Californians Sign Petition in Support of Nazi-Style Police State

It is amazing that some of these people know how to spell and sign their own names. Mark Dice's latest video may be the most disturbing yet.

He gathers signatures to support the "Orwellian" police state. He makes it very clear that this police state is to be modeled after Nazi Germany. Even if these people don't know the story of the Holocaust… even if they have no idea what "Orwellian" means… you would think they know that "Nazis" are bad. Where does Dice find these people?

Oh yeah… He finds them in California.

At least we had the two really smart people who talked about the need to find the money and how the City Council was a failure. As long as we can pay for it and work around the City Council then we should by all means start installing gas chambers and using them. This is what Californians want.

nazi_ss_obama_by_thehappydare-d5mbi2tI have lots of intelligent friends in California and that was a cheap shot. But how in the world are some people this stupid?

I think it boils down to a lack of education. Just last week the subject of the Holocaust was brought to college campuses in Pennsylvania by Rhonda Fink-Whitman who is the author of 94 Maidens. The answers she received were even more frightening than those from California. Those people in California have varying levels of education.

These Pennsylvania college students don't have any excuse for lack of education. But what are these kids being taught? That is the real question.    

Wow. I don't know if you caught it but Rhonda Fink-Whitman listed the states that already require Holocaust education. One of those states was California. So we can throw that excuse out the window for many of the people Dice found. Some of them were not taught but others simply chose not to learn. I'm not sure what we can do about that.

If you don't believe in the "dumbing down" of America then you are probably for a Nazi-style police state as well.

These people are everywhere. They are not just in California or Pennsylvania.

They live next door to you and if stuff hits the fan, these are some of the same people you may have to rely on in order to survive.

I am near speechless.

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  • Smokey

    Thank your public education system

  • reggiec

    Bread and circuses just like in ancient Rome. I saw the statistic about a year ago that said about 25% of people in the U.S. never read or avail themselves of any hard news sources.
    They can give you every statistic for 5 years in the past for their favorite sport but in many cases cannot even name their city council or board of supervisors, let alone making any attempt to follow what is happening in Washington.

  • Ken Bowman

    Time to FIGHT! No more toleration, no appeasement, no surrender fight on to total and complete VICTORY!


  • ExposeThem

    Tears are rolling down my face right now. No wonder people don't see, realize or care about what is obviously being set up to happen to "we the people."

    • bob machaffy

      Very sad, but you also have to blame the parents for not being aware what their children were learning from K-12 or maybe they just didn't care, after all school was a great cheap babysitter for women that had to have their babies and dumped them into public schools to be less educated then they were about world history. If you don't learn about history it repeats itself.

    • AngryPatriot5

      Agree but the fact that it takes both parents working full-time to provide for a family these days is also part of the liberal plan. Destroy the family unit and make it so Mom isn't home with the kids to raise and teach them. Oh yes, they are that rotten to do this and much more. God help us; most Americans are idiots anymore.

    • ExposeThem

      I grew up in California, was a stay at home Mom & volunteered in each of my kids' classroooms as long as the schools allowed. But even with all that, I didn't see what was coming until the the late '90's. I agree parents need to be involved in their children's education, but we also trusted & expected our government to be of, for & by the people & to have the same basic goals. Many are just now realizing how far away from the norm things have changed. The outrage is building!

    • bostondotty

      where do these people come from very scary, wonder if they would sign their own death warrent , guess so