UCLA Student Government Resolution Bans 'Racist' Term 'Illegal Immigrant'

If there was any doubt that the liberal left was growing in numbers in California, the recent actions of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Undergraduate Student Association would remove that doubt. In a unanimous resolution that would make Sen. Diane Feinstein and Rep. Nancy Pelosi proud, the UCLA student government called for the eradication of the phrase "illegal immigrant." The reason for banning the term "illegal immigrant," members say, is because "the phrase is a violation of human rights enshrined in the US Constitution."

According to the Daily Caller:

Last week's resolution emphasizes the student council's desire to prevent journalists, media organizations and various campus partners from identifying illegal aliens as "illegal immigrants," explains the Daily Bruin, UCLA's campus rag.

The resolution flatly states that "illegal immigrant" is "racially derogatory language." Such language "has historically bolstered the foundation for racially harmful actions including racial profiling practices, punitive policies targeting socially marginalized groups, hate crimes and violence," the resolution claims.

"The racially derogatory I-word endangers basic human rights including the presumption of innocence and the right to due process guaranteed under the US Constitution," the text also declares.

The resolution does not explain how a term describing people from other countries who don't have the right consular paperwork is racist.

Let's see here now. Someone who comes from another country into the US is said to immigrate to the US; therefore, the term immigrant would be applicable. An immigrant who does not follow the US immigration laws to enter this country in essence violates the law thereby entering the country illegally. The term "illegal immigrant" fits those individuals who are in the US under those circumstances. As the old saying goes, "if the shoe fits, wear it." But, again, this is California, which might fast be destined to earn the title "Most Politically Correct State."

Amazing also how "immigrant" and "illegal" has become a race. With the liberal politically correct left, everything is a race and something said against anything classified as a race is racist. So now the phrase "illegal immigrant" is known as "the racially derogatory I-word." It seems the council shortened the identification of the phrase to "illegals."

Now, one must wonder what prompted this censure of speech on the laid back LA scene of the University of California. As you may recall, the Department of Homeland Security's infamous Secretary Janet Napolitano resigned her position at DHS and became the new University of California president. Needless to say, illegal immigrant students "expressed their concerns and fear with the recent appointment" of Napolitano. The student council resolution was in large part, a reaction on behalf of the illegal immigrant students.

If the immigrant students were in the country legally, they would have nothing to worry about.

Maybe the next terms students would like to classify as racist would be rapist, robber, burglar, murderer, Islam, Muslim, white, "cracka," honky, elephant, ebony, ivory, salt, pepper, black and a partridge in a pear tree. One has to wonder when a preference for hair color occurs among students if it will be considered "racist" because you prefer blonde hair over red hair. What can you expect in a state where "environment" is a race?

Omar Arce, Community Service Commissioner, was a prominent vocal councilmember in support of the UC student association resolution. According to the Daily Bruin, "he said he thinks the resolution was necessary, and that any time a student feels unsafe on campus, it is a problem for USAC."

"Calling someone illegal is calling them someone that does not deserve to exist," Arce said. "Words have power. Words have the opportunity to define people and create context."

So, calling someone illegal is calling them someone that does not deserve to exist. One has to wonder where in the world he came up with that idea. I guess calling someone a "razorback" would be the equivalent of calling someone a pig. Maybe they should look at the name of their own publication, The Daily Bruin. Bruin actually means brown bear (from the Dutch word bruin, meaning brown). There might be someone somewhere on that campus that might find that derogatory when being called a "bruin." Or, better yet, the name of their publication actually means, "The Daily Brown." How many could find that derogatory when using a little bathroom humor equation? It might be that what they publish could be considered "the daily brown." The opinion of the few now rules the actions of the many regardless of the absurdity. Funny, there was no mention of the penalty for violating the ban nor who was going to enforce it.

Apparently, no one stopped to consider that the reason the illegal immigrant students feel "unsafe on campus" is because they are breaking US federal law and are fearful of getting caught. Their "fear" has nothing to do with the potential for hate crimes, violence or racial profiling practice. They seek to avoid being identified and reported by the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security who now serves as the university president.

In the words of Arce himself, "Words have power. Words have the opportunity to define people and create context."

Maybe these liberal leftist student council members should remember this the next time any of these phrases surface: "Christian extremist," "white oppression," "domestic terrorist," "Second Amendment supporters," "staunch conservative," or "tea party member" – to name a few.

UCLA students who have been labeled with any of the above cited phrases because of their political views, social standing or religious beliefs have more valid reason to be fearful on campus of hate crimes and violence than those breaking federal laws.

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About Suzanne Hamner
Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

46 thoughts on “UCLA Student Government Resolution Bans 'Racist' Term 'Illegal Immigrant'

  1. Who cares what a bunch of barely educated, semi-literate left-coast lefties think. WHo admits they think at all. The fascist gummint does their thinking for them, they just comply--like the zombies they are.

  2. The racist card is overplayed now a days. Illegal Immigrant are people than enter this country ilegaly. Where is he racism there.?

  3. Illegal alien is not a racist term.. If anything it is a Nationalist term...

    Being that ILLEGAL-ALIEN has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE.. And these people are in our universities... how wonderful for our future generations...

    We need to enforce our IMMIGRATION LAWS.
    WE THE PEOPLE can start with the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA that happens to be sitting in our white house.. then we can take the scripture on the carpet of the oval office from the Koran and burn it..

  4. I admit that I prefer the term illegal alien, but I was trying to be polite and just call them illegal immigrants - even though immigrant, in that context, is a bit of a euphemism. But I shall now go back to illegal alien.

    These youthful and politically correct leftists ought to be ashamed of themselves for lumping together a group of what would otherwise be categorized as individuals into a single, homogeneous sub-species, based on skin color, sex, or national origin.

    It is THEY who are making the tacit assumption that illegal immigrant = Mexican or Hispanic.

    To ME (one who views people as individuals), illegal immigrant is not a description not one's 'ethnicity', but of their status in this country as pertains to our immigration laws. It is just as possible for an Englishman or a Japanese person or a Canadian to be an illegal immigrant - were I of a hypersensitive bent and not inclined to be indulgent of their youthful inability to reason, I would have to fight the inclination to become 'morally outraged' at these tykes for their tacit assumption (stereotyping) of Hispanics or Mexicans as a class of beings who are victimized by an apparent inability to grasp and/or adhere to our immigration laws.

    But, of course, I know they mean well.


  5. This just goes to show how dumbed down our universities and colleges have become. Getting older isn't fun, but I sure am glad I am not a college student any more. I'd get kicked out because I am politically incorrect and proud of it. I don't care one whit what anyone at UCLA or any other liberal-infested institution says, Illegal is illegal and those that come here without going through the right process are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

  6. I guess I'm proud to say that I am NOT politically correct.

    So what specific RACE is being offended since there are illegal immigrants of all races, creeds, religions.

    Pretty soon we will not be able to call criminals.... 'criminals' because the word will be deemed racist and offensive.

    What a bunch of panzies. Oh was that racially insensitive to me.

    WHO CARES. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE CRIMINALS. Call them what they are instead of making their crimes seem less so.

    This is the media and libatards again trying to push their liberal agendas onto the American people.

  7. If the phrase defines illegals as someone who doesn't deserve to exist, we'll, that is true - illegal immigrants didn't immigrate legally so they don't deserve to exist here in America! It's that 'what part of illegal do you not understand'??? Political correctness is totally out of control!! No one seems to care if they hurt my feelings and my feelings are hurt when these illegals don't have to follow the same rules and laws I have to - oh, kinda like Congress!!!

  8. patriotrenegade says:

    "students?" PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE till they scream for mawmee.

  9. I expect nothing less from Mexifornia. They're not even immigrants; they're actually illegal invaders. I'm just waiting for the day the state collapses. we'll see how they think then.

  10. justathought22 says:

    Fine then do as I do and call them CRIMINAL ALLIEMS because that is what they are....CRIMINALS!!!!!

  11. And what power do these children have to make and enforce such a ridiculous conclusion?
    Call 'em what they are: Criminal N's; Hateful Muslims, and Illegal Aliens you Jerk O$$s!

  12. Spencer Patton says:

    These People are stupid enough not to understand that the human rights in the United States Constitution are not the rights that other Nations recognize but it was written for the Citizens of our Country. Not for the Citizens of other Nations that enter our Nation as Illegals Period. I do not us the Word Illegal immigrant they are not here to Immigrate and become Citizens. They do not want to change their Nationality or be restricted by the laws that pertain to the legal Citizenship and only want the financial benefits.