47 Million Food Stamp Recipients Are Having Their Benefits Cut Back On November 1st

47.6 million Americans are about to have their food stamp benefits cut, and most of them have absolutely no idea that it is about to happen. Needless to say, a lot of them are going to be very angry when they discover that they cannot buy as much food for their families anymore. The reason that this is happening is because a temporary boost to food stamp benefits that was put in during the last recession is expiring. But most of the people that are having their benefits cut will not understand this. Most of them will just be very upset that the government is “taking money away” from them. snap-ebt-cardsAnd considering the “mini-riots” that we witnessed earlier this month when the system that processes food stamp payments went down for a few hours, it is obvious that a lot of food stamp recipients can very easily be pushed over the edge. So what would happen if we have another “debt ceiling crisis” in Washington D.C. early next year and food stamp benefits are temporarily cut off completely?

Wherever “austerity” has been tried in Europe, it has resulted in protests and riots. Could a similar thing happen in this country?

NBC News is reporting that ALL food stamp recipients are going to have their food stamp benefits reduced in November. This is certainly not going to put those living in poverty in a good mood…

Millions of American families could face a sparse holiday table when food stamps benefits get reduced in November, and that could be just the start of deeper cuts to the program to feed poor families.

The modern-day food stamp plan, now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is scheduled to scale back benefits for all recipients on Nov. 1 because a recession-era boost in benefits is expiring.

Sadly, the truth is that food stamp benefits don’t even buy a lot of food right now. According to the USDA, the average monthly food stamp benefit is approximately $272 per household.

And now it will be even lower.

The government says that a family of four will be getting 36 dollars less per month starting on November 1st.

That may not sound like a lot to you, but for those living on the edge of poverty it can make a huge difference.

What are impoverished families supposed to do? Eat a diet that consists entirely of Ramen noodles?

Of course the real solution would be to provide good paying jobs for those families, but unfortunately our leaders continue to pursue policies that are systematically killing American jobs so that is not going to happen.

Meanwhile, those living in poverty continue to become angrier and more frustrated.

We got a glimpse of this earlier this month. The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article posted on offgridsurvival.com

Over the weekend, the debit system that allows people on government assistance to buy food, temporarily went down. The resulting chaos is a small glimpse at what I believe will happen, should the government plunge this country into some sort of economic collapse.

A couple of Walmarts in Louisiana decided to allow people to shop, even though the system was down and they had no real way of knowing how much credit people had on their cards. The resulting chaos had the store’s shelves in Springhill and Mansfield, LA stripped bare, as food stamp recipients attempted to defraud the grocery stores.

When the system went back online, the grocery store found people who had as little as .49 on their Food Stamp cards attempting to steal over $700 in food. Local police were called in as the crowd started to turn ugly, and overflowing grocery carts were left abandoned in the aisles.

You can watch a video news report about what happened at these Wal-Mart stores right here

But this is just the beginning. To get an idea of what is eventually coming to America, just check out what is happening in Italy right now

Demonstrators clashed with Italian police on Saturday as tens of thousands marched through Rome to protest against unemployment, government cuts and big construction projects they say take money away from social services.

Hooded protesters turned over garbage bins in front of the Economy Ministry and set several of them on fire. Using sticks and clubs, they attacked police in riot gear. The police charged and chased demonstrators up side streets.

The hooded demonstrators, who infiltrated a mostly peaceful protest, threw smoke bombs, eggs and bottles at the ministry and broke the window of a nearby bank.

As poverty continues to grow and government handouts continue to get cut back, the desperation of those living in poverty in this country is going to continue to increase.

At this moment, there are 6 million Americans in the 16 to 24-year-old age group that are neither in school or working. In fact, a whole bunch of major U.S. cities currently have more than 100,000 “idle youth” living in them…

Just look at some of the nation’s largest cities. Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Riverside, Calif., all have more than 100,000 idle youth, the Opportunity Nation report found.

It is only a matter of time until we see massive riots and huge crime waves in many of those cities.

The conditions for a “perfect storm” are already here.

All we need is a spark.

According to a brand new Pew Research survey, only 19 percent of all Americans trust the government. Back in 1958, 73 percent of all Americans trusted the government.

Right now, only 23 percent of all Americans have a favorable view of Congress. Back in 1985, 67 percent of all Americans did.

Anger and frustration are growing and our society is breaking down all around us.

Get ready while you still can.

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38 thoughts on “47 Million Food Stamp Recipients Are Having Their Benefits Cut Back On November 1st

  1. I never took free money even though i could qualify.

    This is the difference between the past and now.

  2. I once lived on a 50 lb. bag of potatos and fish i could catch. and after a windy night i would go out and get the coconuts that fell from the trees. caught a few snapping turtles too.
    That was miami beach 1979.

  3. a riot coming

  4. A large bag of Doritos is presently $5 right now in WalMart. For that same $5 dollars, one can purchase a bag of dried beans/peas, a bag of rice, cornmeal, a head of cabbage, and a can of store brand spam. Each of the alternate items listed will make several meals. If one gets tired of eating what's been cooked, freeze it for another time. There is too much waste going on in the US when food could be stretched more. As for taking a person's freedom away to choose what food they eat, it comes down to this-make wise choices that make the benefits stretch, or buy junk. If you buy junk and can't stretch what you get, stop acting stupid and expecting people to fill in the holes.

  5. As I read this article, I couldn't help but think about those very families that are counting on the "Free" money they get via an EBT card to buy whatever the hell they want with it. Back in the day when it was considered embarrassing to be on government assistance of any kind, (unlike today people wear it like a BADGE OF HONOR), you got free cheese, free beans and rice and free powdered milk. Not the best diet, but you could LIVE ON IT! Nowadays, these people who get EBT cards are buying crab, shrimp, lobster, Lean Cuisine, cigarettes, liquor and all the stuff I CAN'T AFFORD as a WORKING MEMBER OF SOCIETY and It PISSES ME OFF! I've witnessed it FIRST HAND in the checkout lines at the grocery store! I have a niece who is a LEECH on society, who has had 2 illegitimate kids, (Her first one, my sister raised and he is a productive member of society), and her last is 7 years old and never been to school a day in her life, so she will be yet another LEECH on society!

    Every one of those people in that Walmart, who took advantage of MY TAX DOLLARS trying to STEAL more than they were allowed to have....where BLACK! What was the color of the skin of the man who said they would all RIOT like the RODNEY KING DAYS? BLACK! I am not a racist, but it does make you wonder why it always seems to be the BLACKS who think they are owed something by the working class? Yet the first ones to say get rid of all of us who actually WORK and PAY FOR ALL THEIR FREE STUFF is the BLACKS! Who the hell do they think will support them if they get rid of all of us? I'm a life long democrat and what is going on in this country with the GIMME GIMME YOU OWE ME mentality, is BANKRUPTING THIS COUNTRY! And if those that are solely on the government dole don't get their way, they DESTROY PROPERTY AND HURT PEOPLE! So basically, they are holding this government hostage to their demands of MORE FREE STUFF and don't you DARE even consider cutting any of it back or they will MAKE YOU PAY!
    We are over $17 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT NOW AND NO END IN SIGHT AS TO STOPPING THE BORROWING TO CONTINUE TO GIVE THE UNPRODUCTIVE PEOPLE MORE FREE STUFF! Our credit rating has been reduced two times now and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GOP! IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE MASSIVE DEBT WE HOLD AND THE FACT THAT WE CAN'T STOP THE WASTE, FRAUD AND ABUSE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS BY THIS GOVERNMENT! At some point, it has to stop and when it does, I hope to hell you all own a gun to protect yourselves from the likes of these people in this article above because it's coming and I fear it is coming sooner than anyone expects it to!

  6. I find it interesting that I commented on this article last night, the comment was up this morning, but now it is gone (or hidden from me at least).
    It didn't slander, accuse, belittle. I just did some research on what $100 per person could buy (lowest benefit state is MN at $115, take away $9 with the benefit cut you have more than $100). I shopped online at a non-discount grocery store, buying a healthy diet that included grains, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables (fresh and frozen). I easily had over 90 meals for one person, with ample amount of food. Buying at a discount store or buying for more than one could further reduce the costs and allow the government to save additional money. Yes, one might not be able to buy luxury items, but one would eat well. The point of SNAP should be to feed a person. People receiving SNAP should be appreciative of the hand up in rough times, not have a sense of entitlement for life. In addition to limiting choices to healthy foods, the health of our nation improves, thus decreasing health care costs.
    I support going back to government food handouts. Instead of paying farmers to leave land idle, pay them to grow food to help those in need. Yes, one's pride might be hurt, or they might have to stand in line to get food, but again... it's not about making it easy, it's about preventing starvation.

  7. Oh no!!!! What will all those casinos, bars, liquor stores, crack dealers and street walkers do without SNAP(food stamp) money?

  8. Obastard HATES We the People of America. Especially conservatives. Brain washed since birth to be exactly what he is, PURE EVIL!

    Obastard is fully capable of anything. The man is filled to the brim with HATE. Wants to get EVEN with those of us having nothing whatsoever to do with the past. His communist mother was actually called Anti Christ Ann in college. So hateful of America when she learned of her Indonesian husband actually liked America she immediately packed up young Barry to live with her Communist parents in Hawaii. Obastard never actually experienced anything near what other blacks suffered.

  9. These folks on food stamps should not be allowed to buy the expensive junk food and sodas! I do not have a lot of money for food every month. I buy whole foods like rice and beans and oatmeal and stretch these items to last a long while. Food stamp recipients should have a list of approved healthy items, much like the WIC program. Too many people in line at Walmart buying crappy expensive junk food for their kids and themselves. If the brainless bueracrats in Washington cut out the crap people can buy, they would probably have a lot less people signing up for the food stamps resulting in a lot of money saved!
    Too many people take advantage of the system. Also, testing people for cigarette and drug use should be made mandatory. If you have money for smokes and drugs, then you do not need money for food! I am tired of supporting other people's bad and expensive habits!
    This taxpayer is fed up!

    • phyllis boling says:

      So what you are saying is you want to take a persons Freedom away? Just another rule to follow... Sometimes that junk is cheaper than real food....And shouldn't you get to pick your poison considering all the GMO foods there are and how many antibiotics and hormones in other crap given to the animal,(chickens,cows and pork)
      and what other meats we decide to eat. Even vegs have stuff on them you can't off of them....
      I respect the what you think and feel, think about this you can get oat meal at the feed store along with corn,wheat and many things and it's cheaper than the store....
      You can grow your own but their is no garantee that will grow...Ours didn't 2 yrs in a row....Telling people what to eat and controling it is not the problem...The problem is a President that is a dictator in the making...Look up dictator and regime and see if it doesn't sound familure(word spelt wrong I think). Other countries call it the Obama regime...Obama fooled alot of people from the begining and he lied, but not many checked out his past..(Not Good)alot of communism in that history....But there is one
      thing he did tell that was the truth was that he was going to remake and change America. Americans need to relearn how to work and also how to be creative and make your own job if you can't find one.... I'm not trying to lecture you or be mean to you or anything like that...I just wanted to give you something to think about if you haven't already...And I understand where you are coming from...Every now and then I feel the same and have to catch myself...

    • Your post says nothing about the government taking people's freedom away, making them slaves to their whims to be used as pawns however and whenever it suits them. How about MY freedom to keep my own money and be charitable when I want, instead of having the government confiscate 1/3 of it every year to pay for people to buy soda and cigarettes? I'd have a lot more money to donate, and also would be able to give to only those people who truly are in need instead of funding one more government program fraught with fraud.

    • Its easy, dont beg the goverment to feed you. Beggers cant be chossers. Fact it my wife and I dont spend much more on food than the 272 listed above. We just bought this months food (with our own money not food stamps) and the total was only $310. We have beans rice and lots of nutrishous drygoods. You want to make your own choices spend your own money not mine not John 3;16s YOUR OWN. Not long ago people were ashamed to be on food stamps. Now its A debt card and you leaches arnt ashamed any more cause you dont have to count out food stamps. I'd like to see the US go back to the funny paper coupons of yesteryear but instead of gennairic coupons they should have your name printed on the paper so EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU ARE UNWILLING to find work or even look for work. ALL of our money comes from odd jobs that I find and do. You should try it.

    • So Joe they should be free to take other peoples money that they didn`t earn and do what ever they want with it. Thats ridiculous. The point is if you are living on someone elses money then yeah they SHOULD have a say in how you spend it. If you want freedom to spend on what ever you want then get a job and earn it and you can. That is you can on the part that you get to keep after the government takes what they are going to give to people who choose not to work. Its an amazing thing that people look at the size of the farm bill and think look at all of the money these farmers are getting when in reality 80% of the money in the farm bill is for FOOD STAMPS. How ridiculous.Its a real shame that a man has to have as high of a wage as he has to to make ends meet IF he works because the government is taking so much of what he makes. Thats the reason we can`t be competitive in the world market and the U.S.A. is steady losing jobs to other countries. Our government seems to be to stupid to realize that they lose tax dollars when they lose jobs to other countries even if they tax the ones here more and its steady causing us to lose more. Constant reduction in revenue from loss of jobs as well as an increase in government dependence and still everybody want something free and the freedom to do what they want with it. This country is headed in a bad direction fast!!!!

    • Food Stamps should be for WHOLESOME life sustaining food not luxury expensive food! CIGARETTES ARE NOT FOOD! LIQUOR IS NOT FOOD! People can do without lobster, shrimp, and crab or eating out at restaurants! Those of us who are footing their bills are fed up with their taking advantage of our tax dollars thanks to the ignorance of the democrats who seem to think being poor or lazy gives you every right to everything people who are productive members of society and responsible people have! WE DO NOT OWE ANYONE ANYTHING! We work for what we need, get or want! It's a novel idea...maybe these people need to try it!

    • This is in response to Phyllis post. I can agree with your statement at least to the part I understand. There is definitely a crisis in America, she had turned from God. Our forefathers built this nation on Biblical principle and respect reverence and awe of God. Our nation leaders were so rooted in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob that the Ten Commandments were given formal rites as being placed on government property for all to see.The basic. Christian fiber was woven into Americans hearts. Prayer was allowed in schools. Men knewthe value of working for what they wanted. I don't know exactly what the President agenda is but each one of is as Christians should make sure our allegiance is pledged to. Christ JESUS ... choose well. 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people would humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive theiar sin and heal their land.

  10. bluealiendevil says:

    But Obama just GAVE the Taliban in Pakistan, the enemy of this country, $6 BILLION dollars! He is cutting more from Medicare for the elderly also. To hell with the people of this country but he can give billions and billions to Al Quada, and other Muslim groups! This is what the shutdown accomplished, the first thing he did with the raised debt ceiling was the giving away of billions!

  11. For a family of four it will be 36 dollars less,well then they just need to cut way down on all the junk food they buy,and they should be abel to stretch what they get!

  12. It's Bush's fault!

  13. good its about time. need to cut them all off unless there is a real medical reason for not working

    • Momof6-7oneinheaven says:

      Look I will be the first to say YES there are some ppl who are lazy and who game the system. I know one person gaming the system and she is white, not black like so many want to believe. Someone in their family owns a small business and gets paid only cash which he hides and claims no income. YES THIS IS FRAUD. They get the FULL AMOUNT. My husband and I however are truthful about EVERYTHING WE OWN period. I have never lied on any application because we honestly need help. We fell behind like crazy when the corrupt old health care system almost bankrupted us from the death of our newborn daughter. We have a child with special needs. I stay home and watch our children while my husband works. He lost jobs before and I never changed his income amount so that we would get the full benefit. I felt that the little we got would be enough. SO you cannot tell me that EVERYONE getting help is a lazy (BLAH - Rick Santorum Refference) person who does not want to work. My husband is white and I am black. So just how does that fit into your logic now???? Your problems are you'd rather lump everyone in the same category versus taking the time to actually hear each persons case. My advice to you don't post on this subject because you clearly know nothing about it.

    • While I agree with you that there are people who sincerely need help, there are also a lot of people who take advantage of the system which results in the most deserving getting less or not at all.
      When my mother became a single mother and worked like a dog to provide for her 6 children ,she struggled to buy food and had to get food stamps to get us through some rough years! She did not like being on them and finally got out of enough debt and worked hard to be able to get off the system. That is what it is for. Getting people through hard times and eventually weaning off the system and becoming self reliant.
      There also needs to be some limitations on what food stamps will buy. I have seen people spending all their food stamps on junk food and sodas, or steak and lobster. I do not have much money to buy food for my family. My husband works hard, but some weeks there is not much leftover for eating. We buy rice and beans and oatmeal. We try not to buy prepackaged foods as they are too expensive and not nearly as nutritious as whole foods. I think some sort of implementation of approved foods like the WIC program should be put in place. We just cannot keep up with the current system the way it is running. It will eventually run out of money or people will go hungry because of the fraud and frivolous habits of some people in the system.
      There are people of all races who take advantage of the system so I am sorry if there are ignorant people who make judgements about one group of people and lump everyone into the same boat.
      I am sorry about your circumstances and hope and pray things get better for you and our family.

    • Well, let's wait and see who the people are that will RIOT and Destroy property when they stop getting their FREE STUFF! Those who are truly in need will be recognized by their neighbors and local churches. A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away!
      Why do those who need help think those who work should help them? It is NOT their responsibility to support you. People are normally very giving and charitable...but when you FORCE THEM, they tend to fight back!

      I earn my money and I don't want a wasteful corrupt and irresponsible government taking what I have worked hard for away from me! My ex-husband and I were in dire straights at one time. We had enough money for a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. I was pregnant at the time and he had just wrecked my car. We had no transportation and no income. I did not go to the welfare office. We made that food last as long as we possibly could until he got to work a day job. We made ends meet with that one day a week job until he found more work. I know people look for work, but do they REALLY look for ANY work that is available or just for work they want to do or feel they are up to doing? Sometimes you gotta take whatever is out there...like even those "JOBS AMERICANS DON'T WANT TO DO" according to the immigration propaganda spewing people! Does it upset you that there are illegals in our country taking jobs away from people like you or your husband? I UPSETS ME TO NO END! Politicians who are looking to stay in office have decided that illegals mean votes for them and they have thrown the AMERICAN UNEMPLOYED UNDER THE BUS! NEXT ELECTION, TRY VOTING TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND JOBS INSTEAD OF VOTING FOR MORE FREE STUFF COMPLIMENTS OF THE WORKING PEOPLE!

    • We ALL know who will riot!

    • bluealiendevil says:

      Goodness, please remember your comment and hold on to your good paying job as you may find yourself cut out on your ass one day! There are many who have worked for 20 and 30 years for a company and then the knife is in the back, half of their retirement gone, healthcare gone, no severance pay given, just pink slip and bye bye! But remember, you said you have to have a medical reason to get food stamps. No one cares if you have hunted for work, are working 2 and 3 part time jobs cause that is all you can find to feed your kids and try to keep your house and car, then the house goes, move the kids into the car, but you need that medical reason to get stamps!

    • No one is saying there are NOT people out there that TRULY NEED ASSISTANCE! But what we are saying is there are WAY MORE THAN NOT that are gaming the system at every turn and they have NO INTENTIONS OF EVER LOOKING FOR WORK OR EVER GETTING OFF WELFARE & FOOD STAMPS! Just like my niece! She is shacked up with an ex-felon, has had 2 illegitimate kids, one my sister raised and he is working and her second one is now 7 years old and never been in school a day in her life. She will be yet another LEECH on our society! There are programs out there for those that can't do for themselves...but when the government takes from one person who is working to give to one who refuses to work, THAT MY FRIEND IS SOCIALISM! I did not sign on to socialism, my father and brothers did not fight for socialism. YOU MAY WANT IT, but trust me...at some point you will regret it!

  14. Hahahaha well they should have paid attention now because a letter went out to inform those on foodstamps that their benefits were going to be cut by a certain amount.

  15. Those are democratic voters ! The people who lost their jobs in King Obamas America are really hurting right now and some has never had to get food stamps in their lives and they do need help but their the first people to lose help by the government its the people who are on government assistance all the time ( DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS!) that need to get a job and get off assistance ! Democrats need these people to be in poverty and trust me when this cut in Food stamps happens the media & King Obama & democrats will be out there 24/7 trying to put the blame on big mean Republicans because they need a constant stream of hatred to cover America to get votes and if it wasn't for them stirring up hatred and them keeping people on government assistance they'd never get one vote ! Watch King Obama & the media will start blaming it on Republicans !

    • Momof6-7oneinheaven says:

      WOW so uninformed. Please read more. There are more individuals in RED STATES on welfare then in blue states. Are you telling me that all the republicans live in ALL the blue states now? Wouldn't that make them either red states or purple states at least? Your logic is baffling....

    • No you are uninformed. There are LEECHES IN RED AND BLUE STATES! There are Obama supporters in RED STATES AS WELL AS BLUE STATES. And Sandy is right...all the democrats will be blaming the republicans. That is all they know how to do is blame their failures on the republicans and all of you sheeple will believe it. Don't be hating...I'm a life long democrat...I just happen to be one with a brain and I know how to use it. Obama has finally stopped blaming all his failures on Bush so now he is blaming the republicans now too. WHEN DOES HIS FAILURES FINALLY BE BLAMED ON HIM? WHAT HAS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND OBAMA DONE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY? They have done EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO STOP ALL JOB GROWTH. They said NO to the keystone pipeline. They said NO to coal production. They said YES to MASSIVE NEW REGULATIONS, OVER 600 NEW ONES PER DAY, WHICH KEEPS BUSINESSES FROM HIRING. THEY SAID YES TO OBAMACARE WHICH IS CAUSING ALL THESE JOB LOSES OR FULL TIME EMPLOYEES BEING MADE PART TIME EMPLOYEES!
      (All you liberals blame the republicans and why, THEY COULD AT LEAST SEE THIS CRAP COMING AND FOUGHT TO TRY AND STOP IT!)

      Do you think it is fair for a person to HAVE TO BUY INSURANCE they do not think they need or they do not want, do you think it is fair for that person to either loose their insurance or for that person's insurance to cost them 3 times as much with a deductible that they can't possibly pay in one year, (so their insurance will actually KICK IN and pay something), because someone, somewhere did not have insurance because they were either an illegal, or they refused to work, or they were too poor and could not afford insurance? I'll tell you, IT ISN'T FAIR AT ALL!

      So tell us all again what the democrats have done for you lately?

  16. Doomsday Preppers had it right all along, Ozombies Apocalypse is just around the corner.

  17. If they are living on the edge of poverty --- MAKE THEM GET A JOB and LEARN TO SUPPORT THEMSELVES. To much government freebies given out and becoming a country of SHEEP.

    • Momof6-7oneinheaven says:

      My husband has a job. I just finished getting my Master's degree. We have children who are too young to be in school and one with special needs. Any other smart mouthed suggestions???

    • If you can't afford them why did you have them? Curious, what is your master degree in? I pray it is a degree in a field that is hiring and I wonder if you will feel differently when you are making a lot of money and the government is raping your paycheck.

    • I worked three jobs when my children were at that age and never recieved any assistance. NO MASTERS DEGREE just keeping them fed, clothed and a roof over their heads, Now I spend most of my time belonging to organizations that support children that have special needs on a pension that was cut by 70% the first of August. How do you like that. Maybe you need to get a JOB WITH YOUR MASTERS DEGREE AND GET AWAY FROM THE HANDOUTS. I grew up in a large family that was supported by my father when he was laid off by working all the time to support us before all this food stamp, Bridge Card and financial support from the government. I took care of my family without support from the government or family members. NOW HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE SMART MOUTHED SUGGESTIONS MASTERS DEGREE.

    • bluealiendevil says:

      If you have a job pray you still have it next year! With the cuts going through the medical industry there are going to be more people out of work. Wells Fargo just laid off 2,000 employees here, how many of those will be able to find banking jobs? I knew a woman liad off in 2002 after 11 years as a loan officer and she did not find a job for over 8 months, and then it was in a Drs office for a lot less money. It is easy to find oneself on the edge of poverty a lot faster than you knw nowdays, hee one day and gone the next. It is people like you who yell and insult others that are the first in line for handouts when they are out of work!

    • I'd like to know why the government does not make those who are on welfare, food stamps, WIC and GOD knows what else, why doesn't the government make them work for it? Clean parks, pickup trash, clean drainage gutters....there is always maintenance that needs to be done in cities and towns. If you are reliant on the government for your every need....show some self respect and do some work to make up for it! We the taxpayers not only get to support you but we also get to support those overpaid government workers who are out doing these menial jobs that WELFARE RECIPIENTS COULD BE DOING TO EARN THEIR KEEP! What I really love is those who think the working class owes them a living for some reason, yet they have a computer and/or a smart phone to tweet their discontent or post on their facebook page how they have been wronged. Since when does the poor or welfare recipients deserve to have a smart phone or a computer or a flat screen tv or an ipod? Just wondering? I don't have a smart phone and I didn't get an ipod until I was 58 years old and I had to work for it! If you are poor why do you think you deserve all these LUXURY ITEMS? These are things you CAN DO WITHOUT!

    • What about the government freebies on foreign aid that far surpasses the tax money spent on food assistance for hungry Americans?