, a handful of Republicans will sign it, and that will be that.

The best Republicans can hope for is some minor changes to Obamacare (that Democrats are in favor of as well).  I suspect some talk between Boehner and Obama along these lines are in progress right now.

Both parties will declare victory but Republicans will have lost. 

Meanwhile, the Hype Continues

From the Times .... 

A Treasury Department report released on Thursday said the debt-limit impasse could cause credit markets to freeze, the dollar to plummet and interest rates to rise precipitously. A default might prove catastrophic, the report said, and could potentially result "in a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse."

The administration has made increasingly strong public warnings about the potential economic consequences of not increasing the debt limit.

"As reckless as a government shutdown is, as many people as are being hurt by a government shutdown, an economic shutdown that results from default would be dramatically worse," Mr. Obama said on Thursday, speaking to construction workers at M. Luis Construction in Rockville, Md., a suburb north of Washington.

He said that a default would be "the height of irresponsibility," adding that "there will be no negotiations over this."

"The United States is the center of the world economy," Mr. Obama said, "so if we screw up, everybody gets screwed up — the whole world will have problems."

Many market participants interpret the White House's public statements as an effort to get Wall Street to pay attention, even to provoke a market reaction that might spur Congress to act.

Reflections on the Waiting Game 

Why should the market react to any of this, since everyone knows Boehner will cave-in, including Boehner himself?

Moreover, one has to wonder about the nature of hyped-up statements from the White House in the first place, if the only intent is to create a wanted  reaction in the stock market.

Such is the preposterous positioning on both sides of the aisle.

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  • Greg137

    If Boehner caves then we will need to get rid of him as House Speaker! If He and the Republicans can hold out they would do a lot for themselves.. This government shutdown is damaging Obama and the Democrats! Those Republicans that cave will be replaced! They need the Peoples support! Remember, Harry Reid has no problem with kicking children with cancer to the curb-side! The democrats are heartless and selfish!

  • Daniel D Wenzel

    IDK its hard to tell if this is directly from Boehner or if what I really think to be Democrats feeding NYT a load of BS….to make Public sediment think Boehners gonna do everything in his power to serve up Democrats/Barry whims, Democrats have done this already telling DriveBys tht theres some 30-40 Republicans willing to vote w/Democrats on Clean CR…on the contrary a Republican preferrably from leadership come out & say the exact same about Democrats in Senate because thts closer to the truth then there are Republicans in House willing to flip & vote w/Democrats wouldn't you agree ? Im still holding out hope tht Boehner is holding strong & Republican House is standing United regardless what RepPeterKing pulled the otherday tht POS….What King did is something you'll never see/hear from a Democrat in times like this, never would it happen in DNC Caucus !! Stand Strong America this is our Alamo, we must Stand United & stand together as one for all & all for one & we shall prevail STOP THE MADNESS Folk's

  • Daniel from TN

    This surprises anyone because..........? The entire time he has been Speaker of the House the only thing Caveman Boehner has done is cave to whatever obama and the Liberals want.

  • Janice Foster

    If Boehner gives in Americans may have the second Civil War!

  • Jack Parker

    If Boehner caves, he can kiss his speaker-ship and political career goodbye!

    • sue

      he can retire and live in comfort with his billions - or he has a 'cushy' job already lined up in wall street or a lobbist - so he could care less about the American people

  • TAM44

    Cave to the likes of that lying illegal muslim POS barack hussein obama and you will no longer be speaker of the house, but you will go down as a gutless RINO AKA CLOSET DEMONCRATS. Sons and daughters of Satan.

  • lokiswife

    So how do we get rid of Boehner if he caves in and votes against the will of America? He knows well what America wants, he campaigned as someone who would go to DC and represent his people, he became a RINO and toady for Obama.

  • R.Young

    Yes the national debt must be raised, let's double it and if the Great & Powerful "O" wishes, let's triple it incase doubling it isn't quite enough!

  • bahndon

    Boehner is negotiating a deal with Obama that will improve him only and screw We the people.

  • Kenneth Stout

    We hoped Bone head had back bone, and I guess will see soon!

  • SantaFeSteve

    We all know the game plan. Bonehead pretends to be fighting.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    Dear g-d, I hope a majority of the voting public wakes up and votes that colluding b*****d Boehner and the rest of his ilk out of office to replace them with CONSTITUTIONALISTS.

  • TheTexasCooke

    RNC R.I.P.

  • LibertyWriter

    So now if anybody on the left can read, they will know that we will cave if they dont. Smart politics, Beaner.