Barack Obama Incites Government Employees to Target American Conservatives

How concerned would you be if President Obama were promoting revenge — using government resources — against conservative thought and activism? Recently I viewed two e-mails — one from President Obama and the other from a Regional Director — sent to all employees — of a very powerful federal agency. These e-mails were marked confidential.

I am not sure why an e-mail, sent to thousands of uniformed federal employees, would be marked confidential. Suffice it to say the content of these e-mails revealed the next step of Obama's sinister agenda. Vilify conservative ideology and sanction acts of revenge against conservatives within the community of government employees. If you think the IRS scandal was intimidating, imagine what it will be like when all federal employees view conservatism as an enemy.

I cannot reprint or even quote these letters for fear of compromising and endangering another person for innocently revealing these e-mails. Obama's e-mail could not be copied or excerpted. Therefore, I will paraphrase the content.

The letter from the Regional Director (again the name of the agency cannot be revealed) covers guidelines for furlough, the suspension of all vacation and sick leave, and the mandatory furloughing of all non-exempt employees. It also states that non-furloughed employees will not be paid for the duration of the shutdown or until appropriations are approved through the passage of a continuing resolution, currently stalled in the US Congress. It goes on to warn employees that if they choose not to work during the shutdown they will be furloughed indefinitely.

I do not know about you, but if my boss told me I would have to work without a paycheck or be furloughed, I would not be happy. I would be looking for someone to blame and I might even look to execute some form of revenge for this transgression. Government employees are worried, and that worry is about to turn into anger. Anger directed at those they may blame for the government shutdown.

President Obama's e-mail to this agency's uniformed employees provides these people with a target for their anger and revenge: conservatives.

In his letter to members of the government workforce, President Obama lays the blame for the government shutdown and resulting furloughs on the Republican Party, specifically its conservative faction and the Tea Party.

Instead of engaging in responsible dialogue and governing, the President is directing his anger at his political enemies and is inciting government employees to be angry as well.

Without any concern or respect for the safety and security, freedom of speech, and the freedom to protest against Obama mandates, President Obama is providing government employees with the motivation to seek reprisals against his opposition. This is seditious.

The number of federal employees is in the millions. Every department at the federal level is seeing furloughs. Government employees are wondering when they will get there next paycheck. It's likely that all of them received President Obama's flame-throwing email, his personal call to target and vilify conservatives. To organize his federal family communities to fight back against those that oppose his political takeover of America.

If a Republican mayor had told his uniformed employees that black voters support economic decay that leads to the destruction of the community, the public would be outraged. The United States Department of Justice and its Attorney General would jump to the rescue. Civil rights activists would be calling for careers to end and lawsuits brought. Yet the President has told the entire federal workforce that conservative Republicans and the Tea Party are to blame for the destruction of the federal family community. Moreover, his directives are confidential. Knowingly revealing it will cost you your job or worse.

The federal government controls far too many aspects of our lives. Now President Obama wants to control what we think, believe, and can protest, unless, of course, we agree with him and his ideology of enslavement. Then we are welcome to join his federal family and pick over the scraps of liberty while his minions feed on our subjugation.

Obama is gathering his troops and conservatism is their enemy. He just told them so.

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  • joshuasweet

    So he is taunting the government to act out against those opposed to his agenda. But his sinister agenda Vilify American ideology and sanctioning acts of revenge against civilized nations by the Muslim Brotherhood with American supplied weapons, equipment and funds. Amounts to treason and should be the cahrge borugh against him and his administration.

  • WandaZ

    Hitler incarnate! Hitler blamed the Jews, giving Germans a target to blame for a decaying economy. Obama, with a few cronies, has brought this country to it's knees and has now directed the government dependents to blame the conservatives. Hitler was evil. Even thought to be an anti-Christ. Well???????

  • Leon Tarr

    Don't misunderstand when I say that I read the email, but this does not on its' face incite these government employees to attack Conservatives. They know as well as we do that most of this is politics and I do think some or most of them see what Barry the muslin is doing to all of us. He is deliberately dividing Americans blaming Congress / conservatives, when it is Congress / conservatives that are sending bill after bill to the Senate for passage and implementation to fund the government, but our foolish DEM.s like being puppets for the joker. If there are emails that say directly that government employees are to attack Conservatives in any or every way at there disposal or any or all who appose the joker, then it is the duty of said person to bring those documents forward to the FBI, Congress, and the Senate. I would expose those emails first to the press after authentication of the source, checking with legal, gaining protection under the whistle blower laws first. The impeachable offenses are mounting so be sure and make it stick. IMPEACH BARRY THE JOKER NOW !

  • [email protected]

    George Orwell's 1984. Big Brother is watching you. Those who believe in Constitutional Republicanism and a Constitutional Federal Republic, The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence are being labled persona non grata. When any and all dissent against the official line becomes a crime and people who cherish our heritage are made criminals, forget about American citizenship altogether-it's worthless. Our Founders would be turning over in their graves. That is not what the pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for. It is definitely time for a second American Revolution. Or else, just take down the flag, roll up the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and put them away in a drawer. We can chose to be free, or we can choose to be slaves. Which is it?

  • libuster

    Imagine what this tyrant would be like if he had absolute power. Make no mistake, that is his goal. He is a Putin and Chavez.

  • Smokey

    With regards to healthcare, I seem to remember some time back when this abomination-care (new word) started, that the Left accusing the Right of instituting Death Squads...or was I dreaming?
    I keep saying, this thing is going to get real ugly...he is amassing his army of goons

  • antibama60606

    The same federal workers deciding your child's life savinng health care procedure.....procedures .. he now has power over life and death of the children of t he considers his enemy...remember..they're not democrats anymore...but. statists in quest of your destruction to enable their power.banks do welll in destructive times by confis ation..

  • billwhit1357

    Obama reminds me of Hitler, how he turned the people against the Jews, in Germany, then entire Europe. There is also no doubt, in my mind, that Obama would more than love to murder any and all those who oppose him, just like Hitler. He already has his Brown Shirts at the ready, Homeland, IRS, FEMA, EPA, and is just waiting for good enough excuse to move against We, the People. Obama needs to be taken out like the rabid dog that he is.

  • Kathie AmericanCitizen

    Time to let Ovamit and his thugs that they can't get away with this. We need every American to call, write letters, whatever you can do. Get your facts straight.Ovamit care is unconstitutional because it's tax. It is extremely unethical to do what directly hurts the people and actually costs more to inflict the pain rather than just let them stay open. Americans are going to have to start making noise, the more the better. And we have to do it without firing the first shot. Now is the time to keep the communication open with all conservatives and help each other in times of need. If someone gets arrested at a rally that is being harassed, then all patriots in the area, need to band together and bail the guy out. We must take care of each other during these trying times.

  • andyprigge

    Does anyone realize that alqaida are the brownshirts of the army of satan, and if this being the case ,then there is only worse to come ,such as the ss of the army of satan. Nazism never died and I am seeing a resurgence in rural ontario canada. And a liberal government that is unwilling to tackle this menace. Where the very nazi sympathizers are the employees of the government, and municipal and provincial utilities, as well as police services. Where in a sane and moral society which had its roots in Christianity could a young person be a member of the Orangeville police service and have his body covered in tattoo's? According to scripture tattoo's are a sign of bondage or indenture as a slave.

  • faithever

    What a gracious, kind letter from Obama to federal employees.

  • f8tule

    The idiot puppet in the oval office is not my or your POTUS.. only if our TREASONOUS CONGRESS had a pair, he would not have ever been put in this position illegally..

    Now WE THE PEOPLE ARE LETTING AN ILLEGAL-AIEN HELL BENT ON DESTROYING THE USA FOR A MUSLIM CALIPHATE.. .but it must be ok, since God himself said this was going to happen..

    the funny part is that the dolts, which are actually WE THE PEOPLE for not lifting a finger to help rid this country of the eyesore sitting in our white house.. They will no be putting the mark of the beast on this man's hand while it is still attached to my body.. same thing for my forehead..

    They come for our guns next.. after that you will be visiting a FEMA camp.. the real question is, will you be leaving the FEMA camp???

    but hey, All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do NOTHING.. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THAT PART DOWN..

  • Jim

    The best thing to do is take the information Sheriff Joe Arpaio has that proves obama is not qualified to be president and force his resignation. Once he, and his co conspirators are gone we can undo all his ravages as since not qualified all laws and bills he signed would not be valid. That also inclludes everyone he hired that would be gone. That would be the greatest present ever for the United States.

    • Guest

      Agree. Look at all the legal problems Arpaio is facing. No one can convince me this is not revenge against him. Until the media reports fairly what is going on, I don't see an end to this problem. The sheriff is much more patriotic
      than Obama and loves this country. Does Obama love my country?

  • FirstAmendment

    Well Obama DID quote George Bush, quite interesting in itself. Doubt most people took the time to read that letter. How could they, you can just hear Obama's voice echoing in your head as you read the propaganda tainted words. Just as the public is split regarding their opinions of the president, so likely are gov employees. Cant assume that everyone likes this guy no matter who they are employed by...